Dominique Waldrup was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This 23-year-old came from Houston, Texas to appear on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

32 Responses to “Dominique Waldrup”

  1. Gustavito Says:

    Is it just me or all the girls in ANTM that are named Dominique have an attitude (b*tchy) problem??

  2. Jeff Says:

    I’d hate to see what’s in Andre’s “salon.”

  3. McKey Says:

    She is the ugliest ANTM contestant ever.

  4. Bella_Isa Says:

    Last cycle, Ann was the ugliest and she won. This show is not about being pretty. Ugly makes a good model sometimes. Well, Dominique is not an example in this case.

    • rishelle Says:

      Ann is not ugly! And she won because she deserves it right? 🙂

      • Gustavito Says:

        Bella-Isa you must be blind, didn’t you see the pictures of Ann, really, get some REALITY CHECK on your comments, and by far she was and is the best body languaje and face model ever on ANTM.

  5. Sarah Says:

    She is pretty ugly, glad that she is gone.

  6. Sophistikatie Says:

    I think it’s a true mistake that Trya booted Dominique off so quickly. Her look is unlike any model I have ever seen. She’s so couture, so unique and gorgeous! I think she has true potential to go far in the fashion industry! And to the comment of her being b*tchy, I totally think the b*tchy and ugly-hearted one is Alexandria; she needs to get off her high horse and grow up!

    • Sherra Says:

      Agreed, Alexandria needs to go somewhere. Dominique is pretty. She is out of the pack. She is the light-skinned black girl with freckles and now red hair. She is different. She is beautiful. She’s Dominique. 🙂

    • Gustavito Says:

      Unique yes, gorgeous maybe, couture mmmmmmmmmm not sure.

  7. Gabby Says:

    😀 I Agree on the “Dominique” issue. I never liked any girl named this way on ANTM. Just with her I don’t have a personality problem, it’s that SHE’S NOT ATTRACTIVE/BEAUTIFUL/UGLY-BEAUTIFUL/INTERESTING, anything!! She’s just plain ugly!!! Why was she chosen, again??

  8. al michael Says:

    She’s UNIQUE. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover. She has Chris White’s personality. My opinion.

  9. EZIN Says:

    She’s unique and I love her. Cant wait to see her at true modeling world.

  10. datum pi Says:

    I absolutely LOVE her bee headshot! It’s so different that I can’t stop staring! And I thought she had an attitude at first too cos she kind of acted like Dominique from cycle 10 at first, but she never really said anything b*tchy. I think she was putting on a front, but too bad we won’t see if she was going to shed that or not. 😦

    • antm Says:

      That’s interesting because I thought her bee photo was so ugly. So was Sara’s. I don’t know; did they put something on their face? It was all pale and ghost looking.

  11. gerald Says:

    When I saw her I was like hmm is her father black and her mother a white redhead, because most redheads are freckled face.

  12. Jane Taylor Says:

    Dominique looks just like the stewardess with freckeles in the movie “5th Element”. She has a beautiful look- I hope she is succesful in her career.

  13. shawnie Says:

    i dont know what yall are talking about this girl is beautiful

  14. Serendipity Says:

    Beauty comes in so many different forms. I think she is BEAUTIFUL and the people calling her ugly expect some cookie cutter Beyonce or London Lauren type girl. Modeling has nothing to do with being society’s definition of pretty. Some of the “ugliest ” girls turn out to be the best supermodels: Think Alek Wek.

  15. Helen Says:

    I didn’t like Dominique during her cycle, but I thought that she was unique was all of those freckles and quite pretty.

  16. raymond Says:

    a little bit creepy…..dominique but there is something on her

  17. theJohanna Says:

    i saw a girl in Elle who looked so much like Dominique!!!! is it her? dont mind the swedish just scroll down to the girl in the white dress and sunglasses!

  18. Katie Says:

    She sure has an interesting look. I wish she stood out more. She was very forgettable.

  19. Cyn Says:

    Monique was the conceited, privleged bitch of the season not Dominique! How come Black models get the whole bitch label when the White models are just as bitchy if not more, they are just undercover bitches and the Black women tell it like it is, they do not beat around the bush but the White models are sneaky bitches, just look at Cycle 14, Brenda was a major conceited bitch! How about when they went to the party and she said that she was used to going to uppity snobby parties! What a bitch!!!

  20. Cyn Says:

    Alek Wek is beautiful not ugly at all!!!

  21. Cyn Says:

    Chris White did not look like a damn model and her personality was that of an actress not a model, she went on the show to get her face out there and I have yet to see anything she has done!!!

  22. Katherine Says:

    It’s a damn shame this girl didn’t go farther. She has loads of potential, but you could tell she was overwhelmed and gave up. Hoping she has a successful modeling career.

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