Dominique Reighard was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Dominique Reighard was a 23-year-old receptionist from Columbus, Ohio. Dominique was mostly known for her drag queen/tranvestite facial qualities, the botched makeover she received, and her knock-down, drag-out fight with Claire and Whitney over her alarm clock. Dominique’s performance on the show began somewhat weak, but began to improve greatly after she was almost eliminated in episode two. In the end, Dominique came in fourth behind winner, Whitney Thompson.

During episode two, Top Model makeovers, Dominique’s makeover included a short cut and a dark brown dye for her hair. Because it didn’t have the ‘edge’ that Tyra originally wanted, her hair was later re-dyed dark blonde. Frequently during the series, Dominique’s facial structure was compared to that of a transvestite. Both Mr. Jay and Ms. Jay referred to her as “very drag” at times. On the other hand, Dominique’s poses were compared to that of a ballerina.

During her stint on ANTM, Claire scolded Dominique because her clock woke her up. It wasn’t the first time that the girls were disrupted by Dominique’s alarms. Annoyed with the noise, most of the girls sided with Claire. The argument went so bad that Claire called Dominique a few choice words. Dominique then asked Claire if she talks to her husband that way, to which Claire answered, “at least I have a husband.” (Dominique has one child but is not married.)

There was also a time when Dominique was feeling sick but the other girls continued to be rude to her. Claire, Whitney and Lauren badmouthed Dominique even when they were all in the same room. One night after midnight, Dominique was trying to get some rest.  She told the girls to take their nastiness and attitude somewhere else. The girls ignored her and continued to talk about her as she tried to sleep.

Dominique also had a word fight with Whitney after the latter said she had no respect for Dominique. Whitney also attacked her lack of education.  She responded by calling Whitney a racist. Dominique was later seen calling her mom and saying that the other girls were ganging up on her

During the seventh episode, Dominique, Stacy Ann and Whitney had the pleasure of winning the go-sees challenge and were rewarded with photo shoots for Seventeen magazine’s June issue.

Dominique Reighard has signed with Heyman Talent Agency and I Model & Talent in Los Angeles and New York. She won Tyra Banks’ Modelville, and as a result, she is currently a spokesmodel for Carol’s Daughter.

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59 Responses to “Dominique Reighard”

  1. JoJo Says:

    To be honest, she really does look drag-ish; especially the ones with the pearls. Ugh …

  2. Larr Says:

    “This is a man. I’m sorry.”
    -Paulina Porizkova

    I wonder how drunk Tyra was when she picked Dominique to be on ANTM.

  3. ritablogs Says:

    Sorry, but she looks VERY OLD in these pictures.

  4. AWilson325 Says:

    Her makeover was HORRIBLE on the show and so was her attitude, but I believe she looks very pretty is these pictures. She looks much better with longer hair.

    • sophie Says:

      Yes indeed – they killed her with that haircut! I can´t belive it´s the same girl, she´s so lovely with long and dark hair! I think they failed with serverals of the other haircut too, Whitney and Anya are both much more beautiful as brunettes.

  5. Christine Says:

    She has good facial features, but should not practice using the cheek muscle because it creates a “masculine” look. She should try “relaxed” not “pulled” with regards to her face.

  6. ann Says:

    I can’t stand her. I think a model should show how great she is, not brag all of the time. She sounds like she is trying to convince herself how wonderful she is. She is the homliest of all of the models in top model history and the least likable; she has a big mouth physically and never shuts up! I would hate to be around a person who always talked in the third person. She is annoying.

  7. ashley Says:

    She doesn’t look like a man in the picture for Jador Magazine.

  8. boo Says:

    I love drag, but she was the ugly drag. I didn’t like her and her photos weren’t that great.

  9. jstema Says:

    That’s not a woman.

  10. Leigh Says:

    Drag queen muchly?

  11. Anna Says:

    She looks uhh GAY.

  12. bunny Says:

    tan does not hide cellulite HONey

  13. Zsa Says:

    I think she looks great in these pictures, especially the blonde ones.

  14. bunny Says:

    You got cellulite big girl. The swimsuit shot proves this. Other problems, too. Man, old, strange lookin. Got as far as she did by a pity story. Post work proves that.

  15. bunny Says:

    Cellulite in the underwear shot.

  16. Danielle Says:

    Dominique is absolutely gorgeous and anyone hating on her is jealous,I understand she was a mean girl on ANTM but you don’t know her personally, so why judge her. The wisest people are those who look in the face of a animosity with a smile and kindness, anger and judgment create ignorance which makes you seem like a fool. Instead of mocking and her beauty, maybe you should be making your own beauty or own imoprtant statement in the world rather than be overtly and obsessively critical of someone else.

  17. domi Says:

    She’s back for cycle 17 yay!! I love her!

  18. I think all the negative comments stem from jealousy…….no matter what her face looks like to you….obviously the photographer and the agency likes it. So do your thing Dominique……Lisa G.

  19. Marie Says:

    She has nice bone structure.

  20. Keepingit++ Says:

    I’m from Dominique’s hometown and know her family, she is very beautiful in person, pictures actually do not do her justice, she is probably not the most photogenic of models but believe she is beautiful, I would love to see what her critics look like in real life, probably couldn’t hold a candle to her, why don’t you post your picture and let us judge you.

  21. Anya Says:

    Ugly b*tchy old-looking drag queen.

  22. Yann Says:

    All of this is gorgeous!
    She’s pretty but sometimes she looks like a whore.

  23. Mailee Says:

    dominique is far from that in real life, i know her in real life, she is a woman!, she has 2 kids, and shes pretty

  24. phea Says:


  25. Nya Says:

    she looks really pretty in the ones they took on ANTM not the others one thou. Its her cheek bones that make her look manly but shes beautiful girl.He best face feature is her nose and her eyes. I think that is what makes her look best like if she had small eyes and a flat nose she wouldnt get anywhere. If you dis-agree just email me at

  26. nannette Says:

    I think she looks old and when never buy what she models, it makes me think I will look like that- also, come on- she is on a fake tanning site, that says it all, fake- also her personality is shamefully ugly.

  27. TLynn Says:

    I think she actually looks good except in the 2nd Carol’s Daughter ad.

  28. cristina Says:

    Io trovo che lei sia bellissima,soprattutto in queste ultime foto con i capelli lunghi e color tiziano.Trovo esagerata e cattiva la definizione di uomo data da miss J.A e dalla P.Porizkova,la struttura ossea del suo viso è fantastica e interessante,senza parlare del suo fisico che è bellissimo.La Porizkova conti fino a mille prima di esprimere simili giudizi!!

  29. tamika Says:

    I saw Dominique in a store today. She is really very pretty! I dont understand all the negative comments…she is beautiful!

  30. Judz Says:

    i looove dominique so much!.i don’t see why people would say she’s ugly when in fact she’s very, very gorgeous! i’m jealous with those eyes and she’s just HOT!

  31. keekee Says:

    she’s hot and you’re all jealous!

  32. aLEX Says:

    If you see dominique in antm all-stars she has greatly improved and is much more loveable!

  33. A Says:

    But now in all star cycle, her pics were great.

  34. Penny Says:

    I didn’t like her much in her first go around but I really got to like her in the All Star round, and thought she got sent home unfairly. She looked AMAZING. Absolutely none of the drag element she had first time around, and in this whacked-out photoshoot they did in a Greek salad Dominique looked just amazing in the bikini/underwear – honestly I would trade a lot of things to look like that.

    And you know – having watched repeats of various of the cycles – I still don’t have a clue what Nigel Barker actually wanted those poor models to do during that “caught by the paparazzi” photoshoot in Italy. “Be cinematic, keep moving, don’t turn your face away, act don’t pose, I’m bored” – he’s a wanker. There. I’ve said it and I’m glad. Glad, I tell you!

  35. nissie Says:

    At first, i wasnt a big fan of her personality, & even though she has a “masculine” look, i think shes very pretty. she also shows alot of determination! keep up the good work!

  36. Conner Brooks Says:

    omg what are you people looking at! love to see pictures of you ! were you choosen for ANTM…… dont think so.

  37. everyone says shes a tranny…wep didn’t know men could get pregnant .. go here you’ll c pictures of her pregnant look under the user name:dpbenson

  38. Ffrree Says:

    She is pretty physivally but my god, she was a real narcissist ! Crushing the others to look better is not very elegant…

  39. Shmax10 Says:

    I hated her in ANTM Cycle 10. But on ANTM All Stars she was so much nicer and ALOT prettier

  40. Stephon Says:

    I think she is beautiful and fine. I wonder if she is creole.

  41. fernanda Says:

    es hermosa y era la mejor no como la fea claire era feisima = que la guatona.

  42. blah Says:

    She wasn’t even that mean if you pay attention during the episodes… everyone else was meaner to her than she was to anyone else! (i.e. the bedroom scene where claire, lauren and whitney were ganging up on her).
    ANTM editing just made her come off as a bitch.

  43. I was watchinqq the All Star ANTM and i saw her on there and thought “damn shes Gorgeous!” I’m jelous haha. she isnt ugly either! and at least shes Confident and being true to herself. Shes my idol ^_^ ahaha.

  44. Guy Says:

    she was a great model.BRASILIA,hehe

  45. Jenny Smith Says:

    Man that girl a b**chy attitude what’s wrong with her??

  46. Taneisha Says:

    she really improved a lot in all-stars cycle from the time she appeared in cycle 10… in all-stars cycle her entire look made her looked like Leona Lewis from X-Factor. Her photo shoot in Greece in a salad bowl is by far her best succulent photo.

  47. Ella Says:

    This woman looks like a 40-year old man dressed up as a woman, truly. I didn’t watch this cycle (in protest of Saleisha’s win the season prior) but these photos are just creepy-looking.

  48. hamza Says:

    no sophistication in the black lingerie and pearl photos. she can do better than that…i sort of liked her in the all-star season of antm.

  49. Veli Says:

    I saw her on the All-Stars cycle and she was really pretty, she really improved a lot.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      I think if she went a bit less with the brow pencil, she would have a softer and more attractive look. She is not ugly, but has very marked features and really does have to watch out for that draggy look.

  50. Katherine Says:

    Hate all you want, but she is fierce. Loved everything about her. Go, Dom!

  51. Lorraine levels Says:

    I actually just met her today. She is a very beautiful person in person…. nice too. She’s been working with the kids at my summer camp. The pictures do not do her justice. Its really sad to see how mean people are. People you are criticizing are real, with families. I just don’t understand how people can be so critical of others… So mean, so nasty. I think we are all insecure to some degree, why make someone else feel that pain?

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