Dionne Walters was a contestant and one of the top three during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

The 20-year-old college student from Montgomery, Alabama became the tenth girl eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8. After making it to the final four, Dionne continued to struggle with softening her facial expressions during her shoot, and needed constant direction from Jay. During judging panel, the girls were asked who they thought had the most amount of Top Model potential, and Dionne was the only girl to not say herself. Before eliminating Dionne from the race to become America’s Next Top Model, Tyra asked, “If your path is rocky, and you don’t believe in yourself, who’s going to believe in you?”

In an interview with BuddyTV following her elimination, Dionne said her only regret was not letting Tyra know that she felt she was the best choice for Top Model, not Jaslene Gonzales.

Dionne Walters is currently signed with Eye Candy Model Management.

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Upgrade Magazine

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

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Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

Source: Dionne's Myspace

18 Responses to “Dionne Walters”

  1. Corrine Says:

    That face is to die for, BEAUTIFUL! HER FACE IS KILLER!

    But she seems rather “music video-ish.” There’s the obvious lack of potential to be versatile. She looks like a total movie star, but definitely NOT a model. She would be able to produce gorgeous beauty shots though!

  2. Patricia Kayden Says:

    She’s still a model. Good for her.

  3. bekarto Says:

    I was a big fan of her/her personality/her looks but not really a fan of her as a model.

  4. Ny Says:

    omg is that Raven from Rupaul’s Drag Race? lol (the pic where they were transformed into men)

  5. Anya Says:

    Don`t like her photos.

  6. markimbro Says:

    I thought she was one of the most gorgeous young ladies in cycle 8. She’s got a body to die for and a beautiful face to match. Although Jaslene is pretty I did not think she should have won that season. I did not think that Dionne had a mean face, it was just to fierce for even the judges to take in. That Girl is Beautiful. She has enough meat on her bones (not to much) and she has a great personality. SORRY for all you haters. She should have won. I though Dionne and Natasha should have been the last two with Dionne winning. But I’m not the judge and I just simply think Jaslene was toooooo thin. SORRY.

  7. Linda Ruffins Says:

    She has a fabulous face and body. I would tend to agree with ANTM that she needs to soften her face. Also, think she has one look. She needs to be more versatile. Overall, she was one of my favorite contestants.

    • Bonie B Says:

      i do agree with linda…it can’t be deny that she is a stunning and killing face girl.however she need to move out from doing one look..she need to be variety.. she has a great body, but to be a successful model, she need to be versatile…however she is one of my favorite contestant among all cycles. she’s fierce, edgy and have a great body proportion. however the most memorable moment about her is when the episodes that need all the girls to go for go-sees. she always asking and want to bring home for any cloth that she wear when the go-sees at every fashion they go for..haha very confident girl.

  8. joejoe_no1 Says:

    I didn’t understand why they couldn’t help her have a softer look. Then I look at these post show pics and she looks much softer. Loved her. Wish her much success.

  9. Kat Says:

    What the hell happened to her face? In some of those pics she looks exactly like Whitney from that cycle, in others a cross b/w Jennifer Hudson and some actress whose name I can’t remember. I didn’t care for her on the show but she seems to be making good, so props to her.

  10. Cyn Says:

    Eye Candy Models are all porn, wtf, she has way too much potential for that kind of modeling.

  11. Cyn Says:

    These pics of her are tame compared to the model management website.

  12. Missty Says:

    Deon was and is absolutely stunning. She definetly should have been the winner. I also think she should have been an all star.

  13. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    Good to see she softened her look. I found Dionne to be a bit nauseatingly obnoxious. Meaning, I thought her tacky to “beg” the designers for “free outfits.” She complained about doing the challenge that won Renee very expensive jewelry and she ignorantly didn’t pick herself as “most deserving to win ANTM.” Besides all that, Tyra was right, she “photographed hard & angry” letting the man outshine her in the photo Tyra took of her. Finally, she showed poor sportsmanship when Natasha was rightly chosen over her & she refused to embrace her. Yes, yes, I was thoroughly unimpressed with Dionne. Still, I’m happy that she was hired to do some modelling after ANTM as afterall, that’s why they came on the show.

  14. kerry Says:

    Dionne, your pictures are gorgeous, keep modeling. Ny and Anya, quit hating.

  15. Katherine Says:

    I don’t see how she got so far. She is not a model. She only took a couple of good pictures.

  16. startledbylightening Says:

    I love her photo shoot when she was dressed as a man, she pulled it off amazingly well. Even though she had a hard time softening her face, she still is stunning … and hilarious! I loved watching her confessionals or interviews and the way she discuss things (her baby daughters hair being jacked up, getting free stuff at go-sees, the photo shoot she did with Kim from Cycle 5) was just so funny!

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