Diane Hernandez was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

Before she joined the popular reality series, Diane, a plus-sized model, was working for Public Defender Bob Wesley in Orlando, Florida.

As a finalist, Diane was able to impress the judges with her great personality and beauty. Tyra Banks was happy to have a plus-sized model in the show again because Diane would be able to influence and encourage other plus-sized women to step out of their shells and go for their dreams.

Although Diane had much to learn about modeling, she was able to produce satisfactory photographs. However, as the weeks rolled by, and as the challenges and photo shoots became more difficult, Diane became more concerned with her body and image.

On the fourth week, the judges placed Diane and other Top Model finalist, Bre Scullark, on the bottom two. Unfortunately, Diane was the one sent home that week, as Tyra felt that her lack of self-confidence not only lessened her chances of winning, but was also sending the wrong message about beauty and weight.

Since the show, Diane has signed to Wilhelmina Models and has been featured in Silhouette and Marianne.

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Source: All ANTM

To view more photos of Diane, click here.

5 Responses to “Diane Hernandez”

  1. mE Says:

    Her face is so beautiful!!!

    I’m so happy that there was a plus-size model.

  2. GäLv Says:

    She’s like extremely beautiful.

  3. datum pi Says:

    She looks like if Cher and Cindy Crawford had a latina baby! Weird combo but if you look, you’ll see it! 🙂

  4. Alex Says:

    She was very pretty, but in her photos she became a rock with almost no expression. And the plus-size model competing with a bunch of twiggs, come on, this concept doesn’t work and it definitely showed when they got that camera and where all taking pictures and some of the girls took their tops off and went topless, well, Diane was uncomfortable surrounded by these tiny girls and became the photographer.

    I know in an other cycle a plus size won the competition but I just KNOW that that is only Tyra’s way of trying to prove a point.
    I mean this is “reality TV” but is it really REALITY? I don’t think so.

  5. mariaxoxo@live.ca Says:

    I really hate how much ANTM photopshopped her pictures!!!! It sends such a poor message. Look how tiny she is in the “fashion disaster” pic where she’s running from Miss Jay! Same with her “before” photo – nothing close to her body.

    I’m so sick of photoshopping in modeling…. lets see some real beauty!

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