Danielle Evans was a contestant and winner of Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Danielle “Dani” Evans is an American fashion model. In May 2006, she won Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model. Her prize was a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a modeling contract with Ford Models and a photoshoot for Elle magazine.

Dani was thought by the judges to be one of the front-runners in the competition, noted for her striking face. It was not until the second half of the contest that she came under criticism for her heavy southern accent, which the judges felt was problematic, as the competition winner would shoot commercials for CoverGirl; however, they acknowledged that she could work with a speech coach to eradicate her accent. In the finale, the judges were torn, with some of the judges preferring fellow finalist Joanie Dodds’s versatile portfolio, while others (notably judge Nigel Barker) preferring Evans’s “signature look.” However, they felt Dani had the stronger in-person presence and commanded the final catwalk as well as having a stunning portfolio. Dani ‘s charisma and charm edged out Dodds, and she was crowned the winner of the sixth cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She has been voted by Top Model Obsessed viewers as their favorite contestant ever.

Dani has been featured in MetroStyle, ELLE, Elle Girl, Jewel Magazine, In Touch Weekly, Essence Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, The New York Post, PowerPlay Magazine, Ashro catalog, Sephora, Akademiks, CoverGirl eyewear, the Tory Burch line for Saks Fifth Avenue and Cover magazine.

She has walked the runway for Issue, Victorio & Lucchino, Baby Phat Fall ’07 and Zang Toi Fall ’07, BET’S Rip the Runway, Style Salon, Jenni Kayne’s spring collection fashion show. She has received a showcard from her agency, Click Model Mangement, for NY Fashion Week. She is one of few ANTM alumnae to be given a showcard for fashion week, an honor she received multiple times. Dani also walked in Korto’s finale show on Project Runway season 5.

She has starred in the continuing CoverGirl commercial campaign on The CW entitled “My Life as a Cover Girl” during Fall 2006 as well as starring in a CoverGirl commercial with fellow CoverGirls Queen Latifah and Tiiu Kuik. Dani was one of only a few Top Model winners to have her CoverGirl contract renewed and do multiple ads for the brand. She has recently been featured as one of CoverGirl’s Top Models in Action.

She is the spokesmodel for Akademiks clothing line. She also appeared on the The Wendy Williams Show on September 16, 2009 as a model for Pastry, which is a line owned by Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons.

After the show, Danielle signed with Ford Models as part of her prize, however, she is currently signed with Click Model Management.

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To see more photos of Dani, click here.

71 Responses to “Danielle Evans”

  1. kathy Says:

    I watched you on America’s Next Top Model. When you won, I was so excited. You deserved to win. After the cycle was over, I never watched another cycle because there hasn’t been anybody as interesting as you in the competition. May God continue to keep and bless you in your career. You take such beautiful pics; I hope to meet you one day.

  2. rubyswan Says:

    Southern accent, down-to-earth gal; brains and beauty. Ya gotta love AMERICA! Dani, you (((rock)))!

    God bless ya!

    Rubyswan from Boston

  3. Hi Danelle! This is Bre from Bunnlevel, NC. I just want to say that I’m happy that you won ANTM and I wish you the best.

  4. kiki Says:

    Joanie should have won over “Dani” but not over Jade.

  5. monique Says:

    Dani, yours was my favorite cycle! You weren’t scared of anyone and somehow I knew you were gonna win. I hoped your ‘country talk’ wouldn’t get in the way during the show and it didn’t. These photos are nice, girl! Keep up the good work and focus on your career; no husband or children yet! I hope you continue to do your thing and I hope your mother has been better since the cycle. Bless you, black sister!

  6. Einez Says:

    I love Danielle’s tenacity and her personality. One of my favorite winners. 🙂

  7. Marts Says:

    And she’s now the new face of American Living! Great job Dani! 😛

  8. silver nail polish Says:

    I wish I had seen more of her after the show! It seems like none of the ANTM models really make it big, except maybe Nicole Fox recently.

  9. bobcb518 Says:

    Danielle is THE BEST. And she’s from my home town.

  10. TLynn Says:

    Dani has a great career. Many of the ANTM models have great careers and they owe it all to good ole TYRA.

  11. Nedra Says:

    Dani, you are one of my favorite contestants! I was pulling for you to win. These photos are great. You are truly a beautiful young lady. Good luck in your career!!!!!!

  12. nitti Says:

    One of my faves, if not MY FAVE contestant ever! I mean, every single episode I was wishing Danielle would not be eliminated and would win the competition. I always get what I want. (Except for Jaslene and all the others after. xD)

  13. Barbara Says:

    You rock!! I saw you win and cried because I was so happy. These are beautiful pictures. My prayer for you is to stay grounded and always be yourself.

  14. Curlie Says:

    She looks soo different since the season ended!! But I love you Dani!! You were one of my favourite winners.

  15. Terri Says:

    What I don’t understand is why Tyra kept on her about her gap, however, in cycle 15 I believe she encouraged Chelsey to keep hers. And why did the judges constantly harp on Dani about her accent when I couldn’t even understand Anya or Natasha of other cycles? I was so happy when Dani won though as I believe she really deserved it!

    • erica Says:

      I agree with you, Terri, and wondered why Tyra never mentioned how bad Jaslene’s accent was either.

    • startledbylightening Says:

      I’m so glad someone else noticed, that has always bothered me. Not only did Chelsey get to keep her gap, they widened it a tiny bit. Sometimes, these things don’t make sense like how Elina from cycle 11 got grief for her tattoos, but then Azmarie from cycle 18 was covered in them and those were fine.

  16. lulu Says:

    I was glad Danielle won. She seemed to be the most down-to-earth contestant with a good heart, and these photos are absolutely stunning.

  17. GRACE DARKO Says:


  18. grace darko Says:

    Dani Evans is the most gorgeous, gentle, interesting, pleasant person from her cycle; no two ways about that. Dani, the sky should be your limit! Stay blessed from Ghana!

  19. mel henry Says:

    Dani you should be in movies. What is your next move. I am glad you won.

  20. phelis marvel Says:

    dani totally rocked it for….even with her southern accent…well i think it suited her just fine!!!go danii love you

  21. Maiko Says:

    I love her!!!
    She is very charming, beautiful and a woman of good character.
    I admire her!!!!!

  22. LoveYou,Girl Says:

    In these later pictures it looks like Dani got her gap closed even more. I thought she was beautiful regardless. I adored her during her cycle.

    So glad many here are noticing the bias against the Southern accent. Jaslene had such a strong accent and nothing was said about that. Anya’s accent was strong and very bizarre. Many of the girls have had strong accents, even some who have progressed far in the competition, but only with Dani’s Southern accent was the accent seen as a detriment. Please don’t misunderstand my point; I also adored Jaslene and Anya and thought they were both lovely girls.

    This bias against Southern accents isn’t limited to Tyra, but is a common one, although that certainly doesn’t excuse Tyra and friends.

    People need to stop buying into the stereotype that a Southern accent is indicative of an uneducated, unsophisticated person. While there are plenty of Southern people who are just that, there are also plenty of people without Southern accents who are also uneducated and unsophisticated, just as there are many people with Southern accents who are highly educated and well-traveled, well-rounded, sophisticated people.

    Stereotypes are so unfair, and they are infuriating when a person who is too lazy to take the trouble to get to know you completely dismisses all you have built and accomplished in your life because you have a certain accent or your skin is a certain color, or simply because of whatever stereotype they have perpetuated upon you.

    Again, I am encouraged that others here have recognized the unfairness.

  23. Elfrida King Says:

    I know it is too late to make comment. She was and is still the best girl ANTM have ever had. She was polite, she was beautiful, she had tenancity. I was so happy when you won. Please keep being beautiful and you will always be my favourtie ANTM contestant. May the Good Lord Bless and protect you. I hope you continue to shine.

  24. Debra Says:

    I didn’t know this site was here, the first thing I did was look up Danielle’s name. I am so happy her career is going great. I was a fan of Dani’s from the moment I saw her in cycle 6, I thought she was a natural beauty and her poise, beauty and work ethic really impressed me. While all the other girls would be bitchy, catty or just plain mean she steared clear of it all not because she was intimidated, she is just a young lady that had her act together, and was above it all, she was more on a spiritural level. She out- shoned them all including Jade, and Joni. I agree with the poster that stated that Tyra made Dani get her gap closed, she made it seem like if she didn’t she would be eliminated. When I saw this other contestant with a bigger gap than Dani, it made me look at Tyra in a diffrent light.

  25. Monica Says:

    Dani is on of my favorite ANTM winners ever! Congratulations!

  26. Tony Ssimbwa Says:

    Here in Uganda we have just concluded watching America’s next top model cycle 6 on one of our local TVs, this is a programme i have been watching closely and i really loved Dani from the beginning because of her good character and beauty, i was happy when she won, and i am happy that she is doing well upto date, keep the candle burning Girl- Tony Ssimbwa-Kampala, Uganda (East Africa).

  27. phea Says:

    So ironic that Tyra and the judges complained so much about her separated teeth and nowadays, Lara Stone, one of the most high fashion and successful models has the most separated teeth on the face of this earth… that only proves that beauty in fashion is just relative, and dani rocks with or without her teeth right 😉

  28. Terra Says:

    She is so beautiful. I love her smile. All I gotta say though is that pic of her in the yellow and purple bathing suit she has terribly visible razor bumps. Airbrush that crap off.

  29. Freeda Says:

    Ms Evans, I am a great admirer of your natural beauty. Seems you have the ability to balance your facial expression with whatever designs you wear. From one photo to the next you can look totally different, yet beautiful. You were blessed with a classic yet youthful appeal. Thank you for your intelligence and fierce-ness.
    Beautiful Ebony brown lady with legs that go on forever, may you always be blessed and protected along your journey.

  30. Korey Says:

    She is so SKINNY Tocarra… She FIERCE!!!!

  31. ANTM fan Says:

    I’m just glad that she can now take better care of her sweet angel, her mum. Keep going places, girl.

    • Orphan Says:

      When I saw her at the end saying, “Mommy, I’m a covergirl.” or something along those lines, I cried. She was funny, effervescent, and she was so cool. I can’t remember a single fight she got into honestly. Her pictures were amazing, and I think she deserved a lot more first callouts than they gave her.

  32. MRS. GAIL Says:

    I loved Dani in her cycle. Strong women push through obstacles and she is proof that it pays off.

  33. fggfgh Says:

    hello dani!!
    I´m from Uruguay a tiny country in south america.
    I watched you in antm, Iwondered you win and it was like that
    Well I always wanted to be a top model but i’m 13 and i only model in my school
    thank you for reading
    you are the best

  34. martinek-ka Says:

    Nothing special, so ordinary girl with ugly face.. I don´t understand she won… Mollie Sue should have won!

  35. arasevera Says:

    One of the classier winners of the show. And she actually DID go on to become a true model, unlike many of the others.

  36. Aldona Says:

    Great, beauty sweet lady^^
    So good that she won (although Joannie was classy as well!) 🙂

  37. CoosCoos Says:

    It looks like Dani lost weight after the show. Her agency must have told her to do so (I know they did actually becauseTyra Banks talked about it.) And the whole accent controversy on the show is so bogus. There are many TOP MODELS with thick accents from whatever country they are from. Why was it a big deal on this show?…because it was just a show and they need stuff to talk about i guess to create tension.

  38. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi Dani, I hope you are in good health and spirit. I still have your picture in my Bible and pray that you will contnue to keep the wind at your back. You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anna Carr Says:

    @libralady I am so proud of Dani…..

  40. barbara tukes Says:

    the first time watching antm you won i started watching all the show after that you made me a fan love your picture keep up the good work hope you be all you came be hope you mother proud you talk about her alot

  41. Jane Says:

    The picture of her in the lingerie and the top hat is great! Adorable and stunning. I wish they didn’t have her change her name to “Dani” though. She is just so calm and class, Danielle just fits her better.

  42. Deana Says:

    Watching the marathon of season 6 on Style I still find it ironic that Tyra kept saying that Dani would never get cast for a Cover Girl commercial because of her accent, when she is the only ANTM model I have ever seen in a Cover Girl commercial!

  43. Chinyere Says:

    Congratulations Dani! I watched every night as my cousin Nnenna was on there with you. After her release I begin to watch you closer.

    You were a winner from within and it showed on the outside.

    I’d love to meet you here in Atlanta

  44. deborah Says:

    i really enjoyed watchin you overcamed many obstacles can’t wait to see you as one of victoria secret angels love you much deborah

  45. Jess Says:

    I loved Danielle! When I looked online and saw the girls for the season the one thing I truly noticed about her was that she had awesome cheek bones! She was just a great person as well!

  46. Priscilla Dawson Says:

    As far as I’m concerned you are the only Americans Next Top Model WINNER, you have a warm personality, your beautiful, and very professional.

  47. jmknight Says:

    May God bless you and your work.Stay happy and sweet as you were during cicle 6…………….JH in Atlanta, Georgia

  48. dori Says:

    The same surprised, flat face in every shot – what a winner…

  49. rawtruth Says:

    A good down home southern girl. Beauty inside and outside. I’m so happy you won ANTM. You worked so hard, you truly deserved to win You were clutsy though, that made us laugh and love you more. So very happy for you. Next to Eva, you are my favorite winner. You continue to shine and make all women proud. Much luck in all that you do. God bless you and your mom, I pray for her, my mom has crippling arthritis also. It’s so very sad. God bless.

  50. Sandra Canada Says:

    You’re so beautiful. I hope you’re doing we’ll. you deserve it. Black Barbie

  51. Roxanne Says:

    Did she? 2013……I wonder

  52. Poet5day Says:

    Just finished watching ANTM cycle 6 rerun. Dani, you are still the best contestant I have seen. I wanted you to win, especially after you became sick and still tore up your photo shoot. Keep going on your journey and know many appreciate you for more than your beauty.

  53. patricia Says:

    You worked it Girl, will always be a fan.You are beautiful.

  54. Charles Says:

    One of the greatest and my favorite models on ANTM! I loved her from day 1 and when I saw the contestants online before the show aired, I picked her to win. Good to know that she’s doing well continually. 🙂

  55. molly Says:

    i watch dis cycle over & over again i love u dani..wish i could cht wit u personally

  56. Rssheedah Akbar Says:

    Love the pics of Danielle. Watched her win ANTM & have loved her ever since.

  57. nalprisy Says:

    Yo the best baby gal. I love u and always will. Kip it up.

  58. Camilla Says:

    Danielle is my all time favorite winner. I LOVE YOU!!

  59. Nicole Says:

    Tyra is bitch. She is a hypocrite too. She forced Danielle to close her gap. She basically made it clear that gap teeth are ‘ugly’. Thank you Tyra, Miss “embrace your unique beauty”. What are little girls supposed to think? Should they go out of their way to pay to close their gap teeth? Should that be their number one priority in life?

  60. Nicolas7 Says:

    j’ai toujours été ta fan,j’espere que tu es toujours la meme. tu etai la seule fille frenche dans cette emission et quand je regardai ta saison j’etai en afrique au cameroun

  61. Fatimah Says:

    Still looking good.

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