Source: The CW / Jessica Brooks

Source: The CW / Mathieu Young

Source: Us Weekly

Contestants for Cycle 15:

Anamaria Mirdita, 19, Queens, New York
Ann Ward, 19, Dallas, Texas  (Winner)
Chelsey Hersley, 22, Boise, Idaho
Chris White, 20, Arlington, Texas
Esther Petrack, 18, Boston, Massachusetts
Jane Randall, 19, Baltimore Maryland
Kacey Leggett, 20, Palmdale, California
Kayla Ferrel, 19, Rockford, Illinois
Kendal Brown, 23, Northport, Alabama
Lexie Tomchek, 18, Geneva, Illinois
Liz Williams, 21, Arlington, Texas
Rhianna Atwood, 20, San Diego, California
Sara Blackamore, 21, Menifee, California
Terra White, 24, Arlington, Texas

Notes: The prizes for this particular cycle reflect the aim towards high fashion, as it was renewed. The winner will receive a contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, the cover of Beauty in Vogue, a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl and a one-year contract with IMG Models. Vogue replaced Seventeen Magazine as the magazine publisher for this cycle. The International destination for cycle 15 was Milan, Italy.


Tyra Banks
Andre Leon Talley
Nigel Barker

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1:  Welcome to High Fashion
Ep 2:  Diane Von Furstenberg
Ep 3:  Patricia Field
Ep 4:  Matthew Rolston
Ep 5:  Karolina Kurkova
Ep 6:  Patrick Demarchelier
Ep 7:  Francesco Carrozzini
Ep 8:  Zac Posen
Ep 9:  Margherita Missoni
Ep 10:  Kyle Hagler
Ep 11:   Franca Sozzani
Ep 12:  Roberto Cavalli


Contract with IMG Models
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
Spread in Vogue Italia
Cover of Beauty in Vogue

Winner:  Ann Ward

44 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 15”

  1. Mark Says:

    Just wanted to let you know this is the best site on the interwebs for ANTM. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. cee Says:


    Thank you so much for this excellent website.
    I love it, I only found out recently.
    Keep up the good work. ❤

  3. Anya Says:

    Winner: Ann

  4. Vallery Miller Says:

    America’s Next Top Model is Ann!!!

  5. Laura Says:

    I love love LOVE this website! It’s the best ANTM reference I have found and I’m a self-proclaimed ANTM junkie!

    I recently had my computer crash and lost all my bookmarks and it’s taken me a few days to find this again. I use it all the time as a source on Y!A.

    Thanks SO much for the time and effort that’s put into keeping it updated! You ROCK!

  6. buffy Says:

    Looking forward to watching the finale … ANTM ROCKS!

  7. eikieyn Says:

    Yeayyy she wins!!~

  8. Wendy Says:

    I am glad that Ann won. I wanted her to win all along.

    • faduma Says:

      I alway’s wanted Ann to win too! Well I always like to watch every day ANTM. Omg I would like to go there one day if I finish college, but now I am in 8th grade. LOL

  9. Says:

    No recent update??? It has been Nov 13th the last one! Wah!!

  10. Rhianna Says:

    Hi, just to let you know, the $100,000 contract prize was for CoverGirl Cosmetics.

    Anyways, love the site!

  11. mel Says:

    Then the ANTM 15 will air in New Zealand????????

  12. boo Says:

    Ann was the winner really; bleh, it was obvious. If it was based on the walk, hands down Chelsey was better. But yeah, only because it was high fashion Ann won because of her awkwardness. But I believe that Jane had a chance, as well as Kayla. Oh well.

    • Gorgonaki Says:

      I am so ANNOYED that Ann won…she is so awkward and unattractive with NO personality whatsoever…was very unfair to the other girls that deserved…especially chelsea… Ann took a ‘cpl’ of good photos..but that is it..NO CLUE about modelling or fashion or how to speak…she should NEVER have won..its made me not want to watch ever again..I lost so much respect for the judges on show…yukkkkkk!!!! I’ve watched every cycle and this has ruined it for me…Ann is NOT ANTM or any type of model tall or not her body is anorexic and disgusting..oh well what can you do..very unfair outcome for those that really did deserve it…

      • Jillian Lee Says:

        Totally agree with you Gorgonaki!!! This girl has zero personality; where’s the “easy breezy ‘cover girl’ attitude? BIG disappointment! She can’t even engage in conversation with “regular” people! A high fashion model? Totally, that’s Ann, but a “Cover Girl” a spokeswoman? NO WAY!!

      • efi Says:

        You are so true!!!

  13. sondra Says:

    Yeaahh, Ann won!

  14. madge Says:

    I didn’t actually think Ann was that great; even if she just sat there doing nothing the judges would have said it was high fashion. If she had passed gas at panel they would have said ‘It’s so wrong that it’s right.’ I liked Kayla!!!

    • Gustavito Says:

      Then why don’t you try to be on antm.

      • Viani Says:

        To Madge: I agree, I srsly wanted Kayla to win. Her pictures were absolutely stunning. A first lesbian that won ANTM, how inspiring.

        Gustavito: Its her opinion, don’t get so defensive, babe. 🙂

  15. Dario Says:

    Maybe the people who think Ann didn’t deserved to won much because she got 5 consecutive FCO.

    I really do think that Ann is the only one (or Rhianna maybe) who really deserved for an Italian Vogue cover. Chelsey? She has NO international look and there’s NO way she’s going to make it overseas, her biggest chance is American Vogue.

    About the FCOs, I also agreed she didn’t deserved all of them, but only three of it (Bullying, Fallen Angels and Underwater). It’s all good photos, actually. Some are just not the best of the week, for example, the Wrestler shoot, I do think that she produce good shot, but it deserved for a third place (after Kayla and Chelsey). And her Rodeo Drive shoot, it also a very beautiful shot and deserved for a second place after Jane.

  16. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    I was glad to see Ann win. I really think she has a great future!

  17. Kayla should have been in the top 2, and Jane was high-fashion; she signed with IMG…

  18. Massie Cullen Says:

    Ann was a great model, so stop saying shit about her because she was amazing

    • arasevera Says:

      Oh please – get over it.Everyone has an opinion – and no one likes the junior-high bully attitude.If everyone likes the same stuff, the world would be boring.
      Ann looks like an extra from the Lord of the Rings movies. She has those HUGE elf ears, which she made worse my constantly tucking her hair behind them. Granted, she does photograph well is is very editorial, and I can see her in mags like “W” – but not on a runway, and definitely not in any speaking role.

      • Gorgonaki Says:

        hahaha… well said…. Ann so did not deserve to win, or to be in the competition at all…mind you this is my opinion and not everyone will agree…bad bad bad choice on ANTM part 😛

  19. Anamaria Says:

    I like this cycle.That is(oh no,’is ‘must become ‘was’) fantastic!

  20. chantii Says:

    I’m so glad Ann won! but Rhianna should have stayed for longer!!! She was amazing. Her elimination was bull!

  21. Frances Bell Says:

    I am late for Ann’s win, but I watched the encore that I never saw. I knew Ann Ward would win. God bless you Ann and I hope the very best of luck to you. All will be great, Girl!

  22. Frances Bell Says:

    When do the public get a chance to see modelling shows of all the cycle winners?

  23. lianne Says:

    this cycle was amazing!!
    my favorites: esther, rhianna, ann, jane
    i also love: lexie, anamaria, kendal
    i like: liz, chelsey, kayla
    the girls who shouldn’t be in this cycle: terra, sarah

    • Kayla's fan Says:

      What’s wrong with Terra? She is a beautiful down – to – earth girl and she knows how to model. She just had one bad photo and she is judged by that!

  24. Peggy Says:

    I am so glad that Ann won. I did not care for Chelsey’s attitude at all throughout the show. For a person who kept boasting how hard she worked and her experience in the business, she should have known to be professional and to not put down her other teammates in the house, especially Ann. She was so stuck on herself. I did not care for her attitude the way she put down Ann so many times, especially when Ann won and she said “I feel like I am the complete package and Ann isn’t.” Who is she to say that Ann did not deserve to win? I am so glad that Ann won and proved to be the true top model she was. She never put anyone down the whole time she was in the house like Ann, Kayla, and the others in the house did. Way to go Ann.

  25. Peggy Says:

    What I meant to say was that Ann never put down anyone in the house like Chelsey, Kayla, and the other ladies so regularly did. Ann proved in so many ways to be the true top model she is and person as well. Way to go Ann.

  26. Peggy Says:

    What else I’d like to say is that I also thought that Jane was a fairly nice person. I don’t recall her saying too much negative comments about others in the house. There are so many things that go into making a top model, and one of the most beautiful things about a person is their integrity. Beauty fades, but if a person has an ugly attitude it can last forever. Kayla may have some demons in her past, but that doesn’t justify hurting others in the house by trying to put others down like she did Ann. Chelsey for all her experience and years in the business should have been far more professional than to have acted like such a spoiled rotten baby when she didn’t win. This was all part of it when she entered, that someone was going to win, and many, 12 were going to lose. I think going into the finals she thought she had it all sewed up and was going to win against Ann. When she found out she hadn’t, she hurled some more nasty stuff at Ann, in whom she was always jealous. Maybe she should have worked a bit harder if she really wanted to prove that she deserved the win, beauty on the inside as much as on the outside.

  27. Kay Says:

    Ann was my favorite from the start of cycle 15 because she’s unique. She reminds me a lot of myself . People have made fun of her height expecting her to magically shrink but hey look where she is now. She’s more successful than any of them. Ann is amazing and she deserved a chance to win.

  28. Jamaica Says:

    She’s just not a model to me, sorry.

    I try and try and try to see what has people, even the judges on the edge of their seats about her, but just don’t see it.

    In fact, I think her winning ANTM is perhaps the biggest joke in ANTM history and then with that average, homely and dried-up look, she gets a 5-page spread in Vogue Italia.

    I honestly don’t see what’s so special about her face. To me, she looks like the stereotypical nerd/weirdo and not in an attractive way.

    People kill me when they say some of ANTM’s past winners are jokes, like Whitney, Nicole, Saleisha, Teyona, Naima and Krista, when in fact they all look WAY better than this dried-up thing. Many of Nicole’s post-ANTM shots are beautiful, but not fantastic, even Whitney looks WAY better than she did on the show.

    People are shocked that this girl got dropped from IMG Models and wasn’t accepted into any more modeling agencies, but I’m not. And then people use these weak ass excuses that she’s too tall and they just don’t care for her, refusing to admit the simple truth that they didn’t care for her because Ann just simply does not fit the mold of modeling.

    And then these people say stupid and petty garbage like Saleisha’s win was a farce or rigged because she was a part of Tyra’s T-Zone Camp or Whitney’s win was rigged to have a plus-sized winner. These people use the term “joke” alot without really having ANY idea of its true meaning.

    How can they call anything a joke, when they themselves actually believe that people like Allison and Erin (who are not models AT ALL) are actual high fashion models?

    People also overrate Anya and Katarzyna, though for the first time, I will agree and say that they are better–WAY better than Ann. They actually look like models compared to this girl. People say anyone of ANTM’s past winners are jokes, but in all honesty, I think girls like Allison, Ann and Erin are some of the most universally overrated girls as well as the biggest jokes ANTM ever had.

    I don’t see how an anorexic, unwholesome and stereotypically-eccentric looking girl is the next big thing in fashion, but that’s people’s opinion if they really believe it.

  29. Kayla's fan Says:

    Kayla is the best ❤ She is the most unique ANTM contestant and a huge inspiration. She should have won the whole thing, hands down. Ann was awesome and highfashion and stuff, but she doesn't have Kayla's personality or star quality.

  30. Hope Says:

    I loved this cycle for the highfashion twist and the great cast. I loved all the models, everyone has potential ❤

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