Clark Gilmer was a contestant during Cycle 11 of ANTM.

This 19-year-old was born in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, but lived in the nearby town of Columbia, where she was a student during her time on the show.

Clark didn’t start off the competition with very strong photos; in fact, she didn’t start being called ahead of the bunch until episode five, when she was called first. Sadly, Clark’s performance didn’t improve in the eyes of the judges and was eliminated during episode six. Clark was the fifth girl eliminated from the show.

Clark Gilmer modeled for Garnet & Black Magazine and Ines del Mar Weddings and competed for Miss South Carolina USA.

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Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

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Garnet & Black Magazine / Holiday 08

Garnet & Black Magazine / Holiday 08

Garnet & Black Magazine / Holiday 08

Garnet & Black Magazine / Holiday 08

Garnet & Black Magazine / Holiday 08

Source: Ines Del Mar Wedding

51 Responses to “Clark Gilmer”

  1. Catarina Faria Says:

    Clark was my favorite since the beginning.

    I was so happy when she was first-called out in week 5, but so sad when she was eliminated in the following episode!

  2. Emmi Says:

    Hated her.

    • valen Says:

      ARE YOU NUTS???

      Clark was one of the greatest contestants!

      • Kelsey Says:

        LOL. No. She was nothing but a pretty face. It takes artistic bravura to be a great model. Not only was she generic, she was also your stereotypical dumb bitch. Unless ANTM is a contest for catty girls with nothing much to offer, I’d say she’s a waste of airtime.

  3. Janna Says:

    She looks superbly better with the dark hair. I was about to say she wasn’t too attractive, but as a brunette! Lovely!

  4. bekloppterinder Says:


    She looks like she is already 45 and has a nose like a HORSE!

  5. Sarah Says:

    What a miserable closed minded excuse for a person. On the show, all she did was rest on pretty.

  6. boo Says:

    I did like her, but she reminds me of the high school girls I went to school with who picked on the weirdos and the non-popular kids; so yeah, I’m glad you didn’t make it far.

  7. Полина Says:

    I love Clark! Watch Clark on a clip – Enrique Iglesias “Turning.”

  8. aly-anon Says:

    I just re-watched this cycle recently, and I have to say she is one of the girls I could not stand. She came across as snobby, mean and completely ignorant. She made so many rude comments about transgender people, meanwhile she is headed into the fashion industry where there are a ton of gay and transgender people working! She kept saying she was from a small town, though, which may explain why her mind is so small too.

    • Kelsey Says:

      The small town excuse is SO old. Coming from a small town may be an excuse for a person to be ignorant. But it’s no excuse for a person to be classless–which she is.

      • JH Says:

        I have to agree with all of this. Pawley’s Island IS a small town (I also wouldn’t say its “nearby” Columbia, which is significantly bigger). I’m from a small town in SC, and spent much time at Pawley’s throughout my life. I do NOT have a small mind, but that is because I’ve seen so much of that where I grew up. You have to choose to not be like that, but unfortunately, it does seem to be the majority here in SC especially. Glad to see someone from my state, but I have to say she does accurately represent a good chunk of people, especially girls her age, throughout the state.

  9. Anna Says:

    I don’t see model.

  10. Alex Says:

    I just loved the possibility of her and Elina becoming a couple. She has beautiful eyes. I actually liked her as a brunette but LOVED her as a blonde with a beautiful tan.

    Her personality? I don’t really remember and really don’t care. These girls are models not ambassadors.

    She’s VERY HOT in a bikini!

  11. Niki b Says:


  12. gerald Says:

    She’s kinda like Brittany from Glee.

  13. Linda Says:

    She was just filler. Nothing special about her at all. She needs desparately to keep her hair dark. Blonde hair is not becoming on her.

  14. whatever Says:

    Awful nose. Awful personality. Her talk to much shit to me.

  15. Jules Says:

    Clark was a dick head, nothing special about her she looks like every other single “model wannabe” girl in america typical “mean girl”

  16. She was totally on this week’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker! She was picked by the Millionaire who turned out to be a frickin PRINCE and they seemed to really hit it off and if they get married, she will be a PRINCESS. It was so exciting to see!

  17. Meaghan Says:

    I just saw her on The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. She got selected by a guy who is a prince. At the end of the program, it stated that they are still going out and there are plans on introducing her to his royal family. Btw – she went back to being a blond.

  18. Deb Says:

    Just watched the Millionaire Matchmaker – The Prince and I episode from 2011. They fixed the Prince up with a girl named Clark that looks like the Clark on ANTM. Is she the same girl??

  19. Ariana Says:

    woow she is ridiculously beautiful but i cant really see a model in her ohhh btw i heard she is keepin in touch with elina

  20. Heidi Says:

    so good ole clark from antm was a gal on millionare match maker and ended up dating a prince! she was beautiful and had an outgoing and down to earth personallity. I thought she was great and was happy to see her on the show!

  21. ALB0212 Says:

    I think it’s interesting that she’s been “modeling” and is “successful” but at the same time, she appeared on The Millionaire Matchmaker.

    You cannot tell me that someone who makes a ton of money modeling, really needs to date a millionaire (and go on a show about it to boot). The guy that picked her was not only a SUPER MILLIONAIRE, but was also a Prince.

  22. lily Says:

    I just saw Clark at Millionaire Matchmaker having a date with a ‘Prince’ .. LOL

  23. Bryan Says:

    She was my favourite on Cycle 11, Joslyn definitely was overrated and sadly and unfairly took her spot. Lauren Brie also was robbed 😥

  24. Cait Says:

    She didn’t deserve to go home the week she did. But I didn’t like her. I’ve never seen a girl talk about how they got first photo the entire next episode.

  25. Bekah Says:

    I have known Clark for years and shes one of my really great friends. The show did some major editing because shes not a bitch. And she is one smart lady! Don’t make rude comments y’all, it just makes you look pathetic.

  26. Kelsey Says:

    Yuck. She is quite possibly one of the most DISGUSTING and CLASSLESS contestants who ever joined America’s Next Top Model. She was ignorant, self-absorbed, judgmental, HYPOCRITICAL and CHEAP. If she is the definition of “good ol’ Southern gal,” then I’d rather be friends with be around prostitutes who live in city. Her comments and her judgments concerning other people, especially Sheena, Isis and McKey just show how poorly educated she is.

    She kept using her “I’m from the South” excuse as if the American South is a breeding ground for imbeciles who have no breeding whatsoever. Not only does she give the South a bad name, she gives America a bad name.

    She may be pretty. But her looks will fade. And all that will be left is her shriveled up body and her worthless brain.


    • yeah! she’s really “poorly educated”! and what she said on episode 2 just proves that right,
      Clark: I’m representing bureaucracy. I don’t even know what that is!
      jeez, that’s a word that every “CLASS” person would know…how dare she said in an interview that she thinks Sheena is a “CLASSLESS” woman when it’s really her…

    • Bekah Says:

      You’re an idiot. And jealous…

  27. Rhocurl Says:


  28. G Says:

    How can people say she’s a good model, those pictures post ANTM are SO stiff and lifeless. Pretty girl but that’s about it really.

    Sort of glad she went home early and we were saved that one cocky girl who usually hangs around talking diarrhoea until near the end.

  29. Ace Says:

    She was pretty but.. that was kind of it? XD Liked her as a brunette though :O Much better than blonde.

  30. Cassie Says:

    I’m watching an episode of Baggage on GSN and she’s the final girl! How weird!

  31. Kris Germany Says:

    She was maybe pretty on the outside but ugly inside I’m glad she was sent home because she didn’t have what it takes and them other girls in the 1st photo shoot Isis did better than you women

  32. Just saw her on an episode of Baggage…she looked so familiar, and after a little googling, turns out I recognized her from Top Model. And Millionaire Matchmaker, according to the comments. I guess you really can make a living being on reality TV.

  33. Britto Says:

    I’ve never seen a model that looked this average. She is not photogenic at all and has no ability. No wonder she’s gotten no work since. Her ugly, conceited personality really reflects on the outside,I guess!

    • pointandshoot Says:

      I couldn’t figure this one out, either. Her face is just….horsy. There’s no other way to describe it. And no…..I’m not jealous. Why on earth should I be? She’s not even average. And her conceited personality just made it worse. I have worked with a lot of models, both pro and amateur, and I wouldn’t give her portfolio a second look.

  34. Angela Says:

    Hahaha well apparently her relationship with that prince didn’t work out very well! Because I just saw her in an episode of Baggage on GSN. Her baggage was that her man has to wash her feet every night, her digital life is more important than her real one, and she goes out on dates with men for money. I’m starting to see why she can’t keep a relationship…. Haha

  35. pointandshoot Says:

    Didn’t like her face, or her attitude. Watching a marathon right now, and I’d forgotten how snotty she was. I think ANTM, and her subsequent failures were probably good for her-girls like that need to realize just how ordinary they actually are outside of their small town high schools. I am a professional photographer, and her portfolio would never make it as far as my desk, if the above shots are what she has to offer.

  36. paneska Says:

    Wow, I just read her name after so many years and I couldn’t remember her. It was necessary to google about she to recognize who Clark Glimer is.

  37. Kristy Says:

    I just saw her on Millionaire Matchmaker (she looked FAT) and when the guy picked her, then told her that he WAS a prince, she did the cha ching-nothing but a golddigger and all her photos on here are a joke. Some college throw away and a bunch of amateur shots (except the ANTM ones). She said she was an international model, RIGHT, in her own mind. What a loser.

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