Claire Unabia was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Claire Unabia was the 24-year-old production coordinator from New York, New York. Throughout the show, Claire had consistently strong photos and standout performances, winning two reward challenges and winning the Cover Girl of the week title five weeks in a row. Additionally, during the third episode, she won the make-up challenge held at Wal-Mart. During episode six, Claire struggled to portray country music in her music genres photo shoot and landed in the bottom two with Aimee, and was spared. During episode seven, she struggled again with her face down on the water photo shoot, and was sent home for her lack of versatility. Claire was the sixth model eliminated.

Claire described the task of balancing motherhood with her modeling career as a tricky one. Claire’s participation in the competition required her to leave her baby behind for some time. Even though she missed her baby, she moved on with the show, using her baby and husband as her inspiration.

Regarding her elimination, Claire maintained a clear mind about it even though she was also disappointed. “To go home was kind of heartbreaking in a way, but after being in the bottom two the previous week, it was kind of hard for them to choose anyone else,” she said. She also understood the fact that the judges wanted to see improvement more than just skill. Claire also admitted in interviews that it was a great fault that she didn’t impress them more every week.

Since the show, Claire has modeled for Fati Light and has an ad for Kodak. She’s appeared on the cover of Parents magazine with her daughter Halina in 2007 and February 2009 and was additionally in Unvogue, New York Daily News and Supermodels Unlimited.

Claire is currently signed to Empire Model Management in New York City.

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21 Responses to “Claire-Aimee “Claire” Unabia”

  1. ford Says:

    She’s definitely my all-time favorite ANTM contestant!

  2. Tina Says:


  3. Mariane Says:

    Not stunning, but magnificent!

  4. One of my favorites! I love Claire!

  5. abygail Says:

    Wow … really nice post-antm pics. ❤

  6. jody Says:

    I just realized she looks like Karlie Kloss!

  7. boo Says:

    I liked her, but she acted dumb on the show.

  8. Zsa Says:

    I don’t know, I tried to like her but something about her was annoying.

  9. bkb Says:

    I saw her and her husband at the Nostrand Avenue, a train station, wheeling their kid in a baby carriage several years ago. Gentrifiers.

  10. Melissa Says:

    I love her hair in that last photo.

  11. jlf Says:

    Just saw ANTM cycle 10 reruns. You are by far my favorite. How you kept it together against some of the other models. Mature beyond your years!

    • vernel Says:

      Claire, you and I would get along great, you
      Shoot from the hip. Telling it like it is, never sugar-coating it! Standing your ground even if you have to step on some toes along the way! At least one will quickly know, basically, what they see is what they get! I commend you for being real and always remembering what really is the most important aspects of your life, your child and husband. I truly believe only
      good things are coming your way!!!!

  12. Jessica R Says:

    WOW!! Seriously amazing post ANTM pics!

    BTW, I am in love with this site. Well done!!

  13. Grace Says:

    Hmm.. I’m torn. She takes amazing pictures, that’s for sure. The close-up of her with the brown, curly hair and dark red lips is stunning. But she came off very immature and she wasn’t interested in being the bigger person which is odd considering she was a mother. You would think she’d know better. Also, when Tyra flipped over her picture when she was in the bottom two with Aimee, she jumped up in the air and shouted “YES!!!” which was a jaw-dropper for me. How inconsiderate. But she is a great model, yes.

  14. fernanda Says:

    Wow! Es feisima y tonta no sabe nada pero es fea fea estupida perra!! Tu marido no te pesca por lo fea que eres.

  15. Jen J Says:

    Her pics w/o make-up are amazing. I’m glad she changed her hair back to brown. Seems like if you wanted something done to your hair you’d like, you’d have to show up with the opposite. I wish they’d run this streaming on netflix. :/ I missed most of the shows.

  16. Guy Says:

    loved the catfight between claire and dominique

  17. Rack Says:

    I didn’t remember the name, but I remember the face. She gives me an Ashley Judd/Milla Jovovich vibe.

  18. Jessica Says:

    I find it funny that she was eliminated for being very ‘one note’ as the judges called it. And I agreed, it was the same face, very stoic and powerful, every shoot during the show. Which is beautiful and works in some situations, but not for every picture. But I look at these post ANTM pics, and she has some amazing pictures with soft, pretty facial features. Why couldn’t she manage that while she was on the show?

  19. Katherine Says:

    She’s a good model, but she was a bitch on the show.

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