Christina Murphy was a contestant during Cycle 4 of ANTM.

This Tallahassee, Florida native was a student at Florida State University before her appearance on the show. She later relocated to Hollywood in order to pursue her career as a model.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, her lack of personality were always being scrutinized by the judging panel. However, on the eighth week, she was able to win the interview challenge with hip-hop artist, Eve. She was the most prepared of all the girls.

In addition to winning an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight, Christina’s mother was allowed to visit to the Top Model house. Unfortunately, Christina was eliminated two weeks later, when the judges felt her performance was still lacking in emotion.

Since the show, Christina has participated in runway projects for Kelly Nashimoto Fall 2006 and San Francisco Fashion Week Presents “Emerging Stars.”  Christina has worked with both LA Models and Passport Models.

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To see more photos of Christina, click here.

19 Responses to “Christina Murphy”

  1. Katie Says:

    She has such a stunning face!

  2. Heyder Says:

    She looks like Celine Dion! Hahaha!

  3. boo Says:

    She was good, but very empty in the eyes. Good luck to her.

  4. LILIANA Says:

    creo que los jueces de anmt lo que quería de cristina era que pareciera un poco menos rígida en el panel pero no lo pudo conseguir y por eso la mandaron a casa bueno pero ella despues de antm le fue muy bien hasta es actriz

  5. Amber Says:

    I thought she was one of te prettiest girls ever. She was just stunning to look at! Good luck with everything.

  6. Dee Says:

    Beautifull eyes!

  7. Claudia1011 Says:

    I really loved Christina. I though that she was one of the prettiest girls in ANTM. I wish her all the best in the future.

  8. elise Says:

    she is so beautiful. she has the potential to be a really great model.

  9. Himela Says:

    Beautiful eyes, interesting face.

  10. SendyGilbert Says:

    She have some similarities ofceline dion,look at her 1-800-Flower shoot.

  11. She looks like Ali Larter in the seven deadly sins shoot.

  12. Tony Says:

    Nice seeing you at Hermosa Beach. Bobbie &Tony

  13. Tony Says:

    Nice seeing you at Hermosa Beach. Bobbie, Tony, Dawn, Phil & John

  14. anna♥♥♥ Says:

    doveva vincere america’s next top model… ♥

  15. channey Says:

    I saw this chick in Hermosa Beach working at a bar, forget the name but it’s next to Sharkeez. She was a little rude so it made me think back to when the judges called her cold on the show. Eh. This was a few years ago, 2011-2012 ish.

  16. René Says:

    My favourite girl from Cycle 4

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