Chris White was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The Arlington, Texas native was 20 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

Chris’s sister, Terra, is also part of the final fourteen during this cycle. Terra stated in initial interviews that she thought her personality was stronger than her sister’s. She observed that she was overpowering her sister’s personality most of the time they were in the semifinals.

During the final review, Tyra communicated that Chris’s face, eyes, lips and eyebrows were ’round-ish’, while Terra’s face is more angular. She also said that Chris is a stronger poser than her sister.

Chris was called 4th during selection of the final 14 girls.

During episode 2, Chris mentioned that she was excited to have her sister there with her, but she is still her competition.

During review of her photograph following the Teen Bully shoot with Deborah Anderson, the judges encouraged Chris to “go stronger.” Nigel said, “If you’re to go there, go there,” in terms of her commitment while posing. While deliberating, Nigel commented that she wasn’t quite a model yet, she was just ‘trying’ to model.

Chris was called 9th during elimination.

During episode 3, the girls were given makeovers. Tyra gave Chris long curly hair, while her sister got shorter hair than before. Chris was hoping her sister wouldn’t visibly show her disdain over the haircut, but she did, causing Chris two worry about Terra’s place in the competition.

During the “Fallen Angels” shoot with Anne Menke, Mr. Jay said that she looked fabulous. He said that she became an “otherworldy, soft feminine creature.”

While her photo was being reviewed in panel, the judges said that “her face was very strong and that she had one of the best faces.” Tyra didn’t feel that her photo was strong, but because the total film from all girls was weak in her opinion, she felt she was grading her photo on a curve. She said that Chris was rising above the crowd with her photo.

Because of her rising performance in front of the camera, Chris was called 4th during elimination. Unfortunately, her sister was sent home in what turned out to be a double elimination episode. Chris was devastated to see her sister go home, but vowed to push forward for her and her sister.

In episode 4, Chris and the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for a posing challenge aboard The Silver Bullet roller coster. Chris was tasked to portray “distracted” on the crazy coaster. Unfortunately, of all the girls, Chris was the most scared about boarding the roller coaster. Visibly upset before and during the coaster ride, Chris commented afterwards that “she took her fear and conquered it because she really wants it [the win].”

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, the girls had the pleasure of modeling jewelry from Martin Katz, Neil Lane and Mikimoto. Mr. Jay commented that Chris looked poised, beautiful and ‘together.’ He was also surprised that “she kept her mouth closed for so long.”

In panel, Tyra gave Chris ideas on how to conceal her larger forehead in photos. Matthew Rolston said that hers was “his favorite photo of the day.” He also added that “everything came together perfectly.” While deliberating, ALT said her photo was glamourous and glittery.” Nigel said that she “had the most extraordinary lips and the most perfect mouth.” Matthew concluded with repeating that “hers was the best shot of the day; it was magic.”

Due to her solid performance, Chris was called 4th during elimination.

In episode 5, Chris and the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge where the catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts. Chris pulled through the challenge, but not before she visibly swore on the first catwalk and fell at the end of the second. Chris was able to fall on a safety cushion, so she wasn’t hurt.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Eddie and Moshe Brahka or Brahka Squared, Mr. Jay commented that she gave a consistent effort while jumping to create her action shot; he said he appreciated that.

In panel, Tyra said she needed to “smize” a little more. She also praised Chris for taking the proactive role in asking if she could jump during the shoot.

While deliberating, ALT called her photo “divine.” He also said that he could see her photo as a spread in Italian Vogue. Guest judge Karolina Kurkova said she “took a risk; jumping shots don’t always work. Hers worked.”

Due to her incredibly strong performance, Chris was called 2nd during elimination.

Episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Chris and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Chris was grouped with Chelsey and Liz – and after the judging, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, Kayla, Esther and Kacey. Chris, unfortunately, was told she was too overpowering in the group setting; she wouldn’t let Chelsey or Liz speak up during the demonstration.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Chris got to shoot by herself with a male model. During the shoot, Patrick Demarchelier said that she “very good” and “fantastic.” Mr. Jay said that she “was very good at creating an energy that was grounded in reality.” He also said the she had a “natural chemistry” with the male model. Chris said she actually felt like a diva because of all the good feedback she received during the shoot.

During panel, Nigel and Tyra said her group photo looked “adorable.” Tyra also said that it  looked like a beautiful spread in Teen Vogue. ALT said that “from an editorial point of view, we’re he comes from, that photo would be out. He didn’t feel the ‘zing’.” ALT said he loved her walking shot, as she “was full of vitality” and “happy.” Patrick Demarchelier said that “she had great movement, but her smile was too big.” She needed to “control her smile” a bit more.

During deliberation, Patrick Demarchelier said that “she had too much energy; she just needs to control it a bit.” Tyra felt that her photo “was the only one telling a story.” Tyra also felt it was “Teen Vogue, not Italian Vogue.”

Chris’s performance earned her a 5th call out during elimination.

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to the Grammy Museum, as well as their first challenge. Chris and the girls were paired up and tasked to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Chris and Kendal were paired up. It was a difficult challenge, as they were only given ten minutes to find a grammy ensemble for their partner, and in the end, neither girls won the challenge.

For their photo shoot with Francesco Carrozzini, Chris had to portray Betsy Johnson. During the shoot, Francesco Carrozzini commented that Chris was “unbelievably energetic.”

During panel, Nigel said her photo was “brilliant.” He also added that what she was doing in the photo was “very Betsy” and “the real Betsy would be very proud.” ALT commented that the photo “didn’t work for him.” He added that “I think you’re fabulous, and love that you’re leaping, but it’s not my favorite photo.” Francesco Carrozzini concluded panel by saying, “You have such an energy. You didn’t stop jumping for one single shot. You have to know that there are moments that you have to change and do something different.”

During deliberation, Nigel said that he loved the shot of Chris. He also said that “she’s like a sledge hammer of a model. She walks on set and she’s everywhere; that’s Betsy.” ALT commented that “although there was energy, I often forgot that Chris is a comedic personality.” He also posed the question, “Is this a model?”

Chris had a strong performance, but was called 5th during elimination.

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To view more photos of Chris, click here.

49 Responses to “Chris White”

  1. Susan Says:

    She’s not a size zero and the shape of her head isn’t small and round. If her head and face was shaped like Alek Wek’s she could make it in Europe. Hermes is fond of African models. Alek happens to be one of them. Any model should have a small head but if not, the face has to be oval-shaped or pronounced like an European model’s (a big head and roundish face do not work at all in fashion). The reason is the clothes have to be shown well so the person reading French Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar will not be distracted by something that isn’t considered beautiful in European fashion. Chris’ face is not oval-shaped; it’s more like a rectangle with curved corners.

    • Lonny Says:

      Susan, who taught you that thin ,fine features were to be idolized? The standards are wrong, and it’s not because a long face and angular features are actually more beautiful. It’s because someone told you that, and you believed it.

  2. Gabby Says:

    Chris is a gorgeous; a beautiful girl and the prettiest black girl ever to be competing in ANTM. Plus her behavior for a black girl is amazingly great and I appreciate this very much because I’m from Europe and I just can’t stand this “ghetto style” and being bitchy. I still can’t picture her being on the cover of Italian Vogue.

    • Susan Says:

      I agree, she is well-behaved and photographs nicely. Her headshot from the commercial shoot on Rodeo Drive is beautiful. She changed my mind a bit about whether she has potential or not. If she can hone her ability to create cheekbones (there’s potential) and lose some weight in her thighs she will have a chance at modeling in NYC.
      I’m not sure about her waistline… It has to 24 inches or smaller.

      The “ghetto style” is charming if you’re not going on a go-see for a haute couture designer. Tyra Banks wouldn’t have lasted seven years as a haute couture model if she brought her “ghetto personality” in every photoshoot and go-see. European elite designers tend to look down on American models (regardless of race) because of the imperfect body type and unrefined personality.

      We’re talking about a difference in cultural values, the model’s look, the proper knowledge of the European fashion industry and the history of fashion. No winner from ANTM can name the classical models who started the profession not even the father of haute couture, whose wife was the first fashion model.

      It’s bizarre but that’s America. Granted, some American models (notably Dorian Leigh, Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson and Naomi Simms) were able to last in the European market. It’s because they thought like Europeans and their success includes work done in the American market. If you think, act and model like an European you will make it in any country in the world.

      • Gabby Says:

        You’re right. I just think, if you really ARE interested in modeling, and it’s the only thing you can picture yourself doing as a job, then you should be well aware what this industry is about.

        Let me compare it to a ‘normal’ career in say business, law, or engineering. You go to a perfect university to GET KNOWLEDGE, and the best of the best are in their place, because even though they have a degree from a top university, they still want to know everything about what they do to be good at it; they gather information and care about their job.

        I know there’s nothing like ‘top model/haute couture/high-fashion university’, but what I mean is this: you should still gather information, watch the models walking, try to watch videos or attend fashion weeks.

        (I know a ghetto girl can’t do that, but if she’s not totally dumb, she can try and find a job as the lowest something in this industry, like a secretary for someone in fashion magazine and you get there. And see things. And dive into it.)

        You should try and buy the magazines. And I can say, in America it’s not that expensive to buy it once a month. And try to look deeply at the pictures, whatever. My post is getting too long. 🙂

        Overall, I just want to say that since modeling is their dream, as they proclaim aaaall and aaaall the time on ANTM, then it shouldn’t be that hard to try to transform into a European one.

        It’s just the price that they have to pay. I know that it’s always ‘blah, blah, blah’ about their own personality and that they love, where they come from, and they’re not gonna change for anything, but it’s a part of it and they have to do it. 🙂

        I hope you get what I meant and sorry for my poor english; it’s not my mother tongue.

    • Lovy Says:

      First of all, your comments, Susan are very racist and stereotypical. Mind you this is America’s Next Top Model not “Europe’s Next Top Model.”

      It is plain and clear that America and Europe have two different standards of beauty. Trust me I’ve seen plenty of “European” b*tchy chicks on ANTM. All of the black girls on the show are NOT ghetto and b*tchy. Go take a course in African-American Studies before you judge someone based on a couple of examples. That’s just like me saying that all European women have no personality, no character, no body and no looks!

      • rho Says:

        Lovy thank you…that was VERY offensive. Not all “black girls” are ghetto. Y didnt say those words exactly but you labeled us as such as if thats how we all act! I am not calling you racist or prejudice, but it sure came across that way and that is so unfair. I believe that what you see on TV or people you have met one or two may have acted that way but don’t judge a whole entire race by a few people. I dont know many people from Europe besides TV and YouTube, but I’m not judging them its just not right. I hope one day you are able to view people as individuals and not group them as a category. Best wishes to you.

        BTW: i definately love Chris she is so professional and beautiful! I pray you many blessings Chris! Yeah! 🙂

      • rho Says:

        Lovy lemme clarify! I meant that to Gabby and I wanted to thank you for your comment! lol

    • Cori Roberts Says:


      I’m going to try to type this without attacking you, but I do want to educate you.

      You may not understand how what you said is racist, so I’ll try to explain. At the end of the day, they are all women. Yes, we are all aware that with fashion certain designers gravitate toward Black women (I do not like the term African-American either. None of us have ever been to Africa and most Africans don’t like even being associated with Black Americans), however the thing that perpetuates racism is having to classify someone by their race. Why couldn’t Chris be the prettiest girl on Top Model?

      I ask if you were speaking about one of the Caucasian girls would you say, she’s the prettiest white girl that’s been on Top Model? If you don’t use race to describe everyone, including people of your own race, then work at using it for no one.

      Also to add that her behavior is great “for a black girl” very racist. If I said, you’re very nice for a white girl, you didn’t even try to enslave me. It’s stereotypical. Obviously, you most likely have never owned a slave and not all white people owned slaves.

      Assuming a type of behavior based on a race is being grossly misinformed and extremely offensive. I happen to be a woman of color, who was born in an area considered to be the ghetto. I’m not bitchy, nor do I have “ghetto style.” I’m intelligent, educated, well spoken, when I wish to be, and obviously you see that, that translates to the way I write.

      Sometimes, Gabby, you have to stop and think about what you’re saying and how it can be interpreted. And remember the internet has a long memory. If you have friends that are of color and American, you would have just offended them and perhaps lost some friends. Even if your comment was just innocent and you meant no harm in them.

      Good luck and hope I shed some light for you and others reading this. As it were, I’m expecting some racist trolls to respond to my post, lol.


    • christie Says:

      “Her behavior for a black girl is amazingly great”? Wow, how incredibly ignorant and racist of you! Great job!

      • Cyn Says:

        Gabby, what you said is completely ignorant. Now if I associated all White women with the ones I see on Jerry Springer; would that include you?

  3. Mark Says:

    Love Chris I would like to see her in the top three

  4. Cari Says:

    Chris is definitely my fave! I don’t care much about Ann. She doesn’t have the strong personality like Chris does. Chris is hilarious, sweet, a risk-taker, and has a strong and defined personality that the other girls don’t have. I really want to see Chris make it to at least Top 3, and hopefully, win it all! Chris is an amazing girl and I hope that she really pushes herself to be a whole lot better than the other girls. She’s got this!

    • Annie Says:

      Great! Did you forget about the point of the show? It’s not America’s Best Personality, it’s about being a model, which this girl would never be. I’d love for people who post on these boards to actually pick up a fashion magazine and read it.

  5. markT Says:

    Cari, I just watched the last episode. I have liked Chris from the start. I also hope she makes the top three, but I don’t think the judges like (appreciate) her looks. She is consistently scored lower than I would score her, and they’re just not getting her very cool personality. My fave is Ann, but I don’t think she can pull it off personality-wise. If Chris can get recognition for her excellent photos she can win.

  6. Gabby Says:

    I really like Chris and as I have previously written, I appreciate her personality. I’m hoping she will make it to the top three, and screw this cycle’s Italian Vogue. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about the European market, but so many black girls whom were so different from Chris won or got to the top three that I just can’t not wish it for her, too! Although I can’t picture a black girl in Italian Vogue … so, top three for me it is. Go for it! You deserve it!!!

    And besides that, I wished it for Ann to win because she has the body and face type to go to Europe, but I think that if she can’t overcome her troubles with being shy, clumsy, and that sort of thing. Maybe I want it more for Kayla or Chelsey to win it. Kayla is adorable and Chelsey knows everything about this industry; at least they make her look like she does.

    • Cori Roberts Says:

      One more thing Gabby, sorry! Not picking on you, but there was an entire issue of Italian Vogue that had NOTHING BUT BLACK WOMEN in it. In fact former ANTM alum, Toccara Jones, was featured in it.

      So it’s already been done. 🙂


      • Cyn Says:

        Gabby, stop gabbing and babbling and digging your grave deeper and deeper. Funny, you probably can’t even afford to purchase Vogue much less be in it yourself, so stop being so ignorant.

  7. alex Says:

    I love Chris’s personality and all, but i think she is more suited for TEEN vogue not Italian vogue.

  8. Cari Says:

    I’m so disappointed that Chris got eliminated!

    Despite the comment she made that sounded like she didn’t want to be there anymore, I’m still really sad. She was constantly scored lower than she really did and I got the feeling that the judges were ignoring her personality while telling the other girls that personality is what gets you to be a “top model.”

    Ann is good, but lacks in personality. I think that the judges like her awkwardness, but have only started to see Ann for who she really is.

    Jane, in my opinion should have been eliminated! She is blah, pretty, but not Top Model. Once again, no personality!

    Chelsey is getting annoying and acting like a know-it-all and thinks that she’s the best. And she’s NOT! Kayla doesn’t do it for me; I don’t know. Seems like the judges love her more now that she’s going great with male models.

    Disappointing. Chris should still be there.

  9. Corrine Says:

    Chris is beautiful; no doubt about that. But her shots, the glossy underwater shot in particular, seemed more like a campaign delivered by a celebrity.

    I think Tyra was right. She needs to bank on her natural talent, which is obviously not modeling, but ACTING INDEED!!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER ON THE BIG SCREEN! Besides, she would truly be a force to contend with in the commercial market. DYNAMIC YET ENDEARING. I wish her all the best; she should never give up!

  10. катя Says:


  11. alex Says:

    I am a fan of Chris’s personality (I have to admit), she’ll be both successful in modeling (for Teen Vogue, not Italian Vogue) AND acting!

  12. Annie Says:

    Really!! Does anyone actually know what it is to be a real top working model? She is a beautiful girl, but not a model. Just looking at her first picture, she has a great body but not a model’s body. Her thighs are way too big. This show becomes a joke because their is no way this girl would have made it through an agency’s door; she makes for good reality TV but thats about it.

  13. kiki Says:

    That beauty shot is stunning. But I don’t understand what the judges were talking about when they said that Jane had stronger photos than Chris. Because Chris’s photos are stunning while Jane’s are just pretty. The only bad shoot Chris had taken is that shot where she is jumping.

  14. ree Says:

    Chris seriously needs to get her own comedy show. She is HILARIOUS.

    I think she’s more suited for advertisements and Teen Vogue, not Italian Vogue.

  15. Mickey Says:

    I think Jane has a personality and people need to stop saying she doesn’t; the editors just edit people so it looks like they are boring, or bitchy, or crazy, or whatever.

  16. kiki Says:

    I hope that Chris does find Ann a man.

  17. nykai Says:

    I think Chris is a model. Remember Bre? They said she can’t be a model because of her height. Whitney from cycle 10 has a round face and big thighs and she won ANTM, so I’m sick of you haters saying Chris isn’t a model. I’m keeping it real. Jane old ugly, weird-mouth-shaped-spoiled-rotten-effed-up-weave-self should have went home … and Kayla models aren’t lint lickers. Chelsey-weird-alien-looking-self shold go home, too, but Ann – I ain’t got nothing bad to say about you. Ann was the best choice, but Chris should have come in 2nd, so that’s wat I think.

  18. Leigh Says:

    I’m glad Ann won, because she was my favourite from the start. But as the weeks progressed, I began to see how beautiful this girl was, not just on the inside, but outside too. She was funny when her alter ego, Myrtle came out, and just funny full stop. She always spoke her mind, and took lovely photos. I bet she could go far in acting, just like Tyra and the judging panel said.

  19. jenny Says:

    She is a ghetto hood-rat trash that will never make it in the fashion. I wonder if i stop by Mc Donalds and see her in the kitchen?

  20. Linda Says:

    Loved Chris. But I don’t think she was top model. She definitely should be acting.

  21. joejoe_no1 Says:

    Yeah. Her behavior wasn’t bitchy as the other black girls on the show like Melrose, Renee Alway, Whitney Thompson, Nicole Linkletter… She was nice and sweet like the white girls ie… Nik Pace, Danny, Tocarra… Oh. I’m sorry. I got that mixed up. Be careful of the ridiculous things you say.

    • Cyn Says:

      Other Black women on the show? The bitchiest women on the show in past seasons have been White, sorry but Chelsea was a bit of a bitch herself, arrogant and too cocky, thought she had it all in the bag but in reality Ann was more high fashion and in demand for what was in for the season.

  22. jane Says:

    it’s a comercial model. she needs loose 5lbs. I love her smile!

  23. j.seph Says:

    she should’ve joined cycle 17 of antm because this girl ooohhh she have lot of personality….

  24. anonymous Says:

    So is she still in modelling ?

  25. whatever Says:

    If she would’ve been on a previous cycle, she would’ve definitely won. She was so charismatic and bubbly and vivacious and so sweet. She’s the perfect example of what a role model should be. She may not be high fashion, but she took good pictures. And compared to a lot of winners, she was more dynamic and likeable unlike naima, nicole, eva, saleisha, whitney, mckey, teyona, and krista. If she were in a competition with those girls, she would’ve won hands down. The only winners who would’ve given her a run for her money is danielle and caridee. She will be a star, no matter what. I loved watching her.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Being a likeable, approachable, energetic and personable person with a quirkiness to match does not a model make. Many of the winners you mentioned would’ve killed her. Ebony of Nicole’s cycle was energetic and likeable, but was eliminated with the quickness because she just wasn’t a model. A runway model, yes, but a print model? Hell no. Keenyah had high self-esteem and was very arrogant herself, but was she a model? Hah! I don’t think so. Kelle of Eva’s cycle was lovely but she photographed dreadfully, arguably amongst the worst in Top Model history if not the absolute worst.

      Sure some of the winners were somewhat arrogant and cocky, but the thing is, they were actually more modelesque-looking, some by a very large margin, like Naima and Teyona.

      People hate these winners because of the simple fact it’s contrary to their desires, not necessarily because they’re bad choices.

      As a black woman, I like Chris, but I do not think she deserved to last as long as she did. In fact, I think Liz should’ve stayed over her. In my opinion, I think she should’ve been eliminated way earlier. She’s a nice girl, but she’s just not a model. There was nothing extraordinary about her. Just pretty cute and sweet, and that’s all.

  26. Katie Says:

    Beautiful, but not exactly a model. I did enjoy watching her cause she didn’t act like a “typical, black, ghetto girl”. No offense to anyone. I’m not racist, but a lot of ghetto black girls are just loud and obnoxious and are always looking to start fights with other girls.

  27. Nandeezy Says:

    Chris is beatiful and if it were up to me I would have taken her to the finale and she has alot of potential

  28. Michelle Says:

    Worst comments- can we say racist? Chris had a great personality on the show and is a gorgeous girl. There have been black and white aggressive girls and black and white more timid girls. The comments here should really be removed.

  29. Katherine Says:

    You look at her, and you wouldn’t see model, but she worked hard and had a great personality, and her photos were very beautiful. So, she was like an illusion.

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