Chelsey Hersley was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The waitress from Boise, Idaho was 22 years old while competing for the title of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

During initial interviews in episode 1, Chelsey communicated that she felt getting on ANTM was probably one of her last chances to get into the industry. She stated that she felt she was truly high fashion and that nobody else in the competition looks like her; she said that her blonde hair, her freckles and the gap in her teeth differentiates her from the rest of the girls.

During final reviews, Mr. Jay commented that he felt she did very well during the Cynthia Rowley photo shoot.

Chelsey was called 6th during selection of the final 14 girls.

Episode 2 allowed Chelsey to really show that she was a tough competitor for Top Model. After performing well on the four-stories-high runway for Diane Von Furstenberg, Chelsey proceeded to impress the judges with her photograph from the “Teen Bully” shoot with Deborah Anderson.

Upon review of her photo in panel, Nigel said that her photo was spooky, as her “bully word” happened to be “Casper,” a name she was called in high school for being so fair skinned. Tyra loved her photo and thought her eyes looked “possessed” in a complementary sense. Andre Leon Talley (ALT) thought her photo was “gorgeous.” Diane Von Furstenberg described it as “a little strange,” but she still looked like a model.

Due to her strong performance, Chelsey was called 3rd during elimination.

Episode 3 was all about makeovers and Tyra told Chelsey she wanted to exaggerate the gap in her front upper teeth (like Lauren Hutton) and turn her hair ice blonde. Chelsey was all for the changes and embraced her new look.

During the “Fallen Angel Shoot” with Anne Menke, Anne said that she was performed “amazing.”

Chelsey’s impressive performance earned her a 3rd call out during elimination.

In episode 4, Chelsey and the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for their next challenge. The girls were tasked to pose while having a photograph taken on a roller coaster called The Silver Bullet. Chelsey had to portray “I have a secret” on the coaster. While reviewing her final photo, Nigel said that she looked more like “I don’t have any teeth.”

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, the girls got a chance to model jewelry from Mikimoto, Neil Lane and Martin Katz. Mr. Jay’s only comment during the shoot was that she needed to relax her mouth more while shooting.

During panel, Tyra said that she was just “sitting inside the makeup instead of pushing through it.” She also said that Chelsey “looked like an amateur drag queen” in her photo. Nigel commented that “some people just don’t wear makeup well.” Matthew Rolston added that she’s not wearing the makeup; the makeup was wearing her.”

After the harsh critique, Chelsey was called 9th during elimination, just short of being in the bottom two.

In episode 5, the girls participated in a Herve Leroux runway challenge where the catwalk consisted of two fast-moving conveyor belts. Chelsey was the first girl to walk and almost lost her footing with the first step she took. Barely able to keep her composure, Chelsey managed to complete the challenge unscathed.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” photo shoot with Eddie and Moshe Brahka, Mr. Jay commented that she did well.

In panel, guest judge Karolina Kurkova commented that Chelsey “had a lot of tension in her body and her face; as if she had a story there.” Tyra said she needed to watch her angles when posing, particularly with her hands.

While deliberating, Nigel said he “loved the shot of Chelsey; there’s personality there.” Karolina added that she was “really sexy and she’s really using the guy in the photo.”

Chelsey’s impressive performance earned her a 3rd call out during elimination.

The beginning of episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Chelsey and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Chelsey was grouped with Chris and Liz – and in the end, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, Kayla, Esther and Kacey. Chelsey, unfortunately, didn’t get much critique because every time she tried to talk, Chris would talk over her.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Chelsey  and Ann got to shoot with a male model in a group photo. During the shoot, Mr. Jay said that Chelsey was  “a bit nervous” and that she was “holding back.” She was incredibly honored to shoot Patrick Demarchelier, which made her more nervous than usual. Tyra commented that she was being too self-conscious while shooting.

During panel, Nigel said that it was a great photo, but he liked Chelsey in the group shot better. He said that it “was one of the best photos he’s seen of her.” He also said that she was “full of life and charming.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she had “good movement “and that it was a “good picture.” Nigel said that her walking shot “was not as high fashion for him.” Tyra added that she was visibly nervous at the beginning of the shoot, but managed to let go of her nervous by the end.

During deliberation, Nigel said that she “was improving.” ALT said that he felt she was giving him “the luck of the draw of a society heiress who wants to be a model; struggling.” Tyra felt that “she had an edge.”

During elimination, Chelsey was called 6th.

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to the Grammy Museum and their first challenge. The girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Chelsey and Ann were paired up. Chelsey became increasingly angry when Ann picked a dress that was several sizes too large for her. Due to their average performance, neither girls won the challenge.

For their photo shoot, Chelsey and the girls had to portray a couture designer and be shot by Francesco Carrozzini while styled by Rushka Bergman. Chelsey was assigned to portray Carolina Herrera. During the shoot, Mr. Jay said he would have liked to see her more pleasant. Francesco Carrozzini said that she “needed to be regal, but more softer.” He said that she “did a good job in the end.”

During panel, Nigel said that Chelsey “looked stunning.” He also said that he felt it was her “best photograph.” He followed by saying that “there’s an elegance there, but it was lacking in charm.” ALT said she “looked fantastic.”

During deliberation, Tyra said that she looked like a “Carolina Herrera wannabe.” Nigel said “she looked strong, but not like a model.” ALT concluded by saying that “it wasn’t the best photo of Chelsey, but one of her best challenges.”

Chelsey’s performance earned her a 4th call out during elimination.

In the past, Chelsey had been represented by Women Managemen and Pulse Model Management. She’s currently signed with Urban Talent Management in Boise, Idaho.

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To view more photos of Chelsey, click here.

78 Responses to “Chelsey Hersley”

  1. ayyyyye Says:

    She looks so much like Anna Paquin! I mean seriously. When I first saw her i was like, “What the hell?”

  2. kiki Says:

    I really don’t like her face.

  3. Danielle Says:


  4. alex Says:

    My Prediction of Top 7:

    7th: Liz
    6th: Jane
    5th: Chris
    4th: Esther
    3rd: Chelsey
    2nd: Kayla
    1st: Ann

  5. Gabby Says:

    Chelsey surprised me in the last episode, I think she deserves to win, too!!! Major surprise, I didn’t think that from the beginning of this cycle!!! Go baby go, you are good!!!

  6. alex Says:

    My Prediction

    Next Eliminated: Ann and Jane

    Top 2: Kayla, Chelsey

    Winner: Kayla :p

    Simple as that.

  7. ANNANN Says:

    She’s just not high fashion. Sorry!

  8. Rus Says:

    She is a true high-fashion model. She is very professional and knows the industry very well. Moreover, Chelsey has a great walk and I hope she will win over Ann in the finale!

  9. Ani Says:

    I don’t like Chelsea even though she might have blonde hair, freckles and gap between her teeth. Yeah, well, congratulations, for the bleaching and the orthodontist help with the teeth.

    Her eyes are too far apart and make her look like a fish. I would say that she could have potential as a model, but she is not cover material. I can’t imagine her in the cover of Vogue, or any other magazine for that matter. If I would see her, I would just flip the page, nothing impressive to watch there.

    Ann, on the other hand, is unique. She truly deserves to win this. Even with all the personality boundaries and shyness that characterize her, she delivers amazing results. She’s a natural. That’s why she deserves it.

  10. gross Says:

    Eww, not me. She is so goddamn ugly and busted in the face. High fashion … yeah for a dirty version of Punky Screwster.

  11. Gracie Says:

    Some of the photos of Chelsey on this site (pre-ANTM makeover) when her hair was a more natural, dimensional blonde and her freckles are featured make me think of a classic Ralph Lauren ad. She probably has no chance whatsoever of stopping the Ann juggernaut (and I’m not qualified to say if that’s appropriate or not), but it would still seem like Chelsey’s assured walk and potential for great photos (especially if some of the makeover were toned down– the net effect of everything they did to her seems to make her look a lot older and harsher and she’s already “up there” age wise compared to some of the others) would find a niche in high fashion.

    Certainly her knowledge of the industry and her professional demeanor are great–I can see her running an agency or having a leadership role on a high fashion magazine’s staff.

    I think it would be really great to have a kind of ANTM do-over for so many of the incredibly talented women on previous cycles who were way too “high fashion” for the Seventeen sponsor and ended up getting dismissed … Allison, Jenah, etc. They’d have made such a great show with Ann.

    • Corrine Says:

      Ralph Lauren?!That’s defnitely Jane’s niche in the industry.

      I’m sorry, but as much as I do respect and adore Chelsey being very much invested into fashion, as a MODEL, she is not ahead of ANN, KAYLA OR JANE. She had the LEAST potential.

      It was very unfortunate that Jane and Kayla were not capable of working to their incredible potential in the allotted time!

      Knowledge itself is not sufficient; she just lacks raw potential for high fashion. Not everyone can be a model. It’s an intangible quality (that the industry seeks) which makes one a couture model. Chelsey’s less-than-stellar performance in the competition establishes that she is a GOOD model, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Vogue Italia.

      ANN, even without Chelsey’s exposure and knowledge, is kicking her ass in the competition. Chelsey would ruin an entire issue of Vogue Italia. Besides, she delivers very ugly beauty shots; a cover and spread in Beauty in Vogue by Chelsey?! I DON’T THINK SO. AND LASTLY, ANN could finally help ANTM redeem itself too!

  12. Rus Says:

    Something in her reminds me of Lara Stone.

  13. Тимур Says:

    Челси, дорогая, ты просто уродина (Chelsey, you not beautiful). Тебе не дано победить, а кто так не считает?

  14. Тимур Says:

    у Чесли даже лицо тупое. ФУУ.

    • KriStina Says:

      Блин, не пиши столько гадостей!!!!!!!! Бесишь уже!!!!!!!

      А она классная и талантливая!!!!!!

  15. Тимур Says:

    My prediction:

    Ann WINS!!!

  16. alex Says:

    I don’t like Chelsey’s know-it-all attitude.

  17. kiki Says:

    I am so disappointed in Chelsey. She has been modeling since she was 14. Which means her shots should be stunning. When really they are just good shots.

  18. Тимур Says:

    Ответьте на мое сообщение: Кто считает что уродина Chelsey выйграет?

    • KriStina Says:

      Вовсе она не уродина…… Очень симпатичная и интересная девушка, достойная победы!
      Но безусловно Ann лучше….

  19. Mariana Says:

    Hey! I was wondering, haven’t you found any pictures where her tattoos are shown (specifically the bird one on her back)? Thanks! 😉

  20. Paul Says:

    She’s the rightful winner, imo.

  21. silver nail polish Says:

    Where is she now? And yeah, every time I looked at her I thought Anna Paquin!

  22. Rina Says:

    I know and get that she wants it badly, but why must they acted so coarse towards the end, it’s just unsightly. It showed true ugliness.

    To me, towards the end, she did have some nice and beautiful pictures, and she does have a strong walk. She is a model, since she really is one before the show. She had the experience. So no surprise there. But does she have a memorable face and personality, NO. Honestly, for me, I don’t want to remember someone who have a jealous and ugly personality. And fyi, she was too conceited with herself, she did not have the full package, if she did, she doesn’t need to be in this show. She would have already been a top model.

  23. Rina Says:

    Her coarseness towards the end, really showed how desperate she was to win this, like it’s her last chance. Which is probably true since she is older and looked older as well. Not Fresh At All.

  24. kiki Says:

    Chelsey has gotten engaged.

  25. RJay Says:

    I liked Chelsey at the end, and I felt like she really should have won. However, although I love Tyra, I think that it is SO unfair that she pretty much made Danielle (Dani) [can’t remember what cycle she was in] get her gap closed, while she had Chelsey make hers even bigger!!!

  26. collette Says:

    She so should have won!! But Lurch did, yet they always say models over 5’11 are too tall.

  27. mistletoe Says:

    Ann’s photos were statuesque. She’s extremely photogenic, humble and doesn’t b*tch around BUT, she’s too thin, too shy and she definitely needs to work on her walk. Chelsey, on the other hand, can really book herself on a go-see because she’s confident, she has the strongest walk, takes good photos, knowledgeable about the industry BUT, she’s conceited, and her face doesn’t suit VOGUE ITALY’s pages; see the difference?

    I liked Chelsey before, but Ann deserved more than she does.

    • Miss E Says:

      Agree with you. Chelsey is a pretty gal and a good model but Vogue Italia needed someone even more high fashion. Also I got a bit annoyed with Chelsey at first bragging then sour graping in the end saying she’s more of a “total package,” than Ann. Maybe the judges felt she had perhaps had her chances and did not capitalize on it? Perhaps.

  28. J Says:

    I dunno if it’s me, but Chelsey seems to photograph kind of old.

  29. mistletoe Says:

    I agree with you, J!

  30. Angela Says:

    Ann took great photos, BUT I don’t think she should’ve won. I think Chelsey was totally robbed.

    Tyra always emphasizes how it’s so important for a Top Model to be the total package. Good photos, great walk, great personality…total performance. Ann didn’t have that. She could only take good photos. She’s a great model and definitely a unique find, but she shouldn’t have won. Chelsey had the Top Model package. She took good photos, had a great walk, and a wonderful presence. She also knew a lot about the industry. It wasn’t fair that she performed better than Ann and she STILL lost.

    It was pretty obvious how Tyra wanted Ann to win. I mean, the Cover Girl commercial…come on. A voice over? Tyra knew Chelsey would’ve rocked the commercial if they did it the way they usually did. She needed to give Ann a fighting chance. Because they did the voice over, Ann never had to memorize lines and speak in front of the camera which they KNEW was her total weakness. Tyra didn’t even consider Ann’s walk during the final show.

    They only thought about who would take better photos for Vouge Italia, not who was the better model.

    • anonymous Says:

      1. Who cares about her knowledge? It’s great to have some knowledge about the industry but

      2. How can you be a Top Model if you can’t out stand others in basic things like photos?

      3. In the final deliberation, it was:

      Tyra and Mr. Jay (Chelsey)
      Nigel and Andre (Ann)

      3. Chelsey would look awful having extreme makeup and that orange wig. She would just be given a 2-page spread instead of 5.

      4. Confidence can be developed and Ann’s personality got even better. She is not shy and she doesn’t have a really bad walk. Watch her backstage video and Alex London Fashion Show. I know that runway walk is important but photos are way more important.

      • datum pi Says:

        how do you know what the final deliberation was? not saying you don’t or anything but just wondering if they come out with that information publicly and where did you find it?

      • Virginia Abreu de Paula Says:

        it’s an old season but not for us in Brazil. I have just watched it. Not a real bad walk? Gosh, the ugluiest walk I have seen in entire life. Everything in Ann was…not acceptable at all. It’s really strange to know people here think that confidence can be learned….If so, any of the contestants could have won. All of them can learn. No. The most unfair result so far in this show. I only hope Ann gets to a doctor soon because he spine is in terrible shape. They wanted her since the first day because they promote super thin people and for them, if you look “unique” it means you can be a model. All other contestantes were trying hard for nothing. It was so rigged. But then, all realities show are rigged.

    • jan Says:

      Wow! You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Ann’s walk was ridiculously awful and it was barely mentioned other than she had improved. Chelsey’s walk was soundly criticized as too stiff—are you kidding compared to Ann’s? I could tell they were trying to justify Ann winning. It seemed as if many of the panel members actually liked Chelsey better, all except the Italian guy and he won out. You are so right about the Covergirl commercial too! I didn’t watch the whole season, but between these two finalists, I think Chelsey was definitely robbed!

  31. lal tay Says:

    Chelsey is a pretty girl but thats all. her photos made her look 30+ especially with the heavy makeup. Her conceit turned ugly towards the end and to say she had been modelling for 8 years there was not much difference between her and the other contestants. ANN deserved to win her photos were stunning and she is the one who grew most in the 12 weeks. Chelsey is catalogue while Ann is High Fashion.

    • Tweenbop Says:

      30 ? How disgusting! Why don’t women have the good sense to just die after 29, right? :p

      Angelina Jolie, widely regarded as one of the hottest chicks alive, is 30 . Just saying.

  32. Aledrios Says:

    Eu queria que ela tivesse ganhado “/

  33. Sarah Says:

    I’m sorry but Ann was a non-personality and i get that she had a different look and took “great” photos and all but ANTM just wanted to show that anyone could win this competition. Chelsey was pretty and friendly and the whole package and she seemed to want it a lot more. Ann just made me angry half the time, weird doesn’t make you interesting and i wouldn’t want to work with her. At all.

  34. RJackson Says:

    I liked Chelsey. I thought she should have won instead of Ann! But, I am super glad that Ann won! But, what I don’t understand is why Tyra GAVE Chelsey a gap while she made Danielle (Dani), winner of Cycle 6, close her gap? Tyra definitely commented that no one wants to see a model with a big gap between her teeth when she told Danielle to close hers, but they she gives one to Chelsey. I love Tyra but she needs to make up her mind!

  35. james allen Says:

    IMO–> B*tch b*tch b*tch, she thought she was amazing & im so glad she lost in the final!!

  36. Artilogo Says:

    Yeah, thanks the info, Yes, Guys,

  37. Sierra Says:

    I really thought that Anne would have been third…kayla second and Chelsey first…I really don’t think that Anne should have won.

    • msoverit Says:

      Five times in a row Chelsea was never called first compared to Anne. Chelsea looks average compared to Anne and i disagree with you about Chelsey will always be a corn fed loser. Again I say I do not like Chelsey her thinking she is a know it all and her arrogance disgust me.

  38. Mauer Says:

    LOL she reminds me of Heather Morris

  39. darren Says:

    I’m really a huge fan of Chelsey still. I absolutely think she should have won. She has the drive, the experience and the look of a top top model.

  40. MinaGodiva Says:

    I was rooting for Ann the whole time but I must admit that Chelsy’s Covergirl pic is drop dead gorgeous.. It should have been chosen over Ann’s.

  41. Phoebe Says:

    There no deny that Chelsey is a great model , but she does not have the X factor to be in the cover shot of Vogue Italia. She does not have the outstanding looks or X factor for her to fight her place in Vogue Italia . ( unlike Kayla and Ann) . And since Chelsey had been modelling for 8 years , should not that make her even more experience and more outstanding than others and getting more Top Shots for the show ? Instead most of her shots look average , not memorable Winning the show means getting contract with IMG and Vogue Italia , I don`t think she deserve . Vogue Italia need someone who can create magic on the shot , not someone who is great a model , have tons of knowledge in the industry but create “flat” shots.

  42. Megan Says:

    I loved Chelsey and think she was a deserved candidate for the top two.i wanted her to win!but Ann deserved it too I guess.she would be great in the UK I think(Im from the uk btw)

  43. msoverit Says:

    I did not like her or Kayla I am so glad she did not win.

  44. Katherine Says:

    She is one of the worst runner ups. I don’t know how she made it so far. She is not high fashion. She looks like a redneck hillbilly. Her only good photo was her Covergirl photo, and it was clearly touched up. She does not belong in this industry, and her cocky attitude was a big turn off. Go back to your country bumpkin town, bitch.

  45. Max Says:

    Doesn’t she look just like heather Morris from glee especially in that last picture

  46. Katie Says:

    One of the worst runner ups ever. Models should be able to wear make up well, and she looked like a drag queen. She is not a model. To me, she looks like a redneck, and I couldn’t stand her cocky attitude. Her losing words were disgraceful. I am so glad she lost, and I have no idea how she got so far, or even on the show for that matter.

  47. Kat Says:

    As soon as I saw Ann I knew that was it. Chelsey was the only one to give her any competition, due to her experience and knowledge. I wanted to like Chelsey. I really, really did, and I tried, but while I appreciate someone with working knowledge of the industry, she just presented it so badly. And those damn tattoos. As soon as I saw them, and figured out what they were, that was all I could see, all the time, in every shoot and interview. I agree with the Anna Paquin comments, and also, she doesn’t look quite right in her Covergirl photo, liked it was messed with or something.

  48. laura Says:

    much better than ann!!!!

  49. The Ignorant Posters Above Says:

    Grow up people. Stop idolizing sickly thin women.
    You just don’t get it do you.
    She’s malnourished beyond belief; this is not something to be taken lightly.
    In fact, the fashion/modeling industry should be shut down permanently.

  50. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  51. Kim Says:

    She looks like a blonde Leila from cycle 19

  52. Lilly R Says:

    The only two photos of Chelsey I really liked were the Rodeo Drive one with Ann and the Covergirl one. Other than that I wasn’t crazy about her. She didn’t have Liz’ exoctic and interesting look or Chris’ charming personality or Jane’s raw natural talent. She did pretty good photos – but the others did too. It’s a pity that Jane didn’t step up her game during this show – she would have been a real competiton for Ann! (Jane’s post ANTM work is beautiful!)
    Ann deserved the win – it was a High Fashion Cycle after all and she just had IT.

  53. Katherine Says:

    I think she is a good model. I don’t think she’s an international model. She looks like an LA girl. Her personality was a bit of a turn off sometimes. Her portfolio was decent, but I think Kayla should’ve been in the top two.

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