Chantal Jones was a contestant and the runner-up to Cycle 9 of ANTM.

Originally rom Austin, Texas, Chantal was a big fan of America’s Next Top Model even before she was on the reality model search. In fact, she began watching in during its first two seasons, but was too busy to catch up with the succeeding cycles. However, she tried out for the first time for Cycle 9, and was lucky enough to be called back. Chantal recalled that it was one of her friends who convinced her to be on the show, thus she drove to Dallas, Texas, to attend an open casting call and eventually landed a spot in the final thirteen.

Entering the reality series when she was nineteen years old, Chantal made it a point to do her best once she was named as one of the final thirteen to compete in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9. In fact, in the first challenge in the episode entitled “The Girls Go Green,” Chantal was able to produce great photos. However, in the episode entitled “The Girl Who Goes Bald,” Chantal experienced some difficulty with her photos. She was then criticized for her inability to apply what the photographer and art director told her. Despite this, she luckily did not end up in the bottom two. She did, however, land in the bottom two in the episode entitled “The Girls Who Crawl,” after she was chastised for not improving much over the few days. In the episode entitled “The Girls Go To Shanghai,” Heather won the challenge and asked Chantal to accompany her in her shopping spree reward. Chantal proved her worth in the episode entitled “The Girls Go To The Great Wall,” where she was commended on having the ability to stand out in a group photo. In the final episode, Chantal was commended for exuding a high-fashion appeal, but was not named America’s Next Top Model, as she only came in as a runner-up to Saleisha Stowers.

Chantal is currently signed with Nous Model Management, L.A. Model Management and Paragon Model Management in Mexico. She used to be signed with 62 Models and Talent in Auckland.

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57 Responses to “Chantal Jones”

  1. Catarina Faria Says:

    Chantal?! OMG!!! You’re so awesome!
    I love you, Chantal! You’re delightful! And that name?! It’s GENIUS!

    Ps: I Loved that moment when you confronted Bianca! That was so entertaining!!

  2. mishelle Says:

    Es una chica super; que linda. Ella merecia ganar.

    Rough translation: “She is a super girl; how beautiful. She deserved to win.”

  3. Camilla Says:

    The real winner! I don’t understand why they would not choose her!

  4. Pati Says:

    She is the real winner! 🙂 We all know that!

  5. rishelle Says:

    She is the winner for me! It was really ridiculous that Tyra and the other judges didn’t pick her as a winner! Urggh. But I really do love her! She is amazing and stunning. She has very great photos and has the most gorgeous eyes and the cutest smile! I just love her. She is an alive barbie doll that is so high fashion!

  6. Chilly710 Says:

    I remember this was the very first cycle of America’s Next Top Model that I watched. Chantal’s portfolio was the best in that cycle and she was the real winner.

  7. kiki Says:

    I love her with that short hair. It takes some of the girl next door and it makes her more of the girl around the corner.

  8. ... Says:

    You people must be on crack. She is average and commercial.

    • luvheather Says:

      You are soooooooo right! Her face is something that you see everyday in the modeling industries. We’re sick of it. Heather should’ve won this thing.

      • Mari Hyatt Says:

        I agree, plus Saleisha’s runway walk rocked! it’s the best I’ve seen on ANTM!

      • Ella Says:

        Yup, should have gone to Heather K. She was totally robbed of the win for reasons I will never understand. Chantal is lovely but nothing edgy there. And Saleisha — I just don’t get what anyone saw in her. She was average-looking and a little irritating, honestly. After she won i was so disillusioned I stopped watching ANTM. Haven’t seen an episode since.

  9. Настюша Says:

    Она должна была быть победителем! А не Салейша!

  10. Liza Says:

    Should’ve won! 🙂
    Love ya, Chantie!

  11. boo Says:

    She should’ve won; the other girl was blah.

  12. Inara Says:

    I’m from Russia, but I love Chantal Jones!!!!

    должна была выиграть шантал а не эта кикимора салиша!!!!


    • Steph Says:

      I 100% agree with you on that! there is no way shelesha could be a better model than chantal…..In my opinion I think that the top two should of been, Chantal (of course) and Janah (cycle 9) and then from there chantal should of won ANTM!!

  13. Inara Says:


  14. KriStina Says:

    Saleisha по сравнению с ней просто ужас.
    Но честно говоря она меня тоже не особенно впечатлила. Jenah и Heather были лучше их обоих и должны были быть в финале.

  15. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Plain Jane.

  16. Mari Hyatt Says:

    Watched the re-run of Cycle 9 yesterday~Saleisha double-deserved this win!

  17. Emily Says:

    Dull, stupid, how does anyone see high fashion?

  18. Viktoria Says:

    I from Russia,and I think Chantal should be win,she looks like Britney Spears!

  19. sami Says:

    Jenah was much better than chantal and saliesha. And heather topped them all.

  20. gerald Says:

    I do loved her she is so sweet and physically like a model tall and had pretty pictures.. when I saw her makeover photo I kinda laugh beacause with the long blond bangs in her hair and that bright blue swimsuit or lingerie she wore she looks like Lady Gaga in the music video “Pokerface”…

  21. sher Says:

    See photo above … she still does not know how to stand out in a crowd or own the photo shoot.

  22. Rhocurl Says:

    She sellin those clothes well! i actually want everything she’s wearing!

  23. lunayofanda Says:

    Chantal really should’ve won! Her picture is way much better than Saleisha.

  24. nadi Says:

    Mischa Barton – that’s who it is.

  25. B Says:

    Chantal,you have a serious gift!! You’re the closest thing to Barbie I have ever seen and I rooted for you from the beginning!! I knew you’d get far and its so great to see you’ve made such a great career out of this competition!!!!!!

  26. Terra Says:

    She has always reminded me of a blonde version of Adrianne cycle 1 winner. Of course, Tyra never mentions that cause she hates Adrianne.

    Chantal is beautiful and should have totally won.

  27. Chantal was my favorite since the beginning, despites her regular looks, she’s bubbly and likeable. =D I was hoping that she were the girl who was won this shit. but again, Tyra do whatever she wants.

  28. Elkaye Says:

    Jenah or Bianca should have won. Chantal is pretty, but I don’t think she shouldn’t have made it as far as she did.

    Saleisha shouldn’t have even been on the show since she was already a professional model before ANTM.

  29. Claudia1011 Says:

    I think that Chantal is absolutley beautiful and thought that she would beat Saleisha and win the title in the competition. Her portfolio was perfect! I’m very happy that she is now so successfull in her modeling career.

  30. Steph Says:

    OMG….Your simply amazing Chantal! I can not believe you did not win cycle 9, your were out of all the cycle 9 girls the one to truley beat! Your a wonderful model and I hope to see more of you and your excellent photogenic photos you take. I was hopeing that you would of been on the latest ANTM “all stars”, where 10 models from previous cycles come back in the hopes of becoming america’s next top all stars model.

    ps: I hope you come to Australia soon!!

    GO CHANTAL. xxx

  31. lunayofanda Says:

    I really hope she was the winner

  32. Jabi Samandi Says:

    Chantal, I knew than and I know now that you are Americas top Model ! I wish you the best.say hi to your mom for me please.
    Jabi Samandi

  33. kat Says:

    Chantal is gorgeous and a class act!

  34. Neenie Says:

    Saliesha won because she was one of Tyra’s ‘girls’. It was totally set up. Maybe Chantal didn’t deserve to win, but she deserved it more than Saliesha.

  35. KLS Says:

    saleisha won because her walk was better. chantal’s walk was a flop.

  36. ivan Says:

    people saying she’s average your nuts she’s stunning and pretty , a living barbie doll .. like if saleisha looks were unique .. i was so pissed off when she didn´t make it .. but happy to see she’s having a great career go chantal go !!!!!

  37. Kat Says:

    She may not have had the best pics all the time, but she sure knew how to pose. Glad she’s getting success. My top three for that cycle was Jenah, Heather, and Lisa…..oh well, at least I got them in the top six. But I would have liked to see Chantal win. No one even looked surprised when the winner was announced.

  38. Julie S Says:

    I agree to those people who think she should have won. Anyways, she’s really beautiful, She’s my second favorite out of all the ANTM models. I love her :D.

  39. lime Says:

    ANTM c9 episode11 is broadcasted in Japan.Chantal is so cute.She looks good with a smile.

  40. Cyn Says:

    What was annoying was the fact the modeling was her life for crying out loud. Victoria may not have wanted it as much but having a brain gets you much farther in life than just wanting to be a brain dead barbie doll who takes beautiful pictures.

  41. Gia Says:

    She got beautiful legs but that’s’ where it ends for me.

    • pointandshoot Says:

      I agree that she may not have been the most unique or memorable runner up ever, but, I would have chosen her over Saleisha any day.

  42. Tanjerine Says:

    Chantel U Rock! U are an angel! Keep shining!!!

  43. thomas Says:

    It was an honor to see a friend go so far while in Austin. I am so glad she has rolled with the punches and showed everybody how truly genuine and gorgeous she is. Luv always Thomas

  44. Katherine Says:

    She is a beautiful girl and a great model. She seemed annoying a bit at times, overall, I really liked her! However, I don’t think she deserved to be in the final two. There were stronger girls that should’ve went on.

  45. riaan Says:

    Chantal is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Love ya!!!! Keep it up

  46. Tracey Moody Says:

    My daughter is a HUGE fan of ANTM and is hoping to try out in 2yrs when she turns 18. We live in Austin now after moving from Indiana. It would be great to get advice from someone who knows firsthand what it takes to succeed.

  47. s Says:

    droopy octopus eyes

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