Celia Ammerman was a contestant and runner up during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

Celia Ammerman grew up in Cynthiana, Kentucky. She realized she wanted to work in the modeling or fashion industry at age 14 after trying on her mother’s wedding gown. Her mother, a seamstress, made Celia outfits and dresses from her birth throughout her childhood, which she also said helped develop her love of fashion. Celia took part in every runway show or photo shoot available in Lexington, Kentucky, including at the Bella Rose clothing boutique and the non-profit Beaux Arts Ball. When she moved to Brooklyn in July 2006, she lived in an apartment across from a chicken slaughterhouse. She has previously worked as a Thom Browne specialist for the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

In 2007, at age 23, Celia tried out for the CW Network reality television show America’s Next Top Model, but was not chosen as a contestant. In 2009, an acquaintance who tried out for Stylista, another CW reality show, introduced her to an America’s Next Top Model casting agent, who encouraged her to submit photos and attend a closed casting call. This time she was chosen to perform in the show’s twelfth cycle. It was during her time on the show that she learned she was cross-eyed, a fact she was not aware of until judge and photographer Nigel Barker told her.

At age 25, Celia was the oldest contestant in Cycle 12, and judges repeatedly expressed concern that she might be too old to be a model. However, she was also complimented by the judges on multiple occasions for her elegance, her love of fashion and its reflection in her personal styling, and what Paulina Porizkova, a judge and former model, called her “non-traditional model looks”.

During the March 25 episode, after the judges voted to keep contestant Tahlia Brookins on the show, Celia told the judges she felt Tahlia should be dismissed because she had been expressing a great deal of self-doubt and questioning whether she should stay on the show. Tyra criticized Celia for making the public statement, claiming that decision should come from Tahlia rather than her.

Celia was among the final four contestants when she was eliminated from the show on the May 6 episode. During the same episode she was eliminated, Celia ranked first place in a dance challenge and was complimented by Banks for her bone structure and strength. The day before the episode ran, several reporters predicted Celia to win the competition.

Prior to Top Model, Celia had been featured in Exposure &, Kentucky, CiN Weekly Magazine, Ohio, CCQ Magazine, deliriusdesign.com, NY & Borderline Magazine. Her runway credits included: Belvedere Vodka, NY, Aveda Hair Show, Ohio, Beaux Arts Runway, Kentucky.

Following her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Celia shot her first fashion spread for the New York Post style section. She showcased her top five looks for the spring season, including a Juicy Couture swimsuit, a Brooks Brothers prep jacket and trousers, a Matthew Williamson nightdress from H&M, an Alice + Olivia belted halter dress and a Kate Moss Topshop jacket. In addition, thanks to challenge wins on the show she has appeared in an ad for CoverGirl on Walmart.com and in the June 2009 issue of Seventeen. She has also been featured on Racked.com, as well as in the September 2009 issue of Allure Magazine and Short Hair Magazine. Celia appeared in the Vogue accessories supplement in the September 2009 issue of Vogue Italia, modeling Prada sunglasses.

Celia collects coins, stamps and Star Wars action figures. In April 2009, Celia was working at the Intermix fashion store in Manhattan.

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63 Responses to “Celia Ammerman”

  1. Marts Says:

    She DOES look older in some pictures, but she looks so sophisticated that you want to wear her clothes, which is a GREAT thing! Keep it going, Celia, we love you!

  2. izzitme Says:

    Celia had the best sense of style of any of the ANTM contestants. I was hoping she would become a celebrity stylist like Rachel Zoe.

  3. silver nail polish Says:

    Man I hope she does more styling stuff. Her newer modeling pictures are great too!

  4. kiki Says:

    I am just so angry at Celia. She was trying to send Tahlia home and she wasn’t even willing to say she was sorry. Trying to throw someone under the bus usually ends up with you slipping and getting run over.

    • Jenn Says:

      When sharing your opinion, it’s better to use your own words. To “throw someone under the bus,” is an expression that was used more than once on the show, and even that was too much. Find your own voice, otherwise, you sound like an impressionable parrot.

      If Celia thought what she did was right (I’m not saying she was or wasn’t) then why would she apologize? Just because the judges didn’t like it doesn’t mean Celia regretted it, and if she didn’t, then why would she apologize? THAT would have been fake; insincere. You may not have liked what she said, but she stood by it. That’s called integrity.

      • lexie Says:

        when you are in a competition you focus on yourself not on other conestants. what celia did was very unprofessional and she knew it

    • Jenn Says:

      When commenting, it’s better to find your own words to say something. To “throw someone under the bus” was an expression used more than once on the show; even that was a bit much. When you mimic others’ expressions, you end up sounding like an impressionable parrot, and it devalues what you have to say.

      If Celia felt what she did was right (not saying it was or wasn’t) then why would she apologize? Just because the judges didn’t like her comment doesn’t mean she regretted it; in fact, she said as much. HAD she later apologized, that would have been insincere. Right or wrong, she stood by what she said. It’s called integrity.

      • joejoe_no1 Says:

        She was wrong. I don’t care whose words are used. She was snarky with her remarks. When Tianna won the go see challenge, her remark was that her clothes needed help. Well, Celia’s clothing did not match the labels that Tianna had. And, Celia tried to hold on to the contest by saying that she had more outfits – that’s not talent. Knowing that personality does not make a great model, her nastiness and cattiness should not hamper her career. But, her age can. That girl felt bad already about her burns. It affected her and she was trying to be strong but her strength got sapped and understandably so. She was Jade. She needed to compete with what she had not trying to take from others.

      • pointandshoot Says:

        The expression “to throw someone under the bus” is very common, and I doubt anyone knows who originally coined the phrase. Get off your high horse-you sound like an idiot.

    • Matthew Rivera Says:

      Celia did apologize

  5. C-Shel Says:

    Tahlia is a great woman, no doubt, but I am sooooo sick and tired and tired and sick of listening to ANTM contestants say they are on the show to “inspire” and “send a message.” Such women (or men for that matter) belong in a different industry and on a different show. Celia was there because she LOVED fashion (so was Isis and she had perhaps even a stonger story) and I admire her for speaking out about Tahlia – who in my opinion NEVER matched up with the other models in this cycle. And, let’s face it – if she hadn’t been tagged as the “scarred” model she would have been a more appropriate fit for a plus category. Beautiful – absolutely, but she was not a good ANTM candidate!

  6. Heyder Says:



  7. Queer as Folk VietFan Says:

    I LOVE Celia’s style. She, by far, is the one that impress me the most by her sense of fashion (I finnished watching cycle 15) I just hope she become a celebrity stylist and be successful.

    • Boone Says:

      I am so with you on this one. Celia is fabulous and she really should become a celebrity stylist. She was my favourite on this season of ANTM. This woman knows how to dress, walk and be elegant. What a beautiful woman she is in her own unique way. That’s what I love about her amongst many other things. I may be a 42 year old gay man but I know what I’m talking about! I applaud her for standing up and expressing her thoughts on Thalia too. She was correct in doing so. Thalia said she didn’t want to be there and the other girls wanted it so badly. Thalia is absolutely beautiful too and at least Celia apologized to her. That shows class and maturity.

  8. Jaamgirl Says:

    Ummm, she’s cross-eyed and has no neck. Ew.

    • JJ Says:

      please post a photo of yourself – clearly you are blind not cross-eyed… she is gorgeous, timeless…. and sticks out her neck… but i am sure you wont follow.

      • anon Says:

        Uh, yeah….okay…..she’s a cross-eyed fruit. She didn’t know her eyes were crossed until someone in the modeling industry told her? LOL!!!!! (where are her parents?) She thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips (see pics of standing in the middle of the road in front of traffic), but she’s just a piece of garbage from Cynthiana, KY, who has a sorely-inflated sense of self. Those close to her need to be honest with her.

  9. boo Says:

    Yeah, modeling isn’t for her, but I think she’ll do very well in the fashion industry.

  10. Cassie Says:

    Love this girl; such style and wit.

  11. olle Says:

    She’s not a beauty, but she has great sense of style, actually.

  12. joejoe Says:

    She looked very old. Those frown lines alone made her look 40.

  13. Debra Says:

    I think Celia was amazing. She has the best style fashion wise that any contestant has EVER had on ANTM. She did look a little older than the norm but she held herself very well and was always a lady. And to Celia KUDO’s for what you did on the episode with Talia. I understood what you were doing it is was right on.

  14. Creen Says:

    I liked her.
    Being 27 myself I appreciate her. Not all models have to look like teenagers.

  15. Anna Says:

    Didn’t like her at all at this cycle. I didn’t like her face and her attitude. Good for her being a stylist rather than a model.

  16. Zsa Says:

    Annoying, that’s all I have to say, and looked much better with long hair. Not her fault but she did have a great sense of style. I just couldn’t help wanting to punch her.

  17. elyinsandiego Says:

    Celia was my favorite. She is intelligent, stylish, focused, elegant and talented, not just a simpering teen. I don’t think she looks older– just timelessly sophisticated. She can appeal to young girls as well as to older, successful women. I think she looked better before the makeover.

    I think with a better makeover she could have won. The bleached hair and eyebrows are what made her look somewhat strange. With eyebrows and a hair color that actually exists in nature, Celia manages to look both young and elegant. It’s too bad the contestants have to go along with Tyra’s preconceived idea of what they should look like — right or wrong. If they object (Cassandra), they are sent home or branded as trouble-makers. If they go along with it, they are criticized for the look that was forced on them.

    I hope she is successful as a model while she is still young, and that she rocks the fashion world as a designer and/or stylist after she ages out.

    I wish her the best.

    • Boone Says:

      Thank you Ely! Hail Mary! I’m so with you on Celia. It’s basically what I said above but you put it in a different way that describes her to a T. She is a wonderfully beautiful ( in her own very classic way ) young lady. The makeover they GAVE her and the photo’s Tyra CHOSE for her made her look aged if anything. You can be sure there was a reason for that. Personally, I’m pretty dang sure Tyra already had her mind made up on Teyonna being the winner from the beginning. I mean, it was fairly obvious to anyone who has any modicum of intelligence. It’s ironic too, in that Teyonna and that Aminat girl were the most spiteful and mean girls in the house. Why oh why is it that the girls with the skankiest attitudes are always the ones who seem to go far? Celia is a class act and her modeling career will go far. Then she can move on from there and become a celebrity stylist or whatever she desires. This was by far my least favourite season of ANTM. The only girls who made it even slightly interesting were Celia, Allison and Kortnie ( who was eliminated way too soon AND over Aminat who is the one who should have been sent home! )

  18. Beth Says:

    Loved Celia. Awesome sense of style. Maybe not the best suited to win ANTM, but definitely suited for the fashion industry.

  19. Khatarina Says:

    One word: UGLY. Two words: Miss Know-it-all.

    • Belize Says:

      Only idiots hate those who are “Miss Know-it-all” because they can’t relate to them. It’s not Celia’s fault that you’re an idiot. Sorry. You lose.

      Also, I don’t need to see your face to know that you are an ugly person. All I have to do is base it on your comments here. Bitch.

    • Belize Says:

      Also, moron, Miss know it all = to four words even with hyphens. Learn how to count so that you can at least try to hide your lack of intelligence.

      • hollisss Says:

        I know this is old but why are you taking it so personally? Celia was a Know-it-all whether you like it or not. Certainly not ugly but she wasn’t as great as she portrayed herself.

  20. Lexi2080 Says:

    The more I watch these rerun episodes of Antm 12, the more I wish Celia had won.

  21. Sue Russell Says:

    Celia – What a beautiful young woman. Such style, such sophistication! Not childish like most of the girls. You “want” to wear what she wears, to look as good as she looks! I usually walk back & forth during ANTM, but not when Celia was on, I was glued to her every move. I hope she finds a great future in design and fashion. Sue

  22. Khatarina Says:

    She looks so retarded with those squinty eyes and mad smile..and she must be something like 35-y-o at least.

    • Cyn Says:

      You are ignorant! I am by no means a fan of Celia and not because of her looks but because of her attitude! To say that someone looks the “R” word is ignorance! I have a son with Autism and he looks like every other child out there, he is a straight A student and a wonderful artist and math wiz, perhaps you can learn a little something from kids like mine but I am doubting it, you can’t change ignorance!

  23. M. Moody Says:

    Celia was Amazing:
    Loved her Fashion Style, she was really the Best Dresser of any ANTM with her Elegant Style and Sophistication. I wish you all the best in the Fashion World. M. Moody of Ohio

  24. Valentine Says:

    Oh Celia… She is the BEST in cycle 12! She is the best all over ANTM!

  25. Melody Says:

    She may not have the typical beauty but she was special kinda like ugly beautiful and I love her clothes!

  26. Rianna.Xu Says:

    I really really love her,she looks like my sister.

  27. studyalert Says:

    she wasn’t the runner up…. Allison was!

  28. excel Says:

    I think she should have won ANTM… she really stood out, with looks AND personality (not to forget her honorable act towards the unthankful Thalia).

  29. i love celia’s styles….i hope to have more news about she…..:)))

  30. Helen Says:

    I was rooting for Celia through the whole cycle, and I feel sorry for her because of her makeover. It looks like she is going well in her career and she got some work right when she was elimenated from one of the judges as well. It should have been Celia, Alison and Teyona in the finale instead of Aminat. You go Celia!

  31. JJ Says:

    one of the most elegant, sophisticated and down right beautiful models ever to compete in ANTM – she did not come across as old but as mature – in manner and thought – strong yet gentle. I cringe at the way the panel keep down right cows around for pure entertainment value or string plus size girls with no potential along in order to project an all inclusive environment, yet they select an older model and hammer on the fact that she is too old. Celia looked better than most models but unfortunately she was mature enough not to play the down trodden victim or race card. ANTM always claims to look at inner fierceness and beauty, maybe they should take personality and kindness into account too.

  32. Daniela Luna Says:

    she’s one of my favorites!! I love her style!!!

  33. Daphne Says:

    I loved Celia on Cycle 12! I actually thought she could win. I don’t think she’s old. I watched her cycle when I was like 19, and I totally loved her look, most especially her fashion sense. Seriously, not all models that look like teenagers are as inspiring as Celia.

  34. daphneb Says:

    I loved Celia on Cycle 12! I actually though she’d win. I watched Cycle 12 when I was like 19 and I didn’t think she looks old. I loved her and fashion sense. Not all teenage-looking models are as inspiring as her.

  35. I would kindly ask you to stick to your own country’s politics. Seeing that there has been many presidents many Americans never could draw an opinion on throughout our? country’s existence let alone an Englishman or woman could see, how could you even say he was one of the best in the first place? I disagree with you slightly, although he is in the tier of better American presidents.

  36. celeste Says:

    keep doing what you do! you are so beautiful!

  37. I still love seeing you on ANTM just for the outfits you so smartly put to gether. I am so glad you stayed in the business,and hope you are still haveing fun.

  38. Nastya Says:

    Селия, я люблю тебя! Ты лучшая*)

  39. She wasn’t runner up. Allison was runner up.

  40. Court Says:

    Celia should start a fashion blog, i bet it would be really good

  41. tragictwist Says:

    Celia does look older in some pictures… but most of it comes from the short hair!! Why did Tyra take her long, youthful hair from her just to criticize her later?!

  42. Helen Carroll Says:

    Celia should have won anti.she is Gorgeous.

  43. Jessica Says:

    Technically Celia didn’t apologize to Thalia. She explained why she did and apologized if she felt humiliated, but she never actually apologized for doing it.
    Celia seemed very catty from the beginning, so what she did wasn’t a surprise. Haven’t y’all noticed by now, the bitches never win Top Model?
    She should definitely stay in the fashion industry though. It would be nice to see her as a stylist, or maybe even a designer. It would be cool if she could dream up the next big fashion instead of just wearing it.

  44. Lilly R Says:

    Celia was one of my fav contestants of this show. Her style was stunning!! (but I agree that on her photos she didn’t always look flawless)
    And about the Tahlia incident: Yes, Celia definitely chose the wrong time to bring it up – she should have talked about it with Tahlia in private, not in front of the judges – but she was right. Tahlia, though she was really pretty, was loosing her confidence every time when she didn’t do too well – whenever that happened she would whine about how she wanted to quit and go home. Girls like Celia on the other hand, especially with her age!, really wanted to grasp the chance this show was offering them. It felt only natural to me that Celia was pissed. I just think she should have brought it up at a different time and place – but other than that, I think she was right.

  45. Kayla's fan Says:

    She looks beautiful and kicks ass in every single shot even with a horrible makeover 😉 and she is so special! I was rooting for her and Allison.

  46. paneska Says:

    She looks older because of her short hair cut, but, with long hair, she looks younger. I also liked her style, it was like seeing a true model.

  47. Jude77 Says:

    Loved Celia! She wasn’t conventionally pretty but that’s what made her interesting! I think she looks a lot like Lily Rabe from American Horror Story. Anyway, I hope she goes far! Great look, great style

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