Catie Anderson was a contestant during Cycle 2 of ANTM.

Born in Wilmar, Minessota, Catie stands at 5 feet, 10 inches. Many people thought that Catie would become the second winner of the show, but she ended up being the sixth contestant eliminated because she failed to produce a good black and white photograph. In addition, her emotional instability served as a hindrance to her growth.

After appearing on the show, Catie has gone on to walk the runway in fashion shows like Louis Verdad (2004) and California Market Center’s Direction (Spring 2005). She also played a minor character in The Bold and the Beautiful and guest-appeared on one episode of the series, Eve.

Catie has been signed with New York Model Management (NYM2 division) and L.A. Models (runway division). She has also been represented by Robbyn Navatto Talent & Model Management. She now goes by the name Caiten Anderson.

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Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging


Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

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catie anderson

Source: ANTM / Richard Dean


Source: ANTM / Andrew Eccles


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To see more photos of Catie, click here.

36 Responses to “Catie Anderson”

  1. SLC Says:

    WOW, Catie!! WORK!!!

    Her post-ANTM work is amazing.

  2. kiki Says:

    I like her black and white photo, but her work after ANTM is stunning.

    • Joseph Says:

      I didn’t like her much in the ANTM, she was really childish but when I saw her work after the show – all I gotta say is “WOW” … she’s amazing, great work !!

  3. Camilla Says:

    I really thought they were totally wrong about cutting her hair so short. I thought it should have been very long and very blonde; maybe ice blonde.

  4. Joe Says:

    This girl is hideous.

  5. Marts Says:

    Catie should’ve gone brunette in the makeover session. Like, short to the jaw, dark brown. This would’ve been a change that not only would have been edgy, but that she could have rocked, as her post-ANTM shots proves!

  6. Justine Says:

    I never really liked Catie during the show but looking at her post-ANTM photos made my jaw drop! She’s looking so much better! She should have really gone brunette. But I think she’s more of a commercial beauty than high fashion though. But still beautiful nonetheless 😀

  7. Jae Says:

    Joe you are hideous.

  8. Julia Says:

    WOW! I love her pictures. The one in black and white with slick-back hair and leather jacket is amazing!

  9. boo Says:

    I don’t think it would’ve mattered if she had her hair long or short. She didn’t know how to work around it and her being eliminated was her own fault. She cried about looking like a boy on the show, but her black and white photo she looked like a rugged dude. Wow, um yeah, so you don’t like to look like a boy, yep. But kudos to her she is still modeling.

  10. Liza Says:

    As she’s become older, she totally looks like Courtney what’s-her-face; the chick that played Cheryl on According to Jim, doesn’t she? Or is it just me?

  11. Linda Says:

    The brown chanel haircut looks pretty good for her!

  12. Lucia Says:

    OMG she got SO skinny!

  13. Linda Says:

    Horrible model and getting scary skinny didn’t help.

  14. d3xt3r Says:

    now i know wht is chamelion in modeling she is the one

  15. datum pi Says:

    I thought she was looking scary skinny too but I think maybe getting older just developed her face more… also she looks like she toned up too but I’m totally seeing Courtney Thorne-Smith, Lisa. She looks so different in most of her shots so good job…

    But I’m a Xiomara fan so I’m glad she got eliminated and that bad attitude so Latie Catie! HA

  16. WhatUpWithThat? Says:

    I didn’t like this girl at all during her season. She was the one who turned on the tears every time she thought it was in her best interest and I detest that. I couldn’t wait for her whiny butt to be sent home.

    Having said that, these pictures of her are unbelievable. She didn’t look ANYTHING like this in ANTM. She looks like one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life in these pictures. Where did THAT girl come from?

    I see no updates on her anywhere on the Web since early 2000s. I wonder what she’s been doing lately. Anyone who can produce pictures like the ones above should be in high demand. I am just stunned – not only by how beautiful she is, but how versatile she is and how well she is modeling.

    I gotta hand it to her. Well done, Catie.

  17. Kay Campbell Says:

    Wow, has she grown up. It has been years though, I suppose. the transformation is shocking.

  18. Kiki. Says:

    She looks like the one in the scary movie franchise, the main character.

  19. panda Says:

    Her makeover was awesome!! Really cool look

  20. Terra Says:

    The brown hair is much more edgy for her. I love the short Monroe bob though. Anyways her looks are a lot more forgettable with blonde hair.

  21. Buzz Says:

    I didn’t like her on the show. I thought she was a whiny, selfish, manipulative brat. She was, by far, the worst personality to grace that cycle, in my opinion.

    Her photos afterwards are great, though!

  22. She was hard to take on ANTM with all of her ridiculous crying, fits, and trantrums. However, she has really pulled it together and has a nice range of looks and expressions. Her Marilyn inspired photos are especially nice.

  23. emma Says:

    well, if anna faris ever needs a body double….

  24. roger Says:

    i think she was fun in topmodel when she cried often..seems like a nice person.

  25. She found herself, this girl. Great photos. Great range too.

  26. Dee Says:

    She was annoying on the show; I think she needed to grow up a bit more. 🙂 And her work post-show is truly amazing.

    The long blonde hair makes her look too generic; my first thought was Cheryl Tiegs. :-O The dark hair makes her edgier and sexier. Well done, Catie!

  27. Katie Says:

    She looks so much better as a blonde. As a brunette, she looks washed out and forgettable. She looks like she belongs in a French magazine.

  28. slyvia Says:

    work it girl

  29. Katie Says:

    She’s so pretty! She looks like Chantal from cycle 9. They shouldn’t have given her that hideous haircut.

  30. Jay Says:

    WOW, she looks like Jane Krakowski.

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