To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here. Photo credit: Ken Pao.

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

In April of 2005, interviewed Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses the girls to which she was closest, the most difficult part of being on the show and how Top Model has changed her life. Here is the text from the article (written by John Covert Boyd):

Interview With Tiffany from America’s Next Top Model

How did you come to be on America’s Next Top Model?

Tiffany: “I tried out for the auditions and was disqualified in LA, later I tried out for season 4 and made it.”

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Tiffany: “Yes. My grandma was an influence growing up and everyone used to tell me that I should try modeling. With my past of being in and out of trouble it made it hard to be involved in the industry.”

How do you think your ANTM experience will change your future?

Tiffany: “It has already changed my life. Everyone knows me now and it gave me the opportunity to be seen. Tyra is my mentor and is going to help me with my career. Also the show allowed me to develop patience and my attitude has changed now after seeing myself on TV.”

What advice would you give to aspiring models trying out for the next season of ANTM?

Tiffany: “Be yourself. I would do everything the same all over again. Let them mold you to be better but don’t change yourself.”

Is there anything you saw that your competition did well or something you learned not to do because of another example?

Tiffany: “The competition was crazy. I learned not to tell the designers what you liked and didn’t like. Don’t complain about things you can’t change but in the process don’t be run over either. Stay humble.”

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?

Tiffany: “On the night of the elimination I would have said no, but because of Tyra taking me on and helping me, I definitely would.”

Sometimes it’s hard to become friends with the competitors, did you find that true? If so, which contestant did you clash with most and why?

Tiffany: “It was easier than I thought, I was the problem. I was difficult to get along with. Though I made some good friends such as Rebecca, Brandy, Michelle, Naima and Kahlen.”

What was your favorite part of the show?

Tiffany: “Tearing down the diner and the hide and go seek game.”

What was the worst part of the show?

Tiffany: “Tyra yelling at me and the elimination.”

Do you normally watch Reality shows?

Tiffany: “Yes. I like Making the Band.”

What are your future plans?

Tiffany: “Tyra and her mom are my mentors, they are going to be a great help in getting my career started. once I get the go ahead, I am going to get out in Miami and get into some agencies to start looking for representation. I am interested in every type of modeling.”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW

In April of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses how she felt about the show’s editing, how often she talked to Tyra after the show and her first reaction to being yelled during her elimination. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

“You Just Don’t Mess with A Girl’s Weave!”: An Interview With America’s Next Top Model 4’s Tiffany

Tiffany was one of two girls eliminated this week on America’s Next Top Model. In this interview with RealityNewsOnline, she dishes it out on why she applied for the show a second time, what she has learned from the experience, and what she would do if Janice Dickinson ever called her house!

Is it even a secret how much I love Tiffany? Well, this interview made me love her about 30x more. When I was connected with Tiffany for our interview, the first thing out of her mouth was “Phil, I love you — you’re my dawg.” How can you not love her? Tiffany had a fun conversation, where she revealed to me why she felt so down in the dumps, how often she now talks to Tyra, and if she still follows her rowdy ways. In what will probably go down as the most fun interview I’ve ever done for the show, Tiffany kept me entertained and laughing from beginning to end. With such a great personality, and true realness, it’s easy to see that this girl is going places.

RealityNewsOnline: After what had happened during season three, what made you apply for season four of the show?

Tiffany: Well, my mom and grandmom really pushed for me after what they saw on season three. I was all screwed up after what happened, and didn’t want to deal with any of it. My grandmom made me go to anger management, but honestly, that’s not what changed me. They would sit there and say “You’re angry,” and I’d have to tell them “No, I’m not.” Finally, I’d get angry since they kept telling me that I was! However, with my grandmom and mom in my corner, I decided to try out again for the show, more determined to make it.

RNO: Do you think that being there before gave you an advantage over some of the other girls?

Tiffany: Oh, hell no! If anything, it put me at a disadvantage. There was that memory of Tiffany — the girl who had beer thrown in her weave. I couldn’t come back to the show, frontin’. People didn’t know the real me, and I wasn’t trying to front.

RNO: Do you feel as if the editing intentionally made you look ignorant to fancy restaurants and high fashion, or was it accurate?

Tiffany: You know, the editing made it look like I was so stressed! I liked the food, even though some of it was looking back at me. They never showed all the fun I had, and I used to laugh and joke at those dinners. I mean, how could you not love the meals — they were free, so I knew I could order whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted and not have to worry about paying the bill!

RNO: As the competition went on, what factored into your decision that you weren’t happy?

Tiffany: Well, a lot of it were incidents you didn’t get to see. I mean, those judges sometimes would just rip me apart every time I was in front of them. There are usually only three people that I care enough about to care what their opinion of me is, and that’s my mom, my grandmom and my baby’s daddy. It made me upset that the judges were able to emotionally bring me down, when it’s very hard to do that to me. I was like Toccara from last season. I got there all bubbly and happy, but they were able to wear me down.

RNO: In a way, did you feel that you had more to prove than some of the other girls?

Tiffany: Yes! Especially after the incident in season three when I told Tyra I was from the ghetto. From that moment on, I was known as the ghetto girl. I was just joking about all that. You know what though, I was real and did my thing!

RNO: During season three, you were known as a bit controversial. This season, you seemed to calm down a lot until the last episode. Have you gone back to your rowdy ways?

Tiffany: I’m still rowdy, but in a fun way! Seriously, I had every right to get mad when that girl threw beer in my weave last season! They are not cheap. What was I supposed to say? “Oh, thanks, you poured beer in my weave, now the glue is running down my face and I’m getting knots. Thank you so much?” No, I was pissed, you don’t mess with a girl’s weave!

RNO: What did your grandmother say when she saw how you were portrayed on the show? Was she disappointed you all but gave up?

Tiffany: My mom, my grandmom and my baby’s daddy know the real Tiffany. They know I didn’t just give up. They were actually impressed with me, and were glad that I was real and stayed the real Tiffany. I wasn’t like Kelle from season three. I didn’t go in there acting so sophisticated. I spoke the way I always do and acted the same.

RNO: Have you spoken to Tyra or any of the judges since your elimination?

Tiffany: Well, if Janice Dickinson ever calls me, I’m hanging up. I talk to Tyra about two or three times a week, and she and her mom have become my mentors. Tyra said she’s going to help me with modeling after this is all over, and I’m so grateful to her for that. I call her mom “mom” too, and I love them both. They have been so great to me.

RNO: Was your laughing when you were eliminated just a defense mechanism to now show your real sadness?

Tiffany: Phil, that’s why I love you. You totally understand me. I had cried so many times before then, that I told myself if I cried one more time I was going to punch myself. You either love me or leave me alone. I was so tired of being picked on, so on the outside I was trying to take it the best way I could, and that was just joking about it. On the inside though, I was crying a river because I was so hurt! There was nothing I could do though — I was eliminated!

RNO: What was running through your head when Tyra blew up?

Tiffany: I was thinking “Punch Tyra!” Then I started thinking “No this bitch ain’t. She must be trippin’ or something!” I wasn’t exactly sure what to think at that point! I know now how much she loves me though, and how much she was just looking out for me. It’s one of those things you have to reflect on before you can appreciate it.

RNO: After all that you have been through, do you still want to try and get into modeling, or are you ready to try something new?

Tiffany: Oh, I want to get into modeling, and Tyra tells me that I have no choice. She tells me all the time that she’s going to help me and I’m going to model, so I can’t wait!

RNO: Is there anything you regret from being on the show, or would you do it again if you had the chance?

Tiffany: As crazy as it sounds, I don’t regret a thing, and if I had to do it all over again, I’d do it the same way — from when I got there to when Tyra was yelling at me. I don’t want to do another damn reality show though. I’m done with reality TV!

RNO: Did anyone resent you when you came to the aid of Brandy, since she seemed to be rubbing everyone the wrong way?

Tiffany: I think they made it look that way, but what I had with Brandy was like looking after a kid sister. I managed to be friends with Brandy, but stayed close to the other girls too. This season wasn’t about everyone hating each other. We all got along, and although we had our moments, nobody was hating. Even when Brandy came out demanding to use the phone — it wasn’t a big deal. I think it was just made to look that way.

RNO: What’s the one thing you walked away from this whole experience with?

Tiffany: You know, I learned that in this business, you should never let people know exactly how you feel on the inside. If someone says you look tired, say “Oh no, I just woke up from a nap, I’m great.” However, don’t be pushed around either. Be yourself, and that’s the best you can do.

RNO: Tiffany, you’re fabulous, I hope everything works out for you! I love you!

Tiffany: Thanks Phil, I love you too!

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW posted an article regarding Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson. The post reveals gossip regarding Tiffany and R&B singer Bobby Brown. Here is the text from the article (written by EURweb Staff):

Tiffany Richardson, the target of Tyra’s big “tyrade” during “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 4, is rumored to be the new side dish of Bobby Brown after the singer couldn’t leave her alone on Tom Joyner’s recent boat cruise. Meanwhile, cycle 2’s Camille McDonald has been spotted hugged up with Rodney Henry of BET’s latest season of “College Hill.”

According to a source for In Touch magazine, Brown, 37, pulled 24-year-old Tiffany on stage with him during his first few shows on Joyner’s annual “Fantastic Voyage” cruise and “pretended to perform sex acts on her while the crowd went crazy.”

“Then he performed a lap dance on her and said, ‘You are so fine girl. Tyra Banks knows she was wrong for what she did to you. You should have won,’” the eyewitness said, adding that both were spotted at 4:30 the next morning emerging from the elevator and going into his cabin.

According to the witness, they were seen together for the next few days in the casino and the dining room. When Tiffany was asked how she thought Bobby’s wife Whitney Houston might feel about her hanging around him, she replied: “She’s not here.”

As for Camille, she met “College Hill’s” Rodney at a New York City party and it’s been on ever since, according to BV Buzz’s Jawn Murray.

“She’s definitely a special friend, I enjoy her company,” Henry told the columnist.

The brother is said to be spending his summer with McDonald in New York City. A source saw them canoodling at a Harlem party for Henry’s fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma. There is also word that the couple is trying to develop a reality television show together.

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   CW