In April of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante following her appearance and elimination from Top Model. Read on to find out how she felt about Michelle, her feelings about being eliminated and if she has any regrets about the competition. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

“I Liked Michelle, I’m Just Not Fond of Her”: An Interview With America’s Next Top Model 4’s Tatiana

Tatiana was the eighth girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model. In this interview with RealityNewsOnline, she expresses how shocked she was when she was eliminated, what she’s up to now and a whole lot more.

Tatiana was the girl that I felt like I never really got to know, almost like Nicole from last season. However, I had a chance to speak with her, and this Hawaiian bombshell had no problem talking about her experience on the show. Find out right here what she thought of the whole process, what surprised her the most, and whether she has put that Cockney English accent to good use.

RealityNewsOnline: Why did you originally apply for the show? Did you attend an open call or send in a video?

Tatiana: I had never actually watched the show before I tried out for it. I went to an open call audition, it was in Honolulu, and I think it was the first open call for the season. Obviously, I went because I thought I could make it – and I did!

RNO: What is the one thing that surprised you the most about the whole experience?

Tatiana: The one thing that surprised me the most was the judges. I don’t think I expected them to be as mean as they were. I mean, they were nice, but they were mean at times too. I wasn’t expecting them to “judge” me as much as they did.

RNO: You were shown on the show to be somewhat of a loner. Was that the editing, or did you really feel that way?

Tatiana: Nah, that pretty much is me. I am a loner. I’m a social person, but I’m better in one-on-one situations. I’m not really good when it comes to hanging out in big groups. If I’m not hanging out with one person, then I’m probably just reading a book or something.

RNO: Just out of curiosity, and since it would make more sense, why didn’t you move in the room with the three girls, instead of all three of them moving to you?

Tatiana: Haha! Your guess is as good as mine. I had no idea why they were moving into my room. I guess they just liked the room, and so they moved right in. I should have moved into their old room when they moved into mine.

RNO: Almost all of your photos were liked by the judges, yet you were eliminated before some girls that had weaker photos. Why do you think that was?

Tatiana: I think they just felt like Michelle just wanted it more. I mean, they didn’t choose my best photo for the last shoot, but that was probably for a reason. I think there were things that I said that probably made them think Michelle wanted to be there more than I did, even though I had better pictures.

RNO: Looking back, is there anything you could have done differently to stick around longer?

Tatiana: I probably should have not talked on the phone as much. I was always talking to my family or boyfriend and telling them that I wasn’t happy and wanted to go home. You know what though? I tried my best and I’m happy with how I did.

RNO: I ask all the girls this, but when you were standing in front of Tyra with Michelle, did you think that you were going to be eliminated, or were you thinking that you were safe?

Tatiana: Honestly, I had no clue that I was going home. When we were standing there, I thought Michelle was going home. They sure surprised me! That was done for reasons I can’t tell though, so oh well, what can you do?

RNO: Had the judges given you any reason prior to this past elimination that you were dropping to the bottom of the pack?

Tatiana: Nope. I was shocked. I had no idea that I was dropping to the bottom, so when I was eliminated, I couldn’t believe it.

RNO: What’s the deal with Michelle? Is she bi-polar? Sometimes she is happy, and other times she’s breaking down! What’s going on with her?

Tatiana: Are you asking me if Michelle is bi-polar? I’m not really sure. I mean, she was all over the place. I like Michelle, I’m just not fond of her. I mean, outside of the house, I probably wouldn’t be friends with her. Maybe it was the impetigo thing. That whole thing grossed me out, but she has nothing to apologize for. It was gross, but it happens. Although, I wasn’t about to go near it!

RNO: Do you think that had you been assigned one of the other seven deadly sins, you would have done a better job on the shoot?

Tatiana: Yes, I think I would have done a much better job. I think they knew I wasn’t a greedy person, and it was a challenge for me to act that way. I would have done a better job if I had been lust!

RNO: Are you surprised that Naima has been the Cover Girl of the week every week since the show has started?

Tatiana: Oh, I’m not surprised at all. Naima is very reserved, but she’s a great girl and a wonderful person.

RNO: Have you found any good reasons to use the Cockney English accent you now possess?

Tatiana: Haha! I have not found a reason to use it, never will, and hope I never use it again. That whole thing was just for the show and entertainment.

RNO: Do you have any regrets from the competition, or do you look back and think you did the best you really could?

Tatiana: I have no regrets at all. I would do the whole thing over again in a second, and I would do it all the same way.

RNO: What are you up to now? Do you still plan on following the modeling path?

Tatiana: I still want to get into modeling and pursue it as far as I can. I have some prior experience and was doing some modeling here before I was on the show, and that’s how I was making money, so hopefully that can continue.

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to the viewers of the show?

Tatiana: I would just say that if you are going to apply for this show, you have to know who you are and be a strong person. Go for it – if you think you’ll make the show, you probably will!

RNO: Thanks, Tatiana!

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Source: Reality News Online
Photo:  CWJim De Yonker

In April of 2005, interviewed Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante following her appearance and elimination from Top Model. Read on to find out how she felt about the interview challenge, her feelings about Brandy and if she’ll ever get tired of the “getting lei’d” in Hawaii jokes. Here is the text from the article (written by Ben Katner):

Greed “Buries” Top Model Wannabe

Have you had your irony supplement today? If not, you’re about to get a full dose. On last week’s America’s Next Top Model, Tatiana Dante was eliminated for not coming off nasty enough while portraying Greed during a Seven Deadly Sins photo shoot in a graveyard. But when caught up with her just before tonight’s episode (8 pm/ET on UPN), we found that, ahem, actually, barb-slinging and pot-stirring were second nature to the sassy 18-year-old Hawaiian. Read on and see for yourself. Since greed did you in, are you now determined to get rich?
Tatiana Dante:
[Laughs] No. I’m not a greedy person.

TVG: Too bad — you could clean up on a show like Entertainment Tonight. You did a great job interviewing rapper/designer Eve!
Thanks! But I don’t know why I kicked ass at that. My ultimate goal is to continue pursuing modeling, and then, after I get that goal done, maybe have my own magazine and/or fashion-designing company.

TVG: You’ll have to work on your being-interviewed skills, then. How many times as an interviewee did you say…
“Actually!” [Laughs]

TVG: Have you cut that word from your vocabulary?
I think I was nervous, so I just used that word a lot because it sounded good. I’m actually not too sure why… Oops! I just said “actually” again! It’s a good word!

TVG: Don’t worry, I’m not counting. [On second thought, let’s count.] Now then, do you think you were isolated from the other girls because you were smarter?
I don’t actually (1) think I’m smarter, but I do think it might have been because we have different lifestyles.

TVG: Hmm… I doubt any of the other girls listed the History Channel as their favorite TV destination in their bio.
No, they don’t seem like the kind of girls who would be interested in the History Channel, but I am. The History Channel and the Discovery Channel… those are my channels. I love ’em so much!

TVG: When I talked to Brandy Rusher a few weeks ago, she was still p—ed off at you!
Well, Brandy, excuse my language… [Pauses] No, I’m not going to say a bad word. She just has a bad attitude in general, and I don’t like her very much.

TVG: I got that. If you ask me, Tiffany Richardson was being overly generous when she said that 90 percent of the time, Brandy was nice.
[Laughs] That was so overly generous, and you know that if you watch the show. You super know that! It’s such a lie! But she can lie all she wants.

TVG: To tell you the truth, I was scared of Brandy. I didn’t want to p— her off!
Oh, I tried to p— her off!

TVG: Mission accomplished. What did you say that so irritated her?
Actually (2), I really don’t remember. I don’t think I said anything. I think she just has a general problem with me. I actually (3) was, like, agreeing with her on something, and she told me that I have a big mouth and went off on me. I was like, “Whatever, dude. You want to play? I’ll play!” I’m not going to let someone talk crap to me. I’m gonna talk crap back.

TVG: You enjoyed getting her goat!
I didn’t enjoy it. Actually (4), it was kind of annoying. You have to understand that they were saying I was this and I was that, but the fact of the matter is that everybody saw that Brandy was just a rude person. And I don’t dig that, you know what I mean?

TVG: I don’t dig that, either.
Don’t bring all your baggage with me!

TVG: I have to tell you, people are not going to believe that you don’t remember what you said to make her blow up at you.
I don’t, actually (5)! Seriously, I think it was so minor, and she just overreacted. That was her general problem.

TVG: You don’t have a lot of female friends, do you?
I don’t. I have a few. My dog is pretty much my best friend.

TVG: Is your dog a girl?
Yes, she is.

TVG: There’s one, at least. So, living in Hawaii, do you have to hear “getting lei’d” jokes all the time?

TVG: What’s the worst one you’ve ever heard?
Well, the worst one was probably from a guy who had never paid attention to me in my entire life, and then, when I got back [from doing Top Model], he was like, “Hey, I heard you were on TV! Can I have your number?” I was like, “No. You’re such an ass!”

TVG: Not quite a “lei’d” joke, but OK. I read that your favorite food is salad. That hasgot to be a lie!
I actually (6) have two favorite foods. Salad is one of them, so I will say that is definitely true. But I eat pizza way more than I eat salad, that’s for sure!

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW / Jim De Yonker interviewed Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante following her appearance and elimination from Top Model. Read on to find out how she felt following her elimination, what she thought of the drama in the house and how she felt about being on a reality show. Here is the text from the article (written by Girl Posse Staff):

The Interview

What was most surprising when talking to Tatiana, (the beauty from Hawaii that took an “off the wall” chance by buying a plane ticket to the mainland to audition for the show) was how removed she seemed from the fame of it all. When I asked her if she felt famous yet, she replied “No. Not at all.”

Girlposse: Really? You haven’t read the blogs and forums and fan sites online?
Tatiana: (laughing a little) No. I didn’t know there was anything like that. Wow. Well I guess that makes me feel a little bit famous then.
Girlposse: Well it should. (laughing myself now) You do have fans out there. Anything you would like to say to them?
Tatiana: I’m honored to have them. Wow. Fans.. yes – I am really honored.This eighth eliminee from America’s Next Top Model appeared as shy on the phone as she did on the show. She was quiet, polite, nice and just so sweet when I spoke with her. Which made it so surprising that the hardest part of being on America’s Next Top Model, for her, was living with the other girls.

“It was so much harder [than she thought it would be]. It took a big toll on me. There was a bunch of cattiness. I know it’s a competition, but I feel like people can be civil, you know?” Not that it was completely lonely for Tatiana, she did form friendships with Sarah and Noelle, but their eliminations before her own left a small void. “I was really sad when Noelle left. We were like buds.” Tatiana definitely came away with the opinion that living with the other girls was more difficult than the competition itself.

So what about the girls she didn’t get along with. Like Brandy. “I was so happy when she was eliminated. I’m sorry, but I just was.” she replied when I asked about Brandy’s early dismissal. But Tatiana was quick to add that Brandy’s elimination was the only one she was happy about. “But it is a competition, so when someone else is eliminated you are happy that you’re still there. But with Brandy’s I was happy she was leaving.”

Part of being on a “reality show” is knowing that the public only gets to see a glimpse of you and your life. I offered Tatiana the chance to clarify any misconceptions that we may have about her or things that happened in the house. “There are a lot of things I want to clarify. It’s reality TV.” She explained that we did see the real her, “they were pretty right-on” except for one aspect: “I’m not a mooch!” she laughed before becoming very quiet. “That really upset me. We were all sharing things. I’m a giving person, so for me to be singled out, that was off the wall and just wrong.”

And with reality TV, comes twists and surprises. How did the girls react to the shocking double-elimination last week? “That was SO surprising. They threw us the biggest curve ball. We were like, ‘did she just pull out a blank piece of freakin’ paper?’ Everything we thought we knew was just thrown out the window.”

Tatiana’s own elimination was something she wasn’t expecting yet. “It took me by surprise. I didn’t feel like it was my time.” Although surprised, Tatiana also seemed to understand the judges decision. As much as Tatiana wanted to win, it was Michelle’s determination that the stood out for the judges. “Michelle wanted it more than me.” Being shy also played a part. “They talked a lot about wanting a spokes model. I’m from a small town on an island, and to expect me to be crazy.. it just wasn’t me.”

Now Tatiana is back in Maui, “having fun”. It had seemed her life was difficult before being a contestant. (Couch surfing with friends, having her money stolen, etc. All things we learned while watching the show.) I asked her how things were now in comparison. “Some aspects of my life were rough. But I feel blessed. Everyone has things that are rough for them. Now they’re great.”

Tatiana wouldn’t do it again. “Too much stress.” The biggest stressor? “Just everything. Trying to fit in. I was never cliquish. Even in highschool. I’m easily intimidated. I like being with one friend. The shoots themselves weren’t really intimidating, but the criticism you would get… It was hard.” Yet she has “no regrets. I never have regrets. You do what you do, and you move on. It’s life.”

Advice for future America’s Next Top Model Contestants:
“Just be strong. Remember that it’s entertainment. It will be over the top.”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW / Johann Wolf

Reality TV Rules interviewed Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante following her appearance and elimination from Top Model. Read on to find out how she felt following her elimination, what she thought of Keenyah’s diva behavior and what her future plans are. Here is the text from the article (written by Reality TV Rules Staff):

TV Interviews: America’s Next Top Model Elimination interview with Tatiana

SpyRI writes, “18 year old Tatiana, from Hawaii, became the 8th girl eliminated from UPN’s hit show, America’s Next Top Model. Despite having great photos and being the youngest girl left in the competition, the judges felt that Tatiana was not confident or articulate enough to continue in the competition. She talked with me today about her favorite parts of the show, her housemates, and her future plans. Good luck, Tatiana!

Tatiana had more to say, but regretfully, technical difficulties caused me to miss much of what she said. Rather than attempting to reconstruct what she said that was garbled, I have only reproduced here what was left clear on the tape.

Tatiana, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today!

No problem!

Well, I’m so sorry that you were eliminated, as I’m sure you are, but overall, did you enjoy your experience on America’s Next Top Model?

I did, it was like a dream.

Were you surprised to be eliminated instead of Michelle?

Yes, I was. Yeah.

You had some great photoshoots, and even got that beautiful diamond ring- what was your favorite part of the show?

My favorite part of the show was the photoshoots, and being able to be part of that atmosphere.

Would you do it again? You know, how Tiff was on season 3, and came back for season 4- would you try again for another season?


It seemed like you had a hard time getting used to living in an apt with all the other girls, like being plunged into a sorority. Keenyah gave you a hard time about the “mooching” thing and the lipgloss thing, what else went on that we didn’t see?

Well, a lot went on. Like everybody was sharing everybody’s stuff- everyone used everybody’s stuff. (more, but my tape failed here. sorry)

Why did Brittany, Keenyah, and Christina all move into your bedroom?

I don’t know, I don’t know why they did it. I think it was getting a bit lonely in the other rooms, and everybody just wanted to be close together.

Is Keenyah hard to live with? I’ve just been getting a vibe from the last few interviews I’ve done that she might be kind of diva-ish.

My opinion on Keenyah, which is only my opinion, is that she is very diva-ish- she always has something to say about somebody. (more about Keenyah)

Was there anyone in the apartment that you got really close with?

I got really close with Noelle.

People think of Hawaii as paradise, but you’ve mentioned that where you live is kind of rural- could you tell me more about the real Hawaii, away from the touristy areas?

I actually think that the real Hawaii, away from the tourist areas, is the best part. Because in the tourist areas, there’s only stuff that tourists want to do- nothing you really want to do. They don’t get to see the real countryside of Hawaii, where I live.

And also, at one point on the show, you said sometimes you slept on the beach, that you had problems at home. Is everything ok with that now?

Oh, yeah, everything’s fine now. It was just a rough time.

During the Entertainment tonight interview thing, did Christina impress you while you were practicing?

I don’t know (unintelligible)

Who do you want to win, now that you’ve been eliminated?

I want Kahlen to win.

Well, you know you’re gorgeous- I hope you’re planning on continuing in modeling- what are you going to do next?

I think- no, I know, I will pursue modeling. I need to go somewhere, away from Hawaii for the time being. This area doesn’t really have much to offer in starting a career. I’ll probably move over to the east coast or something like that.

Fantastic! Well, congratulations for making is so far in the competition, and good luck in the future! Thank you!

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CWJim De Yonker

In May of 2005, interviewed Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante. The interview summarizes her experience in the house, what her favorite parts were and if she’d do it all over again. Here is the text from the article (written by Benny Alverez):

Interview With Tatiana Of America’s Next Top Model

How did you come to be on America’s Next Top Model?

Tatiana: “I actually heard about the tryouts on the radio, so I bought a plane ticket and went to the audition.”

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Tatiana: “Yes. Since I was 12 years old. I have done local island magazines, and general print work.”

How do you think your ANTM experience will change your future?

Tatiana: “I think for the better. The exposure has been great.”
What advice would you give to aspiring models trying out for the next season of ANTM?

Tatiana: “During the auditions be yourself, don’t wear a lot of makeup and make sure the clothes you were show your figure. If you get picked for the show be strong, it is entertainment so know who you are and make sure when you leave the show you leave with something you can use.”

Is there anything you saw that your competition did well or something you learned not to do because of another example?

Tatiana: “I learned not to have an attitude. Though with some girls such as Brittany their attitude seemed to help her. Some of the girls were very unnecessarily snooty, though I wish I had been more outgoing and I also need to improve o n my walk.”

Knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?

Tatiana: “Yes. Though at some points with all the waiting I thought no.”

Sometimes it’s hard to become friends with the competitors, did you find that true? If so, which contestant did you clash with most and why?

Tatiana: “I made some great friends o n the show. Some of the girls like Noelle, Sarah and Lluvy I hope to stay in touch with. Tyra is gorgeous inside and out. Everyone was great o n the show, the hair designers, make up artists just everyone.”

What was your favorite part of the show?

Tatiana: “The people I got to work with and also the places I got to see. The big cities were great.”

What was the worst part of the show?

Tatiana: “Waiting. The girls viciousness and cattiness. I am a competitive person but not by being mean and some of the girls were just plain mean.”

Do you normally watch Reality shows?

Tatiana: “Yes, I like Survivor and Fear Factor.”

What are your future plans?

Tatiana: “Planning to eventually move to the east coast probably NY. I am looking to be signed and do print or runway. As for now I am relaxing and enjoying the Maui sun.”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CWJim De Yonker

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2006

In March of 2008, People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog announced the birth of Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante‘s first child. Here is the text from the article (written by CBB Staff Writer):

ANTM’s Tatiana Dante welcomes a daughter; introducing Tiavani Leialoha Dante-Evans

Featured in a CBB photoshoot and interview earlier this monthAmerica’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4′s Tatiana Dante, 21, and her fiancé Robert Evans have welcomed their first child. Daughter Tiavani Leialoha Dante-Evans arrived on her due date, Wednesday March 19th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 12.5 oz and 21 inches long. Says Tatiana, “She is just perfection!”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Tatiana Dante, visit her bio page here.

Source: People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog
Photo:  People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog