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In April of 2006, Fans of Reality TV (FORT) interviewed Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Hepcat):

America’s Next Top Model 6: Interview With Nnenna, 4/28/06

Finishing in 6th place was Nnenna, who soared into the competition with an unforgettable first shot that showed us bald can be beautiful. So it was a little disappointing when her potential seemed to be fading as the weeks passed. With a jealous boyfriend at home, Nnenna battled the pull of the competition while trying to keep her personal life from being on display. Factor in that there was one phone for 13 girls, and you’ve all the ingredients needed for a good old-fashioned dramality. Nnenna shares with us her view of the events, her take on the heavy hand of reality show editing, and what made each girl special.

Good morning, Nnenna! I have to say, I did not expect to be talking to you today.

Thank you very much.

You have some vocal fans on our site – have you ever stopped by for a look?

Actually, I’ve received warning from friends and cousins that tell me not to read it. I know people that know me that are aware of your site, but I’ve actually stayed away because I trust my informants. (Laughs)

Were you a fan of the show? Had you seen any of the previous cycles?

I saw the first season while I was still in college, and I thought about trying out, but I never actually thought I would get a call back. I just saw it as a good opportunity to get into the industry and to get into the industry and learn so much in a short amount of time at my age. It just seemed like the best way to go about it if I wanted a chance at modeling.

Who did you see as your biggest competition – who was the girl to beat?

Wow, that’s a good question. You know, I saw something special in every girl, and I saw great potential. Like I admired Furonda’s body because I thought she had the best runway body. Mollie Sue – her face was just so beautiful, you know, she looked like the models I see in magazines. Or Danielle, the way she walks down the runway. Or Brooke, just that she looks so exotic and is not just the face next door. Everybody had something special at them, something unique about them. I don’t think I singled any girl out in particular.

Which photoshoot was your best, in your opinion?

I would have to say the bald photoshoot, that was my favorite.

You had one of the more dramatic makeovers in that they went for a completely bald look for you. What do you think of this look?

I think it worked in my favor in some situations, and worked against me in other situations. There are both positives and negatives about the makeover, but I enjoyed it. I finally got comfortable with it. It made me stand out from the rest of the girls, so overall, it was a good thing.

I’m looking at the mermaid photo shoot right now, and one thing that stands out is that you’re the only one without hair to work with. Would you have liked to have a wig to pose with?

The wigs they had gotten in the past looked very unnatural. I’ve had long hair before, and it’s quite different from having long hair or extensions as opposed to having a wig. And upside-down in the picture, I think it was a lose-lose situation. With a wig, it might have fallen off my head! I have an image of a mermaid in my head, and I knew I didn’t transform in the photograph. They were looking for a mermaid, and I knew I didn’t deliver.

Did you feel like you had a better picture in there that they didn’t choose?

I have no idea. The thing is, we don’t get to see the pictures to see which was your best and which was your worst, so I have no idea.

Okay, I’m going to read off some names of the other women in the house, and if you could, I’d like you to tell me what you thought of them in a sentence or two.

Yes, okay.

Joanie: Joanie is extremely funny. She’s has a huge personality, and she’s just hilarious. I love to laugh, and whenever I was around her, I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s just fun.

Jade: I admire Jade as a friend, but I also think she’s a very strong person. Just from my perspective, I admire her strength. And I know the portrayal that she’s had so far has got a lot of people against her, but to be honest with you, that wasn’t the impression of her that I got in the house. If I saw the same point of view that the audience is receiving, maybe it would have been different, but that’s not what I saw. Jade cooked for all the girls every other night. There was never a dull moment with her. She was always just joking around, I was always laughing because she always had something silly to say. I didn’t take her seriously, and I never saw her as a malicious person. It’s just unfortunate that the negative has been highlighted, and of course it’s quite easy to know what the audience will think of her.

What was your impression of Jade’s tears in front of the judges: fake or not?

I didn’t have that impression that she was faking it. I felt really bad. I know on television, you see her crying and then they cut immediately to the end, where she’s no longer crying, so easily, that looks very fake. My boyfriend is in the production world, actually, and he edits, so he fills me in on a lot of stuff. So I’m not surprised at the response she’s getting. You don’t see the entire crying scene, you just see her starting to cry then it flashes to the end where she’s not crying anymore, and of course it looks that way. I don’t want to be like, everybody thinks Jade was this or that and just go along with it. From my point of view, I didn’t think she was faking it.

Danielle: Danielle is just a fun-loving person. She’s a nice person.

Furonda: I ended up growing very close with Furonda. She’s very intelligent, and we could hold a conversation. She’s one of the girls I talk almost every other day, along with Jade and Gina, and I email Sara, Joanie…I grew really close with Furonda.

Sara: Sara is very smart, very intelligent. I didn’t get that much time to spend with her, but earlier on in the competition, I hung out with her more. She is a good person as well.

Now we get to Brooke, and I just want to know how you feel about that comment Brooke made in a “confessional,” something along the lines of If she likes Africa so much why doesn’t she go back there?

First of all, I just want to say: I thought Brooke looked adorable in everything she did. I never singled her out as “the weak one.”

Before I even saw the episode, when I saw the preview commercials and they showed me laughing when Brooke was making mistakes, I emailed Brooke immediately. I said, Brooke, I just want to let you know, Miss Jay made a lot of faces, whenever anybody would go up and do something wrong, he would make faces. And I’m one of those people that is one of the first ones to laugh, and I’m working on that. I saw Miss Jay’s face and I started laughing, I never laughed at Brooke. Miss Jay stirred up most of my laughter. I emailed Brooke and told her that.

Then, after I saw the episode, I was taken aback. I won’t pretend I wasn’t offended by that statement. After I saw that, I was still offended, and I wrote Brooke again. I said, you know Brooke, I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t hurt by what you said, but I know you didn’t mean it in a harsh way. So don’t even worry about it. And we made peace. That was it, and that was the end of that.

This has been a huge argument on our site ever since the episode aired. People really want to know what happened.

I guess what the thing was that at the beginning of the episode, I said, “Coming to America gave me hope,” which to me means that America is a better place for me, it’s the land with more opportunity. I never said, “Africa is better, Africa is so much better.” I never once thought that I was any better than anyone else in that competition. So I don’t know where she got the impression that I think that Africa is so much better that she would say, “Go back.” I guess it just seemed out of place. I really didn’t understand, but I guess she was stressed, it was a stressful environment. I made mistakes in the competition, there are certain things that I wish I did differently; I feel it was probably the same for Brooke.

So I told her, “I know you didn’t mean that,” even though I was kind of hurt when I first heard it, and we’re fine. It is in the past.

How would you describe the progression of your portfolio?

I started out strong at the first two photoshoots, but the third photoshoot where I had the dress, the wig, and the crown or something on my head – I didn’t like that photo. I didn’t like the doll, either. I don’t think the pictures progressed as expected. A lot of different elements played into it. I wish I brought more. I learned just watching myself during the photoshoots. I learned a lot about what I could do differently, and I’m hoping to take what I learned and do better next time.

You won a lot of challenges on the show – in fact, you won the challenge the week you were eliminated. How can it be that you can win so many challenge and not win the overall competition?

I don’t think the challenges mean anything. I don’t think they mean much in the eyes of the judges. We weren’t being judged on the challenges.

At least you got some nice prizes out of the challenges.

(Laughs) Yes, yes, yes! Definitely.

What’s your opinion of Tyra, now that it’s over?

I’m just really grateful to Tyra because she has opened doors for girls that wouldn’t normally have this chance. Everyone has been telling me that I didn’t cry or seem upset at the end. I couldn’t even make myself cry. I told myself, look where I am – I’m in Thailand, somewhere I wouldn’t have gone to before, and I had the ring, and I had some shopping spree prizes. It’s more positive than anything – I can’t see any negative in it, so I’m just really thankful that she chose me to even be in the top 13. I’m just thankful.

What about the other judges: who was the harshest judge, and who did you feel was pulling for you?

When I was on the show, I thought Tyra gave negative criticism, but when you watch the show, it’s the exact opposite. Miss Jay was the one in person who was like, “Oh, I love your smile!” But when I watch the show, he was the one who pretty much said, “She’s boring. I don’t like her, she’s boring.” So, at this point, I guess I’m confused. You don’t get the big picture, the entire deliberations.

When you were standing there next to Furonda in the bottom two, what did you think was going to happen?

Actually, I knew I was going home. I knew! So I wasn’t that shocked. Because when it came down to the pictures, it was like, okay. The theme was mermaids. I have an image of a mermaid in my head, and I didn’t come close to that. So I wasn’t shocked at all.

After the show was done filming, was there any fallout with your boyfriend that you had to deal with?

My thing was, I didn’t want to discuss anything personal about our relationship over the phone. This was something that’s being televised nationally, and that was my biggest issue. That’s why I got so frustrated. I admit that I do regret a lot of the things I said, some of the harsh words I used, but that was kind of to catch his attention and stop him in his tracks. But I think it backfired because it hurt him, and that’s not what I intended. We’ve dealt with the show and how the whole incident was portrayed, and we’re trying to move past it.

I’m glad to hear that, because it seemed so up in the air.

I have been very apologetic to him. They didn’t show me being apologetic about the kiss with the male model and all that stuff, they just showed me being nonchalant. But we had already talked about it. When he came to visit me, they didn’t show the high moments, like when I cooked for him, we made out, or whatever – they didn’t show any of that. They just showed my downtime. And they showed me saying, “Oh, I’m indifferent.” But indifferent, that sentence, didn’t even belong in that situation, we were talking about something else. I was upset with him when he showed up because we had been arguing on the phone. When people are relationships, when you’re mad, you’re mad. It doesn’t mean you don’t love that person. But once he came, it was five minutes with him and I could feel we were back to normal again. We made up soon after he was in the house for a few minutes, and that was it.

At the beginning of the season, Jay Manuel said in an interview that he was really excited to meet one of the girls, and to watch for his reaction. Well, we did, and we can’t tell which girl he was talking about. Was it you?

(Laughs) I can’t tell who he was talking about! I don’t know who he was talking about. I think we should ask him.

Well, you probably have a better line to him than me.

(Laughs) Yeah, I don’t know who he was talking about.

What’s ahead for you, Nnenna? Do you plan to pursue a career in modeling?

Yes, I’m planning to. I’m moving to New York, and I’m going to work hard to make myself more marketable and do whatever it takes. I’m just going to work at it and be optimistic, and hopefully somebody will be interested in picking me up or working with me.

Thanks to UPN for granting the interview, and good luck to Nnenna in New York!

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

Source: FORT
Photo:  The CW

In April of 2006, interviewed Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Girl Posse Staff):

The Interview

Nnenna’s elimination is one of the most surprising of this cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Believed by many to be the front-runner of the competition, this African beauty has won over a legion of loyal fans. All of whom she is so thankful for. “I want to thank everybody that supported me and said nice things about me. I am so appreciative. When I would say ‘I don’t care’ it was a defense mechanism because I didn’t want to say things bad about other people. But I really do care about what people think of me. And I just thank everyone so, so much.”

So how did this chemist become a contestant on a reality show looking for America’s Next Top Model? Chemist, model. Both seem to be very different career paths. “Yes, yes” Nnenna laughed on the phone. “When I first came to this country I was 14, and I knew I wanted to be a model. But I also knew that I would have to go to school first. I watched the 1st and 2nd seasons while I was in college, and knew this was a great way to learn and get into the business.” Nnenna hadn’t modeled before. “It was my 1st real trial. I live in Houston, there isn’t much modeling here” she laughed. But she admitted that although Chemistry was harder than modeling, modeling was more difficult than she thought. “Compared to chemistry… I go to work 12 hours a day, and it is very tedious. Modeling is hard, but not harder than chemistry. Modeling is exciting and so much fun. But is modeling harder than I thought? Yes.”

As a fan of the show that has watched from the beginning, I have always been intrigued by how much editing plays a part in what we think we know about a person or a situation. Unfortunately for Nnenna, she learned that perception can outweigh reality in the editing room. Take for instance her boyfriend. “I’m not blaming my boyfriend. I tried hard not to lose focus. I really regret being the girl with ‘boyfriend drama’. Never in a million years would I have thought it would be me. We had a fight one day, and we were fine the next day. But they kept showing clips of it over many episodes. I was not always on the phone.”

In fact, her boyfriend was her connection to the outside world, and a great stress-reliever for Nnenna. “You have a limited number of people you can talk to you while you’re on the show. My sister was one that I was supposed to talk to, but her phone number wouldn’t accept calls from unlisted phones. So John was my initial support.” Another way Nnenna dealt with stress was a knee-jerk reaction. “Many times I said ‘I don’t care’. That was my defense mechanism. I didn’t want to say anything bad about anyone. People would ask about this or that girl. They would ask about Brooke and what did I think of her. I would say ‘I don’t care’ to protect myself.”

Since she had brought up Brooke, I told Nnenna that during our interview with her, Brooke said she was very sorry about the fight she had with Nnenna. “We totally… that is in the past.” Nnenna explained that Brooke didn’t mean anything by what she said, and acknowledged that she wasn’t perfect in the situation either. “That’s why I apologized to her.” But rest assured, the two girls have moved on, and are so past it.

We thought it would be fun to get Nnenna’s opinions of the other girls remaining on the show. This is how she characterized each of them:

Jade: “She is a strong person. I admire her strength. She is not a bad person. She is not what you see and you would know that if you got to meet her or know her.”

Joanie: “Funny. Hilarious.”

Furonda: “I love Furonda. She is very intelligent. I can really talk to her.”

Danielle: “Funny. She is fun loving.”

Sarah: “Very intelligent. We e-mail back and forth and stay in touch.”

Nnenna was also quick to point out that she got along with all of the girls. “I don’t think there was any animosity amongst any of us.”

So what about Nnenna? She has been described as beautiful, regal, shy, reserved, serious and even snobbish. How does she describe herself? “I’m a serious person when it comes to business. I don’t see myself as boring, people like to be around me. My nickname is “smiley” because I’m always smiling. But I will be serious when I need to be. I know when it is time to be serious.”

So did you think you were surprised when Nnenna was eliminated? I was. So I asked Nnenna about her reaction. “While I was on the show I was not surprised. I was more surprised at the response I got. Pleasantly surprised.” Nnenna went on to explain how she was also very pleasantly surprised at the reaction to her make-over. “When they shaved my head.. I don’t know, but in America a bald head seems to be a bad thing. They took my security. I had no hair left to hide behind. So I was very pleasantly surprised at the positive response I got. People said I still looked beautiful and they liked me bald.”

Now Nnenna’s plan is to move to New York. “I would like to work with many different photographers and try to get into an agency.” Look at the girl. She may have been eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, but we hardly think this is the end of the road. No… I think that we have only just begun to see Nnenna.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.


In May of 2006, conducted an interview with Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the interview (written by Latoya West):

Nnenna Says Top Model Editors Focus On The Negative

Nnenna, the latest contestant eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, tells me the editors of the show “definitely try to pinpoint the negatives.”Take her relationship with her boyfriend John as an example. When I asked Nnenna if they were still together after fighting so much on the show, she told me “We’re still working on our relationship. Some of the arguments that we had had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, like the kiss with the male model. Those arguments started but they didn’t last long. They didn’t last as long as it seems…It wasn’t as serious as they seemed. I cared more about them when I saw them on TV than I did when they actually happened.”

I also asked Nnenna how she was able to form a close friendship with Jade, who has a reputatation of being the mean drama queen. “The interviews you see and the confessions that you see are a different point of view from what we see in the house,” Nnenna said. “There was never a dull moment with Jade. She was just a fun person to be around. Me, I just was always laughing when she was around. I didn’t see that mean streak. I’m not a mean person so I wouldn’t be friends with someone who is.”

Though the former judges’ favorite says her final picture wasn’t the best, like most of us, Nnenna was surprised by her elimination from the show. “It suprised me because when you are on the show, you get a different vibe from the judges. Behind the scenes, it’s quite different. It’s a total 180 what the audience sees from what I see.”

Nnenna is back on the job as an analytical chemist. “It’s a big transitition [from the Top Model experience],” Nnenna said. “I’m an analytical chemist. I have a lot of incoming raw materials…”

But maybe Nnenna will have a lot of incoming modeling offers soon. She is moving to New York City next month to pursue modeling full time.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

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In May of 2006 conducted an interview with Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the article (written by Jackie Helm):

Interview with Nnenna, the 8th eliminated lady from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6.
By Jackie Helm

Hi Nnenna!  I can’t believe you were eliminated.  You had the face, walk, talk that the judges ask for.  You won several challenges and received most compliments and praise; I just can’t believe you were sent home.

“Oh it happens.”

What is your interpretation of why you were eliminated?

“My interpretation is that the season was about transformation.  I feel like the judges did not see that much transformation from the first time I came into the competition -as opposed to some of the girls that showed growth.”

Are you going to continue to pursue modeling?

“Yes definitely.  I plan o n moving out to New York next month and visiting the agencies and see what the response is.”

Are you going to keep the bald look?

“Yes.  The bald look seems to work for me.  My hair has grown out a little bit right now.  It depends o n whoever is interested in working with me.  If they want me to go bald again then I will go bald.”

Do you mind if I ask if you and John are still together?

“We are sorting that out right now.  We are working o n things.”

As viewers, we really were not “feelin” John.  Instead of being your strong solid rock he seemed to whine a lot about himself.

“The competition was a stressful time for both of us.  I think editing increased actually what happened.  A lot of our conversations were taken out of context.  Both sides of the story were not actually heard.  You just see us arguing.  You don’t know what we are arguing about.  It was bad timing.”

Do you feel like you would chose modeling over John?

“I don’t think it will come down to choosing modeling over John.  There are lots of models that still keep relationships going.  I don’t think it’s about John vs. modeling.  I can have a relationship and still remain focused o n a career.”

Hopefully John can be a little more secure.  You are a hot mama and if he was worried about you while you were in the house then he will have lots to worry about as you continue modeling.

“John is a very secure person.  I know we had the scene with the male model and a lot of people questioned my morals.  The relationship has been strong and I have never done anything for him to question me or not trust me.  We have never cheated and we have a lot of trust.  We have other issues that the show didn’t reveal.  It was just taken out of context a little bit.”

I don’t think you cheated with the male model.  That was just a hot shot.

(Nnenna Laughs)

Nnenna don’t be mad at me because I didn’t say very nice things about John in my recaps.

“I am mad at you.  Watching the show, I don’t expect people to think differently because they o nly have what they have been presented with.  Judgments are being made by what was TV so I can’t expect anything different.”

How did Nigel find out about you and John being o n the phone every night?

“I have no idea because I remember the judges saying something like they are not aware of what goes o n in the house.  So, I really don’t know.  I was in shock; they caught me off guard with that question.”

What girls are you still in touch with?

“I am still in touch with pretty much all of the girls, if not by phone, by email at least.  I became very close friends with Furonda and Jade.  I am really close friends with Gina.  I email Sara…emailed Brooke a couple of times…so I’ve kept in touch with all the girls.”

Speaking of Brooke, she told me that she apologized and that you two made up.  Do you feel that you were wrong or being selfish with the phone?

“Yes, definitely.  When I look at myself o n television I feel like I made a lot of mistakes.  There are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently.  But it’s a lot easier said than done in a high stress environment where you have a lot of things going o n.

A lot of people ask why didn’t I stop talking to John.  John was my o­nly communication to the outside world.  I had a job that I left with very short notice.  I had to have him contact my job to make sure I had it when I got back.  My apartment, my car…I had bills to pay, I had to keep in touch with him.

A lot of things were going o n at the time and I probably didn’t step outside of myself and see the big picture.  I didn’t think I was 100% right in that situation at all.  When I came home I wrote Brooke and apologized.

There were several scenes that showed me laughing when Brooke was making mistakes.  But they didn’t show that Miss J. always made faces.  I am the kind of person that laughs easily.  I am the first o ne to laugh at anything and sometimes it gets me in trouble but I never laughed at Brooke. It was nothing malicious or intentional.  If I knew Brooke was sensitive to it, I wouldn’t have done it.  I wasn’t laughing at Brooke.  Whenever we went before the judges, he always made faces and they never showed it and I don’t know why.  The other girls laughed too and I was kind of hurt that they o nly focused o n my face.”

Thanks for clearing that up.  Do you have any last words or shout outs?

“I was excited to be o n the show.  It was a good opportunity for me to do something that I otherwise would not have had the chance to do.  I am happy with the outcome.”

Thank you so much for talking with me Nnenna.  Although I was certain that I would interview you last in hopes that you would be the winner!

“Thank you.  It is surprising that people think that of me so it’s quite flattering, thank you.”

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

Source: The CW

In May of 2006 conducted an interview with Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the article (written by Ben Katner):

Top Model Bursts Nnenna’s Balloon

She looks regal. She acts snobbish. She seems insensitive. She is weird. All of these things have been said about America’s Next Top Model‘s Nnenna Agba. But which of them are true — well, aside from the regal part, that is? (Pictures don’t lie.) To find out, rang up the 24-year-old from Texas (by way of Nigeria) and asked her a series of subversively revealing questions. So, as you count down the minutes to tonight’s episode (8 pm/ET on UPN), you can draw your own conclusions about the runway also-ran. After you’d won so many competitions — including one in your final Top Model episode — I was stunned that you were sent home. Were you?

Nnenna Agba: Not really, considering the picture of the week was trying to transform me into a mermaid. I don’t think I came close to the image of a mermaid. But you’d think all of the other good pictures would have bought you some goodwill from the judges.

Nnenna: I don’t think the challenges are that important. It did sort of seem as if you felt they were silly. The baby-doll shoot, for example.

Nnenna: Yeah. I wasn’t surprised with the response I got with those photographs — the falling picture, the baby doll or the mermaid. I didn’t transform, you know? That’s a big part of modeling, but I also feel like that’s why we have different types of models who fit different themes. You go through casting to get different jobs as a model, and I don’t think I’d be cast as a baby doll in real life. I suspect you’re right.

Nnenna: I will probably be more marketable in different aspects, but a baby doll didn’t fit me too well, especially since [after my makeover] I am bald. Even if you put a wig on me, it does not look that realistic. Given the drama that unfolded between you two, I have to ask: Are you and your boyfriend John still together?

Nnenna: We’re working things out, you know? It’s a bad time that was captured [on the show]. It seemed downright terrible — especially after you let that male model kiss you.

Nnenna: And it was terrible. But [the drama] didn’t last that long…  probably two days, and then we reconciled. But bits and pieces of the argument were played through several episodes [and] highlighted more than they should have been. I don’t think it had anything to do with the competition, so I was surprised. They should not have put so much emphasis on it. Hmm. But when John was brought to the house for a visit, you even admitted that you weren’t very excited to see him.

Nnenna: Yeah, I mean, like, you know…. No, I don’t know. Tell me.

Nnenna: I love John, but at that point we were not on good terms. So it was hard for me to fake that kind of excitement. But actually, minutes later, we talked about our issues and I was happy again and glad to see him. The first initial surprise, though, I was thinking, “We are on bad terms. I don’t want to fight on national TV.” I was afraid to bring any more of our personal life into the spotlight. It’s not that I didn’t care for him. I did. I just was afraid to attack or talk about anything personal on national TV anymore. But after we talked, everything was fine. We made up, I cooked for him. They didn’t show any of that. So what you saw was not representative of his entire visit. That’s reality TV for you!

Nnenna: Yes. I regret some of the mean things I said to him. He’s a really nice person. No one has ever treated me as well as he has, and I never take that for granted. At that point, I was just mad and disappointed that he wasn’t willing to support me 110 percent and deal with any issues when I got home. But it’s hard to wait when you have emotions and want to deal with them. Again, especially when you’ve just been told your girlfriend is kissing a hot male model!

Nnenna: Exactly! I made some mistakes, definitely. I know that I let him take full responsibility. But I definitely take 50 percent of the blame. I regret it, and I was extremely apologetic, but they didn’t show that. No, but they showed lots of clips of Jade acting as your advisor… which I know really surprised the other girls.

Nnenna: Yes! That was a really low point for John. I had never seen him so low, and I had to experience that in front of the whole world. Eventually, I ran out of options. You’d sort of have to, to have turned to Jade.

Nnenna: I tried to plead with John by saying, “Honey, please, let’s talk about this when we get home.” I was withdrawn and, watching myself, I realize that I was extremely vulnerable at that point. But to confide in Jade?! Even she admitted that she was using your personal problems to her advantage!

Nnenna: What you must understand is that the point of view the audience gets to see of Jade — through the private confessionals and interviews — is not the Jade I saw. The Jade I saw in the house is the one who cooks dinner for us on occasion, makes me laugh and is a strong person. Viewers got a different [perspective]. How did you feel seeing the confessionals where she talked about using your problems with John to throw you off your game?

Nnenna: Well, she never directly said that. It was implied. But when I spoke with her after the show aired, she told me that she meant well and that it wasn’t malicious but rather taken out of context. I give her the benefit of the doubt. That’s big of you. What about Brooke? You were kind of harsh toward her, when all she wanted to do was use the phone.

Nnenna: You know, I never singled Brooke out. I never talked behind her back or called her a crybaby. The only thing I did was, after our little scuffle when the girls said, “Brooke called you this and that,” I replied, “Brooke cries every day. I’m not going to go exchange words with her.” I said she was an emotional wreck, but that was as harsh as I got with her. What about the fact that she wanted to call home and you were always on the phone?

Nnenna: I would pay a lot of money to see the phone bill from the house to see who was on the phone at what time. I went when it was my time. There were a lot of other issues that reached a boiling point, including girls telling her that I was calling her a crybaby behind her back. That wasn’t happening. There were issues in the house that you did not see. When Brooke stormed into the room, I told her that I had left the door open so that if anybody wanted me to, I would get off [the phone] immediately. I do wish I had approached it differently. I didn’t mean to be hard on her. Apparently the girls had some very nasty hobbies in the house, what with talking behind one another’s backs and all!

Nnenna: Yes. You never knew what people truly thought about you until the show aired.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

Source: The CW / Pascal Demeester

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.