Cassandra Whitehead was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

Cassandra is an American actress, model, and beauty pageant queen from Houston, Texas. Cassandra attended Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi where she was a member of the Gamma Phi chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

She competed in the Miss Texas Teen USA pageant from 2002 to 2004. She was a semi-finalist in both 2003 and 2004, and held the local title Miss Houston Teen USA in 2003. In these pageants, she competed alongside future Miss Texas USA Lauren Lanning (2006) and Magen Ellis (2007). In 2005, Jean (as Cassandra Whitehead) won the Miss Corpus Christi crown (a title held by Eva Longoria in 1998) and making the top 10 at Miss Texas USA 2005 (a title held by Eva Longoria in 1998) and made the top 10 at Miss Texas USA 2005. Jean competed in the Miss California USA 2008 pageant but was disqualified due to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model. The following year she was a judge for the Miss Newport Beach pageant.

Cassandra was chosen to compete on the UPN reality television show America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5 but quit the competition during the fourth episode. She became emotional during the makeover episode, wherein her long, dark brown hair was cut extremely short and dyed blond. During the next judging round, host Tyra Banks was still not pleased with Whitehead’s haircut, wanting to make it even shorter but Cassandra refused. Claiming that the producers gave her one night to consider her options, she walked out the following morning. She was recently voted one of the most memorable contestants by AOL entertainment Cassandra made an appearance in The Cycle 5 Reunion, America’s Next Top Model: Where the Girls Are, and America’s Next top Model: Exposed.

Cassandra appears in the films Fast & Furious (2009) and 2 Dudes and a Dream (2009). She has had guest roles on several TV shows including One Tree Hill, Pushing Daisies, The Middleman, CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Las Vegas, Hannah Montana, Twenty-Four Seven (MTV) and America’s Next Producer (TV Guide Network).

Cassandra hosted Lucky Strike’s Bowl for a Cause, MySpace and Tommy Lee’s Super Bowl XL Event, Miss Corpus Christi 2006, America’s Next Top Model Diva Dish along with “Red Carpet Makeovers” for the Tyra Banks Show. She also appeared on the game show 1 vs. 100 on February 15, 2008, winning $500,000.

Since the show, she’s changed her name Cassandra Jean. She’s now represented by Aloe Entertainment.

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To view more photos of Cassandra, click here.

37 Responses to “Cassandra Whitehead”

  1. Jessica Says:

    That short blonde hair they gave her looked like a mess. Thank God she dyed it back.

  2. Loulah Says:

    Her makeover was one of the worst ever!! Sad that she decided to leave, but she really didn’t looked good with that cut.

  3. lissa Says:

    Yeah, they messed her up only because she loved her hair. LOL. And it was long. Sometimes they do things for effect.

  4. steena Says:

    I did not like her that much, but I agree that it was quite unfair to force her into that makeover. I think there are a lot of short-haired blondes out there; they shouldn’t have done that. It was quite clear that they have wanted her out of the competition; long brown hair suits her much better. I felt sorry for her!

  5. Snuffy Says:

    Got to disagree, the short hair was spectacular. The long brown hair is forgettable. Her face looked amazing framed by that short hair (when it was styled correctly).

  6. Wendy Says:

    The short hair was really good on her. Now she just looks plain and doesn’t stand out.

  7. Настюша Says:

    The short hair was really good on her. But she didn’t understand it.

  8. datum pi Says:

    Even if she did let them cut her hair again it wouldn’t have mattered because she doesn’t have the personality that they’re looking for. Lisa got eliminated for her “arrogance” even though she was clearly the best so it was only a matter of time for Cassandra to get eliminated!

  9. Janay Says:

    Why do they make models growl and scream? It looks ridiculous. I like her better with long hair, but she looked okay with short too. I liked that she compared herself to a serial killer or whatever. That made me like her.

  10. Mini. Says:

    I worked with this girl at a Mexican restaurant a year before she went on the show. She was always very friendly and quirky. I was upset they did that to her. She was much better than the other girls.

  11. erin Says:

    She got fat; her face is twice as wide.

  12. Otito Says:

    I saw Cassandra on the GSN network’s replay of the game show, Lingo (I have no idea of the original telecast date). When she introduced herself she talked of being a beauty queen from Texas, etc. Her partner, described as her best friend, was a girl she met after moving to California who was also from Texas. Her her was long and dark. In my opinion, she wore the short blonde hair style much better than this “natural” look. Secondly, what I saw was a “know it all” girl who kept feeding wrong spelling answers to her partner! Thus, I’m surprised to see in the bio above that she won 1 vs 100. Maybe she’s better at trivia than spelling!

    • Anon411 Says:

      I grew up with her and we went to school together. she was a MAJOR snot then and nothing has changed. we used to call her “puppy” because she was like an obnoxious little puppy that didn’t know when to leave you alone. it’s funny that she always fails to mention her years in the high school marching band…

  13. elyinsandiego Says:

    She was right to object to a style that did not suit her. I think she is beautiful enough to pull off the short hair, but the ugly yellow haircolor they forced on her did not complement her skin tone. It made her look very sallow. It is so unfair to force the contestants to choose between being “difficult” and looking wrong. Had she accepted the terrible makeover, she would have been sent home for not looking “memorable” in her photos.

    It is one thing for a director to ask a model to adopt a particular style for one photo shoot; it is quite another to base the outcome of a career-making contest on an inappropriate, capricious styling choice.

  14. Scarlett Says:

    I really hated her…She obviously loved her hair more then anything. She isnt even that pretty.

  15. ella alden Says:

    When you want to be a model, the look you get is what the client wants not what you want. Don’t these girls realize what a valuable opportunity they’ve been given. Duh! They act like their hair isn’t going to grow back.

  16. Jay Says:

    “Unfair”??? LOL what bunch of ignorami. That’s modeling, you don’t like it, get out. The short hair rocked and it was money.

  17. Jolee Says:

    The haircut made her look like a mom. No wonder her
    personality sucked. Wouldnt yours if they did that to you?

  18. not a fan Says:

    Hair looks better short and blonde

  19. clarey Says:

    I normally don’t like super short hair, but that blonde Mia was awesome on her. What a shame she couldn’t have just gone along for the ride…bet she could have rocked that look. Her long brown hair makes her look like any other pretty girl in the food court.

  20. Amanda foster Says:

    Did u play movie Brooke on one tree hill

  21. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She is not a model. She’s a pageant girl and maybe an actress. But even looking wt the photos now, she just was not in her right field.

  22. Moho Says:

    She looks like a typical Texas housewife. Bo…ring!

  23. god i just wanna punch her shes to pageant for modeling

  24. Kat Says:

    ok I love the short blonde hair her long brown hair was just plain to me and stop saying they force her to get the haircut they didn’t she let them do the hairdo they told her what she was getting and she took it if she didn’t like it she should have walked out earlier she was the one who said in the car she would let them cut her hair if they wanted to now they do and she’s upset this is antm when u sign up for this u should already know your getting a make-over and that its a 50 50 percent change they will cut your hair in modeling they make u look the way they want u to look not the way u want yourself to look

  25. Ajenk Says:

    She’s just not a top model material, so if she prefer her usual hair then so be it. But she shouldn’t participating at all from the beginning if it is so, there are lots of girls with more passion and potential that deserve the chance.

  26. R G M Says:

    Yeah. This is not only the modeling world but the entertainment business as a whole. Eva (cycle #3) said it ‘ you are a commodity’ and ‘ a brand’; you do what they want you to do if you want to be successful and work. These girls are given a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t they sign a contract? It should be obvious after reading the contract that you are signing your life away. Besides, she has competed in pagents before- you don’t think they tell you what you can and cannot do? Most contestants have coachs that tell them what is going to win that title. Pagents are typically “big hair” but if they changed what will win- trust me she would be cutting her hair short or shaving her head. It’s just a matter of how bad you want the career. FYI- I thought her short and blonde cut made her look edgy and her face beautiful because her bone structure stood out. Do you really think they make these changes to the girls just for kicks?

  27. hun Says:

    wish i were her

  28. Niamh Says:

    Cassandra was so annoying! Her hair was hideous either way and she had a pathetic attitude, I wasn’t sorry to see her go..

  29. cathy Says:

    if only makeover had gone right then she would have looked fabulous! they got the haircut wrong.. tyra was gunning for mia farrow ‘do. if you compare her makeover and mia’s haircut… is soooooo different. i even think the shade of blond was wrong.

  30. Lizard Says:

    She looks old…

  31. kaduzy Says:

    You guys are nuts. The short blonde style made her look edgy, memorable and MODELESQUE. The hair she came in with just makes her look like a forgettable girl next door.

  32. Emmanuel-chisomo Chimombo Says:

    Wow!I now know why stephen is crazy!Cassandra,u r gr8.Stay pretty.

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