Camille McDonald  was a contestant on Cycle 2 of ANTM.

Camille began winning model/ beauty contest in her early teens including but not limited to the Stephanie Gibbs Model Search in 1995. A year later she was crowned Miss Teen Florida 1996 as well as Miss Jamaica US 1st runner up in 1997.

As a finalist with ANTM, Camille was not exactly well-liked by the other girls in the Top 12. Both Yoanna and Bethany confronted her because of her bad attitude, and even the judges grew increasingly tired of her arrogant behavior. Before she was eliminated from the show on the eighth week, she and Yoanna patched up their differences, but when Camille hinted to the judges about Yoanna House’s eating disorder, Camille and Yoanna’s friendship quickly dissolved.

Camille later moved to Europe and signed with the prominent Modeling Agency Major Model Management (Milan), shooting editorials, signature walking down runways for designers such as Escada, and lingerie giant Wolfords of London to name a few.

After returning to the United States, Camille began working with Major Model Management (New York), where she continued to secure run way shows, print ads, billboard campaigns and magazine layouts ranging from Azure Denim to D-Squared as well as been a Fit-Model for Marithe Francois Girbaud. Camille has shot for publications such as Glamour Magazine, Women Wear Daily (WWD), and W Magazine. Camille’s most memorable internship has been with fashion guru Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) where she learned a great deal about marketing.

Camille signed with Major Model Management, has appeared on the runway of several fashion shows, and has appeared in few magazines. She also launched her own line of lingerie called Lingerwear, for which Naima Mora has modeled.

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Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging


Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging


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To see more photos of Camille, click here.

37 Responses to “Camille McDonald”

  1. One of my favorite girls.

  2. April Says:

    Ugh. She was such a snot.

  3. Kahina Says:

    Hate her with a passion.

  4. Ellen Says:

    She’s beautiful. What a body.

  5. kiki Says:

    She loves herself so much. She made a website dedicated to herself. That is just lovely.

    • WhatUpWithThat? Says:

      I was not a fan of Camille’s at all.

      However, in response to this comment, many, many people have their own websites; especially people in the business of needing to market themselves to be hired. I’ve already been to more than a dozen websites of past ANTM contestants.

      I have MY own website.

      I think you might just be looking for something to trash Camille about. Having your own website is very common.

      • kiki Says:

        For one I like Camille. She has a confidence that not many people have. I was making a joke. But lucky for me I dont know you or care what you have to say because I’m not trying to hate on Camille I’m just making an observation.

  6. Justine Says:

    She was such a self-absorbed brat during the show. But you gotta hand it to her…she’s now so damn successful.

  7. boo Says:

    She was boring on the show. Very arrogant and snobby. Surprised that she went further in the show than some of the other girls. Good for her and her success.

  8. nykai Says:

    I love Camille; she is one of the most beautiful girls in antm history and I think her beauty is what got her far. I think she is gonna go far in her career.

  9. Nicole Says:

    Her nose is too big; it’s not proportional to rest of her face. 😛
    I liked Xiomara waaay better.

  10. Niki Wang Says:

    Camille is very ugly, both inside and out. She has Shrek’s nose and a too-big mouth that looks like her jaw is jutting out. She was smiling when Catie was kicked out, even though Catie respected her so much. It’s not surprising that she is successful because I think that people with awful personalities always get what they want because other people are tend to just give in to them, to shut them up.

  11. shanice Says:

    soooooooo beautiful. admit dat d gal iz beautiful n so succesfull. she haz d attitude d fashion industry needz. cycle 2 waz full ov hypocrits dats y it needed a tough skin like her. i hated dat bitch yoanna. i loved camille all d way come on guyz she waz bein her self wat du u expect in a house full ov 11 other galz.,,,,,, m proud ov her

  12. john vergel Says:

    Definitely one of the most memorable girls during the early seasons of ANTM. But I hate her performance during the all-star cycle. I mean, HELLO! She was the diva of the second cycle so how come her photos in cycle 17 where just blah!?

  13. Kyoshi Says:

    Nicole…here’s something that might have escaped your very observant eyes: black people have slightly larger noses than everyone else. I am personally offended by your comment.

  14. Kelsey Says:

    I used to dislike her, but after watching ANTM All Stars and seeing that she has matured (in her own way,) my opinion of her has changed. She’s still not my favorite but I think that she was able to redeem herself to a certain extent after the first season. I’m not a fan of the comment she made concerning Isis but, then again, no one is perfect. At least she wasn’t as rude, and uneducated as that horrid excuse for a Southerner, Clark Gilmer.

  15. Himela Says:

    One of the most annoying girls in all ANTM cycle, she looks like a drag queen…

  16. sealinewuman Says:

    I disliked Camile intensely, she was just unpalatable and I didn’t find anything all that spectacular about her. But there is something that you guys fail to understand. She’s Jamaican, and a middle class Jamaican at that, in general people tend to find us rather arrogant. I don’t believe it’s actually arrogance, but we are raised with a certain sense of self possession and we’re definitely NOT raised to show our emotions in public or to strangers, and we are fiercely proud as you could probably tell from her wearing her Jamaica sweatshirt and scarf all the time. She was never going to show any emotion in front of anyone, probably not even her parents or friends.

    • sim Says:

      I am also a Jamaican very proud but i am very emotional , and I am middle class (privilege) but also kind and charismatic .. but i love Camille

  17. sim Says:

    i loved her

  18. wellcute Says:

    I like a girl with a lot of attitude that wont take shittttt… from anyone but on the same hand will take a little criticizing in a constructive way so she can send her self to the top of the chart and become the utter most greatest.In her field u have to give attitude and have a lot of swagger which she definately shows .go camille no turning back like a jamaican would say “BAP BAP BAP ” GIVE IT TO DEMMMM”

  19. Kim Says:

    Hideous. All that’s missing is her bent over in some black magazine called Booty-Licious. ugh. Pride? In what?


    Great pic

  21. rockie Says:

    she was amazing black queen despite of her attitude,thanx GOD SHE IS SUCCESSFULL MWAAAH CAMILE

  22. Katie Says:

    Her face is exquisite. She is absolutely stunning.

  23. slyvia Says:

    first of all it was probably a stunt to be rude. they always have to have one bitchy girl or the show would be boring. it called television. even if she was a bitch she toke amazing pictures on the show. so give credit where credit was due

  24. nerb Says:

    ugly from the inside out

  25. Katie Says:

    God, she is gorgeous. A diva, most definitely. But an amazing model.

  26. leilah Says:

    great photos, i really like your beauty

    • leilah Says:

      camille of the second cycle is totally different from the one of all stars cycle,i think her change was really great.keep the fire are crazy beautiful.

  27. Jay Moore Says:

    She was one of the cattiest contestants I’ve seen on ANTM; as soon as Yoanna began to trust her, she had to pull that low, backstabbing bit about her possibly havig an eating disorder. I was hoping for her elimination long before it came. Although she’ll never see this, if I saw her on the street, I would spit in her face before giving her the time of day ! Only place for her on national T.V. is the Jerry Springer Show.

  28. channey Says:

    pretty girl

  29. José Falu Says:

    She it’s so beautifull. She represent , toguether with Yava american beauty

  30. mattie Says:

    camile is beautiful..she was real and herself unlike other contestants who pretends to be good inside inorder to get favour.

  31. Angie Says:

    A super beautiful sociopath. Dead eyes. Terrifying.

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