Camara “Yaya” DaCosta Johnson was a contestant and runner-up on Cycle 3 Of ANTM.

After finishing in second place in America’s Next Top Model, where she is considered one of the most memorable contestants, DaCosta went on to a successful career. Yaya only appeared once in the bottom two during the competition.

She has modeled for Target, Olay, CharmaineLouise, DJA Clothing Company, Venus Clothing, Isaac Mizrahi, Kohl’s, Seven Magazine, Interview Magazine, Essence Magazine, Jewel Magazine, Elle Girl Presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Model, Marc Bouwer Fall 2005, Seda, Garnier Fructis, Lincoln Townhouse, Radioshack, Dr. Scholl’s, Vibe Magazine, Venus, Terrazine Magazine and Sephora.

DaCosta began acting in 2005 after having a small role in an episode of Eve called Prom Night. Since then she has acted in three major motion pictures: Take the Lead, Honeydripper and The Shanghai Hotel. She also acted in a TV movie called Racing for Time. She was recently cast on All My Children as Cassandra Foster, the daughter of Angie Hubbard.

According to an interview with All My Children’s new head writer, Charles Pratt, Jr., DaCosta exited the role some time in August 2008, less than four months after joining the show, to join the cast of “The First Breeze of Summer” on Broadway. According to, “The First Breeze of Summer” will be presented from 2008-2009 by the historic Negro Ensemble Company.

In addition to modeling, Yaya is also acting and has in appeared in commercials for Radioshack and Garnier Fructis. She recently appeared in the movie Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. She has also did modeling for Target and appeared in a few rap music videos.

In 2009, she is scheduled to portray Nico Slater on the ABC series Ugly Betty. She is currently signed to Models 1 London and Ford Models.

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To view more photos of Yaya, click here.

41 Responses to “Camara “Yaya” DaCosta Johnson”

  1. This girl is my favorite.

  2. Marts Says:

    Pretty… Pretty… Pretty… Just, wow. This girl is STUNNING!

  3. sam Says:

    In Elle they had an article about her saying she was going to be in the new Tron movie also.

  4. I.G. Says:

    She just appeared in the film the Kids are All Right, also starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. She plays the role of Tanya, who is a friend and co-work of Ruffalo’s character.

  5. SLC Says:

    Yaya is gorgeous. And proof that as long as you work what ANTM gave you, you don’t have to win to have a successful career.

    Wish her all the best.

  6. Viv Says:

    Love Yaya! Agree that not winning ANTM is probably better for your modeling career. She has been infinitely more successful than most of the winners (including Eva, whom she lost to), and has been able to parlay her success to movie and Broadway roles.
    She’s in the current winter Gap campaign, looking amazing. Good for her!

  7. lima Says:

    She also appeared in Tron Legacy! 😀

  8. Lola Says:

    She has even made it bigger than Eva, the winner. Runner up’s always make it bigger anyway.

  9. Cassie Says:

    She was on the cover of W magazine!! Couldn’t believe it.

  10. Louise Brooks Says:

    Just saw YaYa in the movie “The Kids Are All Right”. She looks FANTASTIC!

  11. boo Says:

    She was boring.

  12. grace darko Says:

    Yaya was also my favourite, she is just great in that outfit.

  13. ALLXXX Says:

    I remember watching the movie “the Kids Are Alright” and wondering who this black beauty was?! I’m happy to know who she was! Damn she is a HOTTIE!!!

  14. sharon Says:

    YaYa is proof you cna have brains and beauty. YAAAA Yaya

  15. Heather Says:

    Yaya was my FAVORITE! Beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted. I’m so happy to see she went on to do so much. I wish she had won instead of Eva.

  16. leslie Says:

    Luv u ya-ya u r the best keep doing what you do girl iam happy that u are working in the movies.

  17. Khatarina Says:

    Arrogant girl, who thinks she is better than everyone else. Can’t stand her.

  18. Anj Says:

    Loved Yaya the first time I ever watched ANTM, re-watched it again recently and I see that she is a person who could be easily labeled as “uppity” but what it was, was confidence radiating from her personality which is also a NECESSITY in a competition like this! I know she did not win ANTM but she went on to do some pretty great things! in life, God bless you!

  19. She was my favorite….go Yaya!

  20. Joseph Says:

    Her attitude sucks but she was better model than Eva

  21. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    She should’ve won instead of Eva. She was infinitely more successful through the entire competition!

  22. yaya was the best among the lot

  23. marta Says:

    Really did not like her. He was snotty, didn’t have any sense of humour and was looking down on everybody. Whatever she hasachieved is not important to me because her personality was and probably stil is ugly

    • Canuck Says:

      “Her success doesn’t matter to me because I didn’t like the way she came off on a reality show that aired several years ago.”

      Funny that someone can work hard and do well for themselves, but that people will still write it all off based on a pool of assumptions formed from a very limited and heavily edited point of reference.

  24. Donnaronna Says:

    Hey! I just saw her do a cameo on an episode of Law and Order SVU – she looks different but her voice is unmistakable!

  25. Donnaronna Says:

    Not sure of the name of the episode but I was honestly surprised lol

  26. kola Says:

    love love love yaya hated eva. eva has a stuck up attitude and she is devilish, even tara caught on to it. also the girl can’t act.

  27. Lonny Says:

    She was great on Broadway

  28. Monica Says:

    yeah I saw her on SVU too! the episode is called Anchor. she is a prostitute haha. i was like DUDE IT’S YAYA! she did awesomely.

  29. Bev Says:

    wasn’t that her in a new AT&T commercial for wireless television?

  30. Daphne Says:

    Never liked her, still don’t. Why? Boring, flat, not a top model, looks like a lawyer or teacher, need I say more?

  31. Grace Says:

    When I saw her for the first time in the casting episode, I literally gasped. She was so pretty, bad skin, but amazing eyes and a great smile. Glad she went far. Liked her even more when she said something about that calories might just be a conspiracy. She seems smart!

  32. maria1924 Says:

    I hated yaya so bad durning her season, but I’m happy 2 hear that she’s doing great..

  33. Mindy Rude Says:

    She was also in the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake. I loved both her and Eva though it was one of the only final twos where I was really okay with either winning

  34. Kat Says:

    Not my favorite person, she seemed a bit above it all, but she’s done very well after..from the soaps to now having her first child soon, so congrats! Like with everyone else, time moves on, all the cycles are a bubble of time.

  35. kdubbywhyt Says:

    Update: She’s carved out quite the career for herself despite the snarky comments on here. Look how well she performed in her latest venture, “The Butler”. Do the doggone thing, Yaya!

  36. channey Says:

    Her spider picture was to DIE for!!!! I loved it, it was SO stunning, better than Eva’s IMO but Eva rocked it despite how terrified she was.

    The fence picture is a cool idea.

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