Brooke Saricha was a contestant during Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Brooke was only twenty-two years old when she became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6. She is from Corpus Christi, Texas and was a student at Texas A&M University Corpus-Christi.

As a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Brooke wanted to be able to show other people her fiercer side, as others commonly perceive her to be timid. However, she was only able to become aggressive towards one Top Model finalist, Nnenna Agba, as the latter always seemed to be in conflict with her boyfriend, which led to her frequent use of the telephone. The other girls deemed Brooke as a “cry-baby” because whenever she would do badly in a challenge, she usually reacts by crying. Brooke defended herself by pointing out that all people have different ways of coping, and crying just happened to be hers. The judges named her “Babbling Brooke” because she stumbled over her words when put under pressure. Brooke’s performance during the photo shoots were a bit inconsistent, and the judges of the show eliminated her on the seventh week when her photographs from the “Doll” photo shoot and her inability to maximize her potential greatly disappointed the judges.

Brooke Staricha has been with various agencies since the show, such as I Model and Talent in New York, Reel Management and Why Not Milan. She is currently with Q Models in Los Angeles and the Neal Hamil Agency. She now goes by the name Brooke Zenaida or just Zenaida, which is her middle name.

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50 Responses to “Brooke Staricha”

  1. maria* Says:

    She was one of my faves.

    • jamie Says:

      What is so funny and ironic is that i thought she was so goofy and weird looking on the show that i didn’t think twice about her, just thinking, well IF feronda made it anyone can!! So mannish Brooke was one of those… She is average joe… JOE!

    • jamie Says:

      WHY WHY WHY? she had no personality or brains… JUST her funny looks! why is she your fav?? That just feaks me out.

  2. silver nail polish Says:

    There was something I really liked about her! I wish she had progressed further.

  3. kiki Says:

    If that girl had mastered her face, she might have made it to the top.

    • jamie Says:

      mastered her face? Uhmmm, that can not be done. She is just too mannish. I think she really is a dude taking hormones… Ive seen prettier men. I’m sorry but it’s just a fact. I can’t understand why she was on the show. I sware Tyra is a little off with her choices… hence FERONdA! I thought omg, if this funny girl is on here, any girl has a chance!! SO girls GO FOR IT>.. they let anyone in to antm. In fact i don’t even watch it for the reason that the models are just ugh… with a few exceptions, like eva diva and mollie sue.

  4. Светлана Says:

    Она мне нравилась. По-моему, не накрашенная она выглядит ещё красивее и естественней.

  5. Melissa Says:

    She learned to keep her face down! XD

    • Melissa Says:

      I mean chin – woops XS

    • Vicki Says:

      maybe she should cover her face up. I’m sorry but this man/woman (brookie) is not a model. She is a mess in every way. She doesn’t get the concept of modeling? how hard is that???? OH boy Im sick that she even got on antm but sometimes they do not pick attractive women. It drives me crazy!! BTW I love MOLLIE-SUE… SHe is doing so well and i’m so happy cuz i about fell over when she got sent home for her personality??? what? Like Brooke is a comedian?? uhhh, she is not a bright human being,… To put it very nicely.

  6. jenn Says:

    Why is she or he a model? This girl looks like a man in drag. I do not see what the big deal is. I guess when her chin is down and hidden, as well as her huggggee lips, she is okay cute. Very, very manish and gangley. Weirdness is all I can think of with her.

    • Mai Says:

      lol. Jenn, don’t talk unless you are willing to put your pic up so we can see what you look like and whether you look half as attractive..

      • Sam Says:

        oh people don’t need to leave their photo… she is not that great, she looks weird at best. Big nose that looks like a penis on the tip. long chin, slanty small eyes, just freaky lookin. Maybe she could work her face so that it might look more like a model. My granny is cuter! LOL. No really, Brooke is not model material, she is just odd and her features are bam, jank… ugh. just not good. I’m sorry but we have a right to our opinions as well. They are not always what people want to hear. I also heard she is a boyfriend stealer!!! which is horrible! That right there makes here appearance irrelivant!!!, she is ugly on the inside, who does that kind of thing, more than 2 xs. Sluttttyyyyyy and ugggllly! She needs to go home. Bye Bye Brookie! I love Mollie sue and Leslie, they are beautiful!!!!! and Danielle had a funny personality that made her cuter!!!

    • Cindy Says:

      That is harsh! I guess you have experience in drag queens so you can say she looks like one? That’s the problem with society, they know how to judge people due to the lack of their own success or looks. I think she’s beautiful!

      • sabreena Says:

        I personally have worked with her, and she is wonderful! (Too quick to judge you are!)

      • Vicki Says:

        Brooke’s face is what is HARSH, LOOK AT it… True beauty like Mollie and Leslie, that is hot… THIS IS NOT. Brooke is not even doing anything, so why? I think the agencies see what most of us see. I won’t state the obvious!

      • jamie Says:

        What is Harsh is her features, very mannish and big chin, jaw, nose, long skinny face… and side view is another story. ugh.

      • Sam Says:

        Who needs experience in seeing a drag queen? she looks like a dude, a man is a man!! I know i have experience in men you silly kid. So many say that about her, him, whatever! lmao. Maybe you can help ol brooke get a decent job like Mollie. She sucks as a model… and the IQ, wowwww, LOW. Have you ever heard her talk for a minute??? Let me know when you get a clue.

    • Zsa Says:

      What is with the manly obsession? She is a girl, it’s obvious.

      • Vicki Says:

        really? are you kidding? Do you know the MALE transgender supermodel Andrej Pajec is absolutely 2000% more feminine than Brooke … He actually does the FEMALE RUNWAY as well… He is beautiful, it’s incredible!… just soft and gorgeous etc. Look him up you will see how mannish brooke IS after that. She needs to get another job. Anyone can have big lips… its called fillers!!

      • jamie Says:

        to answer that obvious question… Because she is mannly!! It’s not apparent it is a female. You never know what anyone is in private, Ive seen BEAUTIFUL drag Qs. They are more feminine than brooke big time! There is a problem that she is a model. Too many lovely ladies model for her to take up space, which she isn’t much cuz the agencies don’t like her look either. All the other GIRLS are soing so awsome, but they were smart and really cared about it. Brooke didn’t even cry when she got the boot.. All those tears and none for the right reason. She was so lucky to even be on the show. OMG, she is fugly.

    • jamie Says:

      THANK YOU JENN!!! You took every word out of my mouth! it’s like I wrote it.. SHe is a dude and all my friends truly believe that. Hormones can make any voice soft and high like hers! it’s not impossible. But she just is so gangley and horse face. ick!!!!

  7. Cindy Sifuentes Says:

    I am so proud of Brooke. She represented Corpus Christi so well. I miss not seeing her in church, but she is living every girls dream. I can’t wait to see her on television and in magazines. Way to go Brooke! We love you! Sifuentes family

  8. EM Says:

    Please! This girl is gorgeous in person.

    • modell Says:

      yea, ahh no, ive seen her in person, not a big deal… just really really tall and hunched over. chin chin chin.. lots’ of chin and jaw, a big nose too! not a biggy.

  9. goodsense Says:

    What you complain about is what made her so stunning. The huge heart melting eyes, the proud chin, the eye-popping lips make her a true beauty.
    Lots of girls are cute or pretty, precious few stop a man in his tracks like Brooke.
    By the way do you find Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren also represent “weirdness”? I ask because they are the two most beautiful women of the last 50 years and they too have huge eyes, strong chins and awesome lips.

    • jamie Says:

      NO NO NO> JENN has it RIGHT ON TARGET…. I could not have said it better myself… WHat is wrong with you people? can you not see her/??? i’m confused. I’m with jenn and many many others who have spoken similar things!

    • stephanie Says:

      She is fugly, PLEASE! get a clue. Is she even a woman?????? what’s with the mannish look? I do not find her pretty, she just wierd lookin and tall. i would be upset if i was that tall!! she’s 6 foot! she’s a ddude!

  10. Vicki Says:

    I am with JENN on this one. She is not a model, she is stopping people in their tracks due to her huge statue, over sized chin,jaw, and lips. Yes big lips are nice on the right woman, PLEASE DO NOT compare this dingy gangley manly creature to angelina or anyone else like that. She is a man, I believe but that would be fine if she was HOT. she is NOT. Big nose, Long skinny face, HUGE JAW<CHIN, slanty squinty eyes, wtf do people see in this ding dong? Well i guess if Feronda made it to top model, ANYONE CAN! omg she was horrible but at least she was SMART. I'm sorry bye bye Brookie!! ANd Mollie sue had made it HUGE, she is freakin modeling for so many top designers and Paris runway! SHE was the beauty… Brooke is just wierdness. My friend saw her and would NOT believe it was a woman!!!! Nothing i said could convince her this shenis was a female. I think she is a male. Bottom line. Ive seen prettier men…….. not in drag.

  11. charlotte Says:

    Actually sophia loren had a very weak chin, almost non existant. Brooke i find absolutely gorgeous althought i can see why shes not to alot of mens taste because she’s not a precious girly pretty but she’s certainly a beauty with an edge!

  12. Ally Says:

    Brooke is so gorgeous. I remember seeing her on ANTM and Twiggy saying that as soon as Brooke walked into the room, she just couldn’t help staring at her because she was so gorgeous. It’s a real shame she didn’t progress further; it was her shyness/lac of confidence that let her down. I also can’t believe she was eliminated over Jade!

  13. kiki Says:

    She only had two good photos.

  14. lorraine Says:

    I personaly did nat like Brooke mainly cos of her hate for Nenna..i mean i hear she is church but she called her a Bitch on live TV,*mmm what do they teach at that church??and she said Nenna should go back to Africa or wherever it is she come from?bitter comments though nenna shouldnt have been on the phone for long…so I dont like Brooke cos i am from Africa and she wasnt pretty and she iis a cry baby lol

  15. G Says:

    Wow, jamie.. you seriously look nuts. You replied to half the comments, most of which were a year old. Someone is severely pressed.

    Anyway, Brooke.. very pretty girl but her post ANTM shots aren’t so great. She seemed lovely anyway so I wish her the best.

  16. Cody Says:

    I went to high school with her, and while she may not be a Tyra Banks, I saw her grow from a girl who was nothing but knees and elbows to the woman that y’all so eagerly tear apart. And people wonder why girls develop eating disorders and body issues. I’m proud of HER no matter what some shallow trolls on the internet think.

  17. Anna Says:

    True beauty is debatable and controversial. I have always thought there was an odd intangible quality about Brooke’s beauty. I know everyone won’t get it and obviously, everyone hasn’t. But that’s art.

  18. James Says:

    She was my server tonight in Hollywood. I recognized her, and she was not thrilled about it at all.

  19. doug Says:

    brooke is beautiful.. u guys are ridiculous especially jamie clearly u have something against her

  20. She is so gorgeous. What a face. She will always be one of my favorites.

  21. Idalia Says:

    Brooke is sexy ! IDK what is wrong with u ppl

  22. wompwomp Says:

    She has underrated sex appeal and a killer bod. They always tried to do her make up “romatic” but I think they should have gone more bombshell especially with her more ethnic features. I could see here bing one of the “awkwarder” girls at Victoria’s Secret a la Frankie Rayder

  23. Lilly R Says:

    Wow, I don’t get why there is so many hate going on against her.
    I think she looks so interesting. Her face is great – but it seems like she doesn’t always know how to work it.

  24. annie Says:

    she was so stunning!!!!

  25. Shae Says:

    These comments are viscious ,shame on all you women bashing Brooke. I’m sure not all of you look that great. Instead of embracing each other all we do is put each other down. Just because she isn’t attractive to you doesn’t mean she isn’t attractive to anyone else. Men say women are viscious they’re right, all if ya’ll calling her a man should feel ashamed, what if that was you. At least she was brave enough to go on national television to pursue her dream, what have you done.

  26. Brianna Says:

    She would look better if she get her nose and jaw fixed.

    • Cindy Says:

      I think Brooke is following HER dream and people need to stop being so negative. Really, what have any of you done in comparison? I’ve known her since she was a little girl and for any of you to say she’s a man is simply disgusting. Don’t judge her, because people could do that to you or someone you care about.

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