Brooke Miller was a contestant on Cycle 7 of ANTM.

Brooke left her high school during her last year in order to audition for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7. In the process, she wasn’t able to attend her senior prom and her graduation, but aside from experiencing a bit of frustration, Brooke has no regrets about her appearance on the show.

When Brooke started out as a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, she had a bit of difficulty adjusting, especially when she and the other thirteen finalists were made to pose naked for their group photo. However, Brooke eventually became more comfortable with the challenges and with the other girls. On Brooke’s last week on the show, she, along with the Babin twins, got to accompany Melrose Bickerstaff to a Seventeen Magazine photo shoot, after Melrose won a runway walk challenge facilitated by Elite Models director, Cathy Gould. The photo shoot following the challenge required the girls to pose with model Fabio, and although few of the other girls had a difficult time, Brooke was placed on the bottom two with Eugena Washington. Ultimately, the judges eliminated Brooke because they felt she didn’t possess enough potential to be a great model.

After appearing on the show, Brooke Miller graduated college at the University of Texas, and has taken test shots.

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34 Responses to “Brooke Miller”

  1. lissa Says:

    Ugggh! Bleached blonde and a boob job! Big surprise that’s not the only way to get noticed. I guess if you get no agencies to pick you up this is the go-to method.

    I liked Brooke, but this disappoints me!

    • Theresa Says:

      Her hair was naturally blonde. And NO boob job. She matured as the years went by. She was a petite 18 year old.
      And she can go back blonde if she likes.

      • Jeff Says:


        No way anyone is buying what you are trying to sell. Brooke got a boob job…so what. I think she went to big and agree with other posters that she looked better as a brunette.

  2. maria Says:

    Omg! Now she looks like every other blonde in Hollywood!!! Why, Brooke? Why the change?

  3. rishelle Says:

    WTF? 😦 Why did she bleach her hair blonde? I really love her and she was my favorite. So was Brooke. But I am just so disappointed about this! This doesn’t look good to her! She looks like a hollywood star wanna be. I really liked her when she had deep brown hair color! Urggh. I am really upset because I really adore her. Cute face, gorgeous eyes and a cool and bubbly personality! She has it all. Why did she even do this!! URGGGH! Why Brooke? WHY ?

  4. Pati Says:

    Now she’s like Heidi Montag.

  5. Daisy Says:

    She didn’t have a boob job; they just grew. It’s been like 3-4 years … and her hair, it was blonde before Tyra dyed it brown. Even if it is bleached, so what? A whole bunch of the celebrities you like now are like that. Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Hayley Williams, and SO much more.

    • Scarlett Says:

      Hayley Williams isn’t blonde I think you’ll find. She dyed it for Brick by boring Brick. Here speaks a Paramore fan. And why do you have a whole comment on hair? I mean..really? Your obviously defensive since you probably bleached your hair.

  6. Natasha Says:

    I think she is incredibly beautiful. Her hair is naturally blonde. She probably has lightened it somewhat but it is still naturally blonde.

    She has the most impressive blue eyes, lovely white skin and her hair compliments her features perfectly.

  7. Lynn Says:

    She DEFINITELY had a boob job. You don’t go from an A to D after the age of 18, unless you’ve been pregnant! She looks superficial right now.

  8. Настюша Says:

    Brooke классная. Ей идёт и тёмные и светлые волосы. И фотки у неё тоже супер!

  9. Dani Says:

    I like how if you have big boobs everyone assumes you got a boob job. Real funny actually. 😀

  10. brooke Says:

    This site popped up in my Google alerts earlier today. What a fun collection of my Top Model photos. Just an FYI to all who commented: I didn’t get a boob job. I went to college and gained a few lbs. 🙂 It happens. And I didn’t dye my hair blonde; believe it or not, that’s my natural color. (You can see my blonde roots in some of my dark hair pics.) Thanks for the ANTM love! To see what I’m up to now, follow me on twitter @brookiemiller.

  11. Kate Says:

    I LOVE Brooke. One of my fave top model contestants ever! I was so sad to see her eliminated earlier than she should have been. Hope she still raps. 🙂 I like her blonde or brunette. And when girls put on lbs, like we all have, boobs do get bigger so I’m inclined to believe that happened to her! She looks gorgeous either way.

  12. fifi Says:

    I liked her; she was really cute. Now I’m looking at that and I don’t see anything. I’m very disappointed at these photos, to me, she’s like Heidi Montag. About the bood job, we can’t be sure, but I think she got one. If you get weight, you don’t just get boobs, you get the belly as well. And, I’m sorry, at 18 you are a young adult who is freshly formed. The boobs can still grow but not like that! So I really think she got one. But, truly, who cares?

  13. AnKa Says:

    She was one of my faves. I think Anchal, Eugena and Jaeda should have gone home before her.

  14. Kat Says:

    They messed up the whole season when they sent her home…very disappointing. She looks good, but I do have to say…if she did gain weight it was all in the boobs cause her face looks a lot thinner. She’s still pretty though, and one of the few (no matter what the makeover artists say) that can rock it both blond and brunette.

  15. Liza Says:

    Personally I think,she’s one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever seen before.She is so pretty-sweety girl.But she is so young and inexperienced.She’ll have a great modeling career in the future,if she’ll want it.Some of her after-ANTM photos and gossip about the bood job disappointed me,but it doesn’t matter.She is still very beautiful.

    P.S.:English isn’t my native language,excuse me my grammatical mistakes.

  16. peonygirle Says:

    She now works for ESPN as a Journalist!

  17. Prefer when she was ‘brunette’ and really slim. Now she looks a bit like a superficial girl or something like that…

  18. Scarlett Says:

    I think her eyes are too close together.

  19. Leah Says:

    I love how nobody actually reads posts before making nasty comments. Did they even watch the show? Her hair was blonde before makeovers as many posters have said. Also, I did not grow boobs until I was like 25 and gained some weight. I was 5’8″ and 115 lbs forever. I even got a butt eventually, one of the happiest days of my life.

  20. TS Says:

    That is not fair, people. She is still pretty and everything. Do you realize everybody makes comments on people’s faces and looks. It doesn’t matter. Everybody is pretty in their own way. And Brooke is nothing like all you mean people describe her to be

  21. Tabby Says:

    she is beautiful! i was ver upset to see her go; i really thought she had a better chance of winning than most of the other girls. Good Luck to you Brook! keep rapping!!

  22. Khris Says:

    brooke is pretty, fresh-faced…why are you hooligans hating on her? shes probably one of the nicest contestants ever…and she DIDN’T get a boob job…one day, maybe she will, maybe not but who cares?! that’s her body not yours…and she looks like Dianna Agron when she was still blonde!

  23. ariana Says:

    i love brooke! personally i think she just looks different in photos, not how she does in reality. i don’t think its down to the hair/weight gain, like if you compare her antm pics to what she actually looked like on the show then you’ll see where i’m coming from! maybe its just cause shes doing this pouty face in the pics and not her cuteass smile, i’m suure she’s the same brooke we all know and love in person 😀

  24. obi blessing immaculate Says:

    Swthrt u were one of ma favorite in d house buh wat I don’t get is wat happen tot u were gonna do something nice with you in terms of modelling wif dis nahhhhhHh dis is nt d brooke I knew in d house

  25. Ella Says:

    Pretty girl but blah—-just so boring and generic for a model.

  26. kaduzy Says:

    Sorry, she’s nice but she’s a future trophy wife at best. Zero real modeling potential!

  27. Katherine Says:

    She is gorgeous, and she is actually a good model. Wish she had more of a career afterwards. Sweet girl.

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