Brittany “McKey” Sullivan is an American fashion model and was a contestant and winner of Cycle 11 of ANTM.

McKey is a graduate of Lake Forest High School and attended Ripon College and majored in government and chemical biology. Sullivan got into modeling when she tried out for Elite Model Look following a sports injury and won the regional division of the competition.

McKey auditioned for Cycle 9 of ANTM, but was told that she wasn’t what they were looking for. After auditioning for a second time, she ultimately competed against thirteen other contestants to win Cycle 11.

Two other contestants named Brittany (or some variation) also competed in Cycle 11, so McKey and Brittney Brown were asked by Tyra Banks to change their names for the show. Sullivan chose ‘McKey’ since her mother was considering naming her McKenzie when she was born; it was also her pen name in high school. She plans on continuing to use the name beyond this television season. She came into the competition with shoulder-length bright red hair, but was later given makeover to short black hair. McKey was well known for athleticism in the house; she also trains in mixed martial arts with her boyfriend.

Throughout the competition, she became one of the front-runners with two collective first call-outs, two challenge wins and no bottom two appearances. During her go-see challenge in Amsterdam, she was booked by all of the four designers with whom she met, despite being disqualified from the challenge due to arriving back to the agency late. She went on to beat Samantha Potter for the title of America’s Next Top Model.

As part of the ANTM prize package awarded to her, McKey appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine with a 6-page editorial, she received a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, and received a contract for representation with Elite Model Management. She will be featured in a Wal-Mart campaign, as well as in the national CoverGirl campaign ads. Her win also comprises a billboard in Times Square.

McKey was featured in the December 2008 issue of In Touch Weekly, she appeared on the cover and had a spread in Seventeen Magazine (Feb 2009), and she has been on the covers of Forest & Bluff Magazine (Jan 2009 and Nylon Magazine (Mar 2009). McKey has recently been featured on Yahoo Style with Whitney Thompson and she had the cover and a spread in Chicago Scene (June 2009), as well as various advertisements for Forever 21, Rendezvous, Myer, Crabtree and Evelyn and Sass and Bide. Additionally, McKey appeared in Marie Claire (Sept 2009), has modeled for Oroton, Fendi and Miu Miu handbags and purses. McKey was also featured on the cover and interior fashion spread of Vogue knitting magazine (Fall 2009) and is set to appear in Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring Collection next year.

She has walked for EиD by Eva and Delia, Mada van Gaans, Ready to Fish by Ilja Visser and Addy van den Krommenacker at Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009 as part her prize in episode 10. McKey also walked for G-Star at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2009, Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week 2009, and for Heather Jones Designs Limited. She also appeared in Dutch Avantgarde with Samantha Potter.

During her My Life as a CoverGirl commercials, it was revealed that she had been working with the Make a Wish Foundation. She was also named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People of 2009 and she was named the 44th sexiest woman of 2008 by BuddyTV.

McKey is currently signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago.

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77 Responses to “Brittany “McKey” Sullivan”

  1. kiki Says:

    McKey is not supposed to be blonde.

  2. DevilishlyTweet Says:

    McKey is downright gorgeous! She looks amazing whether she is posing soft, elegant, hard, masculine or anything in between. I love that she is furthering her education as well as following the modeling path. May she have a happy fulfilled life whatever she chooses.

  3. Einez Says:

    She’s one of my faves! 🙂

  4. Linda Says:

    I love her eyes and style. She is so beautiful from the inside or outside. 😉

  5. Darkswordian Says:

    I’m not sure if the author reads this, but is there any source for some of this? Particularly the Nylon cover, the Forever 21 work, the Myer work, and the Sass and Bide work? These are all pretty big companies and I’ve never seen references to this anywhere else.

    • modelscribe Says:

      Hi. I’m the author and yes, I do read and approve every comment for this blog. Every major source for the model bios are from
      Wikipedia, which lists reference links to all info listed on their site. Click HERE for McKey’s profile on Wikipedia.

      The work Mckey did for Forever 21 was runway work and that is confirmed at the following LINK.

      As for Sass and Bide, Myer, Rendezvous, etc – Wikipedia lists a reference link from Chicago Scene which is HERE. [This link is now defunct.] It’s listed in footnote #7.

      Feel free to ‘open a can’ on Wikipedia should you have further issues with what they’re passing as factual information.

      Thanks for asking and take care,

      • Darkswordian Says:

        Yeah, I wish this stuff was true, but I think I’ll have to settle with giving Wikipedia a strong glare and move on! I would note though that the Forever 21 story in the link notes McKey as as attendant.

      • Kelly Says:

        wikipedia is not a legit source for anything! shame on you

  6. Mariane Says:

    As for me, McKey is the best winner.

  7. kiki Says:

    This girl has the most amazing face I have ever seen. And her eyes always shine.

  8. McKey is actually with Factor Women now in Chicago, IL now.

  9. Kenta Says:

    McKey is the best winner of ANTM ever. She’s very versatile. Her photos look very editorial.

    • Susan Fleming Says:

      She may be the best winner, but who has seen or heard of any of the winners after they won? It seems the runners up are the more succeful. I see Rayna at least once a week on some commercial and Analeigh had a pretty meaty role in the film “Crazy Stupid Love.” Who has a cluse what McKey or Krista ( the one who beat Rayna out.) are doing?

  10. Lucy Says:

    God, I just don’t like her! She is so dumb to me! I’ve seen her in Cycle 12 and she looks so shy and dumb. I don’t think she has the strong personallity a model needs. But whatever, good for her if she can do what she likes.


    • picky picky Says:

      Mckey is not dumb; she was just the shy one who minded her own buisness while the rest of them were off picking fights with each other!

      • Lucy Says:

        I’m sorry. I didn’t want to mean that she’s dumb. My point is that she looks dumb xD. I don’t know hoy to express it well. To me, she doesn’t have the face of a model nor the attitude.

    • Mari H. Says:

      I have to agree; McKey’s face isn’t that versatile, like Analeigh’s, or even Elina’s. Just check out their bio pages, and you’ll see their photos are much more “Top Model” than McKey’s.

      • gerald Says:

        She’s not dumb she’s pretty she is shy yeah but that’s her personality anyway she’s not stupid she was the most mature person in the house.

      • Re Says:

        You may not like McKey but she was hella better than the other girls =P.

    • Khris Fortin Says:

      how dumb is she? she just studies pre-med and pre-law.
      beat that 😀
      and I admire her, I study pre-Law right now and it’s not a piece of cake, I tell you.
      and McKey has an understanding nature. I remember how she always comforted Isis. she’s so kind and yeah, has the most amazing face ever. go, McKey!

  11. Nastya Says:

    Я болела за Анали, но Макки мне тоже нравится. Она красивая.

  12. T Says:

    I think her smile sometimes resembles Batman’s Joker’s face.

  13. Viv Says:

    McKey is very pretty but a Top Model she is not. Far from it. It’s unfortunate, but I think her chances would have been better without the show-ANTM seems to ruin careers than vice versa.

  14. Says:

    She looks like Robin from HIMYM!

  15. boo Says:

    I don’t think she should have won; someone else was better than her. And her voice when she talks is high-pitched and fake, like yeah you know, whatever.

  16. dude-ish Says:

    Yeah she is my favorite winner thus far. She is one of the few along with Jaslene and Nicole Fox to avoid bottom 2. Mckey was my favorite from the get go although I did adore Marjorie and Analeigh as well. Mckey’s look was so strong and her own midevil lookin style was amazing! She didn’t seem like a threat to some of the girls but she totally proved them wrong as she pretty much had the whole package…

  17. Brunito Says:

    She’s the winner of the best cycle! All the girls were strong competitors and it was really tough to win this season. Great show; my favorite cycle!

  18. Renny Says:

    I seriously preferred Samantha, though in the runway, she looked like she was about to cry.

  19. Alina Says:

    She looks very much like Dima Koldun (Дима Колдун)!

  20. Becks Says:

    I also wanted Sam to win. Don’t know, but Mckey annoys me. Especially her mouth and face. =( She looks like a boy. But that’s just how I see her.

  21. Guz** Says:

    I love Mckey!

  22. olle Says:

    I also think she looks like a boy. Her face is rather “strange,” and I don’t like her big mouth.

  23. Your Name Says:


  24. Ashley Says:

    She is soo sooo soooo soooo pretty! LOVE HER.

  25. Creen Says:

    One of my all time faves.

  26. jaella4u Says:

    Oh my God, from the very first time I saw McKey, I went ‘wow, wow and wow’. She is soooo pretty. Her eyes are killer, her lips are just sooo sexy. And she’s tall. She has really cool, long legs. Analeigh was pretty and nice. But that was just about it. She’s good an actress, not a top model. Samantha, cool hair cut, very good pictures, ugly legs, ugly catwalk. Marjorie, however, was a top model if not for the nerves. But if it were up to me, McKey would definitely be it. I knew she was going to win. You guys commenting about her looks; don’t know strong and beautiful. You say she’s dumb because she’s so down-to-earth and really cool. Everything about her is loveleeeyyyyyy. McKey, McKey, McKey, is all I can say.

  27. Gina Says:

    Gorgeous girl! I’m happy for her win, but I really thought Sam should’ve won. McKey certainly has that sophisticated couture look, but Sam had that “it” factor, and a wonderful freshness about her. Her pictures were just as good as McKey’s and her personality was just adorable.

  28. Khatarina Says:

    such a boring personality and a weak smile!

  29. ANTM groupie Says:

    Wish it was McKey and Marjorie showdown. Samantha, seriously???

    After McKey’s makeover, man, I knew she was going to win. The piercing eyes.

    Surprised though she’s not up there with Elyse Sewell.

  30. Niki b Says:

    I didn’t want McKey to win but she has really proven that she deserved it! Her shots are amazing! Stunning!

  31. gerald Says:

    Anyway I loved her she is so unique her hair is very gorgeous and the face I loved her beauty from the inside and out McKey had reloved the drama in the house with kindness.

  32. alleyal Says:

    i just saw her last night on bellator 45, being the cornerman for her bf.

  33. Khatarina Says:

    She is so irritating it makes me want to tear my eyes out! She smiles like she’s retarted. 9 out of ten times Tyra chooses the wrong girl to win. Yoanna was strong, Naima was gorgeous but girls like Whitney, Teyona, Krista and Mckey.. honestly, what the hell.

    • Belize Says:

      And your reasoning is worth than that of a person who is retarded. Clearly, your view of retardation is outdated. Read a book, enrich yourself, and stop making yourself look like a fool.

    • Cyn Says:

      You are an idiot!!!!! To use the word retard or retarded in such a negative manner. I hope you never have to deal with having a child born with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome or any other disability! Read a book and educate yourself because you have made yourself look like a fool by making statements like this!!!

  34. Jennifer Says:

    Just to let you know, if you want to add these pictures, Mckey was also in Vogue Knitting. Here’s a link to her pictures::

  35. jessica Says:

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks like Mccauley Culkin in Home Alone?!

  36. ME Says:

    Mckey is actually in LA now. She’s a model with the company I work for and I see her often haha 🙂

  37. kahuna Says:

    I don’t get this one. To me, she is not pretty with that Joker mouth. I just don’t see what a lot of other people see.

  38. Priscilla Says:

    She’s has a great face and great height and great talent! Although her non-24-inch waistline is what keeps her from working for couturiers in Paris and Milano. If she would just slim down to a 24-inch waistline then she would be booked for Chanel and Jean Paul Gautier. I love her face because it reminds me of the 1980’s supermodels.

  39. k.ate Says:

    I do not think mckey should have won I hated her through the whole cycle and I think she ugly and looks old.

  40. SendyGilbert Says:

    Okay Tyra and Mckey is photoshopped

  41. Jacob Says:

    Mckey, along with Jaslene, Ann, Nicole F and Danielle are the strongest winners of ANTM. Mckey owned her season and if anyone else won it would have been really sad.

  42. Holiday Says:

    Her face is stunning!! I love how she can shift from looking androgynous to super feminine to sexy to fierce. She is a chameleon, but still Mckey

  43. Ari Says:

    She so unique… n she’s my fave look!!

  44. moho Says:

    After Mckey said she thought Elina was the ugliest person she’d ever met (or something along those lines)because Elina said she hated her mother, Mckey irritated the heck out of me. After the big discussion about how you must love you parents because they provide food and shelter, not one of the girls that I remember showed any compassion for Elina despite the fact that she sounded like she had a tortured upbringing with very little nurturing. I hope Elina finds happiness!

    • Marie Says:

      It was exactly the same way for me. The whole thing about America and freedom was that people would have a life that they chose and without discrimination from others if their views and opinions were different from their own. Between McKey, Sam, Joslyn and Sheena they were the worst at not being understanding and trying to see things from their point of view. It’s like what would it be like for them if they were the ones living in Europe but still hadn’t adapted to the European way. Would they then appreciate others saying they need to get I very it already and they have no issue to use it as an excuse for why they still can’t fit in or conform to the European way of life? Never judge someone until you have walked in their shoes I was taught that before passing on judgements of others. But until McKey starting joining in with the others and making that comment about how Elina is ugly from the inside out I lost all respect for her and also was not happy with her winning. One thing I totally disliked about this season especially was the fact that most of the contestants were very judgmental and even extremely rude and enjoyed ganging up on other contestants like how mist of them turned on Hannah for the very fact that she was uncomfortable with people bring in her space and being uncomfortable with Isis. Whrather or not my views are different from hers it was still not right to gang up on a girl for her beliefs especially since she I s from a very small state that more then likely do not have a Gay or Lesbian people that is out about their sexuallity for the fact that just because the media is all pc about same sex relationships their are still very many places even states for that matter that do not believe or supports it. By making her feel as they did and to call her what they did was uncalled for and just as wrong as what they were fighting for in the first place…they just did to her what they claimed she did to Isis. This was when I started to get over antm and will only watch it now if it’s being showed as a marathon and n nothing better us on. I just like to see where some of them are now and again and to read the comments that are posted

  45. rhocurl Says:

    she’s probly the best winner ever, never been in the bottom 2
    she shud always keep her hair infront her forehead tho #thatisall

  46. I love her dark hair more but she can rock any style.

  47. Belize Says:

    Change the color of her hair and she transforms drastically. In my opinion, that’s one of the many definitions of her versatility. On a personal note, I liked the shaggy hair on her. It makes her look androgynous and far more interesting.

  48. KJ Says:

    I knew she looked familiar when I saw her when I first got to campus. She goes to Ripon and I know for sure she’s doing something in chemistry because I always see her in the chemistry department in the labs. She stands out.

  49. Marina Says:

    She’s much alike Laeticia Casta

  50. Lihle Says:

    Mckey you are damn gorgeous girrrrrl! i love you keep up the good work…..

  51. Garret Says:

    Pretty but very dated looking (80’s Revlon ads) and also such a different winner, not that strong a personality and her Covergirl commercials were always a mess.

    Bad winner choice but this cycle wasn’t great anyway, like McKey it was forgettable. It still had more deserving winners such as Analeigh! McKey just didn’t look like she cared about modelling or even Samantha..

    There’s a reason why Isis and Sheena were All Stars, the worst top 2 ever.

  52. Troll Says:

    She may be a bit masculine, but she pulls off the whole androgynous-ish look. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m so glad she won! And it’s not like any of you guys commenting are any better looking so…

  53. I love her. I think that is the best winner

  54. cavoletto Says:

    She has really a very interesting face, and seing her on the catwalk vs. Samantha was impressive: she just had to win, not only she has a very good photo-face, her body is also amazing, and she has a very elegant walk, she just stand out… I hope things are going well for her! 🙂

  55. Cheryl Durst Says:

    Gorgeous and totally versatile.

  56. Emily Doering Says:

    She is my absolute favorite contestant EVER!

  57. pointandshoot Says:

    I must be the only one here who just doesn’t feel one way or the other about McKey-she just didn’t resonate with me at all. Her pics were good, she was consistent, I could totally see her having a successful modeling career, yet when I think back on past ANTM winners and finalists, she isn’t one that I remember right away. (Maybe it was the haircut-I am not a fan of the short ‘dos that Tyra inflicts on her contestants-I thought it aged her, gave her more of a generic look, and the black was too harsh for her complexion.) Definetly good at what she does, just not all that memorable.

  58. Sasha Abuque Says:

    Brittany fought a very tough battle which she ended up winning. She is a real mentor to quite a number of young ladies who want to rise above their fears and live their lives to the fullest. I love Brittany and all the JUDGES#That was awesome

  59. Katherine Says:

    One of the best winners ever.

  60. mayme Says:

    McKey was a total bitch to some of the other girls in the house, but it was overlooked because she wasn’t absolutely insane. BUT nonetheless I never really liked her attitude but she takes beautiful photos!

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