Brittany Markert was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The 21-year-old is an aspiring model originally from Livermore, California. The 5’5” student was staying in Santa Clara during her time on the show.

Brittany began the competition struggling to have the best photos, and toward the end, her performance improved immensely. She won reward challenges in episodes three and four and won immunity from elimination in episode five. Despite her improvements in the second have of the show, Brittany was the eighth girl eliminated from the competition.

Since the show, Brittany has signed with Passport Model Management in San Francisco, Paragon Model Management in Mexico, and has modeled for Kalina and Harper’s Bazaar.

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To view more photos of Brittany, click here.

38 Responses to “Brittany Markert”

  1. kittenhood Says:

    She wasn’t necessarily my fave in the show, but I see she’s taken some good pics since.

  2. kiki Says:

    What is going on with all these half-naked shots?

    • Josianne Says:

      If I had that body, I’d always be half (or completly) naked. She looks great. The pics have feeling, very grunge, very rock bottom. Love it. didnt like her much, but I gotta say, she kicks ass now!

  3. mary anne Says:

    Brittany is the exception to the rule (what compensates for the lack of height is all the other qualities that the model is supposed to have).

    • Marts Says:

      Like Matthew Rolston said during this cycle, “You can break the rules when the exception’s worth it.”

      He didn’t say it that way, but that’s what it meant. And he took a great example my pointing out Kate Moss being really short, but really successful at the same time.

  4. neesy Says:

    Wow! Those are sexual!

  5. silver nail polish Says:

    Wow, I do not like all of the topless/breast exposing pictures she took. I guess she always liked the sexy stuff! I remember in the beginning the judges kept having to tell her to tone it down.

  6. muy Says:

    She’s so sweet, I don’t even think she suits those topless shots. But I get the idea that she always liked the sexy photo shoots from the beginning of ANTM.

  7. corrine Says:

    Is she like the most successful model in her cycle?! Well, the most successsful next to Nicole?! She’s appears to have the most work done in comparison to other girls (excluding beautiful Nicole).

  8. anastacia Says:

    I do like some of the more interesting pictures, but I think she sold herself short and fell back on sex. But if it pays her bills then I get it! Lord knows Mollie Sue is slamming the artistic sexual modeling. Brittany’s face is slamming and that jawline is stunning! My biggest concern is how thin she is in many of her shots! The industry is shying away from the rib shot and in many of her pictures her ribs are front and center.

  9. Unknown Says:

    She’s so pretty. I don’t like her topless pictures though. It doesn’t really suit her. But she is a very beautiful person! But she is so freaking skinny! =O

  10. alex Says:

    Brittany has a drop-dead gorgeous face!!! Oh my gosh, she’s soooo pretty.

  11. Aysa Says:

    She’s so beautiful.

  12. boo Says:

    I didn’t care for her.

  13. Liza Says:

    she’s a sex bomb!

  14. Marts Says:

    Is it just me or she really looks like Natalie Portman on many pictures?

  15. Jamy Says:

    She’s gorgeous as a blonde AND a brunette! So lucky. (:

  16. Jessica Says:

    She should never go back to blonde EVER again.

  17. AKI Says:

    I’ve seen her print ads here in the Philippines!

  18. michelle Says:

    Why is she always naked? Hahah she became a naked model.

  19. Silver41 Says:

    Why the hell does she keep taking nude pictures ?! that’s crazy

  20. Priscilla Says:

    She could be the next Kate Moss! When will her agency send her to Paris?

  21. Libby Says:

    I dont get why showing her boobs is all you guys can comment about. if you knew anything about the fashion industry, you would know that this is normal and respected as art.

  22. drea Says:

    this girl is fierce! go to paris or milan and u’ll see that alot of their modeling includes exposing ur breasts or being very provocative. europeans r much more free spirited when it comes to nudity and sex than americans. i say go ahead gurl, WURK!!!!! haters make u famous…remember that!

  23. eleanore Says:

    gag…antm is supposed to be classy. these are just gross, especially the last one where she is spreading her herpes to her mouth…

    • Britttttt Says:

      Lol ants is NOT classy and portrays a fantasy world. Modeling is nothing like the antm creation. It’s a tv show. The REAL industry is full of artistic nudes like these. She’s stunning and since she’s so thin with a very sought-after little boy figure, it makes her nudes artistic,not trashy.

  24. Teddylyn Says:

    ske looks good in fashion pix..
    not in the sensual theme.

  25. Lian Says:

    I really think that she looks a bit “slutty” in her naked photos (which are 90 % of the lot)….I’m a little dissapointed in her….and like her WAY MORE when she stays classy and DRESSED! still think she is gorgeous though 🙂

  26. fa da ATM Says:

    She´s very preety and i like her.She´s amanzing I for me sh´s WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jlo Says:

    i think brittany must have a good top half body if there going to take so many semi-naked photo’s

  28. Britttttt Says:

    Good lord that girl is gorgeous. Her nudes actually aren’t all sexual- they’re artistic and have a dirty kind of sophistication that’s really common in the industry now.

  29. Cyn Says:

    This is a public site and with her beautiful face and bone structure, why would she choose to pose nude and subject herself to just this kind of erotic modeling. I am wondering as a mother and someone who is old enough to be her mother, what her parents think of all of this, the last picture is just pornographic to say the least, and there are young people who come to this site.

  30. Bulmaro Says:

    I am in awe of her beauty. She was my favorite with Nicole in Cycle 13, and I felt she should have gone further. She took some of the best shots that cycle.

    I totally give her props for doing what she wants to do. I think she can have an amazing career. She seems very versatile to me. I wish nothing but the best for her.

  31. Jessica Says:

    I understand and have no problem with tasteful nude modeling. But these pictures aren’t modeling, tasteful, or artistic. They are barely more than pornographic! I don’t understand why someone who wants to be a top fashion model would have resorted to this. And it certainly isn’t what I would call success as a model!

  32. Scott H. Says:

    Comments display a lack of understanding that Brittany Markert has gone on to be a successful and exceptionally art photographer. She is expressing herself in these images as she does in her photography – which is actually far edgier and more original (she uses film in vintage cameras) than lots of what you see here.

  33. startledbylightening Says:

    Some of those polariods and semi-nude shots are a little questionable … this is modeling, boobs and other things will come out, but these looks like two steps away from becoming a modern version of Madonna’s “justify my love” music video.

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