Brittany Hatch was a contestant during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Brittany was working as a bartender in Savannah, Georgia when she decided to try out for the eighth season of America’s Next Top Model. When she was 14 years old, her mother brought her to New York City and had her meet with several modeling agencies, but Brittany was not at all interested. As an adult, a friend constantly encouraged her to pursue a career in modeling, and when the show made its casting call, Brittany took her chance, even though she had not watched a single episode of the show.

When Brittany became a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, she proved to be one of the strongest competitors. Each week, she had managed to produce impressive photos, but when she struggled to remember her lines during the CoverGirl commercial shoot in Australia, Brittany found herself in the bottom two. She attributed her poor performance to her short-term memory disorder, and was subsequently spared from elimination. Her fellow Top Model finalist, Dionne, accused her of using her condition to gain the judges’ favor, but Brittany defended herself and regarded Dionne’s accusation as mere ignorance. Ultimately, Brittany became the ninth finalist eliminated from the competition because she had done poorly during the “go-sees” and lacked the personality of a model.

Brittany is currently signed with Beatrice International Models in Milan. She used to be signed with New York Model Management.

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40 Responses to “Brittany Hatch”

  1. FashionFreak Says:

    Stunning! Definitely amongst the most high-fashion looking girls to ever appear on ANTM! Her face is so classic and edgy; she’s a very rare mesh! Love her!

  2. neesy Says:

    Hate, hate, hated her!

  3. Chilly710 Says:

    I think her “short-term memory” was FAKE. She did well in the acting competition the week before the commercial in Australia. I don’t really know, but that’s just my guess.

    • startledbylightening Says:

      She was apparently in a very serious car accident, but her “short-term memory loss” (no such thing, if you’re really suffering from it you’d know it’s the inability to create to new long-term memory … short-term memory is suppose to be short and forgotten, that’s why it’s short-term!) doesn’t seem to be adding up. They only give the models so much time to learn and memorize that acting challenge and the commercial so if should could do one, she could do the other. It doesn’t make sense that the commercial was just so difficult, but the acting wasn’t? Why wasn’t the memory brought up before, on the acting day? And if she knew she had this problem, it’ not something that just came up yesterday, then why not be ready with some solutions: go last for the challenge, for the photo shoot so you have more time to practice, go straight to the cue cards (that’s what they’re there for), things like that … it just … seems fishy. Whenever I catch it on TV now, it always irritates me so much.

  4. Naomi S. Says:

    I love Brittany. She had one of the best portfolios ever on the show.

  5. smartiesdude Says:

    She suffered more from being a little off in personality or perhaps she was just naive about modeling then, but I always loved her photos the most out of the girls in cycle 8. The edgy girls that struggled with a more perkier personality tend to land a nice high-fashion career like Elyse and Mollie Sue.

  6. gherard Says:

    La mejor de ANTM…junto con McKey, sin duda!!!

  7. Brunito Says:

    She looks great with this short brown hair.

  8. Natalie Says:

    Her shoots after the show are soooo much better! She seems mature, strong. I didn’t like her very much during the show, because she was always making excuses and never took the responsability for her own mistakes. If she could handle the text in the challenge, why not in the commercial? If she assumed the guilt, probably Jael would stay for another week. IDK. But Her photos after the competition are absolutely stunning, she’s not that naive girl anymore. She’s great now.

  9. Mari Hyatt Says:

    Her photos did rock, especially in the black bathing suit; with the male model! Smokin’!!!

  10. anastacia Says:

    Love Love Love!!!!!!! Loved her on the show, loved her quirkiness, loved her portfolio!

  11. Daniel Says:

    I love her.

  12. Miss Says:

    She’s a wonderful model.

  13. Niki b Says:

    Wow. Couldn’t stand her on the show, but she has really taken some fantastic shots!

  14. gerald Says:

    Hated her personality but loved her photo she looks pale and editorial in her shot loved her red hair.

  15. dude-ish Says:

    I actually really loved her on the season, mainly because her photos were some of the best, but she did get annoying when she was was upset. im glad to see she’s doing high fashion because it is completely up her alley. She is also one of the few true chameleons, she can pull off MANY looks… good for herm good luck Brittany! hope your continue to work it!

  16. james allen Says:

    Couldn’t stand her. Normally I give all the girls a chance, but when she started throwing a temper tantrum and having a go at Natasha when she was late back from her go-sees, I could have slapped her!! & I think the ‘memory-loss’ thing was fake as well, coz she didnt have a problem the previous week! J.A x

  17. Naomi Says:

    Love her. She hasn’t taken a bad picture. She’s beautiful and extremely photogenic. Definitely in my ANTM top 5!

  18. caroline Says:

    What about that tantrum she had? Not a cool person.

  19. larissa Says:

    I like brittany very much. She photographs very well. She should be the winner in her season of america’s next top model!

  20. Amber Says:

    She hasn’t made anything of herself since somehow making iron the show. Think her ‘modeling” days are over.

  21. Vivi Says:

    I loved her that cycle! I know 2 people with short term memory problems (one from birth and one from a traumatic head injury). My friend could memorize or read things but ONLY if given ample time (she’d take her exams in a special office, get extra time b/c she needed to read questions at least 4 times before remembering/understanding them). She couldn’t, however, read outloud or explain what she just read immediately after. Memorization was okay (after a few hours), but not anything that required short term memory. And my other friend who suffered a traumatic head injury has trouble controlling his emotions (quick to cry, quick to anger, forgets). A lot of people just don’t understand memory problems 😦

  22. niqqa19 Says:

    she looks better with long hair….

  23. The truth Says:

    On February 2, 2002, Brittany was struck by a hit and run driver. He ran a red light and according to witnesses was driving at a speed of approx 40 mph. She bounced off his windshield and roof and landed more than 20 feet from her SHOES! yes, he knocked her out of her shoes. She has permanent brain damage… short term memory loss… This coward was finally apprehended after being turned in by a good samaritan who overheard an argument in which he admitted to being the driver.

    • Khris Says:

      oh good thing…poor britt! i had no idea how serious that was until i read this!

    • startledbylightening Says:

      That is a devastating accident to be in, and I’m sure the damage to her brain and long-term memory is there. It just seems fishy that she was able to perform the acting sketch a week or two before where they had a couple of hours to look over a much longer script. When long-term memory is affected, it’s not selective in the sense of if the commercial was so difficult, then the acting sketch should’ve been difficult too (unless she was even 3x the amount of time to memorize, or a lot less lines). Maybe it was just editing, but all the other models said she never mentioned anything then … so why with the commercial? And that is something where you need to figure out how to work around it beyond crying in the middle of takes and then saying something. Speak up before so you can go last and get more time, go straight to cue cards so you’re able to read off from the start, the same way you figure out tricks for your body as a model to get the best angels with what you have, she should’ve done the same with her memory since this happened YEARS prior to her cycle.

  24. marcelogs Says:

    I remember this girl! she was one of my fav.
    Looks like nicola roberts from the girls band girls aloud.

  25. christine Says:

    I think Brittany was one of the best on ANTM!! Her portfolio was phenomenal. I am glad her career took off after the show.
    After reading the post about the hit and run and her short term memory loss, she is lucky to be alive.

  26. Khris Says:

    I actually think (though i hated it when she shouted at natasha, who was my adorb fave) that Britt has the most beautiful bone structures in Cycle 8…it’s just, i don’t know…high-fashion…her face always gives me the feeling of “fiery”…that red weave suits her…she’s just so gorgeous…i think her and natasha has the best sets…

  27. Lizzykins45 Says:

    massive girl crush! I love her with short hair… she looks so hot!! ❤

  28. Moho Says:

    A beautiful and natural model but emotionally unstable at the time. Hopefully she has matured. Nice photos.

  29. Kat Says:

    I don’t have a strong opinion of her, but when I saw the go see footage when she went nuts I was like, ” wow.” I think natasha must have been scared. I know that she was upset about the cab driver, but that was too much, expect those types of things to happen in life, other than that I liked her, that weave was a disaster though

  30. hollisss Says:

    Love Britney, one of the best out of all the models on ANTM. Too bad about her personality on the show or she may have gone pretty far.

  31. Ana Says:

    Im sorry, she might have had the accident, of course…But, as a neuropsychologist I have seen many people with REAL memory issues. One thing I can tell you, people who have permanent damages (and, after many years later, that’s what it is) don’t fluctuate their performance like that. People who have short term memory loss perform worse than she perform on everyday activities. Even if it is a slight impairment, her attentional ability would be impaired…. I haven’t evaluated her for real, but she did performed the acting lines well on one challenge (that still configures STM) and that contradicts the alleged impairment, she did had an odd emotional behavior (tantrums, fluctuation, impulsivity), and she did tried to convince everyone about the cab driver thing (or maybe she forgot what she said and that the camera was rolling…hehe).
    I would say she is is more on the hysterical/boderline/munchausen/malingerant personality disorder side than a peson with a real short term memory loss due to trauma, in terms of diagnostic. Im not saying she has a personality disorder (I haven’t accessed her…). But I hardly think she has the short term memory problem.

  32. Josi Says:

    Wow I love her pictures! And is it just me or does she look like Melrose from cycle 7? It’s only a couple pictures when the light catches her cheek bones just right

  33. I saw her working at a restaurant in New Orleans. She didn’t seem to happy to be recognized. She said she doesn’t really cry that much in real life.

  34. Katherine Says:

    She should’ve won the show, goddammit. ROBBED.

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