Brittany Brower was a contestant on Cycle 4 of ANTM.

Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Brittany was working with and was under the management of Marsha Doll Models before her stint on ANTM. She stayed with the agencies for more than 11 years and was also a participant in the NYC Model Camp’s Models of the South.

As a finalist in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Brittany was the most vivacious. Her strong personality sometimes clashed with fellow Top Model finalist Tiffany Richardson, with whom she had a confrontation. Her performances in the earlier challenges were not so impressive, having landed in the bottom two after her second batch of photos shoot came out a little bit too sexual. She bounced back the following week by producing a beautiful Sagittarius picture. From there, she continued to perform much more strongly, even coming out with the best picture from the fifth photo shoot. The end came for Brittany after a fight with fellow Top Model finalist, Keenyah Hill, broke her high spirits. The judges quickly noticed the change in her behavior, and they eventually eliminated Brittany from the show.

Brittany has gone on to make a mark not just in the fashion industry, but in the entertainment industry as well. She appeared on some episodes of The Bravo Network’s Battle of the Network Reality Stars and was given a guest role on the television series, Love Inc. She returned on the runway for San Francisco Fashion Week, Meghan Spring 2006, Frederick’s of Hollywood Spring 2006, ElleGirl Presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005 and Jlo. She was also hailed as one of Maxim Magazine’s Hottest Women of Reality TV.

She has also switched to two other modeling agencies, Next Model Management and Reel Management.

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / Kwaku Alston

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / Gerda Genis

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Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / John Wilke

Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Source: ANTM / Brittany's Myspace

Test shots from Brittany's Myspace page

To see more photos of Brittany, click here.

33 Responses to “Brittany Brower”

  1. kiki Says:

    When Brittany went home, the two people who took the most beautiful pictures were in the bottom two that week. Kahleen should have gone home because that picture was the most awful picture in all of Top Model history.

    • Marts Says:

      I disagree with that. Kahlen’s picture was actually a good one. Keenyah, on the other hand, made such a huge drama that being sent home was all she deserved.

      • Vanessa Says:

        I am so with you, Marts! Keenyah and that attitude was just uuuurgh!

      • Ur Destiny Says:

        yeah, ur right.

      • giomccartney Says:

        Ugh yes. I hated Keenyah’s attitude. In the beginning of the competition I really liked her. Off in the end I started to get annoyed by her stupid comments about being the only black girl and all. I always thought Brittany was right in the argument they had. So Keenyah got what she deserved after all.

      • mgs Says:

        Kahleen was one of the better on the show! she always did things so naturaly! she was my fav!

      • I totally agree… Brittany should have stayed instead of Keenyah …

      • Pam Says:

        I totally agree her attitude was horrid! I really didn’t and don’t like her at all!

  2. steena Says:

    Loved her! Great pictures!

  3. Heyder Says:

    I like her, but she doesn’t look good now blonde.

  4. NICO Says:

    Hi. What’s her ethnicity? She is beautiful and hot I want to be like her.

  5. Janna Says:

    Cute girl. That hair color is stunning as well!

  6. Nastya Says:

    She’s beautiful. I like her.

  7. kiki Says:

    I don’t understand why Brittany went home. All Brittany did was do the same thing Naima did every week. Walk in panel with no personality.

    • Jayla Says:

      Brittany? No personality? Do you actually watch the show because by your comment you sound as though you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

      • Karan Says:

        It was because Brittany was upset that week; she had an argument with Keenya, thus resulting in her acting slightly less enthusiastic than her normal self. i totally agree Jayla! Naima did the same thing every week, and the one week Brittany did it, she was sent home. i think that the two girls with best pictures were sent home that day: Keenya’s and Naima’s pictures were not as good as the other two!

    • Charles Says:

      hello????? Brittany is the Miss Personality of Cycle 4!!!! Sucks she didn’t stay on cycle 17…..

  8. Алёнка Says:

    Hi! I’m from Russia. all rooting for her! it is cool and fun! Since it will not be bored on Fotossesiya. This should be a model!
    Hello America, from Russia!

  9. boo Says:

    I think that if she contained herself just a little she could’ve stayed longer, but she was better than Keenyah.

  10. steffi Says:

    She honestly was the best on America’s Next Top Model. 🙂 She is beautiful I want to be like she! 🙂

  11. Linda Says:

    She looks like Roberta Close, a brazilian transexual.
    She’s beautiful, but the problem is that she looks like someone who’s asking for sex in every single picture.

  12. james allen Says:

    I’m sorry, but if she hasn’t had her lips botoxed then I must be the pope…

    • Tally Girl Says:

      Nice to meet you, Pope! I’m from her home town and have known her since long before ANTM. Believe it or not the lips are 100% natural. She’s one of the few lucky women who has full, beautiful lips. In reality, her main drawback is that she’s a self-absorbed spoiled brat. The kind of girl that is pretty, but unfortunately she KNOWS it and acts rude to others as she looks down her nose at everyone else.

      • Tallygrl2 Says:

        I agree 100%!!!!!!! I modeled with her for many years! the prob with brit. Is she is ONLY nice when she can get something from you. Very fake, you know, the kind that only wants to be seen with pretty people and be loud to get attention. Sad really

    • Alexandra Says:

      You’re the pope then 😉 Botox paralyses muscles. *Collagen* fills lips and wrinkles.

  13. panda Says:

    Even though she had the whole sex appeal problem she looks beautiful! But isn’t she gonna be much older in the all star ANTM cycle 17?

  14. She could do victorias secret, she’s beautiful, I think she looks like Candice Swanepoel, from VS. but she does resemble roberta Close when her dark hair, especially in the second to last pic.

  15. Joseph Says:

    I could describe her in one single word: DIVA

  16. Himela Says:

    Total playboy material. I don’t know what people like in her to choose her for All stars…

    • Boone Says:

      It’s called Great Personality and High Drama. That’s what they want for All Stars. So yeah, you’re gonna see some past ANTM models you wouldn’t have expected. She IS rather beautiful though. Her eyes are almost black and the way her face is, makes her always look very hot and sultry. Jeez! I’m gay and this is coming outta my mouth? Oh well, it’s the truth.

  17. Gia Says:

    I wanted her to win but now I see that she’s really just a very sexy commercial model. In some of these she really looks like Janice Dickinson but Janice WAS far more beatiful and knew how to model. She didn’t have her lips done. You can tell because there are lines and wrinkles in them. When they’re done they’re plump and glossy with no wriinkles. I DO think she has a future with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit but I think all she knows how to do is give sex. And it looks like she got implants.

  18. channey Says:

    She is SO pretty!! I loved her giraffe picture & the waterfall picture where she was covered in mud. But I must admit based on those photos up there her best were on ANTM. Seems like after the show it got a little sloppy.

  19. JJ Says:

    She’s beautiful and very Janice-esque but extremely limited in her posing and expressions. Sadly made for commercial / Men’s magazines.

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