Brittani Kline was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Howard, Pennsylvania native was 19 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Brittani, click here.

113 Responses to “Brittani Kline”

  1. Brunito Says:

    Gorgeous! I just wonder why the judges seem not to like her… Jealous?

    • Hime Says:

      LOL! Two of the judges are male, the other had a career Brittani could only dream of!

      I love when people go to “jealous” when someone isn’t liked, even if it makes no sense.

      Maybe they don’t like her because she’s a two-faced nasty b*tch from the trailer park.

      • Hime Says:

        mae = male

      • Gretha Sanchez Says:

        It is not that they don’t like her, it is just that she made a mistake. She said the truth at the wrong time and place that’s all! She is not a b*tch; none of them are. Well, Alexandria was, but after everyone told her the truth she kind of stepped up. But still, none are b*itches or anything like that; they are persons and of course they are not perfect! Nobody but God is, so I’m gonna say it nicely BE QUIET and don’t be rude!

      • ashee Says:

        no one should be saying mean things about anyone on ANTM! the judges arent jealous, and brittani is not a bitch. and so what if she’s from a less fortunate background? she’s a strong person, and an honest person, her background has no effect on her modelling.
        and it’s not fair to make false comments about the judges and tyra for doing their jobs.

      • Gabriela Says:

        YOU miss have an anger problem and you need to be taken away , obviously YOU are Jealous of her 🙂

  2. Naomi S. Says:

    Brittani’s already my favorite. I hope she makes it far! She’s stunning.

    • Gretha Sanchez Says:

      Totally agree! She is beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning and I really hope she makes it far in the fashion industry.

      • gerald Says:

        She and Molly are in the final two and will be walking in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show, totally agree that she should win because she van do high fashion clothes with that face and that cool bob cut hair.

    • rho Says:

      Me too! Glad she won. 🙂

  3. bonjoss Says:

    Brittani is one of my favorites; I love her eyes.
    This girl has great potential and it will do well during the competition! It might even win!

  4. Makister Says:

    In the 1st episode, she was shown with her makeover on. She got the “Saleisha” makeover. I did not like it so much.

  5. Samantha Heltman Says:

    Brittani was one of my good friends in high school and I am so proud of her. She is beautiful and full of life. I have no doubt she will make it far is this business.

  6. Jen ;) Says:

    I love Britanni a lot! 🙂 She’s very beautiful and I know she’ll go far!

  7. Gustavito Says:

    I’m hoping she’ll be the Ann for this cycle; amazng photos.

  8. Jeff Says:

    She had the best “walk” in that stupid bubble on a twelve inch runway over a pool. That was a “high-fashion” kickoff for the show?? Oh yes, what happened to the girls who got a photo told or where they just actors. Cruel way to start a cycle??!!

  9. Queen Desi Says:

    I love this girl!! She has something that so magical. I remember Karlie Kloss; when I looked at her, it’s no wonder why Tyra loved this girl (currently Karlie is her muse right now). She has killer eyes and is one of the best catwalkers. Brittani will make this cycle so memorable. Keep Going, Kline girl. 🙂

  10. Jeff Says:

    Another terrible makeover that would have crushed many of the other girls in the house like Alexandra. She will get a contract after the show from some agency but hope she is in the final three.

  11. stranger Says:

    When I looked at her (the first time), I said to myself that she will be my favorite in antm cycle 16.

  12. Sarah Says:

    Love love this girl…

  13. rishelle Says:


  14. Gracie Says:

    Big big fan of this young woman. Think the black hair color was a brilliant choice for her. Wish the cut was cooler, but the color is incredible for her. Would love to see her and an un-woven Molly stick around for a long time–I’ve been pretty amazed by them.

  15. Alise Says:

    She has a unique look about her. Like her a lot; personality, body and face. Hope she or Molly will win.

  16. Stella Says:

    I absolutely love her. She’s so beautiful and I definitely think she will make it in the top three.

  17. sondra Says:

    Her face also reminds me of Rebecca Hardy (CNTM cycle 2) since after makeover. I believe she can make it to final two. Week after week she’s getting stronger.

  18. Antara Says:

    I really do not like her look, I keep asking myself why everyone likes her, but I guess everyone has different perceptions of beauty.

  19. some dude Says:

    This last episode has to be the most controversial judging ever. Not just for the Brittani vs Alexandria blowout, but they have never revealed the actual vote nor Tyra’s actual feelings about who she felt should have gone home. Brittani is definitly my favorite of the season from the get go. Her preview photo was the strongest and she proves to have a natural ability in high fashion. I think she fell victim to being too real, but also in general: I DON’T GET THE WHOLE ALEXANDRIA THING ALSO! But with that aside I still expect Brittani to do well in the rest of the competition and her career.

  20. Liis Says:

    Love her, truly unique and I like her personality even after the meltdown. She deserves to win because she is a great model, people want to work with her and she is honest about her feelings. That is true beauty to me!!!

  21. mona Says:

    She’s a time bomb. Can’t control herself. She won’t make it. No one will want to work her or work with her.

  22. katrina Says:

    I think that this girl looks high fashion and she has a lot of potential. She’s also kinda good too but. I’m rooting for her but what she did to Alexandria was unprofessional and storming out of the panel was not a wise move. She’s lucky the judges didn’t eliminate her after that. I just hope she learns from that because I don’t want to see her go. She has potential.

  23. benj Says:

    Love Brittani.

  24. julia Ni Says:

    I’m surprised people don’t like her makeover. I think it’s absolutely stunning, I still can’t get over it!

  25. datum pi Says:

    I’m not really a bob kinda person, but I think it makes her look more like a model and it looks good when it’s all gussied up like in her most recent photos.

  26. jade stasko Says:

    Jade Stasko was here….. 🙂

    I love Britt a whole bunches ! ohhh!come on next week come already …… i want to see Britt on “TV” ….. geeeez i wish they would play it every day ! but my eyes will go dry because ” my will be glued to the tv……

    xoxoxoxoxoxox… love britt !

  27. kazu29 Says:

    i love this girl!she and molly make me laugh. With their unique and endearing personality they spiced up this cycle.

  28. Me Says:

    I don’t like her

  29. boo Says:

    she’s okay im not really digging her, is it me or sometimes in her photos her head looks smaller than her body and her hands look like baseball gloves in her other photos outside of antm…….

  30. Anna Says:

    I like Brittani as well. Better than Alexandria even if she is the one soaring in the competition. She said what she thought about Alexandria being mean because let’s face it, Alexandria was being a total bitch. I will admit though that it wasn’t right for her to be too loud on her thoughts against another model in front of their clients (namely Ford) because it is very unprofessional, but the issue never would have been brought up if she hadn’t said a word even if it made Brittani look like the absolute bad guy. None of us are saints, most certainly not Brittani or Alexandria. But this is a competition based on talent, and so far, Brittani seems to be more than willing to prove that she too deserves to be at the head of the ranks like everybody else who has been flown off to Morocco.

  31. Susanna Says:

    I dont know if she won or not, but she is currently living in New York and will further pursue a modeling career. Even if she doesn’t win (God forbid!) she has quite a history of modeling before ANTM.

  32. CARISSA G. Says:

    I think that her makeover is absolutely stunning. I like her even more now. Hope she wins! Does anyone nows who is the winner? Or is it still filming? Anxious so much bout it!

  33. Stranger Says:

    Hey, do you notice from last episode ( ep. 11 ) that Tyra choose the average photo of Brittani for her best photo? I think Tyra still stuck in alexandria things. Hey, and Brittani make a lot of great photo in Episode 11.

  34. Josh Says:

    I don’t think she should’ve won cycle 16. She was NOT at all worthy, plus she acted like trailer park trash! She won’t last long out there, personality/ haveing the look is key. Who wants to edit photos of her from shoots? Her other photos (on different page, same site) have been photoshopped to death…some even make one of her eyeballs TOO big…BLECK! My dog has hacked up better looking stuff than BRITTANI!!!

    • CC Says:

      it’s not fair of you to judge her like that, although brittani made a mistake this cycle, she apologized and moved on to do better, and so should you. alexandria was a bitch and brittani spoke up on the other girls’ behalf, although it was unprofessional to do it in front of the client, it was understandable. before you compare her to the stereotypical ‘trailer park trash’ think about the situation before you look at things with that close mindedness. if this is how you see life, you might want to rethink your way of living. by the way, you dog’s hot. ciao!

  35. Leona Palski Says:

    Well she made the final two! Go Brittani! Brittani is so very young yet and young girls make mistakes! I’m sure Brittani learned from her mistake at the one shoot. Give her
    a chance, she has this in the bag, even if Molly (love her looks, but has a terrible attitude!) wins. She didn’t need this show for her career, but it will help her get there faster!

  36. gerald Says:

    Brittani is ne of my favorite girls her looks is so high-fashioned I wish she won the title of America’s next top model cycle 16 she and Molly are in the final two and will be walking on the Vivienne Westwood fashion show but some say she tripped during the show but I hope she win I just loved her!!!

  37. Sharon Says:

    glad she won!!!!

  38. bree Says:

    I love Brittani Im so glad she won and anyone who says otherwise is just a hater grow up get a life dont hate on her

  39. Beth Says:

    SHE WON.

  40. speedyke Says:

    She deserved to win.

  41. ken Says:

    i love you brittani. you won beyond alexandria’s bitchiness! i love you. congratulations!

  42. I’ve been a pro photographer for longer than these girls have been alive and have been following this show for years. Brittani is my favorite model so far in all 16 cycles. She got catty and nearly went down in flames a few weeks before the conclusion, but that’s what models this age tend to do. *sigh* Nonetheless, I would LOVE to get her in front of a camera. This woman has just got “it.”

  43. ccbelle Says:

    Brittani has been my favorite since the third episode. I can’t believe that she won!! I am so happy for her. Best wishes, Brit!! 🙂

  44. gerald Says:

    Congrats Brittani for winning!!! ANTM hope you have a fantastic career in IMG

  45. ke`ke` Says:

    I love you Brittani ! from the start of cycle 16 show 🙂 All the best days ahead
    and wish that you always accomplish what you dreams for ! I love you !

  46. E Says:

    Hi Brittani! I really, really, really like you! You’re so awesome. I really like your personality, and of course, your pictures. You’re a great model. Keep it up! May God bless you 🙂 xoxo, Filipina fan 🙂

  47. lemon Says:

    She doesnt derserve to win. what a cheap bitch! got so jealous of Alexadra and got a serious tendency of emotional unstability and morbid jealousy. Wont go very long in this industry for sure.

  48. alice Says:

    Love Brittani a lot! Add oil!

  49. Ny Says:

    Loved Brittani since day 1, so glad she won. :]

  50. Полина Says:

    Gorgeous winner!

  51. amina Says:

    To me, she resembles a young Liz Taylor. Brittani’s super stunning and will become a huge success, if she works hard and sticks with modeling…..

  52. alex Says:

    YOU WENT FROM “jealous” when someone isn’t liked” to “trailer park nasty”…THAT IS THE SAME AS SAYING THEY WERE JEALOUS…..what a stupid person you are.

  53. Priscilla Says:

    She has a very plain face. I don’t know why Tyra chose her as the winner. What is Brittani’s ancestral nationality? If her parents and grandparents came from and European country that could save her career. You can’t be a model in Europe with a typical American girl face.

  54. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    She had the balls to call Alexandria out! For that alone I loed her. Molly bitched but did nothing about it. She took wonderful pictures but her attitude was like a babies diaper. Great win Brittani!!

  55. I think Brittani will go far in the fashion industry. On the show, It already prove that she always work very well and the best than the other girl with the photographer.(cross out Nigel). She always got the compliment from every photographer and some of them consider her s the best for her performance on the set(Mud shot, Crazy for and Market). It like that she gave a big impression with the people that can boost her fame. Yeah! she impressed a lot of guest judges so much such as Lana mark, Rachel Zeo blah blah.. All than that, Brittani is the whole package (interesting face, best body, amazing runway work, produce great photos, good height, young etc). No other girl in her cycle embrace that potential. For example Molly the runner-up (Produce beautiful photo but her body is too athletic and her walk……not that great), Alex (never have a good connection to the photographer, not look so high fashion at all but did produce great photo and has great walk), Hannah (Great photo, great body, young but BAD BAD WALK and too commercial), Kasia ( Beautiful plussie, Flawless skin but inconsistent in performance, Photo mostly Ok, average walk and her age totally work against her), Mikaela (Amazing bone structure but not performance-wise)……………….

  56. panda Says:

    OMG she is soooo gorgeous! She deserves to win.

  57. loved her. There’s always something remarkable from every antm winners like her. Thought that she’d be eliminated when she confronted the judges, but then she stayed and even won. 🙂

  58. Peewi558 Says:

    My favorite winner !!

    i love this girl so beautiful 🙂

  59. k.ate Says:

    I like her with long hair the bob was ok but I hate how in the last espoide she get it all cut off to were she now has an inch of hair it makes look a lot older then she is.

  60. Ita Arinmah Says:

    Brittani deserved to win, she’s too much, she’s just too good, doesn’t stress herself… Molly is cool, she photographs well but Brittany has the full package….

  61. she’s so professional and great :))

  62. Eric Says:

    She totally deserved her winning… She was the best one, hands down.

  63. Holly Says:

    Yes omg I love her fucking eyes they are just so stunning!

  64. rho Says:

    I loved Brittani! she was fantastic and gorgeous!

  65. mara Says:

    ugh she doesn’t deserve to win..Alexandria or Hannah should have won.

  66. norbertdeniel Says:

    i really love Brittani Kline she’s super awesome ! 🙂

  67. Bob Marley Says:

    I am so glad she won over Molly!!!!!!!! Molly moaned 2 much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. qwert Says:

    Didn’t really like her, she was kinda bitchy, and had an ugly makeover (even if that’s not her fault)

    • Khris Says:

      no! she stands out in that dutch boy makeover! when she had that long hair, she’s “PRETTY”, but o know something has to be done with that hair. i always complain about that makeover that tyra gave her but i realized that it suits her unique look and it makes her high fashion…

  69. sarahheartmolly Says:

    I hate britt. I love molly!!!! yeahhh…she looks good because of the what if she looks high fashion..i think she looks old and so not fresh..i liked molly…pictures and commercials…she got them all…her attitude is obviously stronger than britt..she does not cry so much and does not show the clients her witness…as for her super strong behavior…shes becoming softer now and complains less….shes learning from the comments of others unlike the winner she heards them all..but then none….i think molly will go far..

  70. Daniel Says:

    I don’t understand why they gave Alexandria a lot of free passes for her attitude and for a single mistake they almost expelled Brittani from the show.

  71. Imanuel Enrico Says:

    She’s so ugly, especially when she smiles by showing her tooth -__-

  72. Cyn Says:

    Brittani left modeling to pursue her education, she left IMG just a few months ago.

  73. antmfan13 Says:

    Where are the rest of her antm photos? Anyways, I thought she was a strong competitor during antm. I think she was the best choice for this cycle, in spite of her alexandria incident. Though, my favorites were kasia and hannah, their modeling was not quite as good as hers nor molly’s (though they were quite good at modeling). I hope she’s doing well. 🙂

  74. Helen Says:

    I love Brittanis photos, they are modelling artwork. Why didn’t you show Brittanis Covergirl? By far one of the best ever ANTM photos.

  75. Joshua Says:

    I wish the comment section was closed, people seem to come here to vent out their frustrations and spit their nasty venom for no reason.

  76. Christine Mae Agor Camus Says:

    i love brit!!!! she is awesome!!!

  77. Hong Says:

    I’m glad Brit won. Hope to see her model and have a better life.

  78. Julie S Says:

    I loved her! She’s my favorite out of all the ANTM winners! I think she really did a great job, she deserved everything. However I was disappointed when I read that she quit as a model. I guess she finds more happiness in her home. Best of luck for her 😀

  79. janet Says:

    What’s wrong with all of you. After that nasty fight with alexandria I agree with tyra. Brittni should have been booted off. That’s not the way a role model for all young girls should act. She should not have won.

  80. zagilicious Says:

    please update cycle 16 soon thank you 🙂

  81. Katie Says:

    It’s weird. She doesn’t seem stunning if you just walked into her on the street, but in photos, she is excellent. I guess that’s what modeling is, though. Sometimes. I liked her, but I didn’t love her. I’m glad she stood up to Alexandria, though. Someone needed to.

  82. Cher Says:

    Unfortunately, Tyra was right. She shoulda went instead of Mikaela. She basically used the $100,000 to go to school and quit modeling, because modeling doesn’t last long, unless you look 17 forever… Shocker Molly lost!

  83. me Says:

    This girl is a potty mouth! Every other word she said was a nasty word that’s why when she talked so much is bleeped out! Model-no way! I can’t believe this girl won!

  84. Kat Says:

    Didn’t go through all the other comments, but it hit me today that she looks like Amber Tamblyn.

  85. Cyn Says:

    Apparently, she could not hanfle the harsh reality of the industry and quit modeling. It is a shame because Molly wanted it just as much and did not get it.

  86. Elizabeth Says:

    Brittany changed her name to Autumn. Google that name & she has some fantastic photos!

  87. CB Says:

    I’m from portugal,here the 12th episode was aired for the first time today. Since the 6th episode i shaked,scraam etc… supporting her,since the 1st episode i liked her but since the 6th episode i LOVE her. So,glad she won ❤ today i was search…did she stop or end her caree? I hope not 😥

  88. ANONIMOUS Says:


  89. Hoosier Consumer Says:

    Watching a rerun of this Cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Molly and Brittany have fallen flat on their mean old faces. I find it hard to believe ANYone would want to book either of them, based on their horrendous, witchy behavior on the program. Who would want to put up with either one of them?

  90. carmina Says:

    i dont like you, you are fake fake fake! you shouldnt have won antm! and you hated alexandria just because shes so much better than you and you knew it

  91. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful and fierce. Interesting looks. I was rooting for Mikaela, but I’m glad she won. She’s my favorite winner. She is fierce.

  92. Ligaya Says:

    Did she quit modeling?!?!?! She was my favorite!

  93. L. Smith Says:

    I thought she was a self righteous bitch. I don’t know how such a nasty person got to win. Yeah she’s beautiful on the outside, but her heart displayed on camera is UGLY…

  94. Jeay Says:

    LOVE her! I’m happy she used the winnings to pursue what she really wants at school…everyone knows that modeling is only temporary and not a career (unless your Tyra). But she probably couldn’t even dream of having the funds to put herself through college and now she’s going a double major? WOW

  95. startledbylightening Says:

    Love her, glad she won =D.

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