Brenda Arens was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

This administrative assistant is from Houston, Texas and is 23 years old. Before her appearance on the show, Brenda was signed with The Campbell Agency, Flash Model Management in Milan and Page713 Modeling and Talent Agency.

During her initial interviews with the panel in episode 1, Brenda revealed that she was adopted and loved her adoptive parents very much. She also disclosed to the judges that she sought out to meet her biological father, a convicted felon. Upon meeting him, he denied that he was her father. She was disappointed, but resigned to the fact that she’ll never know her biological father. She was happy she had closure.

Brenda also shared that she became pregnant at the age of eighteen, after the first time she ever had sex. With this experience, she identified heavily with Jessica Michel, who also became pregnant after having sex for the first time at the age of sixteen.

During the top model makeovers, Brenda was outwardly upset over her haircut, which took her thick red hair from long to edgy with a pixie cut.

Brenda began the competition strong when she won the very first runway challenge for Rachel Roy. Rachel felt she represented the clothing well, so Brenda won the dress she wore on the catwalk, as well as her place on Rachel Roy’s website.

Despite her stellar runway performance in the beginning, Brenda was called 8th, then 4th, then 9th. During episode 3, Brenda found herself in the bottom two with Ren, following the ‘dance’ photo shoot with Cade Martin. Tyra decided to eliminate Ren, keeping Brenda with the condition that she dress more super model and less soccer mom. Tyra also informed Brenda that she’s getting another makeover, hoping to help edge her out and help her look younger for future photo shoots.

Episode 3 also revealed a clashing of personalities between Brenda and Anslee in the Top Model house.

During episode 4, Brenda’s performance kicked into high gear with an impressive ‘vampire’ photo during a shoot with Sarah Silver. The judges loved her photo, and the new makeover she received following panel in episode 3. Because of her exceptional photo, she was called fourth during elimination.

Brenda maintained consistency during episode 5 when the judges gave her D-Nice photo a good critique. Nigel said he saw life in her picture and Andre Leon Talley called it strong. Despite Tyra calling Brenda’s technique “catalog 101,” Brenda was called 6th during elimination.

Episode 6 presented problems for Brenda due to Angelea instigating cat fights with girls in the house, specifically, Raina, Jessica and herself. Brenda tried to stay above the petty drama, but at times Angelea would invite herself into her room to instigate a heated conversation.

Her difficulties didn’t stop there. The episode’s first challenge, with Ann Shoket at Seventeen Magazine, displayed further issues when Brenda had trouble identifying the appropriate fashion for her body proportions.

Brenda bounced back during the second challenge with Manhattan socialite Tinsley Mortimer. Brenda did very well canoodling with industry insiders and talking one-on-one with Tinsley, which left her confident she was exempt form elimination.

Brenda maintained that high level of confidence going into the CoverGirl ‘New York women’ photo shoot with Mike Ruiz. In fact before panel, Brenda believed she did very well; vocalizing that she was ‘at peace’ with her performance and didn’t think she was going home.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. Brenda ultimately landed in the bottom two with Alasia.

During her photo review, Ann Shoket said she wanted to see more energy; more oomph. Nigel said it was very “Ann Taylor,”  very mannequin-like and contrived. Additionally, he felt that Brenda needed to perfect her look straight-on to camera, not just profile.

While standing in bottom two, Tyra said that although Brenda didn’t like her initial makeover, she was a team player, which was a positive. Unfortunately, Tyra felt that Brenda was lacking “fire and desire.”  She said her photo was decent, but not stellar; it was because of this that Brenda became the sixth girl eliminated from the show.

Upon elimination, Tyra told her that she [her makeover] was stunning, so she needed go home and create a portfolio with her new look. She told her she needed to exude “fire” when she goes into go sees. She concluded by telling her that if agencies don’t see her personality or “fire,” they won’t hire her.

Before leaving the house, Brenda told cameras that she was shocked over her elimination. She didn’t think it would be her; she also didn’t expect Angelea to have such a great photo, but she respected the judges decision. Brenda expressed that she disagreed with Tyra regarding her lack of fire.

She said, “This is what I was born to do ; I’m going to go home and do it. I’m happy I get to go home and see my little girl; I missed her so much.I’ll never forget this experience. I’m very proud of myself.”

To read Brenda’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

As of May 2010, Brenda has gone back into modeling. She is currently signed with Page713 in Houston, Texas.

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Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

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Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

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Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

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Source: ANTM / Sarah Silver

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Source: ANTM / Eric Liebowitz

Source: ANTM / Eric Liebowitz

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Source: ANTM / D-Nice

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

Source: ANTM / Mike Ruiz

To see more photos of Brenda, click here.

19 Responses to “Brenda Arens”

  1. rielle Says:

    OMG. She is so beautiful. 😉

  2. datum pi Says:

    She looked less like a model after her makeover. They should’ve never cut off that gorgeous hair!

  3. vballer00024 Says:

    I agree with datum. Cutting off her hair made her look about 20 years older. They complained that she looked old and it was because they did it to her. I’m glad she grew her hair back out after the show. The only makeover I think i’ve ever disagreed with.

  4. Linda Says:

    She is not very pretty. I don’t even know why she was even chosen except for her height. Very Plain Jane.

    • Brenna Says:

      I agree with you. I never thought she was very pretty. Eyes too deep-set, insane overbite… just busted looking. To each their own!

  5. Terri Says:

    She looked old with long hair and even older with short hair. Plus she whined alot.

  6. kateB Says:

    I see the dumb dumb got her boring 90s long locks back. Ho Hum. What a snooze. Can they PLEASE look for potential models in other states besides TEXAS???

  7. kateB Says:

    It’s not the hair cut that basically ages her…it’s the color and mainly her dull expressions.

  8. Khatarina Says:

    They told Brenda all the time she looks old, but so does Krista and she won so wtf??? Tyra is so phony.

    • Belize Says:

      Because Krista, at the very least, knew how to use her body and her face. She knew how to model. She had the goods to back it up as supposed to this girl who is so self-entitled despite her lack of potential.

  9. KriStina Says:

    Её изуродовали этой короткой стрижкой и в следствии этого она стала выглядеть старше своих лет!!!!! На самой-самой первой её фотографии (где у неё ещё длинные волосы) она выглядит классно!!!!! Я даже сначала начала болеть за неё……. До этой стрижки….:-(

  10. antmlover Says:

    She looks like melissa gilbert

  11. Lonny Says:

    She was very pretty with long hair.
    She looked really different with short hair, it gave her a different attitude. Brenda lacked understanding and came off mean at times.

  12. G Says:

    Giving the model who is constantly critiqued about looking old the role of a student for a beauty campaign.. Now I know that was sabotage.

    That makeover.. the poor girl. The hair aged her completely, I wish Tyra would relax with her want for girls who have strong facial bones having short hair to show them. Not every girl has to rock short hair because they have strong features, it’s so cliche.

  13. Cheesemeister Says:

    Yeah, I know everyone says this but they should have given her a different makeover. I reckon a really long wavy weave (but still red) would have looked good, or if they cut her hair short maybe they could have made it a little nicer, I reckon maybe a blunt bob with bangs like Brittani cycle 16 but still red not black
    Oh well, I’m babbling

  14. ???? Says:

    What annoys me about her is that in an interview she said “See, I had two cuts and I’ve been watching this show for a long time and I’ve never seen, in the history of Top Model, a girl to get two makeovers.”
    But… ahem…
    Cycle 5- jayla (weave taken out, hair cut shorter)
    Cycle 5- cassandra (she refused but would have still gotten it)
    Cycle 8- jael ( not exactly 2 makeovers but her first one was done then changed/taken out)
    Cycle 9 Bianca (like Jael, not exactly the same thing but her first makeover was stull changed)
    Cycle 10- Dominique (hair dyed again)
    Cycle 10- katarzyna (hair cut shorter part way through the series)
    I’m not sure if there are more but those are the only ones I can think of right now. My point is that Brenda was NOT the only one ever to get a second makeover.

  15. yourself when it’s constructive criiictsm it would be wrong to ignore it. To be completely honest, I’m not going to deny that your comment stings a little. It hurts my blogger heart 🙂 But, but, but I have to admit that I have been feeling a bit less inspirational when it comes to writing these weekly articles. I’ve been thinking about what else I can do but haven’t really figured it out yet. I want to keep these articles rather short, and fun to read, because that’s the best combination for the Internet (in my opinion), but I have been focusing mainly on the blogosphere because I do feel that I get a great response to this kind of content. I’m not sure how the response would be to other articles (well maybe I should try, after all my first article about shoes that are too weird for me was kind of fun to write & not related to blogging) I’ll just say this: it’s certainly not easy to think of something completely original every week that will keep everybody happy 🙂 I’ll definitely think about what you said and take it into consideration. Hope my blog will continue to be a guilty pleasure for you! Oh and about that self absorbed thing: every blogger is a bit self absorbed (hell, every person is!) since you are basically writing about yourself all the time. Don’t have the need to go and defend myself as a super-non-self-absorbed-person, since I realize that these articles can come off a bit bitchy or self-involved sometimes, but that’s just a character I like to play when I’m writing.

  16. Jack Says:

    Poor brenda she was so unlucky becuz of dat hairstyle.. and even got teased becuz of dat.. seriously if she had blonde hair would look like Ellen degeneres hair o_o. She was wayy too pretty with the long hair . if looks like 80’s models then just paint it in other colour.

  17. DuncMom Says:

    There’s a reason girls are from Texas, folks. It’s called a large population to choose from! The hair cut gave her a much-edgier look – better suited for high-fashion. Go Brenda!

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