Bianca Golden was a contestant during Cycle 9 of ANTM.

A college student in New York City at the time, Bianca appeared in the competition when she was eighteen years old. After trying her luck in numerous casting calls for models since she was just aged twelve, she finally entered ANTM, being on of the show’s thirteen participants.

Bianca immediately established a reputation for being very outspoken. She treated her fellow contestants poorly—she got into feuds with Lisa, believing that an exotic dancer like her doesn’t deserve a slot on ANTM; with Heather, who she teased despite discovering that she is afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome; and with eventual winner Saleisha, when she called her a “borderline plus-size.” She also got into some trouble with the shoots, notably refusing to participate in a photo shoot in Shanghai, China because it entailed her posing in the air, on high wires.

Nevertheless, Bianca was one of the more enduring participants in the program. The model, whom is also known for being shaved bald after her supposed makeover went wrong, lasted until the episode before the finale. She was eliminated in the twelfth episode, when she barely made the final three; Tyra Banks cited that she did not possess the same innate modeling talent the other remaining models had. Nevertheless, she continued pursing a modeling career, having appeared in several runway shows and fashion spreads, and also appeared on screen, notably the direct-to-DVD film ‘Hole in Two’. Her controversial nature still persists, however, notably when she got involved in an airport brawl with Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky.

Bianca Golden is currently signed with Major Model Management in New York, Fusion Model Management in South Africa, Click Models in Boston and Ford Models in Chicago. She was one of the models in the finale of Project Runway (Season 5). She has modeled in Essence, Cosmopolitan, The Source and for various brands. She has also taken part in Farah Angsana Spring 2010 presentation as well as multiple fashion weeks and BET’s Rip The Runway shows. Bianca has also appeared on The Tyra Banks Show several times.

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95 Responses to “Bianca Golden”

  1. kiki Says:

    Bianca rocked and made ANTM so much better.

    • GUEST Says:

      How was bullying a girl with a disability making the show so much better? It reminded me of school yard bullies on a playground. I will never buy anything this girl Bianca Golden tries to sell. Reruns of the show watching her put downs only make me more sick!

      • SJ Says:

        Didn’t this girl have a fight at the Airport? It’s on u tube. Bianca needs to seriously grow up. Her character is real flawed!

    • Bases Krokke Says:

      This show is fixed; that’s the only explanation as to why Bianca did not win. Especially egregious is that Saleisha is the model that beat Bianca.

  2. neesy Says:

    One word: b*tch.

    • panda Says:


    • Sidonia Says:

      I know she is not a fun b*itch!

      • Joshua Says:

        I never like her, she was such a bully. All she did was bully Heather out of envy. I really dislike people who laugh and find it funny when others are upset and angry, and that’s all she did, along with that good-for-nothing Saleisha. Still have no idea why she won and not Chantal

      • GUEST Says:

        She was such a bully and turn off that I will boycott any product that disgusting witch advertises!

    • Haylie Hawk Says:

      I, like Heather, have Asperger’s To me, anybody that takes advantage of other’s “weaknesses” (and like not in games or anything, I’m talking about for personal gain), there’s a special place in hell for them.

  3. GG Says:

    I agree with Neesy. Bianca is such a b*tch. Don’t like her.

  4. silver nail polish Says:

    I don’t know whose smile I like more, Bianca’s or Chanel Iman’s!

  5. kiki Says:

    Bianca looks like Eva the Diva in the recycling shoot.

    • Sophie Says:

      No, theres a big difference…Eva had talent and deserved her spot on the show. Unfortunately, Bianca does nothing but embody the stereotypical bitchy woman, which I’m assuming was not her purpose on the show. I have NEVER written a blog posting about anyone before, however this “person” pissed me off so much by watching her deplorable, detestable actions that it moved me enough to post here.

      I wonder what kind of parents this girl had to end up the way she did. She does not deserve to be signed with ANYONE. Eventually, her attitude will be her downfall. That is, if there is justice and karma in the world.

  6. tets Says:

    Had she had more prior modeling experience, Bianca would have made a fierce winner. Love her look with cropped hair. FIERCE!!!

  7. kiki Says:

    I never noticed what a huge b*tch Bianca was during the cycle. She bacame obssessed with Heather and breaking her down. She made fun of Heather every episode when Heather was nothing but nice.

    • GUEST Says:

      Yeah this reminded me of school yard bullies who constantly harassed the kids in the Special Ed classes. Shame on Bianca she is forever seared in my mind as a evil bit..h!

    • Shane Says:

      she’s so annoying and lowdown to pick on others just so that she can do better

  8. rho Says:

    I DIDN’T care for Bianca; when she did Jenah dirty at the mall, I was like you know that’s what she gets for being so blasted shady! I don’t even feel sorry for her. ANTM shouldn’t be someone who tries to get ahead by lying and being deceptive. She is doing well now but she stripped herself of a title she could’ve had by being humble and kind. You can never take stuff back. People will remember her for being the way she was. Don’t be proud of that Bianca; hope you learned from it.

    • xoxo Says:

      get real ppl are human beings everyone wants t get ahead.u act like she killed someone to get ahead.shut the fuck up.Heather was not that nice she always criticized others,giving her opinion on where certain girls were weak and who shouldnt be there..just shut the fuck up its the real world its a competition TEAM BIANCA BITCH

      • Haylie Says:

        Maybe so, but so was Bianca! How is that any different? Sure a disability is no excuse, but come on, it’s a social disability! You can’t expect everyone to not say the wrong thing. Heather did not deserve to be picked on.

      • radish23 Says:

        Lol, is that you, Bianca? No one’s acting like she killed someone. People are just pointing out that she’s an insecure bully.

  9. SANDY Says:

    Out of all the girls to be on ANTM, Bianca was the worst, the meanest and the most spiteful of all – bar none. She put Heather down at every chance she had because she was so jealous. She is spoiled and a cry baby when she doesn’t get her way. I would not hire her to do anything. She should be ashamed of herself for the way she acted. I wonder what kind of parents did this girl have! I bet the whole family is the same way. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. I bet they are all bitches.

  10. sam Says:


  11. Dee Says:

    Beautiful girl. Ugly personality.

  12. boo Says:

    I still don’t like her. Nothing in her face, only one look in her photos. A very unattractive person.

  13. danielle55 Says:

    Tyra talked about how badly she treated Heather, but every time I turned around, this ghetto b*tch was modeling on her daytime talk show. Tyra also stated had she known how bad she treated the other girls in the house, she would not have made it as far as she did. That was a lie too.

    • Bases Krokke Says:

      That’s how they are justifying Seleisha’s absurd win. They had to come up with something; Bianca clearly should have won.

  14. pedro Says:

    Love this b*tch.

  15. Nininha Says:

    As I say, all cycles have a black b**ch. Camille, Bianca, Monique … I will never undestand that.

  16. Beatriz Says:

    I can´t understand how a huge B*TCH like this is signed. If I were a designer, I wouldn´t want someone with such dark feelings to show my clothes. That shows that fashion industry is all about the outside. I’m watching cycle 9 right now and she makes me sick.

  17. Khatarina Says:

    Mean ballhead. No personality.

  18. erica Says:

    I can’t believe this ugly ghetto trash made it as far as she did. I wouldn’t have given her the time of day. Tyra is a hypocrite anyway.

    • ME Says:

      She wasn’t as mean as you all are making her to be and she wasn’t the only one ragging on Heather in the house. Albeit she could have been a little more humble than she was, she is definitely not ugly and has a very versatile face. She looks like Brandy in some shots and “Gina” from Martin in others.

  19. fifi Says:

    She was a b*tch. But she was, and IS so much better than Saleisha.

  20. Emily Says:

    She always looks angry in her photos.

  21. Niki b Says:

    She looks like Moesha!!!!!!! Couldn’t stand her bad attitude. The only time there was life in her eyes was when she was throwing daggers at Heather!

  22. Boone Says:

    She was soooooooooooo jealous of Heather and it showed. What an ugly, bad personality. Seems like there is always one in every season. Man, she just HOUNDED Heather for taking great photo’s and for having Asbergers Syndrome which is a very real ailment. I have worked with many kids and adults who have it.

    • JayJay Says:

      People who suffer with Asberger’s Boone, will always have to deal with disgusting, cruel, ignorant and bigoted people like Bianca. To Heather’s credit as well as many with her disability she has a beautiful soul. Good for Heather. She will always be head and shoulders above garbage like Bianca.

    • Haylie Says:

      I myself have Asperger’s. And to me, people like her (who use “weaknesses” to bring people down for personal gain) have a special place in hell waiting for them.

  23. chu Says:

    She was by far the ugliest contestant on ANTM. I really could not understand why she was there! And with shaved head…her head is a reaaallly ugly shape.

  24. Debra Says:

    SANDY…..shame on you for even going there about the girls family, ok if you don’t like her, after all she put herself out there for people to judge her but you don’t know a damn thing about her family. Now stop hating on the girls family. After your statement I wonder what kind of parents you had to raise such a sanctimonious judgmental bitch.

    This nest part of my post is for Erica. I won’t even try and argue a point with a the obvious racist bitch, Black people are not the only ones that come from ghetto’s. Another thing I hate is for racist to hide behind the keyboard, it use to be the white sheet, now it is the keyboard. I have seen ignorance on this show from all sides and yes I do agree that Bianca was a bitch. To talk about her family and her being from the ghetto is going too far there are decent people that come from the ghetto, Black white, Spanish and Asian.

  25. Nardia Says:

    Love her!!!

  26. Cat Says:

    Yes she was a b*tch on ANTM but the racist comments “black b*tch,” etc. is so unnecessary. Bitches come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Several “white b*tches” have been on ANTM as well. But I guess that is ok if you are white.

  27. Rhocurl Says:

    Hey best shots are her shaved shots. Especially the ones with her hair growing back.

  28. JayJay Says:

    Nasty girl who made herself feel better by abusing a disabled person. REAL classy. I won’t be buying ANYTHING she models for. I hate bullies and Tyra should have shown a ZERO tolerance policy toward bullying by kick her butt to the curb. Cruel people get what they want in life. Just a simple fact.

  29. Scarlett Says:

    Please stop saying Black Bitches and White Bitches, it isn’t intelligent and it’s quite raciest too.

  30. Liz N'Diaye Says:

    She has such a beautiful smile and legs legs legs! I wanted so bad to believe she was a good person on the inside, but…I just can’t. Good people just don’t do these things!

  31. C Cherry Says:

    It’s evident that people change…so glad for her! She would never have the success she’s been having with the attitude she displayed on top model. The industry would have chewed her up and spit her out for sure. She’s obviously smart enough to realize she needed to make some changes! Her pictures are beautiful…

  32. Kelsey Says:

    Obviously, this girl is nothing but an insecure piece of trash. It doesn’t matter how many negative things she can say about other people. She still doesn’t have the kind of beauty that would last for ages because she is childish, poorly-educated, and pretentious. She can keep fooling herself all she wants but she has yet to fool the world–she’s not a model. She’s just someone who has the nerve to be on national television with that kind of deplorable attitude of hers. Pathetic.

  33. Kyoshi Says:

    I agree with Debra…all these people making comments about her background are so prejudiced it makes me sick. I agree that Bianca was a b**ch…but she was a damn beautiful b**ch who knew how to take pictures. Besides, the feminist in every woman should be proud of every b**ch that fights back. B**ches rock!

    • sel Says:

      bianca is trash and at the rate she’s going will never be anything but trash. she is a disgrace to women because she identifies every woman as a b****, she is the embodiment of the stereotype that women love to trample on other women, that the only way women [let alone people in general] can be the best is through lying, scheming and bullying. her life after ANTM is only further proof of that. i will never use or purchase a product that would employ her. tyra favored her way too much for someone who is supposedly looking for future role models.

      p.s. it’s easy to ‘fight back’ when you’re the one throwing all the punches

  34. Kyoshi Says:

    …Plus, plenty of white B**ches going around the show…so I guess the outside does matter in the fashion industry.

  35. ryan Says:

    i just find her to be EXTREMELY imature and borderline bipolar. in short a BITCH.

  36. Daphneee Says:

    There is only so long that she can go before her ugly inside start to show on the outside. She is nothing but trash, and trash ends up in the heap with all the rest of the cast offs. Pathetic.

  37. long Says:

    Har attitude SUCK . Her time on the show filled with jealousy of Heather and even Lisa . She tried to bring them down by dig up their flaws : Heather for her sickness and Lisa for being an ex-stripper . No one is perfect . The only reason she didn’t pick on Jenah yet because she can’t find anything from her .

  38. emily Says:

    if only her personality matched her smile …she would be stunning inside and out

  39. antmfan Says:

    A pretty girl with a bad attitude.

  40. You could not have put it no better Debra,I no Bianca acting really bad to people but to call her names and talk about her family is wrong because you don,t really no her and am glad she made it why not her she has to live too.

  41. And she is a very pretty black woman!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marin Says:

      Hey Vivian- you are just as stupid and uneducated as Bianca. Why don’t you learn to read and write properly, and also not be prejudiced yourself!

  42. justine Says:

    i love her smile.

  43. divinem1 Says:

    Evil b*tch. Always was, always will be. If you’re ugly inside, you’re ugly outside. She is so unnecessarily hurtful.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    I’m rewatching the season right now and I can’t believe what a truly ugly person she is. It doesn’t matter that she has a pretty face or she takes great photos from the evidence above, she is horrible. The evil that comes out of her mouth every time she speaks only makes her ugly and no amount of fame as a successful model will change that.

  45. Babydoll Says:

    I couldn’t stand how this bald-headed bitch act. As Black women, he have enough negative stereotypes of us on television. Bianca was a mean and jealous chickenhead. She was such a hoodrat. I can’t stand hoodrats. I can understand the show edit around characters to make them fit a stereotype but I don’t think much could have been done to make Bianca seem nice.

  46. Missy Elliottz Says:

    She entered Cycle 9 with that ghetto-ass red weave and when she was in Cycle 17 All Stars, she had to wear it again (for a photoshoot) and she was upset that the world will se her for the brash, crass, low-class, trashy monkey that she is. LULZ. She might be tall and long-limbed, but her face is not for modelling. Ugly inside and outside.

  47. androgynes Says:

    she was horrible in cycle 9 but in the all stars cycle she was nice in my opinion,

  48. Sarah Says:

    very pretty but not a good personality at all, which is what makes a person! I hated the way she treated heather in antm.

    • Listen people, yes absolutely she was vtuel to Heather but don’t forget about how she treated Lisa and a y other girl that did better than her. Like I said before, beautiful girl, horrible attitude and definitely not a role model

  49. Mickeymouse Angel Says:

    Nice snap Bianca

  50. Paola Salas Says:

    such an ugly person >:[

  51. Aurora Says:

    It was SO obvious this poor loser b*tch was so jealous of Heather. Of course the show was edited a lot but according to it she was kinda obsessed with Heather and enjoyed sooo much when Heather was given bad critic or if she failed etc.

    Bianca is also extremely unattractive and her evil attitude brings it up even more. She doesn’t deserve any model work. No way.

  52. NaiDe Says:

    I’d love to see her and Jade (Cycle 6) in the same cycle.. #ANTMBadGirls LMAO!

  53. Suzi Says:

    Bianca was/is SUCH an ugly person. It’s sooo obvious! It starts on her ugly, mean personality and mean spirit, and it comes out in her photos, because she always looks angry. She acts ghetto. No actually, she EXUDES ghetto, and it’s just ugly & ignorant sounding whenever she opens her mean nasty mouth. My ONLY sadness watching her in ANTM was that Heather got eliminated before Bianca. I soooo wanted Bianca to go first.
    I guess all these modeling agencies that have her signed with them must WANT ugly, mean, angry & nasty models! Cause that is ALL I can see when i look at Bianca. There usnt much LOWER than a person who will consistently pick on, and put down someone with a mental or emotional disability, or ANY disability for that matter. And THAT is Bianca. She is like scum on the sole of Heather’s shoe, and Heather is the jewel in the tiara! I completely saw & heard, loud & CLEAR, jyst how JEALOUS Bianca was of Heather! It KILLED bianca that Heather was sooo loved, respected, and talented, and SHE herself was NONE of those things! Go back to the ghetto bianca & go work in a nail salon or something.

  54. April Messer Says:

    Bianca is a bitch , she would just talk about and pick on Heather for enjoyment , over all Heather pics were by far better that Bitchanca !!!

  55. EJ Says:

    Her attitude is so f*cking ugly. I hope she grew the hell up and if she didn’t, I wish her all the worst. The bathtub incident was so disgusting to watch.

  56. I am sorry but Bianca, you are beautiful on the outside but your inside is as black as coal! Watching reruns of your season on ANTM made me shake my head in shame. Your are the very definition of jealousy. You are a prime example of what I DON’T want my daughter to grow up to be like. ANTM should not put women like you on that show for that very reason. they talk about how the contestants are re models for young girls; you are no role model. And I believe the only reason you made it as far as you did was because your sneaky actions, bad attitude, and nasty comments you made behind the other girls backs gave the show controversy. Controversy gets ratings. Let me put this in a way you can understand; you are a HATER! w
    When anyone was doing better than you, you ripped them to the other girls and to the cameras. The fact that you did it behind the other girls backs just shows your a Coward as well. Enjoy your fame for now because there is a special place in hell for people like you because God don’t like ugly.

  57. I agree with you completely. I have also never done a comment on any blog before but this person embodies jealousy and everything a woman should not be

  58. Jalang Says:

    The 1st time around Bianca was one of my favorites. She was blunt at times but, not to the point of mean. She looked so good with the short cut. When she came back for the Allstars, I found her to be more like wool than her previous silk. That’s just in personality. The hair is was so wrong for her face. Yes I am like everybody else loving long hair. I think she might rock a curly version of long hair or maybe a lighter shade. As far as thinking she was better than everybody really wasn’t attractive. I do have to stick up for her on one main point she was trying to tell those girls the math was off and they blew it up. An hour and a 1/2 = 90 minutes. There was no way the 20 minute split would have worked. After that she really changed and I wish Lisa would not have stepped over her point of view. It might have all been very different if at that time she would have been allowed to speak.

  59. channey Says:

    her post-ANTM pictures are gorge!

  60. yayorad77 Says:

    Bianca is an ugly person. She’s pretty on the outside, but she’s ugly on the inside. Who goes around making fun of people with a disability? Heather would get upset about something small *because* of her disability and Bianca would laugh at her and make fun of her for getting upset. Who does that??
    I’m watching cycle 9 right now, so all these people saying that Bianca wasn’t mean must have forgotten the things she’s said and done. She is a rude, ugly person.

  61. Katherine Says:

    This girl was a real bitch. Yeah, she’s a better model now than she was on the show, bur she has a horrid personality.

  62. Tracy Roberts Says:

    I have never been compelled to write like this, but this is the 2ndkind ttime i have watched ANTM in which Bianca was so crazy jealous of Heather she took advantage of trying to get under her skin and upsetting her and down right being a bully and the ugliest person anyone could be. U r no role Model nor would any woman want to aspire to be so ugly inside. I dont Heahter but she handled herself with maturity and restraint as best as anyone person could being picked at so much by Bianca and at times saleisha. Heather kicked Bianca ass in shoots without breaking a sweat and the fact that Bianca bailed out of the Height shoot in China proves she was the one who couldnt handle “anything” not Heather! Bianca has an ugly soul!

  63. pkayden Says:

    Hate to say this but I didn’t like Bianca at all. I’m watching her season again and all I can see is rudeness and hostility. She’s pretty enough but her attitude was beyond nasty. And from reading this post, it looks like she hasn’t changed.

  64. Melvin Says:

    Stupid and bitchy. I despise this kind of people who put down different people, especially someone as Heather who was incredibly interesting as a human being. Her Asperger made her unique and special. Bianca didn’t understand this because she’s intellectually limited and basically mean.

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