Atalya Slater was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Eighteen-year-old Atalya was a student from Brooklyn, New York.

During the second episode of Cycle 10, the models were asked to portray high-fashion homeless women in their first photo shoot. Atalya was criticized for being over-enthusiastic, and was placed in the bottom two with Amis. The judges eliminated Atalya for lacking high-fashion appeal, despite the fact that Kimberly had just quit the competition. She was the second model to leave the competition, but was the first girl eliminated.

Atalya described the experience as a stressful one. She said she was happy, excited and nervous all in one. During the first photo shoot, Atalya was incredibly impressed with Lauren Utter, the self-proclaimed rocker of the bunch. Lauren performed well considering her ambivalence towards modeling.

Since the show, Atalya has walked for Jose Duran in New York Fashion Week and House of Dereon on the Tyra Show. She appeared in Source Magazine, New York Daily News, American Cheerleader magazine, Cosmogirl Prom F/W 2009, Cosmopolitan, April 2009 and has modeled for several hair magazines. Atalya also has a campaign with South Pole and had a Billboard in Times Square. She played a female fan in the movie Notorious, is on the cover of the Book Friend Til the End, and has modeled on “The View” for Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s clothing line. Additionally, she was the face of Coogi fashion.

Atalya was featured in the Fabolous video “Throw it in the Bag.” She has also appeared on the June 19, 2009 broadcast of The Today Show, modeling swimwear and later, Fall fashion. Atalya was also featured in Seventeen Magazine August 2009 issue.

Atalya Slater is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models under the W Media division in New York.

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8 Responses to “Atalya Slater”

  1. boo Says:

    Don’t remember her.

  2. alane Says:

    I do! She is really pretty and she was the first they sent away, but look how far she came! Wilhelmina models! You go girl!!

  3. RJay Says:

    Watching this season now. Still don’t remember her, but they were definitely right about her when they cut her. She is strictly a commercial girl, not high fashion whatsoever. They made the exact right decision.

    • Jamaica Says:

      You are so right! There is absolutely [b]nothing[/b] special or mind-blowing about her face whatsoever, although when I scrolled down the page, her photos did becoming looking more and more modelesque and beautiful.

      That’s why I’m shocked that she especially booked as many fashion shows and modeling jobs as she did. I find nothing special about girls like her at all, and thought that as a commercial girl, she would never make it. But here she is, garnering huge success, I believe, even greater than Whitney.

  4. Erica Says:

    I loved her! And I thought she went home to soon! The good thing is that she didn’t make it to the make overs, and now she looks brilliant in these photographs!

  5. Linda Says:

    I don’t remember at all from the cycle, but I know her work well. She very pretty.

  6. Woo43 Says:

    I remember her! Miss Jay made fun of her lisp. She was quite young and was homesick, but showed potential at the first runway challenge for Badgley-Mischka. Great to see she’s doing so well!

  7. Katherine Says:

    The judges were right. She really has no high fashion modeling potential. Or modeling potential at all. She photographs exactly as she looks, which doesn’t work.

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