Anya Kop (now Rozova) was a contestant and the runner-up during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Anya Kanani Rozova is a fashion model. Born in Russia, Rozova is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was raised in Hawai’i by adoptive parents. Under the name Anya Kop, Rozova was the runner-up of Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model. After appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Anya changed her surname from Kop to her original Russian surname, Rozova.

Born in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), Anya was adopted at age four by Mike Kop and Bal Patterson and was raised in the Waialae section of Honolulu, Hawai’i. Rozova attended Moanalua Elementary School and Moanalua Middle School then graduated from Waipahu High School in 2007. In high school, Anya danced Hula and Tahitian, and was a member of the Polynesian Club.

Anya had her first paying job at seventeen, appearing in a private event featuring informal modeling at Louis Vuitton. Rozova also appeared in informal shows for Chanel, Jeanie Chun and Fendi.

Anya was the runner-up on Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model. The judges often praised Anya ‘s bubbly personality and high-fashion appeal. Anya started off strong in the beginning of the competition, receiving the first call-out, which would be her first of five, tying her with Cycle 6 runner-up Joanie Dodds for having the highest number of first call-outs. In the third episode, Anya received a makeover that changed her naturally brown, wavy hair to platinum blonde. Anya won three challenges, including a nude photoshoot photographed by Nigel Barker and also won the opportunity to appear in a 7-Up advertisement with an “Au Naturale” theme, receiving $10,000 from 7-Up. Anya received a dress by Gai Mattiolo as her third challenge prize. Series viewers voted Anya “Covergirl of the Week” for week 10. During the Covergirl commercial challenge, the judges praised Anya for her relatable personality, but her print advertisement photograph received mixed reviews. Chosen as a finalist, Anya participated in a mock Versace fashion show in Rome against competitor Whitney Thompson. During final judging, the judges criticized her for being too restrained in the fashion show and she lost to Whitney. Anya was featured on the November 19, 2008 broadcast of Cycle 11 as one of the “Top Models in Action.”

Anya ‘s first agency affiliation was with Honolulu based More Models and Talent, signing in 2006. After becoming the runner-up during Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model, Anya signed with Elite Model Management in New York.

Anya appeared on the covers of Midweek newspaper’s April 30, 2008 edition and the June 2008 Swimsuit Edition. Anya worked for Gilt Groupe, an online catalogue featuring clothing from Tibi, Habitual, Greenbeads, and Vera Wang. Anya has appeared in both Level Magazine and Nylon Magazine and has done work for OakNYC and Sunday Brunch Dress Shop. Anya has appeared in several Hong Kong based publications including Elle Hong Kong, Cosmogirl Hong Kong, Marie Claire Hong Kong, Daily Sun, Ming Pao Weekly, Jessica Magazine, Zip Magazine, Apple Daily, Wedding de Luxe, Pd! Girl, Me! Magazine, Showcase Fashion, HIM Magazine, Hong Kong Tatler, Touch, Jet Magazine, More Magazine and Jessica Code. She has a Fall 2009 campaign for the Chinese brand, Calfland.

During Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009 season, Anya walked in many shows, including Fashion Shenzen, Taipei in Style, In Full Bloom, HK Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2009, Brands Collection Show I and The 9th Footwear Design Competition Awards Hong Kong 2009. Anya walked the Nuj Novakhett and Julian Louie runway shows during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009 season. And also was featured on the television show ‘The Fashion Show’ as one of the models of a designers collection.

In March 2009, Anya was featured on fashion TV (UK) as part of their model profiles section and in August 2009, Anya was featured in Project Runway All Star Challenge as one of the models for Sweet P Vaughn’s collection. She also modeled clothing on the Tyra Banks Show episode “Recessionista: Queen of Cheap” that originally aired on September 16, 2008.

Anya was once signed with Elite Model Management, but is now signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York and Style International Management in Hong Kong.

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To see more photos of Anya, click here.

68 Responses to “Anya Rozova”

  1. Miss E. Says:

    Anya looks better as a brunette. Stunning!

  2. Marts Says:

    I know this debate will go over and over in most cycles, but …


  3. "N" Says:

    Did she get a nose job?

  4. MILO Says:

    Аня была сильнее всех,она единственная заслужила победу!!!

    Rough Translation: “Anya was strongest. She was unique and deserved victory!!!”

  5. Tara Says:

    Looks a little like Ann Markley from season 3.

  6. kiki Says:

    I have no idea what Nigel was talking about when he said she took pretty pictures. Anya takes high-fashion beautiful pictures.

  7. mhara Says:

    Wow. I love her.

  8. rishelle Says:

    SHE SHOULD HAVE WON ! absolutely stunning and a real high-fashion model 😀

  9. rishelle Says:

    SHE SHOULD HAVE WON! Absolutely stunning and a real high-fashion model.

  10. kiki Says:

    This girl only took one bad shot and one not great shot. Guess which ones those are?

  11. Nastya Says:

    She’s the best!!! Anya the embodiment of high fashion!

    Она лучшая!!! Она-воплощение высокой моды!

  12. T Says:

    I honestly think she has been one of ANTM’s strongest contestants.

  13. Finnie Says:

    I. Frickin. Love. Anya. I’m also a big Vampire Diaries fan, so you can imagine how exciting it would be to find her on the cover of one of the books…


  14. Mikaela Says:

    My number one favorite.

  15. mel Says:

    Hi! Name is mel! your my favourite next model! Are you going to New Zealand?

  16. Chris Says:

    Anya is absolutely divine.

  17. boo Says:

    I love Anya. She is way, WAY much better than Whitney. Whitney is so fake, with her fake smile and her fake fake personality. Ew, ew, ew. They chose her to win only because they needed a plus-size model to win. The other plus-size models on the previous seasons were much better at having a win than Whitney.

    • Mari H. Says:

      I was thinking the same thing about previous plus-size girls being more worthy winners. Whitney looks like a pageant contestant, not a model!

  18. Jennifer Says:

    I think it was a mistake to make her hair blonde, as a brunette she looks more haute couture. And the fact that Tyra and stuff preferred that stout girl to Anya is very upsetting and conspicuous. They just needed to make a big girl win.

  19. hawaiian Says:

    She works at a Starbucks at the outlet mall here in Hawaii!!!

  20. KriStina Says:

    Она самая лучшая. Её фотографии были самыми лучшими на протяжение всего шоу. Anya – единственная, кто был достоин победы в этом шоу. Она стопроцентный фаворит.

  21. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Not pretty at all to me. Couldn’t even remember that she went up against Whitney.

  22. Angela Says:

    I thought it was incredibly odd that she didn’t win, especially since she got called first so many times and won a couple of challenges. Whitney shouldn’t have won. Anya had this genuine charm that would’ve made her perfect for CoverGirl and for castings. She was lovely to work with and performed beautifully.

    Oh well … it doesn’t matter if she won or not because her career today is amazing. She’s the real winner.

  23. Angela Says:

    Oh, and also, I think Tyra PURPOSELY gave Anya a harder dress to walk in to make it easier for Whitney to out-walk her!

  24. Terri Says:

    Definitely looks better with dark hair…my problem was I could never understand her when she spoke.

  25. hazel Says:

    Anya should have won!

  26. angie harmon Says:

    She had the best personality and spirit. Anya is my favorite model from the show.

  27. ka Says:

    she is a really nice girl!
    can’t forget the scence she brought the food to sick fatima

  28. schlobetta Says:

    so sad she didn’t win!! her, kat doll and fatima should have made up the top three, and she should have won…not whitney…she was kind of annoying…although i’m glad she won to represent the plus-sized models…but still, anya, kat doll and fatima were my faves

  29. Niki b Says:

    Stunning! She has a long career ahead of her! Pics are fab!

  30. gerald Says:

    Anya is one of my favorite girls she is so high fashioned and so nice I loved her nymph platinum blond hair my favorite photo of Anya is the meat packing industry mmmmm….

  31. gerald Says:

    I loved Anya she is absolutely looked high fashioned than Whitney, Anya ahd the looks her face had this Russian looks and absolutely stunning, Anya had also the passion and drive and she usually avod fights at the house. her and Katarzyna should be in the final two!!!

  32. Khatarina Says:

    Such a sweet girl, natural.. she should’ve won, Whitney is so fake…

  33. Liza Says:

    I’m very glad about her,she is wonderful.And she was born in my Motherland.

  34. ar Says:

    They have to create AMERICA’S NEXT PLUS SIZE MODEL in order to give the right to these kind of girls to win.

  35. Sonni Says:

    I hope her success doesn’t take a toll on her bubbly, always optimistic personality. Anya is naturally gorgeous, and in cycle 10 I don’t think she realized how amazing she was. In her nude photo shoot with Nigel Barker-she looked effortlessly pretty. I wish I had the pleasure to meet her.

  36. Janet Ives Says:

    She sure can pull off many looks. prefer her in darker hair also.

  37. kahuna Says:

    I’ll add to the chorus. She should have won!!! In the end she IS the winner afterall. Look at her career compared to Whitney.

  38. panda Says:

    I like her way better than whitney, she’s more editorial

  39. Kat Says:

    OMG! Anya totally should have one! She is so pretty and has a great personality!

  40. Claudia1011 Says:

    I think that Anya was one of the most stunning girls in all of ANTM history and that she should have won rather than Whitney. She is so high fashion! I personally liked her better with her ice blonde hair though, but she is still as beautiful and stunning as ever. I love you Anya and wish you all the very best!

  41. rhocurl Says:

    I preferred her during the show!
    it looks like she put on a lil weight, cuz her face is not as chiseled anymore, n the person who styled her for these pics didnt want her to look pretty #thatisall

  42. Maire Says:

    Yes yes I totally agree. Anya should have won. Whitney was in the bottom two so often. I think Tyra made a mistake by choosing Whitney just to have a plus size model win. Lord knows she admitted that it was her goal to have a plus size winner. It hadn’t happened naturally in the previous seasons so I think that Tyra made it happen at Anya’s expense. Maybe she also thought that Anya was so good she’d be successful even without the win. Well I’m glad for Anya that she has been sucessful. The world didn’t need that immature sulky Whitney as any kind of a role model. Anya was always mannerly and supportive and genuinely kind. She makes a far better role matter. It was just wrong that she didn’t get the title win and the credit she deserved. I wish her every success in life.

  43. Karan Says:

    Although Anya wasn’t conventionally pretty; she is incredibly high fashion…just look at her second shot! it is clear that she should have won: her portfolio was so much stronger than whitney’s, and also whitney’s final catwalk was terrible. i think that Anya was the whole package: she could deliver a believable commercial, take stella high fashion and commercial photographs and had a good runway walk. in my opinion the only reason whitney won is because she was plus size, and that would appeal to the public.

  44. Sasha Says:

    Didn’t you notice her being unfair. She told that she didn’t like to speak behind someone’s back. but when they were in Rome she was constantly disscusing how Dominique was bad person. She’d better mind her own person. I wish her some good maners

    • karan Says:

      she was not doing it in a malicious way, she way just airing out her feelings. i am a hug dominique fan so you cannot say that im being biased. its not like anya was being bitchy about dominique like whitney and clair did.

  45. Pauletta Says:

    She had to be the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry, but WHITNEY WASN’T STUNNING, HIGH FASHION PRETTY AND PROFITABLE (just think, who could be too stupid for buying Covergirl makeup that is being promoted by a fake FAT girl? No one.)

    The judges just chose Whitney for having a first plus-size winner. That’s not fair.

    And if everyone thinks that I’m wrong ’cause she really deserved it, ok tell me why? Sorry, but there’s no reason for giving the antm title to her.

    After ANTM, who’s the most successful, Anya or ‘Porky Whitney’? Obviously, Anya, just check all her works with Elite Model Management and Wilhelmina Models. Whitney doesn’t even reach to her heels.

  46. Mina Says:

    Amazing pictures, seems to me that she’s booked frequently and is doing quite well.

  47. Gaga Says:

    I think the judges esp Nigel did not want Anya to win. The usual time-out is when a model is in the bottom 2 3 three times. If its more than that your out. Howcome Whitney stayed? Clearly they wanted her to win.

  48. Anastasia Says:

    100% she is the winner. But this is a show, so they do that kinda surprises for raiting that’s all.
    Also may they didn’t want the russian win, and pic “american beauty’, xoxo..

  49. Yunie Says:

    I agree that Anya should have won as well. I was very shocked when Whitney won. But i gotta disagree with you, Pauletta, when you say that Whitney is fat, which I don’t think she is. She was (maybe still is) a Healthy size 10, and is technically a good role-model for “plus-size” women. Even though i totally agree with you that she came across as very fake, and i honestly think Whitney did not deserve to win. She did not have the strongest pictures, and they way her personality was portrayed was not flattering at all. But TV can distort ones impressions, so maybe (hopefully) she isn’t as fake as she was portrayed on TV in real life.

    Anya had it all, she only struggled a little bit with her commercial during ANTM. So i am glad to see that she is doing so well for her self, because she truly deserved it. I loved her icy blonde look, but she looks good dark as well. A true chameleon. 🙂

  50. miss anila Says:

    Anya should’ve of won, I think she was the strongest competition of ANTM, Anya was robed of what rightfully belonged to her the ANTM title. Britney is a mediocrity for a model, she was just lucky to be a plus size model, and ANTM needed a plus size model to win to show that they give a fair chance to everyone, sorry Britney but you’re not a model.

  51. miss anila Says:

    *I meant to say Whitney

  52. Guy Says:

    she is what high fashion all about

  53. Natalie Toups Says:

    I have loved Anya from the start esp as a blonde. I fell in love with her bc no matter what happens she’s always a ball of energy n grateful for everything. She might not speak as well as the judges would like but I love it. It’s different n I have know trouble understanding her. Look at all the challenges she’s won for being her natural self. She’s genuine n down to earth n was elated that so many agency’s or campaigns wanted her. She is a star. Don’t let her go. This is the first time I’ve ever looked up a model to see where she is but I had to know everybody saw in her what I do. She’s the whole package. And I love her voice bc she sounds very endearing. If she has to get a voice coach don’t change it too much bc it one of the wonderful things about her that makes her so unique. And I’ll never understand how they picked Whitney bc she is so face n no one knows who she really is. I think they just finally want to give a plus size the title. They always say how fake she is n now that she’s won she still is. Still pageantry. Nothing real about her. I wish Anya would have one but everything happens for a reason. Look where she is now. I’m so proud of her. Keep it up n you’ll stay a star. Whitney has nothing on you n never will. I know you won’t get to see this but I really wish you could bc you’re the only model out of all the seasons that I felt had the whole package n this is the first time I’ve ever written anything about a model. But this time was different bc there’s something so special n extroidanary about you that I had to say something. You’re gonna have a long flourishing career n I’m so proud you stuck it out. We all love you

  54. Jessica Says:

    With very few exceptions, I don’t like these post ANTM pics. The ones during the show were so much better! I think she should go back to being a blonde. THe platinum was so edgy and the brunette just makes her look commonplace; she doesn’t stand out AT all.

  55. Scott Tucker Says:

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  56. Rubber Says:

    She is my no.1 fav model from ANTM ever ever !!!!!!!!! SHE HAD STRONGEST PORTFOLIO from ANTM history ….so sad she was runner-up :(((

  57. Katherine Says:

    This girl is the epitome of a top model. She was robbed, and she should’ve won.

  58. Brent Says:

    I have been a huge fan of Anya ever since the beginning of Cycle 10 in the competition. Out of all of them, I was rooting for Anya to win because of her amazing personality and the consistency of her pulling off stellar photos.

    When watching the finale runway, I was thinking to myself, they can’t make Whitney win, Anya has everything to offer when it comes to high fashion, personality, being a role model, and also her modelling ability. When they announced “Americas Next Top Model is… WHITNEY!” I was literally flabbergasted and swore at Tyra Banks through the television. The one decision that I can never forgive Tyra and the other judges for. (I even stopped watching it for many seasons due to this silly decision, aaaaand a couple of others).

    Anya, if you are reading this, you were an amazing model in the competition and I was rooting for you from start to finish. Looking at your success now, I wish you every success on your way. You’re my favourite model EVER to appear on ANTM, and I think that no matter what happens, you have everything going for you. ❤

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