Source: ANTM / Tyra Banks

Source: ANTM

Contestants for Cycle 9:

Saleisha Stowers, 21, Los Angeles, California (winner)
Heather “Chantal” Jones, 19, Austin, Texas
Jenah Doucette, 18, Farmington, Connecticut
Bianca Golden, 18, Queens, New York
Heather Kuzmich, 21, Valparaiso, Indiana
Lisa Jackson, 2o, Jersey City, New Jersey
Ambreal Williams, 19, Dallas, Texas
Sarah Hartshorne, 20, Heath, Massachusetts
Ebony Morgan, 20, Chicago, Illinois
Janet Mills, 22, Bainbridge, Georgia
Victoria Marshman, 20, New Haven, Connecticut
Kimberly Leemans, 20, Ocala, Florida
Lyudmila “Mila” Bouzinova, 20, Boston, Massachusetts

Notes: This was the last cycle in which Twiggy appeared as a judge. The international destination was Shanghai and Beijing, China.


Tyra Banks
J. Alexander
Nigel Barker

Photo Shoots:

Ep 2: Negative side-effects of smoking
Ep 3: Couture rock climbing
Ep 4: Flowers and plant life
Ep 5: Fashion Gargoyles on a sky scraper rooftop
Ep 6: Evoking recyclable materials
Ep 8: Enrique Iglesias’ video “Tired of Being Sorry”
Ep 9: Blazing car in the desert
Ep 10: CoverGirl Queen Collection ad and commercial
Ep 11: Chinese Princesses / Lion & dragon dance
Ep 12: Great Wall of China warriors / group shot
Ep 13: CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers commercial and print ad shoot; Seventeen Magazine covers


Contract with Elite Model Management
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
Six-page spread with Seventeen magazine


Saleisha Stowers

24 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 9”

  1. Jay Says:

    Great. I love this.

    • K. Says:

      I was really disappointed in this cycle. I found with the exception of Heather, most of the girls to be cold and at times out right mean. Made it hard to root for anyone at all. Bianca was a creep…Not fun to watch a group of totally unpleasant people gang up on the weakest. Competing doesn’t have to be like that. You can compete and still have some class.

  2. Marts Says:

    When you think about it, in exception of 3-4 girls, the whole cycle was a mess. You had people who simply quit modeling after the show, some who couldn’t find an agency and, on top of all this, Saleisha winning.

  3. pedro Says:

    The only thing is really poor, dreadfull, shameful and whatever bad word you can think of is Saleisha winning. Man, she sucks soooo bad. Jenah and Chantal were soooooo much better…

  4. Рената Says:

    Джена и Шантал были лучше этой Салиши.

  5. Bre Says:

    Ya’ll, stupid Saliesha was THE BEST. She was so legit.

  6. fifi Says:

    That season was bulls**t. I’m sorry, but Saleisha … uurgh!! And the girls were such a mess, most of them being mean. They were beautiful ones, but damn some of them. Heather, Chantal Jenah should have won.

  7. Ariana Says:

    You guys are sooo dumb. Saleisha won; get over it biotches! Your opinion is not needed. It won’t change anything, so go get a life. I’m done.

  8. Danielle Says:

    Saleisha won because, she takes an amazing photo and she has a great personality! Heather and Jenah didn’t win because they both have an extreme attitude problem, which will never get you a job on a go-see.

  9. KH1983 Says:

    This season was so obviously a conspiracy for Saliesha to win. She already had national modeling campaigns (which weren’t allowed per the rules). She appeared on Tyra’s talk show in the past. She went to Tyra’s camp as a teen.

    To top it all off, McKey (winner from season 11 – SUCH a model if anyone ever saw one… was practically born for it) was told when she auditioned for season 9 that she “wasn’t what they were looking for.”
    Huh? A perfect model that would obviously be successful in the future? Model’s height, face, & body wasn’t what they were looking for that season… Hmmm. Maybe because the judges wouldn’t have been able to hand the competition to Saliesha if McKey were there?

    Also, that’s why they had to get rid of Jenah before the final 2 runway with some BS about her “role model” ability. Because it would be way too obvious of a win for Jenah if they had to face each other directly on the runway.

    Oh, and how does a Japanese anime mushroom haircut make someone “fierce” or “high fashion,” anyway? Anyone care to clue me in?

    • Trish Says:

      I agree with you. Personally, I liked Heather – the girl took amazing pictures. Saleisha looked the same in every single one.

    • Tristan Says:

      I agree. I loved Heather in photos, but it was so obvious to me once they announced she was AS, and seeing how she was throughout the episodes, that as soon as it was no longer about pictures, but about communication, particularly through speech and to an audience, she would be gone.

  10. lunayofanda Says:

    I really dissapointed at this cycle because I think Chantal should win.

  11. john Says:

    shleisha woeked it

  12. Kakario Says:

    personally, i thought Saleisha was one of the best and thats why she won! Chantal or Jenna couldnt do half as good a job.

  13. melanie Says:

    I found ebony official facebook she wont accept me though

  14. David B Says:

    Sorry for you guys, but this season is one of my favorite, and Saleisha have reason to win! if you are soOOOoo jaleous or not understan the decision of the juges, is because you dont understan the industries.

  15. Jane Says:

    Just watched this cycle for the 2nd time, and I still don’t understand how Saleisha won. They ruined her w/cutting her hair. Chantal should have won in my opinion.

    • BB Says:

      Did you not see the finale? (The rerun is on now) How could you think Chantal should’ve won? Saleisha killed her on the runway!

  16. kate Says:

    i was rooting for lisa dou….

  17. Jessica Says:

    Crazy, but no matter how ‘bad’ you say saleisha was, she’s the only one from that cycle that I remember.

  18. mya phillips Says:

    Hey mis sal how r u i need ur help i herd thah bianca golden was very disrepectful to u , well let me tell u alil about her

  19. TazzyUK Says:

    Amazing how someones personality can make them soo ugly….. BIANCA!

  20. TazzyUK Says:

    Heather is just soo adorable!

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