Contestants for Cycle 8:

Jaslene Gonzalez, 20, Chicago, Illinois
Natalia “Natasha” Galkina, 21, Dallas, Texas
Renee Alway, 20, Maui, Hawaii
Dionne Walters, 20, Montgomery, Alabama
Brittany Hatch, 21, Savannah, Georgia
Jael Strauss, 22, Detroit, Michigan
Whitney Cunningham, 21, West Palm Beach, Florida
Sarah Vonderhaar, 20, Lake Zurich, Illinois
Diana Zalewski, 21, Garfield, New Jersey
Felicia Provost, 19, Houston, Texas
Cassandra Watson, 24, Seattle Washington
Samantha Francis, 19, Pinson, Alabama
Kathleen DuJour, 20, Brooklyn, New York

Note: The international destination for this cycle was Syndey, Australia. The winner, Jaslene Gonzales, was the first Puerto Rican to win the title.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
J. Alexander

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Marc Ecko party shoot (casting)
Ep 2: Controversial political views
Ep 3: High school cliches
Ep 4: Nude candy coated shoot
Ep 5: Crime scene victims
Ep 6: Gender swap
Ep 7: Four personalities
Ep 8: Memorable moments of past cycles with Payless Shoes
Ep 9: CoverGirl Outback Endorsement
Ep 11: Swimsuit Spread for Men’s & Women’s magazines
Ep 12: Aboriginal dance
Ep 13: CoverGirl beauty shot, “My life as a Covergirl” shoot for TruShine lipcolor, Seventeen Magazine covers


Contract with Elite Model Management
Cover and six-page spread in Seventeen magazine
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics


Jaslene Gonzales

17 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 8”

  1. fifi Says:

    I also liked this season. They were all beautiful and I think the top 3 was good. I would have been happy if Natasha had won. 😮

  2. elyinsandiego Says:

    Anybody but Jaslene. What an ignorant (even her Spanish was bad), mean-spirited, unwholesome-looking

  3. Linda Says:

    This whole cycle was a joke. One of worst.

    • Violet Says:

      Shut up, no one likes you.

    • whitney is awesome but f@t Says:

      and your name is ´´linda´´? u are most llike ´´fea´´
      sou if u dont liked get out of here and dont distrub..and 1 more little thingy…ANTM 8 was not a joke..u are the joke here!

  4. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    I’m sorry but Jaslene was not the best, BY FAR!

  5. Violet Says:

    My favorite from the whole ANTM series has to be Samantha, Felicia and Natasha and they were all from this cycle

  6. Наташа Says:

    Наташа супер!!!!
    Natasha super woman!!!!
    Im from is Rassiya!!!!
    Tyra souper?i love you!!!!

  7. nissie Says:

    Wasn’t a big fan of this season. But I loved Natasha & Jael.

  8. Jumokee Says:

    Neither did i like nor hate cycle 8… So congrats jaslene n thumbs up 2 all the other contestants(weldone).

  9. kubilayah Says:

    i absolutely LOVED jael & renee!! not so happy with jasleen winning but whatevs. wish natasha woulda got it…but i literally cried when renee was eliminated :/

  10. whitney is awesome but f@t Says:

    whitney was fat..but she should win

  11. Kiss Says:

    My fav episode of all was epi 6

  12. Tang Says:

    I love that Jaslene won, she has been the most professional so far, she NEVER complained about anything, all the girls cry when they get make overs, complain about cold/hot weather, cry about their boyfriends, everyones is so overdramatic, but she wasn’t there to vent her personal life or use her sad story to get simpaty and win like many others (she was abused by her boyfriend and never mentioned it while on the competition) she was there to model and worked her ass off, she took corrections and wasn’t arrogant and she wasn’t a bitch to the other girls, she deserved to win, period.

  13. Guy Says:

    Natasha was the best and the cutest.I totally love her.

  14. Jamaica Says:

    Jaslene overall was the best choice. Contrary to popular opinion, Samantha, Natasha, etc. weren’t and aren’t that great. Jaslene was simply the best. She has the most “wow” factor out of all of them.

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