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Source: Seventeen / Jeffery Jones

Contestants for Cycle 7:

CariDee English, 21, Fargo, North Dakota (winner)
Melissa Rose “Melrose” Bickerstaff, 23, San Francisco, California
Eugena Washington, 21, Palmdale, California
Amanda Babin, 18, Anaheim, California
Michelle Babin, 18, Anaheim, California
Jaeda Young, 18, Anaheim, California
Anchal Joseph, 19, Homestead, Florida
Brooke Miller, 18, Keller, Texas
Alexandra Jayne “AJ” Stewart, 20, Sacramento, California
Megan “Megg” Morales, 18, Los Angeles, California
Monique Calhoun, 19, Chicago, Illinois
Megan Morris, 23, San Francisco, California
Christian Evans, 19, Columbia, South Carolina

Note: To date, this cycle is the most watched season on The CW, averaging 5.13 million viewers per episode. The international destination for this cycle was Barcelona, Spain.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
J. Alexander
Jay Manuel

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Rooftop nude shoot (casting)
Ep 2: Model stereotypes
Ep 3: Hair wars extreme beauty shot
Ep 4: Unstable runway on water
Ep 5: Freakshow circus
Ep 6: Celebrity couple impersonations
Ep 7: Romance novels with Fabio; Black / white scary and sexy beauty shots
Ep 9: CoverGirl whipped foundation skydiving
Ep 10: Secret Deodorant commercial in Catalan
Ep 11: Spaniard bullfighting
Ep 12: Floating water nymphs

p 13: CoverGirl Outlast Double Lip Shine shoot and commercial


Contract with Elite Model Management
Spread in Seventeen Magazine
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics


CariDee English

26 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 7”

  1. sondra Says:

    Caridee, luv you.

  2. Рената Says:

    I love Melrose. She’s super. CariDee … she told me do not like. And never will be like.


  4. fifi Says:

    To me, it was the best cycle ever. It was entertaining, there was only 1 bitch and she got kicked early (AND KARMA GOT HER SICK), they were ALL beautiful and stunning and the winner deserved it. Really a good season.

  5. Hope Says:

    I love CariDee, she was my 2nd fave but Melrose should have won. Although if CariDee lost she might have killed herself.

  6. Melrose, I think, would have won if she had a better attitude. That was why the girls didn’t like her. I just want to say Melrose you should be thankful right know that you got second place, because the other would have wanted, but there not but look what you got going for you know would you want ot give that up know.

  7. Lise Says:

    Melrose should have won!!!!!!!

  8. Alex Says:

    Did anyone notice that 8 out of the 13 girls came from California? That’s a lot of girls from the same area.

  9. Zsa Says:

    Uh melrose and caridee looked like twins. either could’ve should’ve won, caridee had a better attitude.

  10. K.D. Says:

    Imho, this cycle had the best last runway show of them all. Absolutely loved it.

  11. Jules Says:

    CariDee is the best! But I really liked Eugena and Jaeda. Melrose was the worst!

  12. lorraine Says:

    Yeah Melrose deserved to win,all the girls were super jealous of her cos she gave 200% to every task,Tyra should have noticed.I mean all the the time she won she shared even once took CariD ee WHEN SHE WON and caridee said if Melrose won she would puke…she cooked ..anyways when u do well people are bound to hate you,and confident girls are not wanted in Top model,…But it was a good season.Eugenia had the attitude ,notice how she would talk about others on the video thingy all the time.though Monique steals the crown for being a Psyho

  13. Soph Says:

    Ugh hated Melrose!

  14. liv Says:

    anchal was the best and the most exotic and beautiful

  15. obi blessing immaculate Says:

    Dis season was d bumb!seriously… I loved all d gurls dey were breautiful and it was a really competition like a battle field I liked all d gurls becos I learnt from all I wished I was part of them..I tank God caridee won

  16. Martu Says:

    CariuDee is amazing! Melrose is a bitch! The twins rocks!

  17. katie Says:

    I actually really love melrose..she got this stunning face..while caridee..she excelled with her bubbly, wild, crazy yet unique personality..plus she got the ‘model face’..melrose..you’re like ur name..pretty and stunning like a rose..well, i luv them both..and yeah..they both look similar to each other. ps : so glad that Monique aka Bitch was eliminated early..i swear to God that girl didn’t have what it takes to be a model…plus, she’s ugly as hell..not to be racist…but eugena and anchal were different from her..they were stunning and their personality was acceptable..luv how anchal hanged the phone while bitchy monique was talking…go to hell monique..

    • LibraTine Says:

      Stankrose (aka Melissa Rose or “Melrose”) had an OLD-looking face; she looked like she was in her mid-30’s already! That doesn’t bode well for a model; most of them have very short careers. Monique looked older than her true age, also. They’re both NASTY as hell. I think they despised each other because their personalities were so alike; they’re two sides of the same coin!

  18. kate Says:

    twins all d way!!!!!!!!!

  19. rick lysander s. diocadiz Says:

    i love amiricas next top model

  20. Mila Says:

    Looooved Melrose!

  21. topmodelfan Says:

    This cycle was hilarious. Best cycle of all.
    Monique is great tv if you don’t take her too seriously. Yes, she’s a bitch (possibly psychotic?) but she’s hilarious because of it.
    The editing in this season is done very nicely in my opinion, especially in the ways the stories of the characters develop (I can go into more details if asked). This cycle had some of the most memorable contestants to me, I still remembered basically the whole cast a few years after I first saw it on tv.
    As for the whole who should have won thing, while Caridee was my favourite on first viewing, I do agree that Melrose was actually quite amazing throughout the competition. Caridee and Melrose both put up great performances, but only Melrose’s good performances were focused on because she was a pivotal character in the entire series. Caridee floated along somewhat under the editing radar until she started to do badly. If you take both girls full performances then Caridee probably just comes in a close first, but if you take a look at who did great the most you could say it was Melrose.

  22. Andrea Says:

    Anchal was by far the most beautiful in my opinion.

  23. LibraTine Says:

    Melissa Rose looked a good 10 years older than her age; no wonder she was chosen to play “old chick in a hot young body” for the circus shoot! Her attitude truly earned her the name “Stankrose”.

  24. LibraTine Says:

    CariDee and Eugenia have had the most post-ANTM success; good for them! Eugenia’s attitude was not good, but her face is stunning; she could be an AWESOME model if she just works on her expressions.
    AJ and Anchal are both lovely, with GREAT attitudes to match! I hope Anchal has more self-esteem and confidence than she had during the show. Meg’s adorable, too; she seemed like a very sweet, spiritual person, and I fear that the cutthroat world modeling appears to be would “thrash her soul”.
    AJ, Anchal, Meg, and CariDee seem like they’d be cool to hang with, “real” people without the pretentiousness (and bitchiness!) some of the others seemed to have.

  25. eugenia Says:

    ancal should won 1.i love her and she is beutibful girl in cicle 7

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