Cycle 6 Contestants:

Danielle Evans, 20, Little Rock, Arkansas
Joan Ann “Joanie” Dodds, 24, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Jade Cole, 26, New York, New York
Sara Albert-Hallmark, 21, Davis, California
Forunda Brasfield, 24, Stuttgart, Arkansas
Nnenna Agba, 24, Houston, Texas
Brooke Staricha, 21, Corpus Christi, Texas
Alejandra “Leslie” Mancia, 18, Higley, Arizona
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi, 25, Tampa, Florida
Gina Choe, 21, Odessa, Florida
Kari Schmidt, 18, Brookings, South Dakota
Wendy Wiltz, 22, New Orleans, Louisiana
Katherine “Kathy” Hoxit, 20, Brevard, North Carolina

Note: The international destination during this cycle was Bangkok, Thailand.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
J. Alexander

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Casting
Ep 2: Bald, covered in Swarovski Crystals
Ep 3: Ice Princess Magazine Covers
Ep 4: Falling Fairy Tales
Ep 5: Editorial Fantasy Careers
Ep 6: CoverGirl Clean Liquid Foundation Commercial
Ep 7: Krumping for Payless Shoes
Ep 9: Dolls; Black / White crying beauty shot
Ep 10: Mermaids in the floating market
Ep 11: Posing on an elephant for Venus Vibrance
Ep 12: OP Swimwear Shoot in Phuket
Ep 13: CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara shoot and commerical


Contract for Ford Models
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics
Photo shoot with ELLE Magazine


Danielle “Dani”  Evans

21 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 6”

  1. jon Says:

    Congrats, Danielle! Love you, Furonda!

  2. Heyder Says:

    Jade, Love you!

  3. Renka Says:

    Loved Dani, Mollie Sue, Joanie, Leslie and Brooke. Jade was just full of her own hype; even she believed she wasn’t that good.

  4. Alex Says:

    Very boring season/cycle, no one really memorable, too many annoying girls especially Jade! Check out the ANTM cycle 16 videos on YT…people are just commenting on how annoying this girl is/was. Alejandra “Leslie” was truly the prettiest and has been doing very well since then! Good for her!

    Too bad, this season is boring me to sleep literally!

    • Alex Says:

      I forgot to mention how Gina was one of the most frustrating girls ever!!!
      Her and Jade made my blood boil!
      Sorry. I really liked season/cycle 5 though.

  5. Ariana Says:

    I love Jade sooo much. I just can’t explain it and for all you haters. I’m done.

  6. Rai Ravenclaw Says:

    the best season!

  7. Ingrid Massey Says:

    I loved Danielle, and I felt tthat she deserved that win. Congrats. Danielle, and good luck.

  8. goodsense Says:

    Love Danielle, the most level headed combination of confidence, tinged with humility, ever on ANTM

  9. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    Dani is beautiful! And I’m glad she won. Jade erked me.

  10. Jules Says:

    The best cycle of ANTM ever! I loved Danielle, Joanie, Sara and Brooke.

  11. Jade is the fiercest bitch that ever passed on ANTM, I’m sorry haters, but I’ll will always love Jade. I was pissed off when she’s not made the final two. =( Fuckin’ Tyra. (And her walk on the church runway was fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiierce)

  12. Denise A. Williams Says:

    I see u on some commercials, what else r u doing now?
    I watched all cycles and u have been my favorite. Keep up the good work.

  13. Ariana Says:

    I love Danielle she was the best and wasnt as cocky as Jade. She knew she was good but never took it for granted. Jade, I love her too. I hated Gina with a passion.

  14. peanut f Says:

    How stupid and ugly?Jade was a nightmare.If she were a nice person I would have enjoyed the show more.I could not believe she was selected anyway.To me it was like she thought she could win by working on each girl to tear them down one at a time.She knew she could not win on her looks.I really didn’t think she could read.Not a prompter anyway.

  15. MrChum428 Says:

    I love Daniele, the best winner ever!!!!!! And maybe the best contestant from any cycle!!!
    But this season was great, I also loved Joanie, Furonda, Leslie & Kari!!!!

  16. Bex Says:

    On your list of cycle 6 contestants, you left out Leslie.

    Also, Jade is a classic narcissist.

  17. Trish Says:

    Jade…please, Even though she took some great pics, she was awful during the commercial shoot. And she was so damn full of herself! I loved Joanie and I wish both she and Dani could have won. I felt sorry for Dani as she struggled with her speech, but seriously – her career was going to be in print work, not commercials. Furonda…every time I saw her, I kept thinking that her head was shaped just like a light bulb. The hair style Tyra gave her didn’t do her any favors at all; I thought that the one she came in with was very flattering and suited her perfectly. I loved Sara but she really only had one expression. I was horrified by Nnenna’s backstory but kind of thought she was sneakier and not as nice as everyone seemed to think. And Mollie Sue got screwed royally – I’ve seen pics she did for overseas work (Italian Vogue, I think?) and they were absolutely stunning. The girl was a chameleon and could give such a range of looks. Tyra should have kept her around a lot longer.

  18. I loved Danielle, she is truly the best and finest contestant ever to walk in to the antm. As Ariana mentioned above on this website, she knew she was good but never took it for granted. As they say, God exalts those who lower themselves and he lowers those who exalt themselves. I also loved Jade, Furonda and Nnenna. I was fascinated by Tyra’s generosity and compassion that she demonstrated when she helped perfect Joanie and Danielle’s dental formulas. That was kind heart.

  19. Mila Says:

    I liked Danielle, she was my 2nd fav. Joanie should have won.

  20. Dani Says:

    this is the first cycle I ever watched and I loved it! My faves were Sara (she was soooo beautiful!!) and Joanie!

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