Naima Mora, 20, Detroit, Michigan (winner)
Kahlen Rondot, 21, from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Keenyah Hill, 19, Compton, California
Brittany Brower, 22, Tallahassee, Florida
Christina Murphy, 24, Tallahassee Florida
Michelle Deighton, 18, Terre Haute, Indiana
Tatiana Dante, 18, Maui, Hawaii
Rebecca Epley, 22, Stillwater, Minnesota
Tiffany Richardson, 21, Miami, Florida
Lluviana “Lluvy” Gomez, 21, Modesto, California
Noelle Staggers, 20, Reno, Nevada
Brandy Rusher, 19, Houston, Texas
Sarah Dankleman, 21, Baltimore, Maryland
Brita Petersons, 25, La Canada, California

Note: This cycle featured the last appearances of Janice Dickinson and Nole Marin, who participated as judges. The Beauty Tip of the Week was replaced by the “My Life as a CoverGirl” segments. The international destination was Cape Town, South Africa.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
Janice Dickinson
Nole Marin

Photo Shoots:

Ep 2: Aliens in Manhattan
Ep 3: 1-800-Flowers dog walkers
Ep 4: Warneco Calendar / Signs of the zodiac
Ep 5: Got Milk campaign with switched ethnicities
Ep 6: Gas attendants fighting the elements
Ep 7:  Wonderbra pillow fight
Ep 8: 7 Deadly Sins
Ep 9: African animals for Lubriderm with crocodile
Ep 10: Kloofing
Ep 11:  Dancing with natives for Caress Body Wash
Ep 13: Outlast Foundation Ad for CoverGirl and commerical


Contract with Ford Models
Fashion spread with ELLE Magazine
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics


Naima Mora

14 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 4”

  1. mark Says:

    I still CANNOT believe such a gorgeous woman like Brita was sent home before that HATEFUL UGLY B*TCH, Brandy! Tyra, Nigel, WAKE UP!

  2. kiki Says:

    Naima is the second most undeserving winner ever. Kahlen had everything to be a top model. The only reason Naima won was because top model was all about image back then and they needed diversity to make people like the show more.

    • KhrisKline Says:

      I know! Kahlen, ugh look at what she has become right now, many tattoos, short ice-blonde hair with pointed bangs…she has definitely changed…it was different from the kahlen we knew…that’s i think the effect of losing top model…it was like the highlight of her life…she turned to trash now…she has alienated herself…when i look at her recent pictures, i sometimes couldn’t even bear to look at them…im like, uh, hurt, coz, i have loved this shy girl, she reminds me of my sister and i feel super sorry for her…i know brittany brower is loud and funny but kahlen has a stronger portfolio and can take gorgeous pictures like tyra said in her finale, “Kahlen you take pictures that are so gorgeous, they rival the Top Models that are in Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar right now…”, and she has an interesting personality and she isn’t just the usual girly-girl, and she’s memorable! She has a lot of fans, not just Brittany so I think that’s enough reason to get her back to All-Stars. She could not only represent Cycle 4, but herself. That way, she would’ve been given another chance and Cycle 4’s representative wouldn’t be the first to go home and her life wouldn’t go to trash…you never know…she could have beaten Lisa D. and could have have a chance to ‘renew’ her life. I miss her so much…I wish the best for Kahlen…

    • Kerry Says:

      what a stupid racist thing to say. Naima had a fabulous runway strut and is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. Hateful jealous bitches. ugh.

  3. sondra Says:

    Still can’t believe Tyra left Brittany and Christina in bottom two (kloofing photoshoot). Their shoot was more fabulous; Brittany should have been called out 1st then Kahlen after that Christina, Naima and Keenyah should in bottom two.

  4. john Says:

    i liked brandy,niama,khlen keenyh

  5. TYRA-nosaurus Says:


  6. kate Says:


  7. Tim Says:

    Tim says I knew when I saw Naime she would be the winner. Out of all the cycles shes the one I remember the most.

  8. Trish Says:

    I liked Kahlen from the start, but it was the shoot in the cemetery that made love and respect her. A warning bell went off for me though, because it was obvious that she was (and most likely still is) the type to hold her feelings in – unless she only lets her guard down with the people she is close to – and not while she’s being filmed for a reality show. At any rate, she took effortlessly beautiful pictures week after week. I have always wondered if any agencies sought her out after the show – if so, did she just turn them down? And if none did, that was a huge mistake, both for them and her…if she really did want to continue modeling, I know she would have been successful, and I can’t help but think how different her life would be today. I hope that she’s happy, wherever she is and whatever she chooses to do.

    • Lala Says:

      Same here. I know Kahlen can be a great model. Why oh why was she not offered or at least given help by ANTM. She created gorgeous shots, walked awesomely and at the same time is humble. She’s beautiful and talented as a model.

      ANTM sucks for sure.

  9. Mila Says:

    Kahlen should have won, and Brandy should have gone instead of Brita. Brita had so much potential!

  10. Code-E Says:

    I used to like this season, but now, I can’t watch episode 7 without wanting to hurl my TV out the window, thanks to my @$shole math teachers. Using it to tell the class that we were irrisponsible failures and will never amount to anything. They are dead to me now.

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