Contestants for Cycle 3:

Eva Pigford, 20, Los Angeles, California (winner)
Camara “Yaya” DaCosta, 21, Harlem, New York
Amanda Swafford, 25, Hendersonville, North Carolina
Ann Markley, 21, Erie, Pennsylvania
Norelle Van Herk, 20, Newport Beach, California
Nicole Borud, 21, Minot, North Dakota
Toccara Jones, 22, Dayton, Ohio
Cassie Grisham, 19, Norman, Oklahoma
Kelle Jacob, 19, New York City, New York
Jennipher Frost, 22, Pocatello, Idaho
Laura “Kristi” Grommet, 20, St. Louis, Missouri
Julie Titus, 20, Kent, Washington
Leah Darrow, 24, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Magdalena Rivas, 24, Worcester, Massachusetts
Nargis Fakhri, Queens, New York (semi-finalist)

Note: This was the first cycle to gain partnership with CoverGirl and ran weekly commercials during the show named Beauty Tip of the Week and segments called CoverGirl of the week. It was during this cycle that the cast was increased to 14 contestants. The international destination was Tokyo, Japan.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
Janice Dickinson
Nole Marin

Photo Shoots:

Ep 2: Swimsuits in Jamaica
Ep 3: Nivea unretouched beauty shots
Ep 4: Lee Jeans Advertisement
Ep 5: Dooney & Bourke purses in roller skates
Ep 6: YJ Stinger Energy Drink
Ep 7: Alter Ego with Ford Mustang automobiles
Ep 8: Verragio Diamonds Beauty Shots with a Tarantula
Ep 9: Japanese Campbell Select Soups Commercial
Ep 11: T-Mobile Phone as geishas in kimonos
Ep 12: Harajuku-inspired Motocyclists
Ep 13: Covergirl Wet Slicks Crystal Lip Gloss Ad


Contract with Ford Models
Fashion spread in ELLE magazine
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics


Eva Pigford

10 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 3”

  1. Ariana Says:

    I Love Eva and Yaya! They’re my homegirls! I love them sooo much! I’m soooooooooooooooooo happy Eva won! Yay, keep on going Eva! You’re the best and so is Yaya, my Portuguese sister! Te amo Yaya! Ciao!

  2. bth Says:

    Did anyone else hear “Bored Models” whenever Tyra announced the prizes like Ford Models?

  3. Heather Says:

    Yes, Eva and Yaya were both gorgeous! I know it had to be a tough decision for the judges.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Im glad that Eva won I think it was so talked about becuz she had what the indrerstry want and that is a modle with some drive and that can take to the next level and Eva did just that and more and YaYa she was great to but I think what she doing right know acting becomes her and shes doing really well with that she also have some fame out there and tht is her name I miss her on All My Children it was a joy watching her I hope to see her in more movies.

  5. Jules Says:

    Eva.. a real beauty.

  6. They have gorgeous bodies but those jeans don’t look too good on them, lol 🙂

  7. john Says:

    yaya the best

  8. Airam Says:

    Amanda Swafford is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mdjdnejdu Says:

    Ugly ass pig looking Eva pig ford.

  10. Code-E Says:

    One of my favorite seasons to watch. I DVR-ed the reruns just to watch over and over again.

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