Contestants for Cycle 2:

Yoanna House, 23, from Jacksonville, Florida (winner)
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte, 22, from Valencia, California
Shandi Sullivan, 21, from Kansas City, Missouri
April Wilkner, 23, from Miami Beach, Florida
Camille McDonald, 25, from Mamaroneck, New York
Sara Racey-Tabrizi, 22, from Seattle Washington
Catie Anderson, 18, from Wilmar, Minnesota
Xiomara Frans, 25, from Morganville, New Jersey
Jenascia Chakos, 21, from Burien, Washington
Heather Blumberg, 18, from Moreno Valley, California
Bethany Harrison, 22, from Houston, Texas
Anna Bradfield, 24, from LaGrange, Georgia

Note: this was the only cycle to feature 12 contestants. The international destination for this cycle was Milan, Italy.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
Janice Dickinson
Eric Nicholson

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Nude photo shoot with male model in the Garden of Eden for Fresh Look Contact Lenses
Ep 2: Steve Madden Shoes
Ep 3: Laundry by Shelli Seal while suspended over a giant hole
Ep 4: Celebrity impersonations
Ep 5: Quench Underwater nymphs
Ep 6: Black / white beauty shots, commercial for Rollitos chips
Ep 7: Tyra Banks’ “Shake Ya Body” music video
Ep 8: Solstice Sunglasses in the Coliseum
Ep 9: (recap episode)
Ep 10: Sensual, nude shot with a partner
Ep 11: High edge beauty shots


Contract with IMG Models
Fashion spread with Jane Magazine
Cosmetics campaign with Sephora


Yoanna House


7 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 2”

  1. Рената Says:

    Жаль что не победила мерседес. 😦

  2. IMRAN Says:

    Everyone of the model deserve to be amercica next top model so you should do Prize 1st 2nd & 3rd

  3. damaris bamu Says:

    why can someone not download this . the dvd’s should be made available to every country.

  4. emily Says:

    no…… just no. it’s called america’s next top model, not models

  5. meghan Says:

    Your eyes are stunning and I have a dream of being a model too but I’m not sure how so if anyone can give me tips please reply …if this is how the website works I’m not so sure anyways thanks bye ❤

  6. kate Says:

    i really loved shandi…she was high fashion, quirky and sexy in my opinion…

  7. mattie Says:

    i love that pretty face girl who had a baby and left the competition earlier…
    she should be the one to win…i wonder why she left earlier??????…!!!
    judges should be real careful on this.

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