Source: Troy Jensen / Pottle Production / The CW

Contestants for Cycle 16:

Alexandria Everett, 21, Huntington Beach, California
Angelia Alvarez, 20, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Brittani Kline, 19, Howard, Pennsylvania
Dalya Morrow, 21, Corona, California
Dominique Waldrup, 23, Houston, Texas
Hannah Jones, 20, Austin, Texas
Jaclyn Poole, 19, Belton, Texas
Kasia Pilewicz, 26, New York, New York
Mikaela Schipani, 21, Boca Raton, Florida
Molly O’Connell, 22, Charleston, South Carolina
Monique Weingart, 19, Hebron, Illinois
Nicole Lucas, 20, Orlando, Florida
Ondrei Aroe, 18, Muskegon, Michigan
Sara Longoria, 18, Edinburg, Texas

Notes: This cycle maintained the format of the previous cycle, cycle 15.  The winner received a contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Vogue Italia, the cover of Beauty in Vogue, a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl and a one-year contract with IMG Models.  The International destination for cycle 16 was Morocco, making this the second time the show has travelled to Africa (Cycle 4).


Tyra Banks
Andre Leon Talley
Nigel Barker

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1:  Backstage at a Fashion Show
Ep 2:  Extreme Beauty shoot with Bees
Ep 3:  Alice in Wonderland Couture dresses in Paris
Ep 4:  Retro-style Coffee Commercial
Ep 5:  Faux Fur with Baby Jaguar
Ep 6:  Blondes Vs. Brunettes in Mud
Ep 7:  Crazies for Fashion
Ep 8:  Landfill Couture
Ep 9:  Recap Episode
Ep 10:  Nomads Posing with Camel
Ep 11:  Moroccan Women in Jemaa el-Fnaa
Ep 12:  Love Story In Marrakech Beach
Ep 13:  CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor and Print Ad & Beauty in Vogue Shoot


Contract with IMG Models
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
Spread in Vogue Italia
Cover of Beauty in Vogue

Winner: TBD

74 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 16”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Since you have a bunch of Alexandrias photo on the main page does it mean she won????

  2. Gustavito Says:

    Morocco?? I think in cycle 15 went to Italy.

  3. Gustavito Says:

    I said that because on your notes on cycle 16 right above this it says, quoting you “The International destination for cycle 15 was Morocco, making this the second time the show has travelled to Africa (Cycle 4).” Just wanted to let you know so nobody makes any mistakes on comments. By the way, love your site; it’s the best ever!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Why don’t you put up the series of shots taken that are used by judges to cut a girl’s future. This way the public can tell if there isn’t bias or favoritism in picking the photo used at “panel.” Or is it up to Tyra herself to pick the photo used at panel. I noticed the first girl sent home it appeared the worst photo was selected as she looked good in a group photo.

    Just a thought to consider.

    • Gustavito Says:

      Tyra said back in cycle 1 that she was the one who picked all the photos to be presented at panel, previous discussion with Mr. Jay, so I guess she kept doing the same thing untill now.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Big question: Why haven’t they produced a DVD/blueray per cycle to purchase? It could be a big money maker.

    Also a group cycle package would be attractive. Seen many of the ANTM re-runs over and over again as they are additive. Great show and big improvements from the first three cycles as to the panel sitting in a small tight group of judges with lots of drapes to a cool stylish professional studio with big screen monitors.

    One improvement would be looking at the photo like evidence from Miami CSI is available to move, get close ups, by the touch of a finger. This would enable several shots of each girl during the photo shoot to have the viewing public to view instead of just the one selected to judge during panel. A great eye opening program to the tough life of beginning models and the legends who fight gravity very gracefully. Definitely on my DVR to record each new episode.

    The website is great because it allows us to see the success of all the models, some which were cut too early and now out performing some of the “winners.”

    Love ya, Tyra for bringing back girls from previous cycles, besides just the “winners.”

  6. bee Says:

    I saw the 1st episode and I saw some girls that go to the ‘go sees’. They look like : Jaclyn, Kasia (I’m pretty sure with these two, because of Jaclyn’s hair and Kasia has a plus-size body type). Then the rest I saw were three different skinny blondes. May be: Molly, Alexandria and Hannah. Is that true?

    • Alise Says:

      I also saw Kasia and Jaclyn, but also Molly. Wikipedia is listing that in the next episodes, Alexandria and Mikaela will be going home. The episode where they go on go-sees noone will be eliminated.

  7. Jeff Says:

    Wow, that Alexandria a snickety blonde which needs lots of makeup foundation to hide the red spots and bumps. Like her charater … a pimple waiting to pop.

    Pure evil??

    • kiki Says:

      Alex is not pure evil. Alex is an absolute sweet heart who people need to leave alone. So skip you, because you don’t know what you are talking about.

  8. Khairie Says:

    I was looking for some pictures of cycle 16 models and then I found your site. It’s awesome. Nice work!

  9. Suki Says:

    Still waiting for someone that attracts me like how I did with Nicole (13) and Ann (15) still waiting.

  10. wardward Says:

    You rock! This is the best site ever that shows pictures from antm contestants.

    I think Brittani would win this cycle. I love her and Molly. If they get in the top 2, then this cycle is the best! *my opinion*

  11. Jeff Says:

    Have to agree with Brittani and give big props to Molly for wearing two different rugs on her head and not giving up. Working through the pain and mental anguish. She wins top photo with her own hair. MOGR {make over gone wrong), sorry Trya but you didn’t have to wear a bad weave for two straigth weeks maybe a photo shoot or two. Don’t know why Brittani didn’t get the best photo as she “sold” the outfit which was the challenge of the shoot?? Even Nigel wanted to buy one. Glad I have a DVR as it’s to bad the show ANTM goes up against Idol on a major network. Maybe more would and should comment one the show and offer ideas. Still think a box set of Cycles would be made available to purchase with more backstage, house, and other issues as extras.

  12. Jeff Says:

    Oh the MOGR above the W is silent in wRong.

  13. Jeff Says:

    One more thing what was Mr. “J” wearing around his jacket pieces of leather very strange jacket which I couldn’t afford. Also, glad Andre got rid of that strange hat with the duster sticking out of back. Last season it was great Andre opened up to the girls on how he over came a lot to where he is today an ICON. Maybe some others could do the same very inspiring.

  14. Jennifer Says:

    This page is awesome. 🙂

    Just wanted to ask if you have more pics of Britanni and Hannah? I love them both.

  15. holly Says:


  16. Jeff Says:

    Boo! Big mistake! Come on! Alexandra looked out of the group photo and still was directing. Might have to stop watching until it’s on reruns. What a week for such disappointment. Monique got screwed because the judges don’t know who she is in front of them and Alexandra comes in dreckitude and has to take things off her head and waste please. Guess having a sexy body puts you down. Should have call in vote for fans to give the percentage of who should have gone but guess the show doesn’t care about the audience or the people that purchase the mags. This judging sucked. Going to lose your audience even with a non IDOL time slot next episode. What didn’t Mr. J say anything about the photo shoot. Boo.

  17. Jeff Says:

    Oh, on the last NCIS LA at the end of the show, one of the agents turned on Top Model as she thought the show was cool.

  18. Jeff Says:

    Looks like no one is interested in making comments on the show anymore.

    After last nights show I don’t know why I am either.

    What a farce that “we” don’t know about what goes on in the house. Alexandria looked rather old in the PSA which what the second model was sent home for. Poor Brittani opened her mouth which the other models were thinking and now has Trya ragging against her from now on. All the other models should have walked off stage with her. Know in the “judges” view it’s poor Alexandria come on. True material life isn’t fair so is ANTM is Mr. J spoke up about the last group model shoot Alex would have been gone.

    This cycle is the most depressing of all. Maybe Tyra is upset there isn’t a woman of color left on the show, so Alex gets to shine because she exhausts the other models with her “five” different Alex’s as one girl said. Don’t know how much more ANTM I can watch. Sad.

    • maan Says:

      Jeff, stop being a hater. In the beginning, I was not a fan and was never supposed to root for Alexandria until after I saw how all the models were treating her. She’s probably the most bullied contestant in ANTM history. I give her props for being able to keep her spirits up even when everybody is being cruel to her.

  19. Dee Says:

    Just FYI, four of the contestants are from Texas, not three. Love this site!! Keep up the good work.

  20. Mamamodel Says:

    Have all the contestants this cycle modeled before the show? Can you list who has and who hasn’t, please? I think Tyra doesn’t wanna take the risk of people saying ‘those contestants will never make it in the real world’, hence she picked experienced girls. Don’t get me wrong; i think it’s totally okay. My fave is Molly! She is cool and can model. Mikaela is stunning! Too bad she can’t give enough intensity in the eyes. Hannah is gorgeous, but reminds me of Analeigh T. Not really a fresh face.

  21. TeamAlexx Says:

    I hope Alexandria wins as she has had no bad photos. Also because she’s fixed her attitude now!! I hope Brittani and Molly go home! They don’t deserve it! Snooty b*tches. 😛

  22. silbeo Says:

    This is so over the top! Yehey! Noted fashion photographer Mr. Nigel Barker who happens to be America’s Next Top Model judge visited Philippines. What’s surprising is that he told the press that **** won the current cycle and it’s like more or less 5 episodes to go before the season finale!!! Oh and he was with Ms. Jay Alexander.

  23. danial Says:

    Hi. I’ve been your pages fans for years. Kind of disappointed with the last cycle of ANTM, though because the pictures shown are in very low quality. Please, find better pictures so that I can save & view more.


  24. eliza Says:

    Brittani, Alexandria and Hanna–my bets 😀

    • franzen Says:

      hannah and brit my bet..

    • gvs13 Says:

      hi! i love the site but i think its not that really updated as for the photos and infos. as what i have seen, only 3 models are left in the competition. Brittani, Molly and Hannah.. bye bye Alexandria.. I LOVE BRITTANI KLINE!=D

  25. Jeff Says:

    What a disappointment a recap show?! Why? Glad I hit the DVR button and was able to fast forward it all. The only interesting in the 60 minutes which was the preview of the next episode/. Maybe Alex was caught again directing the shoot. Maybe Mr.J will inform Tyra of this which he didn’t do the last time she was told not to but Tyra didn’t hear about it from Mr. J. From the last show the panel thought Alex was put in a bad light because poor Brittani spoke up. Let’s see if Mr. J says a word because it looked like the director of the shoot for next show was pissed. Would like to see a box set of some of the cycles offered for sale with extra footage. Let me know where to buy it. The past shows come up on Bravo and Oxygen so a boxed set of eight shows at a time should make money and that’s what the show business is all about making $$$$.

  26. franzen Says:

    alexandria won in this cycle..hope its not true..

  27. ariana Says:

    Is this the cycle with a participation of Demi Lovato?

  28. Imran Says:

    please post more pics of monique!!!
    she’s a sweetheart

  29. Traci J. Says:

    The final two will be Molly and Brittani. I’m thinking Molly for the win just cause her pics are crazy beautiful…but Britanni will give her some major heat on that runway.

  30. ANTM groupie Says:

    I knew it! It’s a Molly and Brittani final.

  31. gvs13 Says:

    i wish you could post more of Brittani’s photos.. especially her best pictures in the every episode..=p

  32. Elz Says:

    Alexandria is really pissing me off with her fake attitude and bossiness… thank god she is not in final.

  33. ANTM groupie Says:

    Rooted for Molly but now that I think about it, Brittani looks different from previous winners. And that’s a good thing.

  34. Jeff Says:

    And the winner is Brittani Kline, 19, Howard, Pennsylvania. Wow from a trailer park to the penthouse. Great choice. Congrats girl!!

  35. Arashi Says:

    so,brittani won

  36. jen Says:

    I would have cheered more for Molly if she could have had a more optimistic
    attitude. There were too many times when she acted more like a spoiled, sulky child than an adult. She took beautiful pictures but when she was in a bad mood, it really came out in her pictures. She had a lot of anger in her and after a while
    it became irritating. She did a lot of self sabotage and I was surprised she made it into the final two. By the end of the season I think she was changing some of this, but it may have come too late. I think she will still have a great career as a top model whether she wins ANTM or not.

  37. Terri Says:

    Maybe it is just me but all the girls in this cycle are looking kind’ve old.

  38. ems Says:

    Usually, my faves always end up as the runners up (Laura Kirkpatrick Cycle 13; Allison Harvard Cycle 12), I’m glad that my faves in Cycles 15 (Ann Ward) and Cycle 16 (Brittani Kline) WON!!! 🙂

    Yey! 😉 I love ANTM 😀

  39. ems Says:

    Hannah reminds me of Rosamund Pike.

  40. Liz N'Diaye Says:

    Just bought this cycle on iTunes, and Brittani wins, just saying

  41. Patricia Says:

    Sorry, when you update your blog and finished the season 16. Your blog is very complete, thank you for it.

  42. elghie Says:

    Alexandria should win this competition because she gots everything. i really really hate britanni and molly they are very insecure to alexandria.. fuck you bitch molly and britanni.!! damn you both.!!

  43. elghie Says:

    Alexandria should win this competition because she gots everything. i really really hate britanni and molly they are very insecure to alexandria.. fuck you two bitches molly and britanni.!! damn you both.!!.. Alexandria rocks!! she’s my famous and wonderful model ever.!!!

  44. Ariana Says:

    Alexandria is a bitch she comes second n brittani comes first

  45. dennis vonn d. angas Says:

    yah i lub brittani too.

  46. arasevera Says:

    Alexandria – bleeeech. Bad skin, bad attitude, too self-absorbed. Remembered for being disliked by everyone. Although – she DID do some cool shots. She needs to update her “look” to be more 31st century instead of late 1980’s.

  47. Grace Says:

    I dont really like Brittani or Alexandria: Hannah and Jaclyn were my faves but I am glad Brittani won cos she was one of the best models.

  48. Elin Says:

    This cycle had waaaaay to many spoiled, self-obsessed bitches. Alexandria, Brittani, Molly… they all had awful attitudes. Hannah or Jaclyn should have won. They were both awesome and they were nice to people!

  49. Megan Says:

    Love this website!best antm site around!!except…when are the rest of the photos from this cycle being uploaded??

  50. imran Says:

    in the beginning they should have a cover girl photo test
    that in a way it would have made it more fun to watch

  51. austin Says:

    i noticed you stopped at cycle 16 do you plan to just leave it there or put up cycle 17 all stars and cycle 18

  52. kate Says:

    hannah reminds me of analeigh tipton (cycle 11)

  53. Tiffany Says:

    Brittani won fyi

  54. leeze potvin Says:

    the girls are great i just love so much your show i feel like it was in my blood to be a part of all that but i d’int have the chance but i have a great and nice looking boy turning 18 on the 6 may 2014
    and it for shure that where he belong in modeling or something like that c’ant you tell me if there contest for guys,
    Merci ,Thank you

  55. Kayla's fan Says:

    Alexandria was my favorite, I thought she was underestimated and the other girls were bitching on her too much. She is a real good model.

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