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Contestants for Cycle 11:

Brittany “McKey” Sullivan, 19, Lake Forest, Illinois
Samantha Potter, 18, Woodland Hills, California
Analeigh Tipton, 19, Sacramento, California
Marjorie Conrad, 19, San Francisco, California
Elina Ivanova, 19, Seattle, Washington
Sheena Sakai, 21, Harlem, New York
Joslyn Pennywell, 23, Lucky Louisiana
Lauren Brie Harding, 20, Charlottesville, Virginia
Clark Gilmer, 19, Pawley’s Island, South Carolina
Isis King, 22, Price George’s County, Maryland
Hannah White, 19, Fairbanks, Alaska
Brittany Rubalcaba, 19, Henderson, Nevada
Nikeysha Clarke, 19, Bronx, New York
Brittney “ShaRaun” Brown, 18, Chicago, Illinois

Notes: During this cycle, the “CoverGirl of the Week” contest was replaced by a new segment called “Top Models in Action,” focusing on former alums post-show careers. This cycle consisted of 14 contestants. The international destination was Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Tyra Banks
Paulina Porizkova
Nigel Barker
J. Alexander

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Posing in metallic blue catsuits (casting)
Ep 2: Political voting issues made sexy
Ep 3: Posing on a rope ladder and hot air balloon
Ep 4: Malibu bikini shoot
Ep 5: Fierce eyes above water
Ep 6: 50s- inpired Los Angeles natural disasters
Ep 7: The Fiercee Awards / Award show snafus
Ep 9: CoverGirl Eyeshadow Commercial
Ep 10: 17th century women on a clipper ship
Ep 11: (2 shots) Simplistic; Dramatic black/white by Tyra
Ep 12: Windmill couture
Ep 13: CoverGirl WetSlicks Amazement Lip gloss print ad and commerical; Seventeen Magazine covers


Contract with Elite Model Management
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
Billboard in Times Square and Wal-Mart ads
Cover and six-page fashion spread in Seventeen Magazine


McKey Sullivan

26 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11”

  1. sondra Says:

    So pissed off at the Lauren Brie elimination. She should have stayed longer. 😦

  2. Рената Says:

    Меня беси МакКи (McKey).
    Я была только за Анали (Analeigh)
    Ну и Сэм (Sam) тоже ничего.
    Хотя для меня слишком толстая.

  3. Hope Says:

    Ugh Analeigh should have freaking won. She’s so much better than Brittany. I don’t know why she came in 2nd.

  4. ANTM groupie Says:

    Nice renaming of McKey.

    Marjorie should have gone head to head with McKey.

  5. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    McKey was a natural!

  6. oh please. McKey was hideous and Samantha was dumb. Analeigh and Marjorie should have been top 2

    • Sebastien Says:

      Totally agree. Analeigh, MArjorie and Elina top 3!

    • Christie Says:

      Samantha was not dumb at all, she had the most personality on the show! Mckey is gorgeous! That’s the reason she won! Analeigh was personally my favorite, but I thought she was commercial.. and Marjorie needed to build up confidence and a personality. She had a whole season to accomplish it, but it never showed the judges!

  7. ricardo enginner madrigal Says:

    i love the program so much am looking forward for cycle 11

  8. anonymous Says:

    Paulina Porizkova as one of the judges came off as such a b**** maybe its just me but she said such rude comments about the models every time

  9. Minie Says:

    Marjorie and Analeigh were my favorites. They should have been in the top 2. Oh god, I cried when Marjorie was eliminated.

  10. Alicia Konan Says:

    Marjorie and Mc Key should have come head to head.Marjorie was my favorite

  11. Keysie Says:

    Hi I love antm I really love McKey and analeigh

  12. Keysie Says:

    I hate paulina porizkova she is such a fucking bitch!!!!!!

  13. Christie Says:

    Analeigh was gorgeous inside and out! She photographed amazing pictures! Sam was funny and had such an amazing personality! They ere both my favorites! I don’t think Mckey/Brittany should have won. Marjorie was a nervous wreck in the beginning which is understandable, but she should’ve grew a personality and confidence as the show went on. Sam or Analeigh should of won. (:

  14. tom Says:

    analeigh all the way should have won she had a way better walk than sam or even mckey

  15. estim Says:

    I like antm model just to get d video antm model from cycle 11 to cycle 19

  16. faris Says:

    for me this is one of the best antm cycle there so many memorable contestant many difference personalities btw samantha potter does look a little bit like sophie sumner from antm cycle 18 winner..

  17. Mariana Silva Says:


  18. John Says:

    Sheena and margoire and alangieah wood won antm

  19. John Says:

    Sheena santa lauren brie tey should won

  20. Jessica Says:

    Not my favorite cycle as far as the casting process. Don’t understand why the producers felt the need to be so gimmicky. However, I totally loved McKey, I was so proud she won! My favorite girl of the season was Elina, but I understand why she didn’t win. Majorie took amazing photos, but she was so mousy and nervous all the time. I lived in Europe for 7 years…I think the whole ‘cultural thing’ was just an excuse and not even a good one!
    Annaleigh and Sam were also amazing. But Annaleigh was a little commercial.

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