Contestants for Cycle 10:

Whitney Thompson, 20, Atlantic Beach, Florida (winner)
Anya Kop Rozova, 19, Honolulu, Hawaii
Fatima Siad, 22, Boston, Massachusetts
Dominique Reighard, 23, Columbus, Ohio
Katarzyna Dolinska, 22, Roslyn, New York
Lauren Utter, 22, Brooklyn, New York
Stacy Ann Fequiere, 22, Miami, Florida
Claire-Aimee “Claire” Unabia, 24, New York, New York
Aimee Wright, 18, Spanaway, Washington
Marvita Washington, 23, San Francisco, California
Amy “Amis” Jenkins, 20, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Allison Kuehn, 19, Waunakee, Wisconsin
Atalya Slater, 18, Brooklyn, New York
Kimberly Rydzewski, 20, Worcester, Massachusetts

Notes: After being in Los Angeles for previous cycles, this cycle was moved back to New York. The number of contestants was increased to 14, after being 13 since cycle 5. In this cycle, Twiggy was replaced by Paulina Porizkova, former Czech supermodel. Also, this cycle featured it’s first refugee, Fatima Siad, who shared her story of female circumcision with the judges panel and other participants.


Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
Paulina Porizkova
J. Alexander

Photo Shoots:

Ep 1: Student ID card / Senior pictures (casting)
Ep 2: Homeless
Ep 3: Intimates by Elle Macpherson
Ep 4: Meat packing industry
Ep 5: Extreme Beauty Shots with paint
Ep 6: Evoking different music genres
Ep 7: Fuerzabruta on mylar / dramatic posing in water
Ep 9: Jet setters boarding an airplane
Ep 10: CoverGirl Vibrant Hue Lipcolor commercial in Italian
Ep 11: Roman castle renaissance couture
Ep 12: Paparazzi shots
Ep 13: Covergirl LashBlast Mascara commercial and print ad campaign, Seventeen Magazine Covers


Contract with Elite Model Management
$100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics
CoverGirl billboard in Times Square
Six-page spread within Seventeen Magazine


Whitney Thompson

24 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 10”

  1. sondra Says:

    Like in cycle 4 and 5, the runner up is more photogenic than the winner. Anya should have won.

    • Stacy Says:

      No- the right winner is Whitney Thompson because she was absolutely the best and Fatima should have been gone after the second or third week.

  2. fifi Says:

    This season was okay…until they said Whitney was the winner. For me, it was an end to liking ANTM.

  3. Gigi Says:

    Anya should have won, but I’m glad she is the 1st plus-sized model. 🙂

  4. Elle Says:

    I thought Whitney was hamming it up too much from time to time and Claire was a bit exuberant. Anya should have won but I guess Tyra and company wanted a plus size model. Kinda ironic it’s Katarzyna who seems to be the most successful, apart from Anya, despite “coasting,’ in the competition.

  5. Ny Says:

    this was the worst season IMO. I don’t even remember half of the girls. maybe I just need to watch it again, idk

  6. Liza Says:

    I agree with you,Anya is better than Whitney.My favorite model was Katarzyna.

    • Shai Says:

      to tell you the truth i agree with you on that part. shes was beautiful in her shots

    • Lian Says:

      mine too, I though she was going to win! anyways, I’m glad for whitney, she wanted it really bad, but the one that wanted this most in this season was Fatima, she had the most inspiring message ever…she should be at least the runner up…

  7. Denise Kirkendoll Says:

    I love Whtney! More power to her!

  8. Lily Says:

    Whitney looked like she was faking her way much throughout the show. The big winners here are Anya and Katarzyna who are successful. Even Atalya who was eliminated early is getting a lot of modeling jobs.

  9. lindi Says:

    congrats 2 Whitney bt really Anya should’ve won

  10. carpejvgvlvm Says:

    Toccara was the only plus-size on ANTM that made sense; but whatever, obviously the show and Tyra is more reality-tv than modeling. STILL proud that some break through to really model, like this cycle’s Fatima Said:

    She wasn’t my favorite, but Said really seems like the “most successful” for high-fashion modeling, so major congrats to the show for casting someone who went on to real super-modeling!

  11. Julia Njeri Says:

    Anya shd have won. She was cute strong and likeable. But all the best Whitney

  12. austin Says:

    anya should have won

  13. Victoria Says:

    Contestants for this cycle, in order of my personal favourite-… um… ness.
    1. Katarzyna- awesome!
    2. Aimee- so sweet.
    3. Anya- nice, kind and charismatic
    4. Amis- crazy and hilarious
    5. Lauren- self conscious and hardcore but deep down sensitive
    6. Fatima- almost… noble
    7. Stacey Ann- sweet and funny
    8. Claire- very maternal, deep down
    9. Dominique- can be incredibly annoying, but was OK
    10. Kimberly- didn’t really get to know her
    11. Atalya- didn’t really get to know her
    12. Whitney- A major bitch
    13. Marvita- I didn’t really… connect to her
    14. Allison- conceited, spoiled brat. I mean, I felt sorry for her sometimes, especially when she cried, but she was just so nasty and self-centered sometimes.

  14. Sanne Says:

    Whitney is too bitchy, Any should have won!

  15. Guy Says:

    Both Anya and Fatima and even Katarzyna too deserved it.I hate the end result

  16. Liz Cusato Says:

    did anyone else find it unbearably annoying that this particular season they attempted to read EVERY tyra mail in unison? I wanted to rip out my eyeballs everytime they did that. Definition of cheesy.

  17. Bobbi Says:

    I think Anya was the best ….she was so much better than Whitney….I don’t understand this one….

  18. Trish Says:

    I thought it was extremely rude and disrespectful of Tyra to continually mangle the pronunciation of Katarzyna’s name. And although I can appreciate having a plus-size girl win, I think Anya was the much better model. Tyra needed to quit putting one plus-size girl in the cycle; I keep remembering poor Toccara and how she couldn’t fit into clothes for the go-sees, and how she was completely beaten down by the time she got eliminated. Tyra could easily have done a spin-off show for plus-size girls (as though being a size 10 makes you plus-sized). That would have been a fair competition.

  19. Rubber Says:

    anya had 1 of the strongest portfolio , i think

  20. Ace Says:

    i think Whitney deserve to win.she prove to people that even plus sized could be a model,or every other work as long as we really into it.she got the best shot too,i like Anya,she’s kind and bubbly,but it doesn’t matter if she didn’t win,she got modeling job out there.i love Lauren cause’ her shot was so amazing,she really can make it to the top IF she improves her walking on runway.Lauren is the one who is the most photogenic,not Anya.if Whitney didn’t win,Lauren can.have some respect for plus size girls.even if some of them make it into cycle but didn’t win,and Whitney did it,why not show so respect?they prove they can do it there,so don’t complain.cause’ all the girls have their own natural beauty and talent in there,and i agree with the show to let Whitney win cause’ she got talent and skills.she’s not a bitch if you didn’t know what she’s been through.if you keep bitching about hating Whitney,shame on you for doing’re just jealous.Anya is happy with her,why not you guys?that is so pathetic when you guys commented on her body size if you didn’t know her in and out.

  21. hannah mclaughlin Says:

    Whitney was the most beautiful and deserved to win.she was my favorite from the beginning and yeah she got a little bitchy once n a while, but she was a strong woman and is my modeling idol. Thank you.

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