Anna Bradfield was a contestant on Cycle 2 of ANTM.

Anna was born in LaGrange, Georgia, where she is still a resident, sharing a home with her husband and two children.

Anna appeared on the show as a plus-sized model on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, and was one of the 12 girls chosen to compete in the finals. During her brief stay in the show, her fellow Top Model finalist, Xiomara Frans, gave Anna the pet name “Momma” because of her maternal nature toward the girls; she also tended to clean up after the girls in the house.

Anna was the first to be eliminated from the show after she refused to do the first photo shoot with Nigel Barker. The challenge was to pose as “Eve,” therefore requiring the girls to strip down. The girls would be posing alongside a male model (who is supposed to play “Adam”), whom would be naked as well. Even though each girl would be painted from head to toe, Anna felt that only her husband has the right to see her with no clothes, thus, she refused to do the nude photo shoot.

Since the show, Anna has done several test shoots but has not been signed yet.

Source: BuddyTV
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Anna’s Myspace
Source: All ANTM
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Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

Source: ANTM / Sascha Pflaeging

To see more photos of Anna, click here.

20 Responses to “Anna Bradfield”

  1. kiki Says:

    With these pictures, I don’t see why she hasn’t been signed.

  2. Tara Says:

    Not top model material at all.

  3. dude-ish Says:

    She goes down as the only model with no photo (besides the preshow photos) but I remember she had a valid reason being a mother with certain morals and I don’t hold it against her. She had so much potental though being one of the oldest conestestants to try out and she is a plus size model she had a lot working against her and it ironically did in a sense, but age ain’t nothing but a number and I find her face to be very striking, I hope she does well with her career.

  4. boo Says:

    Dude. What’d you expect about modeling? People, I mean c’mon, you’ll have to do nude at least once and it will be on antm. sheesh, It’s a waste of time because it could’ve been given to another girl; a chance to have a shot at antm. Yeah, it was expected that she would not go far at all in the modeling industry.

  5. Linda Says:

    She’s beautiful, but these pictures are pretty amateurish.

  6. WhatUpWithThat? Says:

    Look how incredibly beautiful she is in those swimsuits. How on earth is she plus size?

  7. Anthony Says:

    I just wanted to mention, Anna is indeed signed with Click. She is not a plus size these days and is in fact a real joy to shoot with.

  8. Anais Says:

    How can she be qualified as a plus-size model?!

  9. I just modeled with her last week here in Atlanta for “The Winter White” party at the Georgian Terrance Hotel in Midtown Atlanta! I didnt know shes had been on ANTM! She is a gorgeous model and has since taken some drop dead gorgeous photos!

  10. Moogylou Says:

    Oh my gosh.
    How is this girl considered PLUS SIZE!?

    I agree with most people who commented here though; beautiful girl just can’t see her as a top model.

  11. MixedAddict Says:

    I heard she lost weight after the show.

  12. Nick Says:

    I saw the episode of season 2 and was shocked! A girl standing up for her values and the so called “dumb” judges eliminate her. I salute a girl who stood her ground and not go after something girls are willing to do for fame and money!

  13. Pami C. Says:

    I like Ana but i didn’t like that haircut she got! It just wasn’t my favorite

  14. Vickie Wokabi Says:

    I admire her decision not to go nude.

  15. Vickie Wokabi Says:

    And she does look like a mix of Ashley Judd and Angelina Jolie

  16. Marito Says:

    Tiene bonita personalidad y un gran portafolio 😉

  17. Anthony Says:

    She was never plus size, even on the show that was simply post pregnancy weight. But she has done very for herself modeling; my opinion is a strong showing in ANTM is better than winning. Winners already have a brand associated with them, something clients don’t really want

  18. Gabrielle Says:

    am I the only one that thinks she looks almost EXACTLY like Debby Ryan?

  19. mattie Says:

    ooh my..she is damn pretty..
    she is a lady of class,thats why she refused a nude shoot!!..she dont have the attitude of ”ANYTHING 4 $”..for her dignity first..
    yeah,thats my girl anna.
    she has CLEOPATRA look.
    she is hoooot!!!

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