Ann Ward was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The student from Dallas, Texas was 19 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

In episode 1, Ann revealed that she was a quiet girl who was also very shy in high school who was often shunned due to her self-proclaimed “nerdy” lifestyle/appearance. Ann also endured years of scrutiny due to her dramatic height at 6 foot 2 inches. She added that people frequently asked her if she played basketball.

On camera, Ann mentioned that her mom is 6’3, her dad is 6’6 and her brother is 6’7. In addition to height, she also divulged that her family also has very high metabolisms; they can essentially eat what they want and never gain weight.

Ann had difficulty while attempting to become a model before her appearance on ANTM, as her height was a hinderance with modeling agencies. Typically, the height cut off lands at 6 feet, so she was rejected often because she was too tall to be represented in the industry.

When Ann first introduced herself to the judges, Tyra commented that she had an incredibly small waist. That particular snippit was used in a TV spot during the promotion of Cycle 15, which gained some unwelcome controversy on Tyra’s part because it appeared to the media/viewers that she was condoning unhealthy eating habits due to her seemingly positive reinforcement of being so thin. Shortly after the media scrutiny, Tyra released a statement regarding her true feelings about the issue and that she would never condone unhealthy eating habits.

As episode 1 progressed, Ann noticed the other girls talking about her height. On camera, she said it hurt her to hear the other girls talk about her in such a negative manner.

Ann was called 13th during selection of the final 14 girls.

During episode 2, Ann really began to shine and show promise of a potential career in modeling. After toughing it out during the four-stories-high runway challenge for Diane Von Furstenberg (where Mr. Jay described her as ‘awkward’), she went on to do very well during the first photoshoot with photographer Deborah Anderson.

While reviewing her photograph in panel, the judges described her as “amazing” and “a natural.” Andre Leon Talley (ALT) said that she displayed a “European vibe of excellence.” Diane Von Furstenberg said that she has the potential to become a really successful model.

Due to her stellar performance, Ann was called first during elimination.

Episode 3 ended up being a platform for both makeovers and a double elimination. Tyra decided to give Ann a makeover that had to do with “exaggeration” and gave her long reddish hair, which Ann loved.

During review of her photo following the “Fallen Angel” photo shoot with Anne Menke, Ann received rave reviews from the judging panel. The judges said she looked fabulous and was a genius in front of the camera. Tyra just asked that she show more personality in panel.

For her second time in a row, Ann was called first during elimination.

In episode 4, the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for a posing challenge on a roller coaster called The Silver Bullet. Ann had to portray “intense and fierce,” but was told by Nigel that she looked like an iguana in the final photo.

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, Ann performed well while modeling jewelry from Mikimoto, Martin Katz and Neil Lane. Mr. Jay said that her shots were very pretty.

In panel, Nigel said her final photo “looked like Italian Vogue to him.” ALT said that her photo was “superb and she was emerging from the depth of the seas.” Matthew Rolston commented that she had a “very unique look; huge eyes and an unusual proportion in her face. She looked like a movie star  to the max.”

While deliberating, ALT added that she was “an underworld beauty” and that she “would never sit on a double page.” Matthew Rolston added that “she’s memorable and that rule could be broken about her height.”

Due to another impressive performance in front of the camera, Ann was called first for the third time in a row.

In episode 5, the models participated in a runway challenge in the 2nd Street tunnel in Los Angeles. On the tricky runway with two fast-moving conveyor belts, Ann stumbled a bit, but she managed to stay on her feet.

During the “Lucha Vavoom” shoot with Brahka Squared, Ann was told by Mr. Jay that she needed to “do something different” with regards to her posing. While shooting, Brakha Squared said that Ann needed to be confident and not let it show that she was scared. When she realized her critique was mostly negative, she got upset and walked away from the shoot in tears.

In panel, Ann voiced that she felt as if she disappointed Mr. Jay and the photographers with her poor performance during the shoot. When her picture was revealed, Ann received nothing but positive feedback fro all the judges. Tyra said that her photo was “amazing.” ALT said that her photo was “extraordinary” and that Ann needed to “get confidence.” Karolina Kurkova said that ” sometimes it feels like it’s our worst day, but sometimes it turns out to be our best photo shoot.” Tyra concluded her feedback by telling Ann that she “created magic” with her final photo.

Due to her overwhelming positive reviews, Ann broke a new Top Model record by being called first for the fourth time in a row.

The beginning of episode 6 began with a CoverGirl challenge. Ann and the girls were split into groups of three and had to teach the public how to use CoverGirl products. The public judged the girls and so did fashion journalist Derek Blasberg. Ann was grouped with Kendal and Jane – and in the end, they didn’t shine as well as the winning group, Kayla, Esther and Kacey. Ann, unfortunately, didn’t get good critique. Derek Blasberg said that she “seemed like a mannequin” during the demonstration. Nigel said that she needed to be more personable.

For their photo shoot, the girls got to work with fashion stylist Lori Goldstein and world famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive. Ann and Chelsey got to shoot with a male model in a group photo. During the shoot, Mr. Jay said that Ann was “a bit stiff.” He also said that “she seemed a bit nervous.”

During panel, Nigel said that it was a great photo, but liked Chelsey in the group shot better. ALT said that he loved her walking photo more than anything she’s ever done. Tyra said that it was one of the most awkward ‘model walks,’ but she made it in all her film. Patrick Demarchelier said that she “had control and had a great face.”

During deliberation, ALT said that he sensed an English beauty or an international. Nigel said that he “wished he could get more out her in front of him because he wants to be inspired to book her.” Patrick Demarchelier said that she was “amazing; her personality was shy and wrong, but she looked great in her picture.”

During elimination, Ann was called first for the fifth time in a row.

In episode 7, the girls were introduced to the Grammy Museum and their first challenge. The girls were paired up and had to dress each other as if they were going to present an award at the actual Grammys. Ann and Chelsey were paired up. Due to the difficulty of the challenge, neither girl won the prize.

For their photo shoot, the girls had to portray a couture designer and be shot by Francesco Carrozzini while styled by Rushka Bergman. Ann had to portray Alexander Wang, which is male. During the shoot, Mr. Jay responded well to her performance. He liked her hand positioning. Ann said that her tomboyish attitude contributed to her body language.

During panel, Nigel said that it was “unbelievable how much she’d changed.” He didn’t think that it was her prettiest shot, but said he loved her for that reason. ALT said that it was great and that her dress was well chosen.
Francesco Carrozzini said that Ann “understood the subtleness of the performance.” Tyra said that she “loved the tough mouth.”

During deliberation, ALT said that there’s a “super power about Ann that is propelling her forward.” Francesco concluded by saying that she “had a serious challenge [portraying a male]; she had nothing to play with; it’s impressive.”

Ann’s strong performance earned her a 3rd call out, breaking her winning streak of first call outs.

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To see more photos of Ann, click here.

380 Responses to “Ann Ward”

  1. Susan Says:

    She has an AMAZING body and her facial expressions are good! I love the fact that she is a very tall woman because that is what haute couture wants.

    They want tall, 24-inch or below waistline, refined face and long hair models. If a model has hips it makes her look beautiful. Ann has wide hips but a waist that is thin the way modeling agencies in Paris like it.

    I wish her all the best in her pursuit of the model’s profession (if she is pursuing it). Why did Tyra, over the course of 14 cycles, not choose dozens and dozens and dozens of contestants that have Ann’s body type or even Kendal’s? I will tell you why: little girls hate it. They want to be able to relate to models that look like them or have physical flaws that they understand. They do not want models like Ann. Unfortunately, it is not about the fans, it is about the model’s profession. This is the unfair reality for little girls who are obsessed with ANTM and play their little silly games on message boards.

    • lala Says:


      You appear to have a strange obsession with exaggerated height and weight. I think you should see a therapist.

      Did you ever think that most of us just plain don’t believe that Ann’s body type is attractive? That’s why people in high school made fun of her. She is ugly without the makeup and photoshop. The reason this “body type” is in Vogue is that it is rare and not linked to any kind of genetic disorcer (like dwarfism would be on a the other end of the spectrum).

      The reason many people think this body type is “beautiful” is purely statistical. Because only this height and body type is acceptable in models, and because most models are generally preferred to be attractive, the only women with this body type that we see are those who are “beautiful.” I will tell you, there are many, many, many more beautiful women than Ann with an average height or lower who cannot become models because the industry would rather celebrate somethihng that is more rare, and therefore percieved to have more value.

      They’re morons who are worshipping at the altar of the extreme and odd while alienating the truely beautiful “average” women.

      • Miles Says:


        Who gives you the right to make fun of someone just because they are different? I think that is exactly why Ann won this cycle…because bully-ing is such a hot topic right now in the media.

        I have been a working Make-up and Hair artist in this industry for the last 10+ years and I say brava ANTM for stepping away from seasons past…ie, showing girls who were never gonna make it in this industry…just to get ratings…and finally putting some girls on that can and will be real Top Models.

        As fabulous as I think Ann is…and what a great message to send to all the teased and tormented girls out there…I didn’t always think Ann was the strongest…but I do think she will represent this industry well and with pride and honor.

        LOVE ANN and always a ANTM fan…it gives me great testing ideas!!!

        Miles Berdache – MU&H
        with Artists Services/SF

      • Raymond Says:

        Girls were always to judgemental, while boys are just grateful.

      • Moshi Iquin Says:

        Ann is great. If you don’t have an eye for fashion, dont watch ANTM. AT all.

      • Sarah Says:

        This response sounds like pure jealously from Susan‘s part (I guess she is an aspiring model unaccomplished in the field) most model are actually not even pretty but just Photogenic and know by practice or naturally how to work the camera, like Ann.

        Susan’s comments are merely and who knows even the same person running with Ann on the finals (blond girl, can’t remember her name but mentioned she felt betrayed… by who again?) anyways, all the contestants entered to be in the show should be grateful in a way or another as just a simple appearance in the show is full Marketing/Exposure for their career. That blonde girl was simply to commercial and Valentino was right: do Italian Vogue needs another american blonde?
        Let’s be honest, every time we all browse magazines we look for unusual not plain Blah or the same boring stuff.
        Give Ann a chance and stop the critic. I actually find her pretty on pictures (all models are retouch before final print anyways) she is natural and herself, something lots of people like Susan need to learn obviously and by her writing must be a bombshell without makeup (bring it up honey, show us your work LOL)

        *Remember that Critic is only insecurity from the one who comments it!

      • Aline Says:

        If you don’t know what you’re talking about, just SHUT UP!!!!

        Of course people like you THINK that average is the only beautiful. Honey, girls like Ann suffer because shitheads like yourself! (look where she is now! Where are you, by the way?! lol)
        Vogue is known for picking different and exotic girls from a HUGE group of “normal” ones. And that is the reason why they are so respected!
        On top of that, who told you that Ann’s type of body is only acceptable in models? Geez…

        Long story short: don’t envy other people, sweety! That’s REALLY bad for you! Don’t have anything good to say? Keep what you got to yourself!


      • Rina Says:

        I think you are misreading what susan meant. I didn’t get from what she said, that she was obsessed with exaggerated height and weight.

        And there is nothing wrong with average girls, as long as they can take good pictures and can model, if they can’t, it’s not a profession for them.

        I think you are being rude saying Ann is ugly. Who gives you a right to say that. By saying that, you are truly ugly yourself. Ann is actually a average girl if you exclude the height issue. But she have something that normal average girls doesn’t have, a natural talent to model (in pictures for one, just so beautiful, and will improve in other area in time).

      • Chelsea Says:


        you are not a nice person! Bullies like you should really just shut your freaking mouth up. Shame on you.

      • Scarlett (: Says:

        Sure she may have been made fun of, but it doesn’t mean she’s not a good person or didn’t deserve to win.
        All susan is saying is how beautiful she is, which she is. Modeling isnt easy. And even though she was akward body type and personality she took a chance and she won it all. And now she’s successful. So if you’re telling susan to go see a therapist for admiring how nice her body type is then you need a therapist.

      • Matty Says:


        It’s pretty disgusting that you would say she is “ugly”… I really don’t think you understand how detrimental that statement truly is. Ann is beautiful as all women and men who have self respect and respect for others are. People who live in alignment with their true self are never ugly – only different and awesome types of beautiful. Ann 100% fits into this category.

        If you were less concerned with the beauty of others you may one day be beautiful yourself…but your lack of self respect and respect for others makes you just a little gross…at least on the inside where it counts.

      • morning ice Says:

        You’re probably jealous because you’re obese. Haha! Ann could eat anything and not gain weight, while you might have been going on a strict diet and still gain weight. Haha!

      • LOLO Says:

        @ lala

        Everyone of us is beautiful. What gave you the right to say that Ann is ugly?? Maybe you’re just jealous of her being successful. Don’t pull anyone down just because you’re jealous.

      • Leigh Says:

        Don’t hate, just appreciate. (:

      • Jaamgirl Says:

        Well said!

      • Lula Says:

        Not sure if you’ve noticed but a lot of models aren’t “pretty”. No one would describe supermodel Kristen McMenamy as “pretty” but she got to the top of the industry. Calling Ann ugly is…well, it’s an ugly thing to say. If you had an inkling about fashion you’d know that Ann is a deserving winner as she is HIGH FASHION. Top models are angular, striking, unusual looking but rarely pretty. Britney Spears is pretty but she ain’t high fashion! Ann seems like a gentle and slightly insecure soul, so well done you for bullying her anonymously over the internet, what a pleasant person you must be.

      • Staycie Says:

        beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
        everything from short (like me) to the extreme tall (like Ann)
        from rail thin to extra curvy
        from geeky & awkward to graceful & elegant
        from baby faced to super sexy
        there is no one size fits all definition of beauty
        if anyone has a problem it’s you. get over it.
        Ann is beautiful

      • Nine Says:

        Actually, I don’t find Ann to very attractive as a woman. She photographs well though. At least, most of her pictures look good. But honestly, I don’t like her figure. The thickness of her arms scares me and I would disagree to her having a perfect body. It’s not he hight that bothers me but seriously, most people with that kind of body would be accused of having some sort of eating disorder. Not saying Ann has one. Some people can eat what they like and don’t gain weight, sure. I still think, she looks to thin. As I said, it sometimes looks a little scary. Too bony for me.

      • mary Says:

        @lala It’s apparent you have no eye or sense of HIGH fashion. Ann is absolutely gorgeous and was by far the most qualified when she won ANTM. I see her pictures everywhere. So it appears you lack the taste that the decision makers who require edgy high fashion models throughout the world have. So what if she isn’t your personal taste in women….that just shows you more appreciate lower fashioned, more boring type of women. Too bad for you! ^..^

      • dda Says:

        Are you stupid? Oh my god.
        It’s MODELS not AVERAGE people.

      • leefus Says:

        Average is not art, it is not fashion and to use that as an argument is just uninspired. But then to use the fact that the reason Ann was teased at school shows she is not beautiful suggests that your box is very small and confined.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I loved Ann and her shyness and the fact that even after people at school had picked on her for her attributes, those same attributes then made her the muse for such high end fashionistas in Europe.

        Unless art (which fashion is) pushes our boundaries, opens our minds and encourages us all to use our imaginations we may as well be sitting in the dark ages chucking another which on the BBQ (or any successful woman).

        TUT, shame on the haters!! TEAM ANN

        PS, I am average looking, average height and average build. I work in finance. Case put to rest.

      • drei Says:

        you’re discriminating the fact that a girl like ann could achieve a very high title. she embodies a woman who stands up tall amidst bullying. y

      • Anya Dela Cruz Says:

        The Reason that Ann is a great model is because she can model greatly, not because she looks good in real life. Also short people can model. Have you ever heard of Kate Moss. She was 2nd on Forbes Top Earning Model List.

      • joejoe_no1 Says:

        Don’t be mean to Lala. She really wanted to be a model. She had the height, the look, the body type, but not the talent and now she is taking it out on those who did it and were successful. Don’t worry Lala. You’re good at something. We all are. I mean, look at how good you are at being jealous. If only they paid for that. Not like commedians like Joan Rivers who are blunt with humor. But for jealous types like you who will lie in order to tear someone down. Keep checking the want ads. There is a place for you.

      • Jennitte Says:

        I just think you really don’t know the word “High Fashion”

      • Jenny Says:

        Lala, for your knowledge, Nicole Fox was the winner of the cycle 13, and she was a petit model, like all the other contenders of cycle 13. So, it’s pretty clear that what ANTM looks forward is peolple beautiful in their own way, like Heather Kuzmich of cycle 9 who was much more akward than Ann, but she was beautiful in her way… So modeling it’s not only about beauty full peolple, or tall people, or even skinny. And for the record, she does get the best fotographs every week, and she was a hard worker, so she deserves it… Oh, and I was forgeting something… her height wasn’t always an advantage. Being so tall brought her problems in her walk, but she managed, as I’ve said before, to give it her essence.
        So sorry for the mistakes, but my mother language it’s Spanish, and I’m not what you can call a billingüal.

      • Marisa Says:

        Ummm wow. I understand if you don’t agree with what the previous person stated but I think you have been unfair to Ann and girls like her. Ann is a very pretty girl and for you to say that she is ugly is cruel. The reason Ann is so special is that she is different. A people like diversity. It is true and sad that some girls do not get into the modeling buisness because they are not considered “model” material, but that will probably change in a few years. Fashion changes all the time. In a decade we might not even celebrate tall models! So before you go around insulting people, who you do not even know, try to think how you would feel if some stranger randomly said you were ugly. Ann has a lot of guts to expose herself to the world, I certainly don’t see a picture of you on this site.

      • Divvy Says:


      • Anna Says:

        I agree totally susan!!!! I personally think Ann looks anorexic and too sickly skinny too be doing this sort of thing…. its definitely sad…… -just my opinion -.-

      • Belize Says:

        @SUSAN – LOL. Your idea of “beauty” is so childish. And such childishness, coupled with your judgmental attitude only serves to make you even more of an imbecile.

        “Did you ever think that most of us just plain don’t believe that Ann’s body type is attractive? That’s why people in high school made fun of her. She is ugly without the makeup and photoshop.”

        Moron. And since when has the idea of beauty been absolute? Your perception of beauty can never be considered as an accurate measuring stick because what might be beautiful to you, may be ugly to someone else. That is the reality of being human, you fascistic frog!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re only upset because you look common, unoriginal, forgettable and agencies don’t want to hire you because your look is not “rare” even though your mama has been telling you that you’re “pretty.”

        “They’re morons who are worshipping at the altar of the extreme and odd while alienating the truely beautiful “average” women.”

        LOL. The bitterness and idiocy of that statement is just pitiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a wannabe model and people just won’t hire you because you’re a closed-minded bitch who is NOT FIT for the arts.

        Perhaps it is you who needs a therapist.

      • Belize Says:

        Sorry SUSAN. My comment was meant for that bitch, LALA. I misread the comments. Oh wait, that makes me somewhat abnormal. Perhaps I too can be worshiped by people who love “the extreme and odd while alienating the truely beautiful “average” women.”

        LOL. LALA you are an idiot.

      • Ann-I think you are an amazing model. Don’t ever doubt yourself again, and the wonderful gifts you possess. I totally sympathesize with you about “bullying and name calling” you had to endure when you were in school. I was also bullied in school for many years due to being shorter and a bit chubby. It took me years to lose the weight and adopt a healthier approach and lifestyle. Of course since I’ve had my children I am once again in the position of being a bit overweight. However I gained in self-confidence when I shed my weight. Unfortunately the world in which we live wants women “thin” to be beautiful. I am grateful for the realization that I am beautiful, despite that I may not be thin. I do work each day to live a healthier lifestyle. Again congratulations Ann-I so wanted you to win as I watched the entire cycle 15 of ANTM. Much success to you for your future.

      • Nissa Says:

        Incredibly late here but I just saw the finale of this cycle.

        Haute couture (high fashion) and commercial modeling are two completely different worlds. I’m guessing you were rooting for Chelsey then, yeah? She’s as commercial as they come. Many, many fashion photographers have commented during the airing of this cycle how much they’d do to have the chance to photograph Ann. She’s a muse. That’s exactly what’s different between those two finalists.

        Your incredibly petty and short-minded “pretty” and “average” stance reinforces the separation of these two types of modeling and the reasons why. Why do you think they pick conventionally “pretty” or glammed up girl-next-door models to do catalogue work, commercials and generally only sell things? Because the average Joe or Jane only recognizes beauty if it comes packaged in things that fit general society’s strict standards and can’t look past that consumer/media brainwashing to discover beauty elsewhere. Hence they place a girl that is generally deemed attractive in the spotlight for a commercial selling lipstick or Fanta for example. One of the biggest goals of advertising companies is to target as wide an audience as possible, and unfortunately that also includes the lowest common denominator who thinks anything beyond conventional “prettiness” is strange or unattractive. Commercial work is nothing more than that; selling things. And that’s what most models do – they’re there to milk the usual stereotypes to entice every kind of buyer.

        And then we’ve got the small sliver of models who do high fashion, a part of the industry almost every single model can only dream to be a part of. Haute couture photography and modeling is not about selling canned orange juice; it’s about delivering a work of art. It requires talent and intelligence, of course, and it needs models to greatly inspire artists. Just like the clothes that are high fashion aren’t made to please and appeal to as many people as possible, the works professionals in high fashion produce are primarily the physical (re-)creation of an artist’s vision. Trying to draw people in is merely of secondary concern.

        Ann is gorgeous and she has the looks but that’s not all. She has the natural talent, artistic mindset, that ability to inspire, intelligence and the right attitude to be in high fashion. Anyone with the slightest bit of an artistic eye could see that Ann completely and utterly deserved to win this – moreso than anyone else there, no matter how much they “wanted” it or how conventionally pretty they were. They could all go far as models in the future but the only high fashion model there was Ann Ward. It’s people like you who look at spreads in Vogue and say “What the hell? You can barely see the clothes! Wow, that is such bad advertising!” and turn away to buy Cosmo instead. Which is why big corporations will want to sell you their mass-market goods by feauturing only people that fit that narrow perception of beauty that is the only one you are able to understand. Others, however, go through those pages in Vogue and see it for what it is meant to be: art.

        Your comments were not only incredibly ignorant, they came off as being rude, arrogant, unwarrantedly cruel and envious at the same time. Enjoy the “pretty” models who pop up on your tv screen and ignore haute couture if you don’t have a clue what it’s about – you’d do everyone a favor.

      • Jacinda Says:

        It was lala who had the negative comments, not susan. Read it again, people. Susan had the first comment, which was all positive feedback for ann. lala’s comment is right below, and is a reply to susan. Just wanted to clarify because you all were barking up the wrong tree.
        P.s. Ann is great, besides who really was put in charge of calling someone ugly? No one.

      • Clairissa Says:

        It’s not about how tall or how slim she is. Nobody can blame her extremely slim body, that’s how she was born. Before ANTM, Ann ate unhealthy food but her body still the same because she was born to be that slim. The fashion industry doesn’t need beautiful girls with typical model body. They need a girl who can model and be a model. There are plenty of beautiful girls but the industry likes Ann because she has model potential. Ann is one of the ANTM contestants who has the best poses (Tyra said so). She can model, that’s the point. She is high-fashion.

      • Gina Says:

        I think it’s very attractive. Maybe not in the real world but in pics and haute couture it’s very attractive. You make the mistake in confusing the two. I’ve been following fashion all my life and I never felt the need to be 6’2 and paper thin. I’m also not buying haute couture. If you are that easily influenced then you must put down the magazine and take a better look at your own issues.

      • Dawn Says:

        I love that Ann was humble and not “perfect.” Her photographs have more depth and are interesting to look at. I love that America’s Next Top Model, took an awkwardly shy girl and catapulted her into stardom. It shows that you don’t have to main stream pretty, to be beautiful! Hooray for Ann Ward!

      • Anita Says:

        I am not one to value a philosophy that underweight is great. That being said, I believe Ann is beautiful. Her photographs are stunning. Through everything I think she was always kind to others, that is what especially makes her beautiful.It is interesting how we can all try to find reasons to dislike someone, but if that someone is genuinely nice I have nothing but love for them.

      • Camilla Says:

        Quite frankly i am amazed by the extent of your stupidity. Are you really so stupid as to not recognize art when you see it?
        Has it not occurred to your undoubtedly shallow-minded self that people with ann’s body structure and your ‘average’ women can both be beautiful?!
        Is there a definite line between beauty and ugliness that makes it that one may be either one or the other or that no two body structures can partake in one???
        Here you are, making reference to ‘high school kids’. wow! that really speaks much about your level of psychology and mental state.
        If this is really how you feel then i fear for you. Please, do a bit of research to broaden your little mind.

      • Giulia Says:

        clearly you know nothing about high fashion. Yes, everyone is beautiful in their own way but every industry has standards.

    • I adore her beauty … So much…She’s beautiful in any way despite her height.. I love it when she model.. Go Ann!!!

    • Becca Says:

      What are we?? Five? Come one people. Grow up and stop playing the blame game. We all have our own opinions. I, personally, find her to be too skinny and I was a bit disturbed looking at body images. I understand she can’t help it because of fast metabolism, however, people listen to the media too often and this could be detrimental to other teenage girls out there. I would know. I was one.. i believed I had to be like that to be beautiful. Now i’m finding, I don’t need make up or to be stick skinny with a 22 inch waist. It took my boyfriend about a yr and and a half to convince me of that and now i’m walking even more proud.

      Congrats to her for making it, that’s a rare accomplishment. I love the show. again, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion of whats beautiful and attractive. so, stop acting like children.

      • Peggy Piskor Says:

        Ann-I totally agree, sympatheize, and understand the “awkardness” you felt and experienced during your teen-young adult years in school. I have felt the opposite same, in that I was always short and sort of chubby. It took me several months to shed the weight and gain in self-confidence. Gaining this confidence is not something that happens overnight, and I am so happy you won ATNM. I think you were always an amazing, high fashion model, I wish you the best always. GOD bless.

    • djeffers888 Says:


      I was looking at your photos and am extremely proud of your success. Keep up the good work and continue to love yourself and the way GOD has made you….Unique…


    • wow Says:

      Have you ever considered that an industry can change its standards? Most women, even models, can’t maintain Ann’s body type. There’s nothing wrong with her body as God made her, but other models starve themselves and die to have that kind of body. It isn’t right, and the industry should change because of that. Encouraging it just because it’s “fashion” is silly. People make fashion, so obviously people can decide that the fashion industry has some unfair or unhealthy practices. And you call girls silly for being unhappy with that standard, but you’re cruel for thinking it’s okay for the fashion industry to bully its models and create unrealistic standards for women the way it does.

  2. Gabby Says:

    She’s going to win, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, the best photo three weeks in a row? Who does that? She’s amazing.

    • Susan Says:

      She has a good body, which is the ideal body type for a model. Her facial features are pronounced which gives people the impression she is from Eastern Europe and her height is so tall one would think she is Scandinavian. Her eyes are so big, they are pools of emotion. The way that she moves when modeling is refined. It’s not the cute-creative side we see from so many of the contestants of previous cycles. She doesn’t have a commercial look, but does have a haute couture look.

      The head designer for Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Hermes, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Pucci, Chanel, Lanvin, Balencigia, etc. would book her for ad campaigns. French Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue Italia, French Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Harper’s Bazaar and British Harper’s Bazaar would book her for covers and spreads.

      She has the potential to be successful print model; like a European potential not ANTM or American potential. To be a model one has to have European potential otherwise he/she will be stuck doing commercial work in NYC. What’s also great is Ann’s body is naturally the way it is. She doesn’t have an eating disorder, so her career will last dozens of years. Who knows? Maybe she will book 50 covers of Vogue in Europe. 🙂

      • peaches Says:

        Do you know who the head designers are? I’m sure it’s very impressive that you can throw out the names of houses and magazines, but you sound like an ass. And honestly, I don’t think that Nicolas Ghesquiere or Alber Elbaz (yeah, I can name drop, too) would book this girl. I dig her, I just don’t think she’s a supermodel.

    • Susan Says:

      The media scrutiny of her body was ridiculous! People thought she was deadly thin, but that’s what Tyra looked like when she was in middleschool! What’s interesting to note is that Elyse Sewell was viewed as anorexic as well.

      The girls with a 24-inch waistline or smaller are considered too thin by America’s cultural ideal for the female body. If someone doesn’t have fleshy arms or legs she’s considered physically sick. There was a time in our country’s history when girls with a 24-inch waistline were considered attractive and suitable for marriage. This was before the advent of fastfood restaurants and junk food corporations.

      • Shannon Says:

        Not to discredit your opinion, but I think it is important to mention that those 24 ” waistlines (I’m not hating- I myself –Admittedly, until lately, but then I’ve had a kid and am no-where close to being as active as before– naturally had a 21 1/2″ waistline with 32/32 for hips and bust while being 5’8.” That said, I realize that most women are not built like that.) way back when were often achieved with the help of dangerously tight corsets, and were really used more to give a more dramatic hour-glass shape. Note- Unlike now, being short was more desired than being tall, so a 24″ waist –with or sans corset– was a lot more attainable then than now.
        Bottom line- If this is how Ann and other girls NATURALLY are physically, then great. Frankly, there are some who are naturally bigger women and men, though rare. Those bigger women can also be drop-dead gorgeous, just in their own way. Let’s just try to put more emphasis on being our healthy, natural selves, whatever that looks like. Beauty ideals change every decade, and always will. What will always remain desirable are great attitudes and personalities.
        Ann takes GREAT photos however she looks prior to make-up. THAT is what matters in the world of modeling. I wish her continued success.

  3. BluBluBlooo Says:

    I love the last picture of Ann!

    • martha Says:

      Yeah, she takes a few good pictures, but so does my dog. She has no personality, can’t talk or do the usual top model commercial, so they rigged it with one they thought she could do. She can’t do runway, has an adam’s apple and poor posture like a humpback. She’ll never make it. She doesn’t even have the confidence/backbone to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

      • Rina Says:

        You need to think before you speak/type. Most tall people have back issue due to their height. Being loud and coarse (like you), is that what you refer as having a personality?! LOL People who keeps saying she have no personality needs to double check with reality, being shy and humble are part of what we referred to a personality’s quality. Her personality to me is she is truly a beautiful person inside and out.

        I hope you treat your dog well, I feel sorry for your dog having such a ignorant owner.

      • Gabbi Says:

        That’s sooooo true. No one else had a chance. She only won because they were trying send a message out “that odd girls can win toooo.” Okay, we’ve got it. When has there been a winner that can’t possibly be a spokesperson?

      • Grace Says:

        Everyone has chances, so why don’t you apply for the next ANTM, Gabbi???

        But it seems u know nothing about “high fashion” at all. It would be nice to see you on TV and to see you be kicked out off the show soon, haha!

      • Gustavito Says:

        @martha Well then you and your dog should go in to the garbage can just like the rest of you square-headed people. One person’s personal and physical critique is just a projection from the soul.

      • Nine Says:

        People, relax a bit, will you? What’s the point of making fun of a commentator? That is NOT getting your point across. It’s just an opinion.

      • Nissa Says:

        They sent the final five to Milan and she booked print AND runway for freaking VERSACE. None of the others did, and yet they all visited Versace headquarters. So it’s incredibly laughworthy of you to suggest she can’t book jobs.

        She’s gorgeous by the way, too bad you can’t see that. Her “humpback” comes from being bullied and tormented by the narrow-minded likes of you who feel the need to impose their superiority complex on people that are unique and stand out. Her posture came about because she wanted to minimize the visual effect of her height; and ANTM is where she finally learned to embrace it and as a result she blossomed.

      • Nissa Says:

        Oh, and nine? It’s not just an “opinion”. It’s cold-hearted and vicious commentary about someone they don’t even know. That’s just vile and does not deserve respect. How would you like it if they said you had no personality and likened your professional skills to those of their dog? Not seeing it or rooting for someone else is one thing. Going as low as to insult her is just creepy and way out of line.

  4. kiki Says:

    You should all know now that Kayla may win even though Ann deserves to win.

    • Natascha Says:

      I know and Kayla deserves it, too. It’s just sad that this is supposed to be the high-fashion cycle and now (with 4 girls left), they badger Ann because she isn’t commercial and she doesn’t have personality. I think the network has realized that Ann’s too popular and try to downplay her.

  5. kiki Says:

    I have have changed my mind. Ann’s pictures are amazing and Kayla has dropped in the ranks. Ann is still at the top.

  6. Gabby Says:

    I like both Kayla and Ann, but if this cycle’s reward is Italian Vogue cover, Ann is perfect. I totally agree with Susan, who replied to my previous comment. I’m from Europe; I’m in the fashion industry and Ann is perfectly European – the body features AND her behavior. But, as this is AMERICA’S Next Top Model, and as it was said, Ann is not a typical American girl. There is a big chance that Kayla will win. Fine with me; she’s way better than the other girls form this cycle and even better than previous winners, but italian Vogue calls for Ann. I’m gonna be really sad if she doesn’t win.

    • Susan Says:

      Yes, finally! Someone who actually gets what the fashion industry in Europe is about! There are many supporters of Krista White who doesn’t have the haute couture look that Europe prefers. African models make it big in Europe and their features are different from what you see in America.

      Europe is about aesthetic art and fashion is art. If Ann looked like any the previous cycles’ popular contestants, she wouldn’t even get booked with Diane von Fuerstenberg who is from Belgium and has fine taste for feminine looks. Commercial fashion is for the contestants who are smiley, bubbly and all about the “home-girl next door” or even the “ghetto girl from the salon.” Europe has a tiny percentage of commercial designers who are not as popular as the commercial ones in America. Haute couture is the predominant genre in Europe. It calls for the Balanchine-type models. Lisa Fonssagrives, who was a ballet student before becoming a model, created the classic model’s look. It’s refined, aristocratic, sensual, accentuated and soft. Most contestants and all the winners do not have Lisa Fonssagrive’s look. It is why they are stuck in the commercial market in America. By the way, do you have a page on the Fashion Model Directory Database?

      • Miss E Says:

        Agree with what you said Susan. Ann would do well in Europe like Katarzyna and Mollie Sue who were very succesfull models. Ann is high fashion.

  7. CJ Says:

    I love this girl; she transforms in front of the camera. She can be soft and she can be fierce. Always stunning. That’s one quality for which Top Model looks; being like a chameleon.

  8. LittleJ Says:

    I want Ann to win! I hope that she’ll get first call-out for the 5th consecutive time this week. 😀

  9. Lori D Says:

    She did it! Photo of the week for episode 6!! I sooooo love Ann. She’s so high-fashion. 😀

  10. Mariana Says:

    I LOVE ANN! She’s gorgeous and photographs like no other. Despite being so shy, I believe she has a lovely kind of shyness (like Marjorie’s or Allison’s). It’d be great if she could manage her nerves to rock the CoverGirl commercial and shoots as well!!! If she wins, she’ll be my ALL-TIME FAVORITE WINNER! She’s amazing!!

  11. Geoff Says:

    I love all your comments about Ann. I’m from the Philippines and mostly our models are dominated by the American culture of beauty, but what Ann shows during competition really inspires me.

    Though she is freakishly tall, her body and her unique pretty face makes her outstanding. What makes me awe about her is her personality. Though she is timid and awkward, you can see a true model inside her.

    I wish that this kind of girl will dominate the fashion industry. It’s about true beauty, having a flaw, and not that “factory-made” beauty.

    • nique Says:

      Hi Goeff! I’m also from the Philippines and a frustrated model. (Hehehe) I totally love Ann. As the judges, said she has this awkwardness that is beautiful. And she is so down to earth. I will really be sad if she doesn’t win.

      • superb Says:

        Hi Nique and Geoff! I’m a big fan of Ann and from the Philippines too. I keep watching and watching the cycle 15 to recapture the winning moments of Ann because I could really relate to her. I also have that kind of personality as hers.

  12. Mark Says:

    Ann is fantastic! I do agree she is not a shoe-in though. She must do the commercial, too.

  13. loveinrococo Says:

    My first post, but a HUGE fan of the show and this site! Thanks!

    Although I love their support of Ann, I feel that the judges were hypocrites when they said that Rhianna didn’t have any range, while ann keeps getting raves.
    Wish I could see range in expression and emotion from her. She does the “heroin sheik” thing. What about “smizing” or the “orgasmic inhale” or even happiness?

    • Justine Says:

      I completely agree! I have been reading through this waiting for someone to say that! There is not much range in her facial expressions, especially in the mouth area. She always has the same partily open mouth and usually the same straight forward eyes as well. I am not saying her pictures are not stunning, but they all seem very similar.

  14. Scott Says:

    Love you, Ann! You’re so gorgeous! 🙂 Continue to destroy this competition; I have such high hopes for you!

  15. Allie Says:

    Ann Ward is my absolute favorite. The ANTM contest isn’t exactly like real-life modeling, but it’s certainly good training ground for all contestants.

    Ann grew significantly and she is noticeably calmer and is slowly gaining confidence. She has the full potential of becoming a top model in fashion with or without winning ANTM. Elite, Ford, IMG or Wilhemina (to name but a few) will fight over who will sign her, just with a few eisodes and so much publicity, her future in modelling is secured.

    She looks so English to me yet, at the same time, her beauty is not what we’re used to, it’s alien-like, much like Gemma Ward. I wish her the best luck!

  16. Cat Says:

    She looks horrible. I hate that the only thing the models like about her is that she’s ‘ugly-pretty’ when really she’s just plain ugly. High-fashion models can be really unattractive, so she’ll probably fit right in, but I will never think she’s pretty.

    • Liis Says:

      Are you blind or something, Cat? Or green with envy that she photographs like heaven and she’s gorgeous? Keep going Ann, you have my support.

    • Vanessa Says:

      I don’t know why everyone loves her. She is ugly and has a disgustingly thin body. That is definetly not the type of person girls around the world should be looking up to. On top of that, she has no confidence and is too weird, awkward and shy.

      • TY Says:

        Stop judging people. Look at yourself.

      • rckstar123 Says:

        she’s beautiful and her confidence has grown throughout the whole season and I’m glad she won. Now she teach bullied or tormented girls it does get better.

    • Sophia Says:

      of course she is beautiful! what do you think beauty is? big boobs? she is beautiful because she is different. she is not the girl next door and that is what makes her unique AND pretty

  17. sab Says:

    To all haters:

    “Are you kidding me?!!”

    She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to ANTM! She’s deep, she’s different, she’s not arrogant and most of all she does not b*tch around.

    It’s just sad that a camera could see through Ann; how beautiful a person she is and YOU CAN’T.

  18. alex Says:

    I seriously think she’s too good for ANTM. Why doesn’t Tyra take her to an agency in Italy right now?

  19. Jane Says:

    She takes amazing pictures. I think she will win!

  20. alex Says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Ann will do good in episode 8, because it’s a commercial and she’s not good in showing out her personality. Unless she really does show her personality.

    • Christine Says:

      European models are shy and quiet. They’re also afraid of being judged, which is why their personality comes out in photography and on runway. It’s a different mentality when you’re a model. Ann has certain qualities that would give European agency scouts the impression she is originally from an European nation. In commercials models are not supposed to speak, unless they are former supermodels who have been hired by cosmetics companies to do commercials as actors. If you’re an actor after having quit the model’s profession a long time ago you would be hired as an actor.

  21. Gustavito Says:

    To all haters: Ann has a personality that is beautifully quiet and amenable; even now, she is the most succesfull of all the girls from all cycles, winners included, because she got amazing reviews from extremely important fashion design icons in the industry. She is a model and she’ll be a top model as the winner or not and be more successful than all the winners combined. Finally, Tyra is not out of her freaking mind this cycle; she needs to choose more girls like the ones in this cycle.

    • Christine Says:

      She really does need to have a more refined (character-wise and body-wise) batch of contestants for the next two seasons or the editor at Vogue Italia will call and never work with her again. It’s important to deliver exactly what a fashion magazine wants because it shows you are being respectful towards your superiors. I know some people might think Tyra is God in the fashion world. It’s incorrect, she is god in the entertainment world; well, one of the gods, that is. 🙂 In the fashion industry in Europe, she is a big joke; a really big joke. Karl Largerfeld summed it up four years ago during an interview with American Harper’s Bazaar.

      Ann may not win because she doesn’t have the appeal the national audience appreciates. People wanted someone like Krista to win because she is a country, wholesome black girl from the south. Ann is not from a farm, she is not from a small town; she is quiet, quirky and refined in her performance on set. It’s how European models act. They are preferred to be quiet and hardworking not ballsy in their viewpoints or commercial for that matter. The haute couture designers love Indian and African models because they never complain and understand the value of suffering when it comes to the model’s profession. On ANTM, what the contestants go through is nothing compared to what the real profession is like. In Europe it is much harder because the model’s technique is archaic, therefore poses challenges for today’s generation of models. In America, commercial modeling can be done by anyone but haute couture modeling is an artform that Lisa Fonssagrives created in the 1930’s when living in France. Did you know her second husband Irving Penn worked for Paris Vogue? It gave her an advantage in achieving an unbreakable record of 200+ covers of Vogue (most were done in Europe).

      • Christine Says:

        Lisa was a ballet student in her teens. When she was advised by her teacher to pursue modeling (she wasn’t tall enough for ballet) she took her teacher’s technique and created haute couture modeling. Unless all models in America know ballet, Europe will continue keep its doors partially open to our country.

      • Gustavito Says:

        BLAH BLAH BLAH, Christine. Such a long line for just saying you don’t like Ann. And it’s okay because you say in underlines that you don’t like ANTM also but, you still watch and comment about the show! I think you need to put the effort and energy you put in your comments to your personal life and move on. Thanks. All the good things to you too, dear.

  22. kiki Says:

    I was cheering for Ann and her commercial scared me. Now I think she might lose because if a model can’t walk or talk, where does that leave her in this industry? All she will be is a pretty picture and model can be that forever.

    • Christine Says:

      Models who have physical potential and some internal potential can be groomed to be working models in the European market. It’ll take an agency to transform Ann into a professional model, not ANTM.

      ANTM serves as a way to get exposure. Believe it or not, agencies pay attention to the show because there is occassionally an European-looking contestant or an African one that will book campaigns in Europe. Even if Ann doesn’t win, that will be a blessing in itself because the show promotes the idea of giving contestants opportunities real models work hard to obtain. It’s not carefree or acceptable; it’s a grave offense to the industry which demands prolonged toiling from models til their craft is perfected.

      Of course, even after that point, toiling continues because that is work. A part of me wishes she wouldn’t win so she will still be respected by haute couture designers if sent to Paris to do runway work. All top branch agencies have a runway coach to teach models how to walk. If Ann gets signed with Ford, Inc. in New York she will be trained for several months til her agent sees improvement.

      • Christine Says:

        Believe it or not, commercials are not given to models for the task of speaking. Models are not supposed to talk; they’re supposed to move. 🙂 If they do talk, it’s when they have reached supermodel status and have become a household name. In general, they are supposed to be quiet.

      • Sam Says:

        Such an expert you are, Christine. It makes me wonder if you too are a stunner of a whippersnapper who graces many front pages of fashion magazines. My reverence for you grows by the minute.

      • Corrine Says:

        “Believe it or not, commercials are not given to models for the task of speaking. Models are not supposed to talk; they’re supposed to move. If they do talk, it’s when they have reached supermodel status and have become a household name. In general, they are supposed to be quiet.”


        And she is DEFINITELY no supermodel, but she is quite successful to date. If you are talking in terms of “special” international broadcast, then definitely the commercials are reserved for ICONS, which off course often include supermodels.

        WELL, if you consider Erin Wasson to be a SUPERmodel, then maybe you’re right, but she has YET to achieve supermodel status and YET she is featured SPEAKING in a considerable number of commercials for MAYBELLINE.

    • gerald Says:

      I kinda think that Ann is very photogenic she had the looks of high fashioned editorial only you people don’t gave the damn thing about her yeah she had the weakest commercial and runway but that dosen’t mean she can’t learned I think Ann will evolved into a very highly successful model look at Alice Burdeau of Australia’s next top model cycle 3 she won and had her career in an overdrive beacuse she had this look that is shy and willowy, anyway good luck Ann at the IMG along with your co contestant Jane.

  23. Bonjoss Says:

    Ann is the best in ANTM. She IS Italian Vogue.

  24. alex Says:

    She doesn’t have the package to be a top model. Being a top model isn’t always about taking great photos; you must also have a good personality as well. And based on this week’s bottom two appearance, she doesn’t really have the personality to be a top model.

    • Miss E Says:

      Well Chelsey thought SHE had the total package to be a top model but she lost. Ann is what Vogue Italia was looking for. Give Ann time she may blossom to be a top model.

  25. leabolante Says:

    I love Ann! I really, really want her to win. Although she struggled in the commercial, I think she will able to bounce back in the coming weeks.

  26. kiki Says:

    If only Ann could talk the talk and walk the walk. She would be one of the most deserving top models to win ever! And there aren’t that many!

  27. Chilly710 Says:

    I don’t think Ann will win because she can’t do that much commercial work, but the funny thing is that high-fashion models don’t technically do “CoverGirl commercials” often. Anyways, I did love her her photos, but now I’m not to crazy about her. I hope Kayla wins!

  28. rosie Says:

    I do really love Ann because she’s so tall and she keeps producing amazing photos. Even though her real-life appearance still needs to be polished, Tyra please pick Ann, cause she’s really look like models who walk in Paris or Milan fashion week. Ann’s height is her advantage, not her flaw. You see Alice Burdeu from aussie next top model who is nearly as tall as Ann? She’s the only one Next Top Model product that I know who was accepted in the European market. Sooo Tyraaa pleeasee pleaseee pick Ann so you can prove to people who underestimate your show that your product can really go to international market!
    ❤ antm

  29. Kajsa Says:

    Ann is exactly right for Europe. Many girls from ANTM has had that strange and unattractive quality which Tyra seems to call commercial. Maybe that is something you like in America, maybe that whole over-the-top and ‘quite fake’ thing works there, but I can assure you that it is very wrong in Europe.

    Ann has the features and the personality for working in Europe. That is my firm belief!

  30. Jewel Says:

    WOW. I think she’s ugly. I don’t understand all the buzz around her. Her body is a joke, she’s very thin and it’s definitely not looking attractive! And it’s not healthy! She probably has some eating disorder, because she look like she’s seriously sick and needs to eat MORE!

    • drix Says:

      PREJUDICE is IGNORANCE. So every thin person has an eating disorder? So every thin person is unhealthy? That is so lame.

      • Maxine Says:

        Mmmmm hmmmm! You said it Drix. People are so obsessed with accepting obesity and overweight body types as the norm and it is the norm in our country, but the ones who are born naturally and or maintain their thin frame through healthy non-American diet and adequate weekly exercise are considered unattractive.

        If you look at alot of the girls in African nations and Asian countries, they’re all thin the way European models are. It’s not about starving one’s self to death or growing up with little food (albeit, in some cases it’s a girl from a poor family in a farming village town may not be getting enough food to eat).

        It’s about maintaining the type of body European designers look for and the truth is in Europe the girls and women are thinner than the ones in America, so we have a difference in body types. The diets of America are different from those of Europe. Not every population eats sandwiches, burgers, fries, macaroni and cheese and has cereal. If this were the case there would be no difference in body type.

      • Iris Says:

        I think you grossly misunderstand what Jewel is trying to say. She suggests that Ann has an eating disorder because she looks incredibly thin and rather unhealthy and you jump to the conclusion that she is suggesting that EVERY thin girl has an eating disorder when the comment was obviously specific to Ann. I myself am very thin but I agree. Ann’s body appears to be unhealthily so. I’m not saying she has any sort of disorder, in fact I know for a fact that she doesn’t, but the incredible thin-ness of all her limbs as well as the lack of muscles makes her seem weak and sickly.
        Love, Iris

    • drix Says:


      You need to eat YOUR WORDS!

      • Larissa Says:

        Hahahaha! So funny! 😀

      • gerald Says:

        I don’t think she is ugly you people are ugly looked at Ann she had been bullied in the past and now she blossomed into a mature high fashioned model I think all of you people who say this and that should learned how to control your mouth and top being a racist, God didn’t create us this way, anyway God bless you Ann and for all of you people leave her alone I’m not saying that I am mean but you people should learned how to have respect on other people unique looks…

    • Joeve Says:

      And what about her “fried oreo?!?” I didn’t know anorexic girls eat that kind of stuff!!!

  31. megann. Says:

    She takes good photos, but has no personality. Tyra is always yapping about being a good role model for girls and she even sent Anamaria home because she was too thin. Did you see Ann’s acai berry drink commercial??? SHE WAS A MESS. She can be a model, just not america’s TOP model .

    • Cat Says:

      I have to agree with you here (four years later lol). I was watching older seasons, and it really pissed me off that they let Terra stay another couple days(who performed consistently horribly IMO) and made Anamaria go home just because they THOUGHT she was too thin. No looking into her diet, no checking out her lifestyle. Made me upset, because I thought Anamaria was awesome (albeit a bitch, but whatever)

  32. E.M.Suanno Says:

    While I see why the photogs and fashion moguls want Ann Ward, tall and thin with that awkwardness that has become high-fashion, there’s a lot I don’t like.

    I see the judges praising her for things in her photos that they’ve criicized other girls for in previous cycles. I think they are showing marked preference for Ann above what she can really do.

    And I do believe that sometimes odd can be beautiful, but it this case, it’s just too odd. Her ears are too Mickey Mouse. Her torso is disproportionately long, her hip bones stick out too much, and she crosses her limbs far too much; looks like she’s a broken skeleton. I don’t like her voice, but for her, that ought not be a problem as she will likely enjoy a lucrative high-fashion career.

    I feel for Ann though. Her suffering is so visible. She must’ve been put through the bully meat-grinder all her life. Her shyness and low self-esteem is painful to watch. She looks like a frightened child, clenching her lower jaw and chin so much. Just once, I wish she would throw her shoulders back, stand up straight, walk tall AND SMILE.

    As for the other girls, Kayla has been doing wonderfully and Chelsey is a natural and drop-dead beautiful. Those eyes!

    • Iris Says:

      I agree completely! I don’t feel that she is the right girl to win, but I can see her appeal. Her long limbs and height, as well as her body control allow her to photograph well, but I don’t find her beautiful in any way, shape, or form. I do feel for her bullying past, however. It will be nice for her to be on the top.

  33. E.M.Suanno Says:

    Ann was nearly ruined in the bully-the-models gag of Ms. Jay’s. (I can’t stand that guy.) When Ann walked out, she tripped over her outfit and looked totally lost, like deer caught in the headlights. Terrible.

    My personal favorites are Chelsey (drop-dead gorgeous girl) and Kayla who has blossomed amazingly.

  34. ANNANN Says:

    ANN is a very high-fashion, akward, photogenic beauty. She’s very good at her performance, except at the commercial and casanova shoot … but the others were OMG AMAZING!

    All she needs to work out are her shy attitude; not her personality!!

  35. Ani Says:

    They have got to give Ann the title this year. Otherwise it will be pure stupidity. Tyra has to stop with her moral chit chat for a while and try to portray real fashion. Go, Ann!

    • Larissa Says:

      The commercial part came with the “I wanna redefine beauty in fashion” mission, but the show is sophisticated (to an extent) now, thus the drama and backstabbing is lacking. I like this season because the contestants are more serious about the model’s profession and have to keep their A-game up.

      It is why they don’t fight as much. Fighting puts stress on a person’s mind and when contestants fight there is bound to be crying during a photo shoot. I assume the editors must be really peeved the producers are not able to poke and prod contestants to attack each other like wolves anymore.

      • Ani Says:

        I totally agree. One of the things that bothered me in the previous cycles was that unnecessary drama and lack of maturity. When I was watching cycle 14, for example, I had to mute my TV sometimes because the yelling was so annoying.

        I think that the way you show and represent yourself is very important in this industry, if you really want to make it far. Who would be so willing to book a model who is constantly involved in conflicts? This doesn’t show a strong personality, this shows a person that needs to grow up and commit.

        I am a European and I live in Sweden. The most beautiful girls in the world reside here. I am saying this to show that there are tons of beautiful girls who aspire to be a part of the fashion world. But what they looking for this year, is someone special. That’s why I support Ann. She just has that something you cannot explain, but takes her there.

        I don’t like Chelsea, not that I have anything against her, but I am tired of hearing these girls through all cycles saying that they are older in age and that this is the last chance for them, blah, blah, blah. It’s just becoming a pattern because in the end they win, like Krista, cycle 14. There are no patterns in fashion. That’s the most attractive thing about it.
        Anyway, I wish Ann the crown. 🙂

      • Larissa Says:

        Ani: Your reply to my comment is beautiful! There are all types of beauty and by “types” I am referring to different nations. But beauty is not neccessarily physical it is also cultural which is sometimes considered akin to personality.

        Culture in fashion is beautiful though the industry already has a culture and permeates society’s culture. What people should realize personality in their minds does not translate as personality to the industry. The industry does want charm, refinement, obedience, knowledge (of the model’s profession and the various grands couturiers), relentless ambition, skills and endurance from the models.

        ANTM has served as a platform for the commercial market which is not the dominant one in Europe. Europe, specially Paris, is the home of haute couture, which is the EXACT oppostite of ANTM and any winner the show crowned. You would have to be high on cocaine to go on the show believing Karl Lagerfeld (he views ANTM as garbage) will take a chance on them. It’s not surprising the contestants who are either African or European end up working in Europe while their non-foreign counterparts end up working in LA, Miami, NYC, Dallas, etc. There are exceptions to the rule though, such as Melrose Bickerstaff, Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi and Elyse Sewell.

      • Larissa Says:

        Ani: I feel Chelsey is suitable for the commercial market. Her face is not pronounced the way an European or African model’s face should look. She is rather bland looking and does not have thin legs. You cannot be a haute couture model with chubby legs (not an insult, just a fashion perspective).

        Chelsey does not look young and it won’t be too long before she looks older. Her age of 23 is too old for the Parisian market. Paris likes young models, typically someone who is 14-17, right? If you’re 18-20 you’re already supposed to be established.

      • Larissa Says:

        The show is very childish which is why children love it! They don’t understand fashion nor modeling, but love the prizes, the contestants, the content and winners. Now, fans are complaining the show has gotten boring.

  36. kiki Says:

    I am overjoyed and shocked that Versace would book Ann for both runway and print. I’m not so shocked about the print, but the runway just completely shocked me.

    • Larissa Says:

      She didn’t book an actual go and see, it was “faux go and see day” and every person the contestants were supposed to be interviewed by knew such was the circumstance. It’s like this every cycle.

      Ann could’ve walked well and the editors decided not to show it to add to the drama when showing the designer of Versace expressing that he would “book” Ann. Although, Ann could actually have a terrible walk but the designer knew that any model would receive training from a runway instructor at IMG, so if Ann were to win this would be provided to her. The designer liked Ann’s look and portfolio, that is two pluses. 🙂 I’m not surprised none of the other contestants booked Versace.

  37. corrine Says:

    Hang in there, Ann, as long as ANTM is ready to redeem itself, the title would be handed over to you!

  38. kiki Says:

    Right now I see Ann in the top two with Chelsey. Then I see her winning.

    • Corrine Says:

      You predicted right. They are the top two at the moment, but Franca Sozzani, the guest judge at panel, did NOT say much about Ann … strange! She appeared more impressed with the rest of them, but I really do hope ANN wins the title. She’d be the most deserving winner ever.

      • Larissa Says:

        They edit things to give the audience a negative or positive impression on anyone on the show (whether it be a guest or a cast member).

        Franca could have said a whole lot of good things about Ann and it’s expected. Tyra tells the editor what to leave out and what to keep with regards to footage. She’s a very smart business woman and entertainment is her forte. I should say that if Franca did not want to welcome the possibility of allowing Ann to be in her publication Tyra would’ve eliminated the contestant.

        Franca decides who gets to be in her publications, which also means the contestant will receive the CoverGirl contract and agency contract in addition. This season has been all about high fashion (the American term for haute couture). If Tyra were to choose Chelsey, Kayla or Jane as the winner it would be a BIG insult to Franca Sozzani as well as the Italian fashion industry (and Franca is traditional in her tastes, as any European elite fashion magazine editor-in-chief would be).

        Her publication Vogue Italia is very artistically-driven, so she would need to have a model that would make a good subject for the photoshoot. Ann has a Roman type of body. It’s thin but curvacious like the Goddess Venus.

  39. Тимур Says:

    Хотя у меня еще не идет 15 сезон, я просто обожаю Энн. Я не знаю что со мной будет если она проиграет. Энн, ты лучшая!!!!

  40. Тимур Says:

    Энн я тебя люблю!!!! даже больше чем русскую наташу.

  41. alexis Says:

    Best photos in the competition had a moment of weakness. Ann is gonna take the title!!!! GO ANN FTW!!!!!

    p.s She has a personality, but she doesn’t exaggerate with it. Nicole was the same and whopped them. Sorry, so much for a social skills of a fetus!!!

  42. giada Says:

    Go Ann. I hope that she wins!!

  43. Gustavito Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes Ann is in the finale. I love her; she made it back to the top of the pack. I hope she wins. You go Ann!!!

  44. MrCens Says:

    I dont know why, but it’s already in WIKIPEDIA articles that Ann won the cycle.

  45. Тимур Says:

    УДАЧИ ТЕБЕ, ЭНН!!!!!!!!!!

  46. travis Says:

    Gosh I hope Ann wins so bad!! I feel that people are jinx-ing her by saying she already won. Idiots. Ann needs to win!!!!

  47. Vallery Miller Says:

    The best model!!!

  48. Mariane Says:

    GO ANN!!! You are my winner!!!

  49. kiki Says:

    I saw Ann’s CoverGirl shot and it was stunning. All you have to do is go to Google click news and then type in ANTM and you will see something that is giving previews about the finale. I also saw one of Chelsey’s cover tries and it wasn’t so great.

  50. Gabby Says:

    I just saw the photos from the 12th episode, as kiki sid, and Ann really looks fabulous!! The CoverGirl shot and the runway show both are stunning. I wouldn’t think that, I though Chelsey is going to be the winner, but now? I’m sure it’s gonna be Ann.

  51. rey Says:

    Let´s be honest; personality in the modeling industry is not always the key to success. That is something invented by Tyra in order to give to the childhood and teenagers a message that ‘if you are ugly, the personality makes you beautiful’. It probably does, but in the modeling (fashion) industry you need to have something special about your look, something that for people in general is out of their hands to get it. Ann is the perfect example. she’s 6´2″! It is very weird to see another girl that tall. People see her as as something unattainable and finally that´s what haute couture (high fashion) is all about! Unattainable and things!


  52. rey Says:

    ONE example of lack of personality is LARA STONE. TO me she’s boring, but she has amazing pictures, a not-so-stunning runway walk, but designers love her. She even got a commercial for DKNY perfume Delicious. She doesn’t talk. Freja as well; she’s not always happy-like, but look in this video she’s a spokes model for a jewelry company and she is doing it with naturality not with stupidity.

  53. antm fan Says:

    I love Tyra, but I think she’s stuck back in the 90’s when a high-fashion model cannot do commercial and vice versa that’s why she doesn’t choose very high-fashion models to appear on ANTM. All the past models except for some girls are so commercial and they can´t do high fashion. Besides, I think that Tyra selects very ghetto black girls. I don´t have anything against them but, the show is giving a bad image to black girls. Imagine I´m from mexico and to me the black girls that appear on the show are so tacky.

  54. FerrRemy Says:

    Looking at her face, for the 1st episode when they are battling each others, I think she would be eliminated because her face is kinda ugly.

    BUT NOW, I think she is the most prettiest model ever in ANTM ever. I love ANN =)

  55. ashley Says:

    Ann just won! Yay!

  56. Leona Palski Says:

    So so glad Ann won ANTM! She is absolutely fabulous! You really rocked it Ann! Congratulations!

  57. kiki Says:

    I knew Ann was America’s Next Top Model from the very beginning of the cycle with her first first call out. And I’m just so happy that she is America’s Next Top Model. Not like people are saying she’s america’s next top model because thay hope should would be. But she is really ANTM. She is going to be in Vogue and she’s going to be a CoverGirl. I am just so freakin excited. In Ann’s words, “This is so cool.” I have to say she is the most deserving winner ever. And for all the people who thought Ann would lose. “He Ha Ha! She didn’t.”

  58. Erin Says:

    She did it! I’m so happy for her! Way to go Ann!!

  59. Mariana Says:


  60. Тимур Says:


  61. eikieyn Says:

    Congrats Ann!!~

  62. eikieyn Says:

    Yeayyy she winnnn!!~

  63. david v Says:

    Somebody needs to up date this. She won. She won.

  64. Scarlet Says:

    I loved the ending of America’s Next Top Model and was rooting for Ann or Esther before she was kicked off, but Ann honestly was so humble it was touching to see she wasn’t like some of the girls who kind of have the YEAH I WON I KNOW IT attitude. She is stunning in photos, on film shoots and although she doesn’t have her walk down yet she still shines on the runway.

    To me Chelsea was too cocky she didn’t prepare herself at all for the fact she might lose. Ann took everything in and knew it was a long shot. But I hope to see much more of her. I hope she does become one of the most successful of the bunch.

    I noticed another favorite Anchal Joseph has finally been recognized got a cover of Cosmo this year she too is amazingly beautiful and was so ashamed of her body finally glad she came out of that. She and Ann had a lot in common even though their issues were very different.

  65. m Says:

    Yes, she can pose, but looking through the pictures, her facial expressions are the EXACT SAME as the next. -.-

  66. Mariane Says:

    Ann won!!! Yessssssssss!

  67. Mia Says:

    Woohoo, go Ann!! I’m so happy that she won. My aunt and I literally screamed when we heard her name. I wish her the best of luck. She is EXACTLY what the judges were looking for. As Nigel said, “She’s a high fashion model and she doesn’t even know it yet.” So happy for you, Ann!!

  68. Rez Says:

    Lexie, Kayla, Liz or Chelsey should have won ANTM Cycle 15. Nothing personal against Ann, but I feel these three would be a little more high fashion than her. But it’s okay that Ann won; the important thing is that KACEY DID NOT WIN !! So take that Kacey you evil b**** from Palmdale! Ha!!

    • kiki Says:

      What is worng with you, dude? Kacey didn’t do anything, you stupid jerk. Plus, this part of the website is about Ann. If you want to say mean things about Kacey, go write it on her part of the website. Also, you put up four names and you only wrote “these three would be more high fashion.” Also, Ann was the most high fashion.

  69. Alise Says:

    Ann won fair and square. The only reason why Chelsey would have won was because it was her last chance. A for an effort to her; she still managed to get that far and I think she will have a great commercial career in America. Ann has that European ‘je ne sais quoi’ that a editorial supermodel needs. She was the only one to be booked for D&G runway and editorial, even if she’s not the best walker out of the bunch. Also A.L. Talley saw some super power pushing her. Those are big words from such a hugely influential man in fashion. So all the best for you in the future, Ann, and congratulations from Estonia!

  70. You’re so amazing. I hope I have a 6’2 height.

  71. Leigh Says:

    ANN WARD WON!! Love her!!

  72. leabolante Says:

    I’m so happy that Ann won! She truly deserved it.

  73. Jenny Says:

    Where’s her page on FMDB and IMG?

  74. Tamsynne Says:

    She was by far the most high fashion. She deserved to win! She wasn’t cocky, she wasn’t big headed and the know-it-all. She was humble, and I liked that. Not to mention she takes amazing photos. 😀

  75. Gustavito Says:

    Ann represents everyone, that had been picked on, bullied and been ridiculized for being tall, different and been “weird” and proved to be a top model from shoot 1 to the very end of the competition and she did it in a humble way, Ann such ans inspiration.

  76. Geoff Says:

    Hooray for Ann winning ANTM!

    She really deserves the title.

  77. michelle Says:

    OMG!!! Mary Anne/Sybil/Julie/Christine/Maxine/Susan/Corrine/Larissa/Maxine/Rey/Jenny/ect…Are you kidding me? You are on this site too? People look under Krista White ANTM where are the models now to see all the crazy mean psychotic posts this ONE person left. Basically calling everyone stupid because she is the only one whose opinion makes sense. Not to mention offended most everyone on the site then leaving in a flame of cussing out other posters telling them all to stick it and a bunch of other crazy stuff. OMG this person needs to seriously get a life. Even posing as several people her self-important posts ALL have the exact same disgusting and condesending style. You got to be f@cking kidding me, she’s at it here too. Look at the other sight to see what I mean. For God’s sake. I’ve seen it all!

  78. mint serene treeratpun Says:

    She was just a girl next door, but in my opinion, what she does is very interesting. She is so guiet, but stronger than talking too much like Kayla and Chris. That is why everyone cheered you on. Good luck!

  79. rishelle Says:

    She deserve to win. I love her look so much! 🙂

  80. Paul Says:

    After Beauty In Vogue and her VI spread –she could kiss the fashion industry goodbye and start selling fried oreos! hahaha

  81. Юлия Says:

    Господи,какая она страшная!!!!!я в шоке…

  82. kiki Says:

    I want to see new pictures of Ann so much. I can’t wait for her vogue photos.

  83. Rina Says:

    She is so beautiful, inside and out. I am so happy that she won or else, I swear I am not going to see the next ANTM.

    She is the right choice winner, she will go far, especially when she gets more experience and getting used to being more sure and confident about herself. We already could see the big changes in her through the show. Those who cannot see beyond that, and thinks otherwise, apparently is blind. I am charmed by her.

  84. Paul K Says:

    Ann is incredible! I wish her the best!

  85. Reg Says:

    Ann’s so awesome. 🙂 She’s the true epitome of high fashion! The best ANTM ever!

  86. Aitien Says:

    What do you mean about fried oreos, jerk? Ann is such a great model and she’s going to shine in her way. Why don’t we say “good luck” to her?

  87. Lera Says:

    Энн ужасная и такая дохлая!

    • benj Says:

      Ann was so high fashion! She has an awkwardness that so beautiful! So what if she’s tall? She can be a supermodel. She’s beautiful and so photogenic. Chelsey was cute, but not like Ann! And Ann is like a goddess because no one can imagine antm cycle 15 winner is a GIANT. And I’m so proud that VERSACE can book Ann ! ^_^ Love you, Ann!

  88. collette Says:

    I think the only people Ann appeals to is the ugly ones who are jealous of the pretty girls.

  89. Helen Says:

    @Collette – or perhaps you need to redefine what you view as beautiful. Don’t you think it’s hypocritical to tell people that only curvy women are healthy but when it comes to someone who is naturally thin that they are not beautiful because they don’t follow YOUR standard of what you think is perfect?

    I think lots of women are beautiful, and it has nothing to do with their size. Some women are born curvy, and some women are born lanky and thin. Neither of those are huge factors which I use to define beauty.

    • collette Says:

      I don’t think I mentioned her weight; like I hate the big pity party thing she does as well !! Why couldn’t she just get on with it? She knows what the show’s about!!

      • omgwtfbbq Says:

        She’s not throwing a pity party. That’s just how she feels. She’s probably the most real person to ever be on ANTM. She never let the show get to her head.

  90. Staycie Says:

    Ann is beautiful. There are many types of beauty in this world and she is one of those types. I was happy when Whitney won cycle 10 because it’s about time that full-figured girls get represented by strong beautiful woman. I also feel that the awkward, tall thin girls need their role models, too. Short, tall, thin, curved we all are beautiful in our own unique way.

    I wish for Ann a life filled with happiness, success and adventure. Ann, you are truly a beautiful woman. Blessed be.

  91. Karen Says:

    I think the brilliant thing about Ann is that she isn’t what you’d call beautiful in the classical sense, but when she gets in front of the camera she is absolutely fantastic. Like Tyra said in one episode, she creates magic.

  92. klaus Says:

    I think Ann won because she’s unique from the stereotyped image of a model, even if it’s not really a stereotype. But the point is, she’s unique.

  93. Miss E Says:

    Ann was exactly what VOGUE ITALIA was looking for. If it was Seventeen Magazine the judges perhaps would have chosen Chelsey’s California looks. This Cycle was about high fashion and Ann embodies it more then Chelsy. That is why she won.

  94. Jordan Says:

    For all of you who are congratulating ANTM for ‘finally picking a “real model.” I’ve got a newsflash for you: you’re dead wrong.

    Just because the modeling industry (which let’s face it, consists of just designers, basically – they’re the ones who market the models) chooses these awkward, alienesque, and just plain unattractive sticks of models, doesn’t make it what the industry really SHOULD have, or make them beautiful, either. Every single person on the planet interprets beauty differently, however, it isn’t the fashion market’s job to decide that, or ours. It’s the fashion industry’s job to design, sell, and market clothing for consumers. If you all can’t agree that almost ALL consumers do NOT look like that, or wear a size 0-2, then you’re seriously sick and mistaken. The average woman is between 5’2″ and 5’4″, and around 145-165 pounds. Marilyn Monroe herself wore a size 16 dress. The average dress size for a woman is 12.

    So why choose models who don’t fit, or model the clothing the way they truly would look on the CONSUMER? The fashion industry has truly been warped- into a market geared only to the designers themselves, and the models, not to the actual consumer of the product. It’s unrealistic, all of this. I applaud Tyra for choosing models more closely related to the American Woman.

    • lanie Says:

      I honestly hate when people use Marilyn Monroe to prove a point about size. She was a size 12, a vintage size 12. That’s equivalent to a size 6 nowadays. If you watch her movies it is so obvious that she is not a size 12 according to today’s standards. We use vanity sizing.

    • omgwtfbbq Says:

      “chooses these awkward, alienesque, and just plain unattractive sticks of models”

      “Every single person on the planet interprets beauty differently”

      Right… Maybe you should take a second and read those two conflicting statements. So some of us think Ann is very pretty. Not everyone is American, not everyone is fat, not everyone is short… So what’s the problem with picking her?

  95. Debra Says:

    I thought Ann was pretty, but not a TOP MODEL. I felt Chelsey got the shaft on this season. Ann might be a good picture model, but Chelsey had it all – the looks, walk and style. ANTM is becoming a joke and hoping the new season will bring something better.

  96. Leigh Says:

    I felt so glad when Ann was annouced the winner. she deserved it!! She’s a classic beauty in her own unique way. I love the transformation gained from the start to end. Good luck, Ann! Destiny awaits! xo

  97. Makister Says:

    Girl, you got IT!

  98. Angela Says:

    Ann took great photos, BUT I don’t think she should’ve won. I think Chelsey was totally robbed.

    Tyra always emphasizes how it’s so important for a Top Model to be the total package. Good photos, great walk, great personality … total performance. Ann didn’t have that. She could only take good photos. She’s a great model and definitely a unique find, but she shouldn’t have won. Chelsey had the Top Model package. She took good photos, had a great walk, and a wonderful presence. She also knew a lot about the industry. It wasn’t fair that she performed better than Ann and she STILL lost.

    It was pretty obvious how Tyra wanted Ann to win. I mean, the Cover Girl commercial…come on. A voice over? Tyra knew Chelsey would’ve rocked the commercial if they did it the way they usually did. She needed to give Ann a fighting chance. Because they did the voice over, Ann never had to memorize lines and speak in front of the camera which they KNEW was her total weakness. Tyra didn’t even consider Ann’s walk during the final show.

    They only thought about who would take better photos for Vouge Italia, not who was the better model.

  99. BulletProofx Says:

    Truth be told, most people I asked admitted Chelsea had a running start over EVERYONE. She started modeling a long time ago and what? Still needs to join ANTM to get somewhere? What gives?

    Yes, Chelsea does have the total package, but the KEY point is, she is forgettable. She looks, behaves, photographs just like any other working model already. Ann on the other hand takes amazing photographs. Look at the appraising her from other judges, not just Tyra. Ann does not look like ‘just another working model’, as Chelsea does (sorry Chelsea). Ann simply makes her own look work. And she sticks in your head when you see her photos. Even her walk! Come on, admit it! Ann Ward is America’s Next Top International Model!

  100. Jo Says:

    Ann is extraordinary. She totally deserved this win. Congratulations Ann!

  101. leelo Says:

    My favorite winner of ANTM!

  102. Diana Says:

    Она мне так нравится. хорошо что она выиграла.

  103. anonymous Says:

    I haven’t seen Chelsey walk in any Fashion Week yet. Did she? I don’t know. I’ve seen Ann do Alex London.

    I’ve seen Ann’s Vogue Italia Editorial. She kinda nailed it I think and in the backstage video, she was so confident and comfortable. So, I think Ann really deserved the title. Chelsey has less possibility nailing this shoot because of the extreme makeup.

  104. David Serrano Says:

    So proud of her. I’m glad she’s been doing work outside of America’s Next Top Model. Keep striving for the best Ann Ward!

  105. Dhanz Says:

    Look at her photo shoot by Patrick Demarchelier; she was amazing. It looks very italian model. Don’t listen the other girls. They can’t perform like you when they’re on camera. Their comments are crap, but when they get the challenge on camera I can make sure they can’t do like you. And this cycle was very amazing than other cycle. I have the DVD and have watched it 4 times. Ann is such a humble person; not like the other models. They have too much ambition for being a winner but the got the opposite. Congrats Ann! I love and like you so much! Keep being a good model!

    Love Dhanz from Indonesia

  106. Anon Says:

    Ann only won because she is tall and to me that was unfair. Chelsea was the whole package and to me, Ann’s pictures weren’t that great. She won because she was tall and they all knew who they wanted from week 1 anyway.

    • Miss E Says:

      Chelsea is a beautiful model but she was not high fashion. That was not what they were looking for. Had Chelsey tried out in an earlier Cycle she may have won. Also her ego got in the way behind with her confessions.

  107. Anna Says:

    I have been rooting for Ann ever since Cycle 15 started. Some may have looked down on her because she’s too tall (as Ann had said several times), willowy, quiet, nerdy and she herself may not have believed in herself after years of teasing from those who did not understand her.

    And I could relate because I too was a social outcast all throughout high school. But I’m really glad that the judges and even the photographers were able to see that she has talent, and her face has what it takes to be an international model. That Tyra had faith in what she could do because week after week she produced beautiful photos as a very unique girl. Not just another cookie-cutter runway walker. With a little more work on her self-confidence, I believe Ann can go far in her career. 🙂 Who knows? Maybe she’ll be able to finally pull off commercials as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ANN!!!

  108. bonjoss Says:

    Ann is the winner!!!

  109. Ornella Says:

    She’s a goddess.

  110. Gorge Says:

    I’ve heard that Ann Ward’s Vogue Italia spread was a flop with the critics. They felt that Ann got the spread just because she won a modeling competition; she didn’t work her way up to the top to deserve the spread.

    • omgwtfbbq Says:

      Really? That’s weird that they, instead of having a two-page page spread, gave her a five-page spread in Vogue Italia.

  111. bonjoss Says:

    Ann is the winner.

  112. goOgoO Says:

    Stop this nonsense! People really can’t stop judging other people, but they can not judge their own selves!

  113. Nana Says:

    She is ugliest ANTM winner ever!!! One and only look over and over again. And this open mouth, brrr!!!

    • Miss E Says:

      Nana maybe you should look beyond the Victoria’s Secret Catalogue and buy a copy of Vougue instead. You will see models who are not drop dead gorgeous but have something special about them.

    • kiki Says:

      Ann is beautiful and nice and sweet. That is your opinion but to me and a lot of other people Ann is beautiful and she doesn’t need mean and hateful people like you saying she is ugly.

  114. kiko Says:

    I always like Ann and even though I am short and chubby, I still like people like Ann doing runway. If she can improve her walk I’ll be very glad. Am not so insecure to vent against people who are naturally different from the way i look.

    Plus she is very photogenic; some who are very pretty are unfortunately not photogenic.

    There are different type of models for high fashion. Ann is perfect. She won’t make it to Victoria’s Secret though unless she can put on some more pounds. =) But honestly, she is perfect in her chosen field. They can put anything they can fancy and she might still come out picture perfect.

  115. daniel Says:

    Ann may not be the most pretty model, but her awkward look made her the winner. Judging is really subjective, and Anne’s gangly look just fits Italian Vogue which wants more uniqueness!

  116. Yann Says:


    Ann is already the winner. She may not be perfect, but nobody is; she is great, she’s in vogue. NOW SHUT UP AND JUST DEAL WITH IT.

    People like you have nothing good going on in your brains, but you know, you got real talent missy. A TALENT FOR BULLYING. SO I’d like to congratulate you for making it on the bully list and shame on you.

  117. eliza Says:


  118. Toni Says:

    This is the craziest stream of comments I’ve seen going from someone’s body type to all of a sudden declaring what someone deserved and calling them ugly and comparing their ability to that of one’s dog. None of us know any of these people to presume to be able to determine whether or not they are deserved to have won. I think the thing is whether or not Ann is the most commercial, outspoken, or has an ideal runway walk…the fact is she won. Anyone who has ever been bullied would know how much courage it probably took her to even step foot into the auditions for the show let alone continue on and to keep trying. People have said only the makeup and airbrushing made her beautiful, I think that the difference in her from coming in, to leaving the competition was that she began to believe in herself. She came in with nothing. When you have no confidence, you don’t know how to express, exude, believe in our own your own beauty. I think everyone should just except their own beauty for what it is and isn’t. I think then it wouldn’t matter who the media puts in front of us as beautiful, we could then appreciate there beauty without it putting a damper on our awareness of our own and vice-versa. We should just be proud of and happy for her. I don’t know about you but I get exciting whenever someone goes out there and proves to themselves they can do something they believed to be impossible. She made it! 🙂

  119. Viktoria Says:

    It terrible where you look? What here haute couture, to it only in basketball to play, but I am afraid that it will break! I from Russia, at us such terrible even on competition haven’t got. Tayra open your eyes!

  120. Lisa Says:

    I think that Ann should work on her posture. I mean come on, if you will keep on hiding your head between your arms it’s not gonna make you appear shorter! Like everyone sees how high you are and no one cares but some stupid high school kids. But high school is over for her… If she would just keep her back STRAIGHT! Then her head wouldn’t lean forward and the muscles on her face wouldn’t stretch into a sad face. Try humping your back and see that it is way more difficult to smile. That’s what also happens with some girls who have big boobs and are trying to hide it. Their boobs don’t look any smaller but they all look older, heavier and more sad. I just want to explain that if you won’t focus so much on the things that you think about as the disadvantages then all of the sudden you start to like yourself, you don’t care anymore for that. The same was with me. I’m only 5’3” and I always thought that my hips are way too broad for my height especially when I saw the measurements of the way taller models. Also my ears are sticking out. But one day I bought skinny jeans and never went back to the flare and wide ones. Suddenly I noticed that my thighs and calves are skinny and I don’t have to hide them. And also that my hips are curvy but skinny enough, not ridiculously broad like I thought before and that I have beautiful thin waist. Right now I’d never ever switch with someone who has smaller hips than me. I feel so sexy and truly female. And my ears? When I put fringe on one side it covers my ear completely and the other one doesn’t have to be covered by hair at all because they aren’t that sticking out. And if Ann would walk straight, confident and keep her head slightly upwards with that calm, relaxed face that she has on some of the pictures everyone would have thought that: “Wow! She looks so tall, slim, and fabulous! She must be a model!” It’s all in your heads, guys, stop having complexes:D

  121. aly-anon Says:

    liked her on the show, but thought some of her photos were overrated.

  122. james Says:

    i knew ann won this cycle before i watched it, and when i fisrt saw her in casting i was like omg, SHE wins??

    but then i saw her photos and i see why, she photographs absolutely beautifully and deserved to win.

    i wish ann the best of luck in the future! x

  123. Camille Says:

    I was extremely upset when she won. She didn’t deserve it. I don’t think she’s pretty enough, she’s awkward, social inept, and weird looking.

    I’d like to believe that we should be able to look at a model and see ourself. And my short black ass can’t see anything when I see her.

  124. Anne-Lise Says:

    I love Ann. She’s beautiful, takes great pictures and has an amazing high fashion look, witch is the most important. In France (and more generally in Europe), we prefer tall and skinny models, with unusual faces. Not because we’re anorexic freaks, but because high fashion is about iconic, different and almost unrealistic beauty. Average girls are good for Covergirl ads, but when I read Vogue, I don’t wanna see miss America or the girl next door, I wanna see art.
    It doesn’t mean that there’s no other types of beauty, it’s just mean that they don’t belong in what high fashion is about right now.
    And remember that Ann had difficulties finding jobs because she was actually TOO tall to be a model…
    One last thing : being shy doesn’t mean having no personality…

  125. nicole Says:

    ANN YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! seriously let’s be pals and play video games together….

    much love to ANN!

  126. gerald Says:

    Ann is like one of my fave girls in cycle 15 she was the most tallest and most high fashioned editorial glad she won the title I loved her she is very indulged in IMG along with her co-contestant Jane she was also signed in IMG I jsut wished her the best of luck in the industry.

  127. gerald Says:

    Ann is like one of my fave girls in cycle 15 she was the most tallest and most high fashioned editorial glad she won the title I loved her she is very indulged in IMG along with her co-contestant Jane she was also signed in IMG I jsut wished her the best of luck in the industy of high fashioned.

  128. Alexandra Says:

    Cycle 15 was my favorite of all the ANTM series. I thought there were many girls in cycle 15 that would have made great models, but Ann was definitely my favorite. She is so unique, almost ethereal. High fashion is never about who has the most conventionally pretty face, that is the realm of beauty pageants (a crude practice, indeed). High fashion is about personality and looks that stand out. People remember Ann, she offers something we haven’t seen before.

  129. ngluvjj Says:

    although her expression is pretty much the same *parted lips, tilted eyebrows* but I can’t say it’s monotone, each one have unique aura that’s not boring.

    I love her 😀 her awkwardness reminds me of nicole fox 🙂 awkward, quirky, beautiful ❤

    and ultra tall and skinny!! I would love her to wear my designs 😀

  130. Marina Says:

    Ann has something not often recognized or appreciated in America, it seems… class! She doesn’t bad-mouth other people, she’s sweetly shy, she has empathy with other peoples’ less than stellar behaviour, and if you watched the show, she also has a diabolical sense of humor and is lots of fun! She just didn’t show that at panel, but that does not mean she has no personality. Quite the contrary! Being loud, brash, obnoxious, arrogant, mean-spirited, and “fierce” (whatever that is, for heaven’s sake!) seems to constitute “personality” on most ANTM episodes. I haven’t watched in ages because of all the fighting, cattiness, and mouthiness that seems to be the norm. Ann is more European in nature and look, something difficult to understand for some American fans, I guess. She *is* high fashion, she is Italian Vogue, she will blossom out of her shyness very quickly, and she will have an amazing career. I see her also having great range, once she gets some experience under her belt. Seeing her work so hard on this show to improve herself convinced me of that. She pushed herself every single day to overcome her challenges.

    Chelsey, unfortunately, was one of my least favorite right from the beginning, for various reasons, but I don’t want to say negative things.

    Suffice to say, this cycle was about the European market, and as such Ann fills the bill perfectly. ANTM is usually about the American market, and really should not even by vying for a European market with most of the girls they usually have on. This season was an exception and the exceptional and fascinating Ann won! Congratulations, Ann!!!

  131. Kendra Says:

    Susan is pure trash.

  132. I just love Ann … from the first time I saw her. She was my bet to win cycle 15.

  133. it doesnt matter Says:

    I came on here to read a little more about Ann, because I was watching ANTM and she intrigued me. All that I ended up leaving this page with (after I read the particularly venomous comments left by a chosen few) was a bad taste in my mouth and the feeling that people who troll ANTM boards raving about how much they know about “high fashion” are idiots. Goddamn. I’m glad she won, at least, she seems like a sweet, well-intentioned girl.

  134. DD Says:

    There is something so vulnerable, innocent, adorable and sweet about this model. She is like the outsider growing up that all of America is cheering and rooting for! I for one wish her a truck load of fortune and good wishes!

  135. Iris Says:

    Ann IS unattractive. Period. Not so much her body type, more her face is plain and pinched looking. I was surprised when she won ANTM especially because of her lack of personality. One specific thing that Tyra and the other judges of ANTM are always epitomizing is a girl with presence. When Ann is in a room she hardly steals the show. She takes nice pictures but let’s face it, she’s no beauty.
    This is something that many have said, including many legitimate articles and sources. She has been named as the “ugly duckling” and “ugly-pretty” to quote a few.

    My point is that all the current comments in this feed seem two be the extreme of both opinions. On one side we have people saying that she’s so gorgeous and beautiful, on the other we have people saying that she’s ugly. Neither are correct. It is rather unkind to call her ugly, but let’s face it. She’s not going to cry over it. She’s already won and I doubt she will ever read this so it’s pointless to chastise the people who said that. For those who gush over her supposed beauty it starts to sound like you yourself don’t even believe that she’s attractive and are trying to convince yourself otherwise. I’m referring to @Susan. Her body is not beautiful or perfect. It’s bizarre and completely un-sexy. I also find your comment about “little girls playing their little silly games” to be distasteful and frankly quite rude. You seem to be saying that anyone who disagrees with your outrageous conceptions to be wrong. It was your comment that started this whole ordeal and it is in bad form. The only “silly little games” being played are by you and your obvious instigation.

    Finally, none of this commenting matters, so the heated arguments can stop. Ann Ward has already won ANTM and none of you can take it away from her. The argument is utterly pointless. She will almost certianly never read any of these comments either.

    Love, Iris

  136. Ingrid Says:

    There is absolutely no way that anyone can look like this naturally. I saw what she was ‘eating’ in the show– that girl is sick. It saddens me that this is the ideal for high fashion. Have we really come to the point in ‘androgyny’ where we hold a male physique higher to model woman’s clothes than a real woman?

    This ‘body type’ unfortunately is not that rare. I have many friends who have tortured their body, lost their period, had difficulty with digestion and conceiving later in life, and in a way lost the privileges of being a woman. I too agree that obesity is as huge of a problem, health should be the ideal, and as a younger woman it really worries me that these are the images we are seeing of bodies.

    It is horrible that Ann was teased, and good on her for having the courage to overcome that and succeed, I just hope that she finds the courage to make sure that her health is her top priority. 😦

    • Sophia Says:

      And who the hell you think you are? God? I’m suck of people like you! you don’t even know her, you can’t tell if she has an eating disorder, so shut the heck up! “there’s no way”? well, there IS a way! what part of FAST METABOLISM you don’t understand?! she’s not anorexic or bulimic or anytingh! you are assuming things about people that u don’t know! and that smells like JEALOUSY

    • Sophia Says:

      I’m pretty sure that you didn’t even watch the competition, you just saw this pictures and thought: “Oh, this girl is sick”
      She was bullied in school, rejected by a lot of model agencies, now she is a model. Isn’t she a real woman? What else do you want?

    • kiki Says:

      Ann does not have an eating disorder. She was teased for being tall and skinny. They even showed photos of her when she was younger and she was tall and skinny just like now.

  137. Hayley Says:

    I find it difficult to believe someone could maintain a body like that while eating healthily. However, I cannot accuse her of having a disorder when I do not know all the facts. In saying that, I belive that whether or not she has an eating disorder is irrelevant-people who are sick will hold up her anorexic body type as their ideal beauty, and it is irresponsible of anyone to say that her body type is beautiful, because clearly it is not healthy, no matter how she got that way.

  138. jd Says:

    Thanks for this site…watching rerun of ANTM and Ann Ward. She is genuine beauty, truly original and out shown all the others from the very start. I hope she is doing well….where is she now?

  139. Sophia Says:

    I loved this season because there wasn’t cat fights every week, the girls were more mature.
    And I loved Ann because her shyness 🙂 I haven’t seen a model like her in ANTM, she’s SO unique and special. Besides, I loved that she wasn’t the ind of girl that talks sh*t about the other girls, she was focus on her way through the competition, and probably that’s one of the many reasons that make her win.
    GO, ANN ! 🙂

  140. A dead ringer of Amy Acker

  141. Hannah Says:

    I am quite glad that Ann won, I don’t think any woman is average (being considered average myself) we all have qualities that make us unique. The fact is it is simply more obvious in woman like Ann. She turned that uniqueness into something to be proud of. Ann’s physique is natural even if it is uncommon. I have a brother who is similar healthy eating or not they still don’t gain weight.
    I am quite upset that some comments have been so scathing, it seems very petty. Aren’t we supposed to be better then that.
    In all honesty she showed that it is ok to show our differences and that they are beautiful. I wish more women and men believed that.

  142. grace Says:

    I love how Ann pose effortlessly beautiful she is thinking about art and how to sell herself in front the camera, she amaze other people by simply creating a new meaning of beauty and sexiness in her body language and facial expressions. She might be skinny and so tall but that is her edge. One of her edge and guys we can’t blame her for that. Blame the gene instead. She doesn’t choose her body. It was given to her for her to show to everyone what a true beauty means. Criticism is a health thing but we should exercise it cautiously.

  143. Brittany Says:

    I believe that Ann should not have won. I understand that she is a rarity and that should be appreciated. But in my personal opinion, the judges went into this only seeing that she did better than the others at the beginning. Tyra said in one season “This show is about improvement.” Chelsey showed HUGE improvement through out the show. Ann is a rare beauty but Chelsey showed greater drive and improvement.

    • Melanie Says:


      I’m totally with you on the improvement part, but I think you forgot the part where the winner should be worthy of Vogue Italia. Let’s face it, Ann is!! She’s exactly what they were obviously looking for. So she did deserve the win.

  144. Jane Says:

    Ugly and talks like a man. Bring on the flames! =D

  145. LOLA Says:


  146. Ingrid, I’m not really sure why you think Ann has a health problem, she can’t put on weight if she tries, it’s called high metabolism and it’s not that uncommon!! Did you even watch the show? She wasn’t nibbling on celery sticks, she was eating DEEP FRIED OREOS. It is rare to be that skinny AND that tall NATURALLY, that’s why she’s such an exquisite model. You can tell she is good health, she does not have bones sticking out of her butt like Annamarie did. Tyra booted Annamarie for being too skinny and unhealthy looking. You can clearly see the difference between the two in their swimsuit shots.

  147. leticia Says:

    She is beautiful but extremely thin

  148. anna clariza Says:

    whatever the critics says,., i just love ann the way she is.

  149. anna clariza Says:

    whatever the critics says,., i just love ann the way she is. I’m glad that she made it!!!

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  151. Vic Says:

    I want to go to ANTM and win! I want to be just like Ann because she is beautiful and she is different. She’s an inspiration for me and many other girls.

  152. christina Says:

    I don’t know if anyone is still reading or commenting to these posts. I’m a little behind as I just watched this season in reruns. I have to say that Ann looks like she has a genetic disorder called Marfan’s. I know because I have it. I do think she is beautiful and 100% deserved to win. I’m not trying to be mean but if anyone knows her for real or knows how to contact her she may need to see a doctor. Her life could be at risk. I may be wrong as it is hard to diagnose by looks alone. Or she may already know about this condition and did not want to disclose it on TV. If she does have it I wished she would talk about it as I am sure it would give teen girls out there with it a huge burst of pride and self esteem. I was always accused of having an eating disorder and graduated high school at 99 pounds. I could eat whatever I wanted. Now however agea has caught up with me and I have to watch what I eat just like everyone else. I believe education on this disorder is important.

  153. Bryan Says:

    I love how you, jackasses, let your frustations out in here like the world’s gonna stop just to read your comment xD… First, Ann is a healthy girl, she’s not to blame for having a fast metabolism, I have it myself and it’s ok, I can eat whatever I want and you assholes are so envious for getting obese just thinkling about food. This girl won because she has a model aura, yeah she might not be the typical top model who rips the runway like a victoria’s secret model but she definitely has something, the essence of modeling is evoking feelings, expressions, and art and Ann does it really well, all you ppl saying she’s different… guess what? Being unique is not a bad thing. Do you really want to open a magazine and only see blue-eyed blondes? You’re just buying the bullshit the bad media is offering you, like if you don’t fit into the mold you’re nobody! Guess what, Ann breaks the mold and is successful. So obese haters, get a lipo, get a life and get the fuck out!

  154. john vergel Says:

    Hello, Ann wasn’t anorexic. Textbook definition of anorexia would be “loss of apetite”. Uhmm.. have you seen what she’s been eating on the show? She eats fried oreos! If that is the diet of a calorie-counting anorexic, then that would make everyone else (normal people) obese.

    Ann is not the prettiest girl in ANTM history but I think she would do well (hopefully as well as Elyse Sewell from cycle 1).

    She deserves whatever success the future may bring her. Best of luck, Ann!

  155. Katia Says:

    I think she’s gorgeous, such a delicate face and figure. Her face is pretty in an unconventional way; she has kind of a Roman nose but it is quite beautiful.

    I think people are taking it so literally…the idea of her winning is not that only other 6’2″, skinny gals can feel beautiful. It’s the idea that someone who was so mercilessly chastized, shunned, and ripped apart during their formative years can become extremely successful (in any field, not just modeling). It’s the idea that those rude kids who picked on her in high school can now see her gracing the pages of fashion magazines and realize that she was never ugly, not on the inside and certainly not on the outside.

  156. Homi Says:

    You guys are so stupis for thinking that she has an eating diorder or that her body is un natural. She made fried oreos on the show, she obviously eats. She is very pretty and can model. What I like about her is her strange beauty

  157. Darlene Says:

    I did not like how Anne was scrutinized by the other girls and I was elated when she won. I am sure she will truly be a super model. Good luck Anne, you are my favorite.

  158. Abbey Says:

    I think Ann is a beautiful person, inside and out. She never really let the competition get to her head, she knew that she was lucky to be there the whole time. Her looks are different, but that’s what makes her stand out.For those of you who think otherwise – If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. – It’s a simple and old saying, but its true. If what your saying is not building someone up, its tearing someone down and/or has no need to be said.

  159. Hi Ann!! I’m Aline from Brazil and I think you are great! Good Luck always!!

  160. clark Says:

    Wish her very good luck…..

  161. Liz Says:

    Ann rocks my socks. I would give that girl the highest of fives.

  162. Jacqueline Says:

    All I can say is: wow, gorgeous! I love ANTM for looking beyond ‘pretty’.

  163. You understand therefore considerably with regards to this subject, produced me personally consider it from so many varied angles. Its like men and women are not involved unless it’s one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs great. At all times handle it up!

  164. Candice Says:

    Hope I don’t offend anyone… I still think it’s completely ridiculous that Ann won. I often think the judges go for “unique” over “marketable”… trying to buck the trend of having typical model types.

    Ann seemed like a really, really sweet girl. I just don’t think she was the most talented model of the season.

  165. she deserves everything she has right now.. she’s just a bewilderment..

  166. Harris Says:

    ANTM cycle 15 was a JOKE! Ann’s photos were boring as hell and she walked like a newborn foal. There was nothing astounding about her except for her height. She always had that same stupid look on her face liked she had seen a ghost. Chelsey and Kayla both ran circles around her in every single photo shoot and challenge. Why oh why is ANTM never called out for being so blatantly biased?

    • mary johnson Says:

      But the above were YOUR opinions and not those of the European fashion world, one designer who was a judge in the finale. As he put it…Chelsea was fine for American modeling, but Ann had the look of high fashion European model. And THAT, my friend, is what they were looking for during this season of ANTM.

      If you want to talk about a joke, refer to the ANTM All Stars season. LOL

    • i think Ann is amazing and if you don’t have anything good to say< don't say anything at all!!!! i"ts so funny how you people are judging ann because if you compare her accomplishments with your own , she'll "run circles" around you.

  167. lalala Says:

    my fvourite winner in the histpry of antm:D

  168. Undeniably imagine that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be at the internet the simplest factor to remember of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed whilst other people think about issues that they plainly don’t understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the entire thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  169. Melanie Says:

    God, she’s so thin, far too thin….

  170. JV Briones Says:

    im so sad.. i just did a quick search on google and i can’t find anything new with whatever ann is doing.

    is she booking new jobs? is she doing spreads? covers? endorsing any brand? nada!

    please tell me i’m wrong.

  171. Antonia Says:

    I think it’s ridiculous the way everybody is arguing. Some of you think she deserved to win and some don’t so what? Let everybody have their own opinion. Saying someone is ugly is wrong but hacking on somebody for saying it is just as wrong.

    I personally don’t think she deserved to win. She does take good photos, I won’t argue on that but she isn’t a TOP MODEL. She can’t do runway or talk in a commersial. For me that’s not a Top Model.

    Tyra favoured her. If you look at any of the cycles before you could see that she was sending home girls that couldn’t do commerical or runway. I think Ann is the first Top Model that’s only won becuase of good photos.

    • mary johnson Says:

      She also won because the people judging included Europeans looking for a HIGH fashion type of model, and the other girls simply didn’t measure up. As he put it on the finale, Chelsea was fine as an American model…but for HIGH fashion – Ann!! This was the opinion of Vogue Italia, and they preferred Ann’s look! I agreed with them completely!

  172. Chasyn Says:

    Could she at-least attempt to make a different face? I liked her on the show, but I don’t think she will be in the modeling world long. Her walk and commercials during ANTM could have been greatly improved, her photos got her the win(And many people are photogenic). She Doesn’t have the “Type” of personality or natural skills to succeed in all of the fields that are required for being a “Super Model”.
    Ann would Probably be working at Walmart without the help of Tyras’ fancy makeup and Air Brushing/Photo-shopping.

    Beautiful in her own way? Absolutely
    Seems nice and caring? Yep
    Super Model? No

    • Diana Says:

      Chasyn, you seem to have a very narrow minded idea about who is super-model material and who is not. Ann Ward was only 19 when she won ANTM, and considering the change we saw in her over the course of just one season, it’s only a matter of time before she does slowly come out of her shell and develop the “socially acceptable personality” that many people unfortunately cannot already see. In season 15 Ann was always kind and sensitive to the others despite the typical “girls will be girls” backbiting and bullying that went on behind the scenes. She also seemed to be the only one who had an ounce of humility, which will get her so much further in life than just having a beautiful face.

    • Erin Jo Says:

      Her personality is quirky and real! Not all Top Models have to be game show hosts- they need to be role models. She inspires as a great role model, relating to the majority of young girls today because she’s real, heartwarmingly humble, and her inside beauty shines outward. It showed American youth that being yourself is a beautiful thing, accept your flaws by embracing them as not weaknesses, but strengths. Rewarding her for these attributes was one of ANTM’s shining moments in my opinion.

  173. Roberto Says:

    Just because you personally do not have a body type or metabolism like that does not automatically mean everyone else is “sick” or can’t “look like this naturally”. Ann says she has a high metabolism, and they even showed a picture of her hugely tall and skinny brother, and believe it or not people like this DO exist. Compare Ann to the girl from Brooklyn on her cycle (Annamaria). Annamaria was obviously, obviously, unhealthy and facing a body disorder. The two types have a completely different look. Compare the jawline, collar bone, pelvic bone, etc etc. Jealousy is an ugly thing, and throwing around “sick” when that obviously isn’t the case just makes your green streak very apparent.

  174. vnex Says:

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  175. joane Says:

    ann if you coulf i’ll say to you gain one kilo but just this, you’re almost perfect. I knew that you would win since the begining! Congratulations!! kiss

  176. Sammy Munt Says:

    Anne is a stand out beauty, in a timeless, ethereal way. It’s easy to sling mud because she’s so skinny but we saw her eat during the cycle-her body shape is the way it is naturally. It’s held her down her entire life and the fact she has been able to turn that around as a positive is exceptional.
    Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and as far as I’m concerned, the more natural that beauty is, the more beautiful.
    I agree that regardless of her size-her waist is one in a million. I’m five foot 2 and 48 kilos-picked on my height and the fact that I look 6 years younger than my age my entire life-especially in high school, so I feel Ann’s pain.
    ere she this small because she stuck her finger down her throat, then I’d have an issue. But this is just who she is-and how she is.
    By the way, there aren’t that many people out there who look great without photoshop, and I think the ones who do, ought to be empathetic to the ones who don’t.
    And also, her facial features are stunning. She has a weak chin-something that would be considered a negative under usual circumstances which she has made beautiful, just like her height. Congrats to her!!

  177. tk Says:

    we just need to find that thing that makes us special like anne we just need to embrace own beauty

  178. carla Says:

    I watched ANTM when you were on and now its in reruns for your season. I’m so proud of the way you showed all the doubters by just being you!!! They didn’t have anything like this while I was growing up, I wished they had! I want to know if your still modeling? I bet you took the world and made it yours. Good luck and stay grounded becouse ur family is amazing!

  179. anonymous Says:

    What is the update with Ann? Is she signed with an agency?

  180. ShannonJoyce Says:

    i dont know how TV can encourage this as model material, and point this girl out to be America’s next top model. There are so many beautiful women in the world. She’s too skinny to look good in anything. This should not be what children strive to be like

  181. Snegugu(South Africa) Says:

    Hay u know what I think. All of u saying Ann is ugly, you are talking bullshit! And u @lala, u are actually mean. Instead of critisizing her why don’t u look in the mirror and tell me u are perfectly happy with what u see. I don’t think so… I think everybody is soooo amazing and beautiful in their own way… And if u people are going 2 judge people cause they are like 5ft11 and only weigh 110lbs(like I’m tall and thin) or if they are short and fat, u guys are so wrong.. Beauty may not always be physical, I hope u all know that…
    Snegugu,14 (from South Africa)

  182. HELLO!The reason many people think this body type is “beautiful” is purely statistical. Exactly she is perfect to be a model- a profession that requires specific skills.

  183. David B Says:

    she is just delightful!!!!!

  184. abigail Says:

    ann you are completely photogenic!!!;)p.s congs on getting the best photo 5 times in a row!!!!
    its in genes books of records!lol

  185. whatever Says:

    I’m glad she won. She never got caught up in drama and despite what panel thought, she was funny. She may be shy, but who isn’t when they first meet elite people? And she’s a good role model. And I love that she’s a nerd. I hope that she is successful, and like what jaslene did for domestic violence, I think she should do the same for bullying.

  186. Astrid Says:

    I don’t like Ann very much. She is too skinny and her waist is just…blah! But I know that she can’t help it, I’m a skinny person and I try to gain weight. But I think that curvy models are more beautiful than the superthin models, and I don’t know why the fashion industry has not realized it yet.

    And I think Vogue is very weird. Come on, the had a 10- year old (or 12) girl on the cover, And she looked…eh..horny!

    Anyway, congratz Ann!

    (I’m sorry if i have spelled something wrong, I’m a 14 old swedish girl 😉 )

  187. peanut f Says:

    How about all the people that made fun of her? They can bite it now.As far as the girl’s on the show that talked about her,she whooped you Texas style.

  188. jason Says:

    I think this is Brittany of c8?

    she doesn’t look very great here, and it’s not very editorial, but it’s a pretty famous hotel if that it her?

  189. Kristen Says:

    To be honest, I first thought Ann was a transgendered and originally a man. To find out she’s actually female… wow! She certainly is a unique-looking woman.

  190. trudy Says:

    I think ann is beautiful it’s really not about her being photoshopped or whatever she’s amazing she is beautiful a true born model

  191. kat dyson Says:

    i loved ann.i ruted for her since casting.she is so cool,i was so exited when she fuckin sick of everyone saying that shes freakin anorexic, its called metabilisom jelous bitches.

  192. lizzie Says:

    most people have talked about ‘average’ girls, but what is ‘average’? As far as Im concerned everyone is unique (sounds cheesy but is true) and everyone has there own opionons of what ‘average’ is.
    people on ANTM and on this website have said she ‘lacks in personality’, but just because she isnt in your face every second all day everyday demanding attention and is maybe on the shy side doesnt mean she ‘lacks personality’
    From what I can see she is uncommonly tall and her being thin enhances this, but she is photogenic and i hope she has a successful career and if she needs to be a bit more ‘louder’ as it were I’m sure she will have media training

  193. Andrea Says:

    Ann was amazing and for me the clear winner of this cycle from day one. She is naturally slim and is absolutely stunning. Out of all the models of ANTM, she is my equal favourite with Alison Harvard and Yoanna House. So naturally talented, she cannot take a bad picture. Beautiful!

  194. mzoverit Says:

    Ann is ethereal, alien, and stunning but Chelsea looks and acts like an ugly mean girl trailer park trash crack whore.

  195. joseph Says:

    She’s a mysteriously natural model. I believe that she’ll make it to the field of modelling in that same mysterious way. Her struggles in her pains in life makes her a much more beautiful person.

  196. annie Says:

    she shouldn´t have won
    she looks so anerexic!
    I think she is a bad example for young girls
    plus, she´s horrible on the runway

  197. Kim Says:

    Ann continues to get a huge number of jobs overseas and in the Americas.

  198. canis Says:

    Wow, this is rare: My favourite actually won Antm?! Happy!! ^__^

    Congrats Ann!!

  199. Erin Jo Says:

    She is absolutely my favorite model ever! So stunning! As a fashion lover, designer, photographer and appreciator of all that is beautiful- out of all the models out there, famous and otherwise, it would be a dream come true to clothe and photograph this girl. She’s magic and an inspiration. Just fantastic! Love her! Perhaps one of these days I’ll be able to gain enough notoriety to contact her, well before I would contact any other model. Fingers crossed!

  200. ?????? Says:

    I love u , Ann

  201. Xiaoming Says:

    Just Love You!

  202. oliver Says:

    hi..ann,,i just love you on the show,, at first i’m really hoping that you could win,, but finally i was so elated that you outlast the other contestants..anyway im from Philippines, my name is to see you again on tv….

  203. nouria from cameroon Says:

    i think she’s too skinny if she gains some kilos she will be more beautiful anyway she has a very high fashion look if it’s what european designers want what can we say?

  204. Rachel Says:

    Susan: by the way you heartless bitch. She is beautiful without the makeup you son of a bitch. If I could only see you right now you’d be so sorry for what you said about her. She won because she’s beautiful and so very photogenic. You are just jealous and if you met her in person you wouldn’t have the guts to say this to her face because just like every other cyber bully in this world.. You just hide behind your computer.

  205. Harmony Says:

    Ann has an inner beauty that proves that even tho someone can look frail and at times, defeated, they can rise to great heights and achieve enormous goals. She is in fact a great role model for young women because even after being bullied and ridiculed, she still the the strength to go on a show that had the potential of exposing her to even more criticism. She maintained a dignity and gentleness and was true to herself. I think she is absolutely stunning both in and out. Her body type is obviously thin, and to me she didn’t look malnourished, so I feel she wasn’t sending wrong messages.

  206. Jack Says:

    Some ppl r saying Ann is uglyy??? omg Ann is Beautiful just look at her pic took by patrick demarchelier. Stunning. Don’t hate Ann just becuz she’s tall where im from its actually a great thing.
    She was my favourite on Cycle 15 since the beggining and i dont regret my choice. Ann I wish u all the best and have a great career as model.

  207. Katie Says:

    I absolutely loved her. One of my favorite contestants. I loved her humble, shy personality. I love that a model doesn’t have to be a typical beauty queen. They can be strange nerdy people. She takes great photos and is a true high fashion model.

  208. Luene Says:

    I cried all through the competition, Prayer’s are answered, I wanted her to win so bad. She is the total package, sweet, beautiful,something about her is angelic. CONGRATS ANN!!!!

  209. Lucy Says:

    I just saw this cycle 15 and I can´t believe she could won. Her body is terrible, bones on bones, her ears, eyes, she is really ugly to me. She is unprofesional, she was posing like a wirdo and somehow some of those pictures were stunnig. I don´t think ugliness is beauty or highfashion. Sometimes they told her she was loke Frankenstein, she was scary, she was akward, … because she is! My opinion and I think many people think the same way.

  210. Leona Says:

    I just think she is amazing! Simply amazing!

  211. cigarricious Says:

    Her body and face are pure art.
    How can it be? She would be considered ugly, but she’s extremely beautiful.

  212. Excuse you “miss lala” for being so rude and immoral. How can you pass judgement on Ann like that?! i for one think that she is a beautiful, striking and talented individual and I love the fact that she is so tall. I’m not saying that the modelling and fashion industry should be limited to Ann’s body type. I’m saying that she should be appreciated for her individuality and I also think that she is the right model for vogue. Besides, by you classing yourself and other women as “average” says it all because to make it in the fashion industry you need to be anything but average… :/

  213. Maria Says:

    I’m going to get so much hate for this, I know: I’m aware of the whole “models are not always pretty!”-thing but in some pictures Ann just looks like a freaking cave man. She was the worst winner of Top Model. I never really believed in the “this competition is rigged” but after watching this cycle I had my doubts. I mean, come on! That last commercial with the voice over was so made for her especially. And Chelsey did a better job than her anyway, her voice acting was quite good. What I disliked the most about that cycle was that Tyra had always stressed that a top model HAD to have “the whole package”. Ann took good photos. She was quiet, bad at acting and is not a good public speaker. Not to mention her freaking runway. That face she kept making just threw me completely off. But I think she could have made it without ANTM. .. Maybe. I never see Ann anywhere. I can’t even find her on the IMG website. She’s forgotten. But I’m not really surprised. Ann bores me. She might not be anorexic (and I do think she’s healthy and naturally that thin) but her body really looks sickly. Her facial features are not interesting, she hasn’t got the ‘it’ factor.

    But oh well, ANTM did her nothing. I suppose she’s had her fifteen minutes of fame.

  214. JONATHAN Says:


  215. Stephanie Says:

    i agree that she won because she could work great for Italian Vogue, and i hate how some people just think she deserves to win because she was bullied and was some sort of iCon… WELL in MY opinion as to SOME others think she is extremely Skinny.and we all know its not her fault , but really is that the type of body girls want?thats why SOME girls feel insecure because they think they should look as skinny as the models they see.. and honestly Ann is waaaaaaaaaaaay too skinny… she takes great pictures ok we all know that ( remembering that she made the same stupid look on her face) geez.. yes we are all proud of her for getting far in the modeling agency, but i think there are some TALL , SKINNY models out there that look better than HER eww.

  216. prettycoolcat Says:

    i agree that she won because she could work great for Italian Vogue, and i hate how some people just think she deserves to win because she was bullied and was some sort of iCon… WELL in MY opinion as to SOME others think she is extremely Skinny.and we all know its not her fault , but really is that the type of body girls want?thats why SOME girls feel insecure because they think they should look as skinny as the models they see.. and honestly Ann is waaaaaaaaaaaay too skinny… she takes great pictures ok we all know that ( remembering that she made the same stupid look on her face) geez.. yes we are all proud of her for getting far in the modeling agency, but i think there are some TALL , SKINNY models out there that look better than HER and i dont care if ppl say ugh thats why whatever blah blah blah a, its just my fu###### opinion.!

  217. PRIS OVIEDO Says:


  218. Kim Tenner Says:

    Congratulations Ann ! I’m so happy for you and was cheering for you ! You are my favorite in cycle 15. They aired the repeat today. I agree you are International and Italian Vogue. You will go very far in your modeling career ! Wishing the best for you 🙂 Ciao Bella Signora !

  219. Taneisha Says:

    I love you Ann! You represent awkwardness to the highest level. There’s nothing wrong being too tall, too thin, too fat or too curvy, showing your flaws will lead you further. Well, the fashion industry is more on scrutiny, true but I know you’ll get too far!

  220. Claire Says:

    Sorry, she wasn’t my first choice. She seems like a really nice person, someone you’d want as a friend. But she would never inspire me to buy clothes or make up. She’s awkward and too thin. If I were trying to emulate what I saw in an ad, I would want to be eloquent and confident and not have people wondering if I have an eating disorder.

    But I think that’s what the judges were going for in that season… Someone who could take more artistic photos than be commercial. In that case, having unusual/unique physical features is more important than having the typically desireable body type or a stage presence. It’s a different focus than other seasons, and I think that tripped a lot of viewers up.

    Please, don’t jump down my throat for having an opinion.

  221. van den hoef Says:

    hauntingly beautiful

  222. Cindy Says:

    Watching the re runs of americas next top model, Ann is pretty, but I can’t figure out how someone that thin and awkward could win. I don’t get it. It just says to everyone you should be super tall and way too thin!

  223. Marian Says:

    God damn it! Can you all just call quits!? This argument is just never ending…

  224. genene Says:

    Ann Ward.. You were my favorite in America’s Next Top Model, I can relate with you but im the opposite height of you i am short and i get made fun of because what color i am and my race is Native American. The color of my skin is white and i was always called a freak by nature. What i would call myself is skin of beauty or white godess. But now that you have accomplished on America’s next Top Model i am so proud to see you have taken all challenges and persued them. You are a role model to me and i like that you are different than anybody else. I Love You and i hope you have a succesful future on being a/ best Top MODEL

  225. Orphan Says:

    I don’t know why we all can’t just celebrate every body type out there because God made us the way we are. So in his grand design, he loves us the way we are. I appreciate the fact that Ann is tiny and it’s not from bulimia or anorexia. And honestly, I don’t see why Ann is getting so much crap considering there have been models that weigh just a few more pounds on this show than her. Elyse from cycle one, Shandi from cycle 2, Jaslene from cycle 8, Fatima and Anya from cycle 10, and Krista from cycle 12 was pretty skinny herself. I like Ann, and she was a deserving winner. True, I don’t think she deserved all of her top call outs, but a few of them she did. I’m glad she won. Although I did get tired of them constantly showing the same confessional of her over and over again. She’s beautiful, and she really was a sweet girl.

  226. kary Says:

    ella es muy bonita y muy alta lo cual me paree fabuloso pero creo que debería subir un poco de peso luce enferma sin maquillaje m gusta la forma de su cuerpo de pera muy femenino cintura pequeña y caderas anchas eso es bonito pero creo que debe subir de peso esta muy flaca

  227. I will always say that Ann was the best ANTM of cycle 15. I feel that Chelsey may have taken some good photos, but she never had best photo. I feel she was sort of arrogant in her attitude towards Ann and some of the other girls in the house. I think when it came to the finals feel she had it sowed up not thinking Ann would win. Ann was always more high fashion compared to Chelsey who was more commercial. Yes, Chelsey could do some high fashion shoots, but overall Ann was much more high fashion than Chelsey. I totally understand why the panel chose Ann as the winner of cycle 15. I totally agree with their choice. Ann was always my favorite. She never back talked the other girls in the house, and always worked hard to learn and do her best. She deserved the title of Cycle 15 ANTM. From what I have seen she has worked hard to enjoy a very successful modeling career.

  228. Way to go Ann. I wish you the best life has to offer always. You deserve it.

  229. Alberto Maldonado Says:

    Love anne ward she’s high fashion.

  230. My spouse and i enjoy, produce I stumbled upon just what I had been in search of. You have was over my 4 day extended look! Lord Thank you dude. Have a great working day. Ok bye

  231. Kitten Says:

    I DEMAND that we get together the following freakshows and have a photoshoot extravaganza:

    Shandi (S2), Amanda & Michelle (S7), Heather (S9), Allison (S12), Nicole (S13), & Ann and Rhianna from this season.

    Don’t mention anyone after this because this is the last season I saw, lol. But these are definitely my girls, I like a few others but I love nothing more than an awkward beauty.

  232. Katherine Says:

    Great model. Glad she won. She was very talented, and her shy personality was endearing. Sweet girl. Super high fashion.

  233. Tori Says:

    Wow. I understand that many of you disagree with those who say that Ann isn’t very pretty. However, you’re being very rude to those people for expressing their opinion. One commenter even said that the only reason anyone wouldn’t like Ann is because they’re fat and she isn’t. That is incredibly petty. You can’t judge someone for making their own judgements and justify it. That’s terribly hypocritical. Everyone has their own opinions. Why don’t we all go find more important matters to care about? Maybe like all the children killed by MNT? Or the rate of rape in India, perhaps? I’m sure everyone could spend their time more wisely than by arguing over each other’s opinions.

  234. Natasha Says:

    Ann is beautiful

  235. Hagan Says:

    Heya my business is the first time here. I stumbled upon that table i in discovering It truly valuable & it reduced the problem out significantly. I hope to provide some thing once again in addition to guide people just like you taught me to be.

  236. Hi there colleagues, good paragraph and good urging commented at this place, I am in fact enjoying by these.

  237. rta Says:

    America is a country of midgets :DDDD when I saw how 6’2 is in meters, I was shocked, Ann should have lived in Lithuania (I mean obviously not now, cause she wouldnt have won), but its, well… its higher than average in here, but giant? you gotta be kidding me. My good friend is 6’8, of course he’s a guy but nobody N.O.B.O.D.Y teases him about his height cause there are even here people. I’m not sure if i’m more shocked or amused by the fact that 6’2 is considered sooo high. Is it only in the U.S.?

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