Ann Markley was a contestant on Cycle 3 of ANTM.

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Ann juggled being a student at Mercyhurst College (where she was a NCAA water polo player) and a pharmacy technician prior to her participation on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. Aside from being an aspiring supermodel, Ann is also an All-American water polo player.

Ann came close to making it to the Top 3 of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3, but was the tenth contestant eliminated from the show. During her stay in the competition, her athletic build prompted supermodel judge Janice Dickinson to bless her with the nickname, “Ann, The Man.” The judges finally gave in to Ann’s inability to produce strong and impressive photographs after the tenth photo shoot, despite Ann’s consistently strong performances on the runway.

After her appearance on the show, Ann became highly successful as a model in the fashion industry. She was able to get a contract from three divisions of Elite Model Management, one of which is in Milan.

She also obtained a contract from MC2, and has done extensive modeling work for Ford Fusion, ElleGirl Magazine, Gioia Magazine, Joie, Rojas, Heatherette, Nuala,, Glamour Italia Magazine, the October and November 2005 editions of GQ magazine, Target, L’Oreal, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Dutch Cosmopolitan Magazine and Zink Magazine. Moreover, Ann has graced the covers of Philadelphia Style Magazine and Washinton, D.C. Style Magazine, and has walked the runway at Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005, Alice and Olivia Fall 2006, Kara Saun Fall/Winter 2005, Richard Tyler/Delta Fall/Winter 2005, Harmon Fall/Winter 2005, Marc Bouwer Fall/Winter 2005, Cynthia Rowley Fall/Winter 2005, and Nicole Miller Fall/Winter 2005. During The 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Ann and America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4 winner, Naima Mora, worked as the ceremony’s trophy girls.

Since the show, Ann graced the cover of Bruce J. Nadler, M.D.’s novel, “The Nip Tuck Workout: Exercise through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon.” She’s done several print ads and has landed some small acting roles under the name Annalaina Marks.

As of 2009, she can be seen in a commercial for Travelocity as well as a small part in a season 2 episode of Gossip Girl as a love interest for Chuck. Ann also recently appeared in a commercial for Wheat Thins.

Ann has previously worked with Elite (New York), Elite Milano, Front Management (Miami), Images Management (New York), Model Management (Hamburg), and MC2 Model Management (Karin Models).

Currently, Ann is signed with Wilhelmina New York (S Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Los Angeles (Women’s Division), Wilhelmina Miami (Fashion Women’s Division), Michael Howard Studios, and Nevs Model Agency (London) (Women Main Board).

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To see more photos of Ann, click here.

42 Responses to “Ann Markley”

  1. GHER Says:

    THE BEST!!

  2. kiki Says:

    Why didn’t she give strong pictures like this during the competition?

    • Jordan196 Says:

      Haha that’s really funny. the only reason she went so far in the competition was because of her potential. She definitely should not have made it to where she did cuz her attitude and photos sucked. And she was also really annoying. But I am happy for her in all her success.

  3. KT Says:

    Ann had better pictures, no doubt, but each season of ANTM needs to have a girl that fits the stereotype of “pretty, but can’t model.” Ann was unfortunately saddled with that stereotype for Cycle 3. At least now she’s showing everyone who doubted her she CAN, in fact, model.

  4. John Says:

    I don’t think that’s the case. I think Ann didn’t know anything about modeling and relied only on her looks to take a picture. When she was out from the competition, she might have studied magazines and the whole industry before trying to sign up with an agency. She improved throughout the competition, in my opinion, but she had some bad photos. I’m very glad she did well after ANTM. She surely proved she can rock at anything she sets her mind to.

  5. Corrine Says:

    OMG. She looks so much like Jessica Szohr, who started out as a model.

  6. Светлана Says:

    самая красивая!!! лучшая!

  7. Nastya Says:

    Да, я согласна. Oчень красивая.

    She is very beautiful.

  8. Liza Says:

    I think that she looks like Jessica Biel in some of her photos.. Ann is so gorgeous! Love her now, but during the competition, i remember always thinking ”why don’t they eliminate this chic?”

  9. Kate Says:

    Wow, her post-show work is wonderful! I always wondered if the judges gave her a bad rap by choosing weak shots from her film; this seems to confirm it. They definitely didn’t give her very good direction, at least not that we could see from the show. I’m glad to see that she’s done really nice work since then.

  10. boo Says:

    She was so f***n annoying. I mean, c’mon! “If I don’t get to bunk with Eva I’m going to like die. I mean, I see you at my wedding and everything.” Blah, blah, blah. How pathetic of her. And then later she was all like, “Eva is a backstabber.” Boo hoo! Good for her that she is modeling. So what she’s still not talking to Eva. Gosh! Just so annoying.

  11. grace darko Says:


    • Jordan196 Says:

      Her name is Ann but yeah she was definitely someone who somehow skated thru the competition with bad pictures and boring appearance . No idea why they let her go so far

  12. Sapphire Says:

    She pissed me off during ANTM because one minute she was all up Eva’s a** and then the next minute “Eva’s a backstabber.” In all actuality, whatever happened between Norelle and Eva was none of her business had nothing to do with backstabbing. If Ann felt so hurt by what Eva said to Norelle, she coulda pulled her to the side and told her how she felt and that what she did wasn’t right instead of having herself, Yaya, and Amanda have a field day going in on Eva.

    But in any case, I think the competition and living with a lot of annoying girls got to her and it didn’t help her pictures; that and she and Jay had a lil love/hate relationship that must’ve been hard to deal with. Her post-antm pics are great and it’s nice that she was able to pull it together to become a good model.

  13. truthteller Says:

    Just an FYI, Tyra is the one that chooses the photos. it’s not really that hard to figure out that the competition is rigged towards Tyra’s bias. I’m pretty sure most people wanted Yaya or Amanda to win anyways, Eva is the least bit modelesque or high fashion.

  14. panda Says:

    She pretty 🙂

  15. KriStina Says:

    Очень красивая!!!!!! И фото её после шоу просто супер!!!! Очень жаль что она не смогла проявить себя так на шоу!!! =(
    Я бы очень хотела чтобы она и Eva были в финале вместе…. было бы интересно посмотреть

  16. lupe Says:

    Jay manual was such a ….to Ann…I hate the way he treats the girls at times…and when he tells them they have a great shoot…the judges say the opposite…….and vise versa

  17. Cat Says:

    Is it me or does Anya from Cycle 10 look similar to Ann from Cycle 3? (When Anya has brown hair….) They should do a shoot together.

  18. Ur Destiny Says:

    i really think thad she’s hot as hell!!i luv her)

  19. LisaLaggrrr Says:

    Ann just never did it for me in person. Just not a pretty enough girl. But I guess being photogenic is more important.

  20. Himela Says:

    Wow I had not given her much attention back then due to her passion with Eve (they were the bitches in the house) but she has really made me change my mind. Good job girl, keep going!

  21. Bryan Says:

    @Sapphire Just chill, it was a reality show!

    Ann was my favourite in cycle 3, she wasn’t the best but one of the reasons I watched ANTM was for her. I’m glad she got better and decided to branch into acting too 🙂

  22. Sylvia Says:

    She is gorgeous. But I think the judges where right. Although some pics are smashing her eyes are like death.

  23. KhrisKline Says:

    i really don’t love ann but i love how she was so obsessed with eva…remember the episode where she said she wanted eva to be in her wedding? she might mean so she can have her as bridesmaid, but to me it seems like she wanted eva to be the bride…that was really funny…

  24. ANN is my winner. Love her to death!!!

  25. mzoverit Says:

    Ann is still working. I recently saw her in a Oil of Olay commercial while watching Celebrity Apprentice. So take that Eva the schemer!!! Hahaha!!!!!!!!

  26. eleazar Says:

    She has one of the most beautiful faces in ANTM, in fact, she has the face that can really make through the real fashion industry.

  27. debra brown Says:

    I thought Ann had some issues from the beginning of the cycle, the way she latched on to Eva and then turned against her. Her pictures were not horrible they were good but others including Eva took better pictures. It had nothing to do with Tyra choosing the winners. I’ve been a fan of the show since the beginning and I think most of the winners deserved to win, their are some exceptions though, that I won’t go into now. I do believe when Ann realized she wasn’t doing as good as Eva she wanted to lash out at her and used Norelle as an excuse to attack Eva. We know why Amanda and Yaya joined in they all started seeing Eva as the main threat, Ann really showed her true colors when she did that. And even then Eva forgave her and choose her for her challenge win and she got beautiful pearls out of it. Then she turns around when she got eliminated and wouldn’t even say good by to Eva, but hugged the other two. I thought that was very low of her to do. Ann was a poor loser and not a loyal bone in her body.

  28. Kalli Says:

    I thought she was pretty but she had absolutely none Top model material in her. Pretty but average also a horrible attitude and seemed that she was always grumpy. She dissed Eva also for no reason. Bye, bye Ann back to catalog modeling Eva is still the Diva
    eats ur hart out. 🙂

  29. Jillia Says:

    She’s also signed on with Olay most recently.

  30. Hello my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, great written
    and come with approximately all significant infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

  31. Kat Says:

    She was in a crackers commercial too… a year or two ago…Ritz maybe?

  32. channey Says:

    Her photos on ANTM were flat & her attitude was crappy.

  33. Gislaine Says:

    Ann has such a sad look in the competition, I think all the pressure didn’t make good to her…

  34. annie Says:

    her makeover though…..the rogue!!!!

  35. EJ Says:

    It’s nice that Ann had a successful career but she should have been cut almost every week as she literally had ONE photo the judges liked, and that was the car photo.

    She was kept because the judges kept wanting her to be a model and on the show she just couldn’t. She had all the pieces but no talent and yet the judges pulled her out of the bottom 2 about 4 times because they kept HOPING she would get it right, not because she did.

    I don’t hate Ann for it, though, I hate the judges and producers. That was REALLY unfair to the other contestants.

  36. JJ Says:

    Ann is insane lol. Especially when she painted Eva to be some bad person towards the end, when Eva was the same person throughout the series. Glad she is doing well however.

  37. Bev Says:

    Just watched this season again, Ann was beautiful but had some co dependency issues. I always wondered what made her like that. You don’t wake up one day and turn into that. She was obsessed with Eva, like she was in love with her or something. In any case, Ann had what it took, seeing as how she’s been a successful model now for over a decade.

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