Angelea Preston was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

This 23-year-old Buffalo, New York native worked as an answering service operator prior to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model. Viewers might remember Angelea for making the semi-finalists for Cycle 12; unfortunately, she didn’t make it into the house.

When she auditioned for Cycle 12, she said on camera, “These girls are here trying to be like America’s Best Friend. I’m not here for you. I’m here because I want to model. I want to be Americas Next Top Model.”  (Some may remember the argument she had with Sandra during the goddess shoot in episode 1.) She also had some issues with Sandra before they even stepped in front of the camera.

Angelea talked tearfully about having a daughter who passed away prior to auditioning for Cycle 12. She also talked with the panel about sleeping in the Port Authority bathroom stall in order to make her call back for the show.

During initial panel interviews in episode 1 of Cycle 14, Angelea said that she was out of control during her audition for Cycle 12 because she was seeing a guy that had her feeling angry and combative. She revealed that following her failed attempt at being on Cycle 12, she saw a counselor to help her deal with her anger issues. She said she’s now a changed women, although she’s still “ghetto” in a good way.

So far in the competition, Angelea has really impressed the judges by looking soft in all her photos, even though she comes off tough during panel. She was first runner-up for best photo during the second panel judging and called seventh for the third elimination.

During episode three, Angelea was called second following the ‘dance’ photo shoot with Cade Martin. Her ‘moshing’ photo really impressed the judges, keeping her overall performance incredibly strong and proving herself to be tough competitor for Top Model.

Angelea’s vampire photo with Sarah Silver during episode 4 was also very strong, although the judges felt she needed to show more neck. Despite Andrew Leon Talley’s ‘dreckitude’ comments, she was called sixth during panel.

Angelea received a raving review from the panel following her D-Nice photo shoot during episode 5. Tyra said her film was incredible, including the final picture chosen to be judged at panel. Andre Leon Talley called her photo “totally high fashion.” Despite a not-so-good performance during Nigel’s ‘intimate moment’ photo shoot, Angelea had the 2nd best photo of the group during elimination.

When fans of the show heard that Angelea was going to be in this cycle, they were ready for instant drama due to the way she conducted herself in previous auditions (e.g. starting fights with other girls, random insults). Fans were also surprised that she wasn’t more of a drama queen during the first five episodes into cycle 14. Many were refreshingly happy that Angelea appeared to actually be nicer; meaning that her counseling (following her semi-final elimination in cycle 12) had actually worked.

That is until episode 6. As Angelea’s confidence began growing, so did her attitude and hell-bent mission to break down the other competitors to ultimately win.

Angelea began episode 6 determined to “take these bitches out.” Upset about getting two runner-up photos, she was determined to start drama with the other contestants in the Top Model house just for the sake of starting drama. In front of the judges, she became a different person, while the girls realized she was truly the bitch in the house and in real life.

When asked how she felt about another bed going empty in her room [following the elimination of Tatianna], she snapped back with, “Like Tyra said, this is not America’s Next Top Model(s); there can’t be two. You know what I’m saying? We all need to be signed up for it.” This statement seems consistent with the statement she made while auditioning for cycle 12 (“This isn’t America’s Next Best Friend.”).

Specifically, Angelea picked fights with Brenda, Raina and Jessica (whom Alasia called “the three musketeers”). She especially had a few choice words for Raina, who was a strong competitor for Top Model.

Despite Angelea’s combative attitude with the other contestants, Angelea still managed to produce an exceptional photo during the “New York women” photo shoot with Mike Ruiz. Nigel said that her photo was the best photo she’d taken thus far and she was alluring, dynamite. Andre Leon Talley (ALT) agreed with Nigel; he said that her photo was magnificent, facinating, and that he loved the confidence she exuded. Surprisingly, ALT added that she must have been a wonderful person in her personal life, as well. Following this statement, Nigel revealed that every girl behind her smirked and shook their heads when ALT said that.

Angelea ended up finally being called first during elimination, due to her impressive performance.

Episode 7 began with Angelea expressing happiness that she was called first in the previous elimination. She was also ecstatic that Brenda had been eliminated, due to their ongoing conflict in the house.

Angelea continued to do well during the runway challenge at Lucky Cheng’s, exuding personality while walking for an audience and Miss J. Despite losing the challenge to Krista, she went into the “Hair Couture” shoot with confidence and slight arrogance because of how well she was doing in the competition. She also got to share the prize (clothing pieces from Whitney Port’s clothing line) with Krista because she was called first in the previous panel.

During panel, Angelea once again received a good review from the judges. Guest judge, Whitney Port, said that Angelea ‘owned’ her outfit and her body looked strong. ALT said that she had grace in her hands. Tyra said that she had control of her face and emotion – and it looked as if she was crossing the “fashion finish line.”

Angelea’s exceptional performance resulted in a 2nd call in panel. Krista was called first, which allowed her to fly first class to the international destination of New Zealand – and she was allowed to pick one girl to accompany her in first class; she picked Angelea.

She began episode 8 off incredibly strong. After winning the go-sees challenge (booking 6 out of 6 jobs), Angelea won clothing from all the designers. This boosted her confidence going into the “same dress” photo shoot with Nigel Barker.

Unfortunately, her confidence quickly disappeared during the photo shoot with Nigel. As soon as she got on set, she seemed unsure of the garment and her wasn’t as aware of her face while posing. Nigel seemed unimpressed with her performance during the shoot; he said she “felt lost.” In the Top Model confessional she said she was worried about panel, as she didn’t feel good about how she performed.

Once in panel, Nigel said she had the ability to take pictures very well, especially with her bone structure, but she didn’t try very hard for him. ALT said that the photo was his least favorite picture of hers. Guest judge Sara Tetro said that any girl who can book six out of six jobs off go-sees will be able to make an agent stop and listen, although she didn’t like the photo at all; she added that Angelea she killed her personality, as well. Tyra said that Nigel really ‘brought it’ with the composition, but Angelea didn’t deliver.

The judges were also slightly off-put due to Angelea’s “slow-motion-in-the-club” routine she spontaneously performed during judging. Tyra said she looked like the drunk girl in the club.

Angelea ended up being called 4th during elimination despite her unconventional facade at judging.

Angelea began episode 9 by revealing that her friendship with Krista was diminishing as Krista was consistently doing better in the competition.

During the first challenge of the episode, the girls had to pose in the doorway of a Hobbit home, where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Mr. Jay judged this challenge with Sarah McLeod, the actress who played hobbit Rosie Cotton in the film. It was here that Angelea expressed that she had no idea what a hobbit was – and had never seen the movie Lord of the Rings. Angelea performed well during this challenge, but not as well as Krista, actually won the challenge.

During the “shadow shoot” with Tyra behind the lens, Mr. Jay and Tyra said that Angelea was “sweet, soft and blah.” Tyra said that she only performed well after being told to “just be dead.”

During panel, Tyra complimented Angelea for “looking like a model” in panel. ALT called her picture “angelic, like a Matisse painting.” He said there was a softness in her body and eyes. Nigel said that she needed to look “far away” during her photo shoots.

Angelea’s average performance earned her a 3rd call out, leaving her to remain in the top four of the competition.

The finale episode of Cycle 14 began with a challenge in mid air. The girls were asked to walk the runway of an airplane during their flight to Queenstown, New Zealand. Angelea didn’t do particularly well during this challenge, as she had only one shoe/heel (she forgot the other shoe) AND she walked the runway with a little too much cheese. Mr. Jay said that she needed to take the challenges a little more seriously.

During the “ugly pretty” photo shoot with Monty Adams, Mr. Jay had to push Angelea with a negative critique to get her to respond to the creative appropriately. At one point, she even told Mr. Jay that she was tired of his harping on her, which helps her attain good shots.

During the final judging panel, Mr. Jay said that she was confused with the creative and that he was not crazy about her final photo. Tyra said that her face looked haunting. Nigel said that she looked visibly upset during panel and that she should have been glowing, even if the critique isn’t ideal.

Unfortunately, Angelea landed in the bottom three with Raina and Alexandra. While in the bottom three, Tyra told Angelea that her face was edgy and interesting, but the judges were wondering if she could take critique and still forge ahead in the industry.

In the end, Raina and Krista were chosen as the final two, leaving Angelea and Alexandra eliminated from the competition. As she was eliminated, Tyra told her that she needs to take critique and keep her head held high.

Angelea exited panel just after doing her “hammer dance.” The panel applauded.

Upon leaving, Angelea said the following:

“I’m proud of myself. Angelea is still a winner. I’m still that bitch. I don’t care what nobody says. I’ve got goals and I got dreams; I’m not  just talking this BS just to be talking it like, I’m gonna get on my grind and hustle, hustle, hustle. Trust and believe, you will be seeing Angelea because I know America loves me. And even though I’m not in the final two, I’m still America’s next top model. I don’t care.”

To read Angelea’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show, Angelea has planned to moved to New York to pursue modeling and possibly acting.

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154 Responses to “Angelea Preston”

  1. analia Says:

    Angelea is a f*cking b*tch who is a wanna-be-girl-top-model. Nicole is much better than her. I hope Anslee wins the title, but not you, b*tch. You think that everybody will respect you if you don’t have respect for yourself; who do you think you are? God, I am sorry for your daughter. But guess what, sweetie? You will never make it in this industry if you don’t start using your head. You just cuss around and you have a f*cking attitude that no one in the house can stand, ho.

    • kiki Says:

      You really shouldn’t mention her daughter. Mostly because her daughter died because of a seizure.

    • SANDY Says:

      I AGREE …

    • T Says:

      This girl was probably one of the WORST contestants to ever be on Top Model. She was a real nasty piece of work. If she concentrated on pushing through and doing great work, she may have won … recently I have noticed all the winners are people who concentrate on bettering themselves rather than sabotaging others.

      • Sarah Says:

        eh i actually liked her… i thought her bone structure was stunning and her detirmined attitude was what was needed. she wanted it so badly that she wasnt going to let anything get in her way, which is fair enough. by the sounds of things she has lived through hell so obviously she will be a bit hard. Just because her attitude was not what you would have like doesnt mean you can call her ‘one of the worst contestants ever’ because her photos were beautiful…. just saying 🙂

      • truth Says:

        besides the attitude problem, I just don’t think she has the look. She looks awkward

    • Makki Says:

      Insecurity is swallowing you my dear..She may be a bitch but she has the platform…She has the looks and she takes good pictures…Check yourself first…Im sure you’re just insecure because she’s got something you don’t have..

    • Sara Says:

      How you going to say she cusses around and you just cursed all in this post? Hypocritical..

    • sadams Says:

      she just cusses around… LOL…. I agree, but sweetheart, what do you think you are doing? “Cussing around” lol… smh

    • felita Says:

      angelea never brings other down if you actually pay attention. she just works so fucking hard to reach to the top and of course, who the fuck doesn’t feel disappointed if what you did was not good enough. the thing about angelea is that she’s a fighter. she’ll fight for what she wants and she doesn’t care what nobody says. she wouldn’t waste her time taking care of other people’s photos or businesses. and speaking of her attitude, why don’t ya’ll, who’s sabotaging her, look at yourself. she has a great attitude, she’s hilarious and she has the courage to reach the top. she also fucking won the go-see challenge. the industry has gotta love her as much as i do.

    • Leila Says:

      You are jealous like therest of these people give her a break. She was awesome and all you haters are jealous because she got on ANTM and you haters have probably no chance of doing what she can do.

      You haters make me sick:(

  2. Marie Says:

    Tyra has a duty to watch the confessionals and house footage and perhaps eliminate a girl based solely on her attitude. The idea that you can be so phenomonally nasty, enjoy deliberately starting fights and then remain in the competition because you’re “pretty” is a disservice to all women.

    • SANDY Says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better; she’s a bottom feeder.

      • chicken Says:

        The fact that you are being so catty, while being anonymous, really shows that you aren’t any better. Besides, we all aren’t perfect and its her flaws that actually make her seem more real.

    • Mari L. Says:

      I am so late with this no one will probably ever read it, but I have to say it…all you young-minded females drank their Haterade extra strong…not only was Angelea absolutely gorgeous, but she was the only girl except for Alasia who was real…all those other hiefers were pretending to be Miss Suzy Sunshine all the time, picked fights with Angelea and Alasia (yes, those psuedo-attractive girls started those fights), and then pretended to be all hurt and scared when Angelea and Alasia bit back…I hate to say it but it was racial…you had these dopey-looking Euro-trash chicks making their snotty little comments all the time and then call someone “uneducated” because she put them all on blast. Why is it when a woman of color stands up for herself she’s being “not classy” but these little farm girls can talk all the trash they want and no one labels them? Hmmm…think about it…get in touch with your inner-bigot and encourage it to leave. Blast!

      • Farm-girl Says:

        That’s funny, you seemed to have found a lot of labels, “heifers”, “dopey-looking euro-trash chicks”, “little farm girls”…what, is every girl who is white is a “farm girl”….talk about a hater.

    • Heather Says:

      I agree! I think that personality should also play a big part in deciding the winner. I can’t stand it when the really b*tchy girls get far in the competition. Plus her photos really weren’t that good.

    • Belize Says:

      @Marie: But without the drama creating bitches, why else would people watch this show? For modeling? 😉

  3. Ana Says:

    Angelea, Don’t listen to them. You’re better than that. Nobody is perfect. The important thing is that you want this and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t win. You have a great attitude and most of all, a desire. So keep it up, girl!

    • Leela Says:

      “great attitude …”

      Did you watch the same show as me? Because there is no way that you did if that is what you honestly think. This girl is a b*tch. Nothing about her attitude is great. She THRIVES off of starting fights.

    • Mari L. Says:

      Again…I’m late 🙂 I didn’t watch the show until the Oxygen re-runs…but you are so right. Give credit where credit is due. None of those girls in cycle 14 understood Angelea and these girls on this board didn’t either… Angelea’s so-called “attitude” is from having the world put upon her for years and years…until these chicks have her struggles, they need to stay quiet…

    • Iyanna Says:

      I agree. i love Angelea she may be itchy sometimes, but yall actin lik jus because a camera is in her face she has to be someone different. shes real and im glad shes not faake

  4. Blanca Says:

    Angelea you are gorgeous, high fashion and have the best personality! I thought you were great; most importantly, you were real and relatable. Most of the other girls were whack. You da bomb! Peace!

  5. Rick Says:

    I really don’t think Angelea is that bad. I actually used to dislike her in cycle 12, but after cycle 14, I have grown quite fond of her. I really think the editing of the show did her quite the injustice.

    Krista is the real bitch – ugh, and she won.

    • Jessi Says:

      I totally agree! She did get better as a model and became more likable. And yes, I hate Krista too. She should not be the winner. 😡

      • Adanna Says:

        I like Krista. I think we lose the “snap” of what the models can really do. I mean, Krista and Angelea are very alike; one is just soft-side hampton and the other is way-in-the-back hampshire! Just pick which one of them is really real (which is kinda both) and which of them is more on point with it.

        They’re both educated, whether they both speak it or not.

    • mona Says:

      You hit the nail right on, I agree 100%

  6. kiki Says:

    You guys who don’t like Angelea are the b*tches. So what if she has a ‘b*tch please’ attitude? That was the way she was raised and that was her coping device. I have always like her. The thing you have to love about her is that she’s real she not changing her self for anyone.

    • lalalioon Says:

      It’s not that she had a “b*tch please” personality; Krista had that too, but she was way more likable than Angelea.

      It’s the fact that Angelea had to bring others down to give herself confidence; just contrast her with Jessica and Raina; two girls who had inner confidence and beauty that radiated because of their own self-confidence and genuinely beautiful personalities.

      Angelea starts drama for the sole purpose of starting drama; she’d pick on girls for absolutely no reason, like when she gave Brenda that nasty glare out of nowhere. And her reason for doing it was, “I aint feelin’ her.”

      What kind of person does that?

      • Mari L. Says:

        Are you kidding me chick? Jessica, Brenda, and Raina were some hypocritical young women…they started almost all of those fights…walking around talking crazy and then looking like deer in headlights when Angelea or Alasia put them in their place…Where in the world are you from – Orange County?

      • Makki Says:

        DISAGREE..Jessica is so fucking FAKE.
        Angelea may be a bitch but she’s REAL.
        Being fake isn’t Angelea’s tactics…

  7. MieMie Says:

    Angelea was my b*tch; I love her. Yes, her attitude is jacked. This is because if she don’t come hard people will push over her. She a pretty female; everyone tries to push over pretty people.

    Thanks to her, I looked good because I’m light skinned and pretty and have an attitude just like her. I think that’s why I love her so much. But y’all some hating-ass people.

    • Tabitha Says:

      There’s a difference between being a strong woman and being an utter b*tch. Angelea had an attitude and her mean attitude kinda made me dislike her.

      You actually think having an attitude and being ghetto is a good thing? More like a disgrace than anything!

      • Allie Says:

        Just watching repeat of this season, and on the computer at the same time. It was interesting to watch Angelea dancing around when she was on top and boy was she nasty, bad attitutde. Yes, it is a competition, but you are also auditioning for a job, you want to be at your best, right???? She looked pitiful when she started her decline, the same week she did her “Getto club wave”. When she wasn’t called first, second, third, etc, she stood there like a pitiful child. She didn’t like being on the receiving end of what she had done to others… Oh well, hope she grows up.

    • rather_not_say Says:

      You look good because you’re light skinned and pretty?? FAIL! Complexion does not equate beauty. And that’s no hate, I’m light as they come! But believe me, just because you’re light does not make you pretty. What features do you have that make you pretty? ‘Cause light skinned isn’t it! It’s some bad, beautiful dark-skinned, caramel-brown, whatever color women. Complexion isn’t the cause – it’s features!

  8. Adanna Says:

    I really like Angelea; I even liked her from the previous cycle. I just wanted her to lose the anger and in Cycle 14, she lost the anger; she lost the bitch. The bad one. And she is really beautiful. She is real and edgy.

    People on the show come off as being very fake, insinuating that they never just “start drama” for the heck of it! Please. It’s not just an area thing; women do it all the time.

    Angelea was/is one of my favorites!!

    • della Says:

      She’s a skanky ho.

      • Marcus Says:

        Della, you don’t know her personally to be calling her a “skanky ho.” No one is perfect and these types of shows are edited to highlight the stupid “drama.” I met Angelea in person and she’s the complete opposite of what we saw on the show. So instead of immature name calling, be the type of role model that you seek.

      • della Says:

        Actually I do know her personally; get it right, boo. I knew her before ANTM, so that shows what you know.

      • Mari L. Says:

        I guess “Della” was one of Angelea’s haters before the show, right Della? You’re probably like all those other self-hating young women who can’t stand a pretty face that would turn your boyfriend’s head away from you, huh?

  9. Heather Says:

    I was hoping the best for Angelea since she auditioned for Cycle 12. Yeah, she has attitude, but don’t we all?

    It’s all in how you read it. The “Three Musketeers” acted far too fake for me. I’m surprised Angelea didn’t blow up in their faces more often. Yes, editing of the show really doesn’t show us everything going on in the house. They edit what they think we, the audience, want to to see for ratings. She’ll make it. Those who hate? Jealous much?

  10. della Says:

    Angelea is a lying skank b*tch. I know her; I beat her down. She is a scandalous B*TCH!! She is not even all that; being tall and skinny does not make you a model.

    • Heather Says:

      You obviously have some issue of your own you need to work out. Face it, she’s already had more face time on TV than you will ever have. Live with it. She obviously has something you do not.

      • della Says:

        B*tch please. You don’t know me; she is a dirty, lying woman. She is quite the liar and wants sympathy. *B*TCH PLEASE LOOK*

      • Mari L. Says:

        Oh my goodness you “beat her down!?” Well golly-gee-whillikers you must be better than her?…in case you lack the intelligence (which I suspect) – note the sarcasm…Della, honey, don’t be so jealous it’s not a good quality. 🙂

      • Belize Says:

        @Della: LOL. I hope you don’t feel proud of “beating her down” because if you think that it means you are a better person, then you’re just as immature as this girl is. Being able to beat down someone is only viewed highly in places where people don’t make it far in life; that is why taking a piece out of someone else’s seems so valuable. How low can you get, child? Please, bitch.

  11. david vidxium Says:

    I loved Angelea since Cycle 12 even though she was ghetto. She has the body and face to be a top model. For some reason she reminds me of Freja Beha. I like her because she doesn’t give a f*ck what everybody else thinks; she’s just her self! That’s why I love Angelea! She’s so damn good! I think she really can make it. The rest? Naaaah. Maybe just a few of them. Love her, love her, love her – big time!

  12. Jolene Says:

    I’d say Della has some issues. You obviously have no life if you’re coming on here all the time just to try and bring someone down. Get a life! Oh the one coming off as a b*tch right now is YOU!

    • Marcus Says:

      About Della: What’s even more sad is the fact that Angelea is off in NY living her life and pursuing her dreams, while this stupid girl is obsessed with her, trying to defame her on various websites and twitter. Della honey, GET A LIFE!!!

  13. neesy Says:

    I am so sick of everyone talking about being “real.” Yeah, keep it effing real!

  14. Susan Says:

    She doesn’t have the right body because the hips are too wide and the face is not suited for European fashion. It doesn’t say “Parisian rose” but does say “BET music video dancer.” Although, her waistline looks correct. Your waistline has to be 24 inches (a size zero) or below. She’ll only get as far as NYC with regards to her career.

    She needs to learn a model’s personality for go-sees. There is a model’s personality and then there’s the “ghetto personality.” Those two are not the same. People in the industry stress that personality is important but are talking about a specific type of personality which is nothing like what you find in America. It’s proper speech, willingness to accept criticism, friendliness, knowledge of the industry, honesty, courage, a willingness to do anything, complimentive quality and humility. These are the model’s personality.

    She has study European fashion history if wanting be taken seriously as a model in NYC. Commercial modeling is something anyone can do. If she really wants to make it as a model or even get sent to Paris, she will have to work three times as hard as the haute couture models.

    • tra Says:

      Check out many models’ attitude from the hood. Hmmm. Tyra is very ghetto. Michele Obama calls our president her baby daddy, but yet these are powerful women who happen to grow up in the hood. And look at them now. You can never take the hood out of a person. That’s who we are. Don’t get it twisted, IDIOT. We can all get a little ghetto, but it don’t mean that’s all we are.

      I don’t see you talking sh*t about Tyra; you only pick on those less fortunate, and to me, people like you are the problem. Grow up and get some money to buy a freaking clue, girl … Susan.

    • Mari L. Says:

      Yes I’m late…it’s 2011…but wow, do you have egg on your face…Angelea’s actually pretty successful…what do you do for a living – or is being a hater a full-time job?

  15. chigirl Says:

    Angelea and Kat Stacks could be doppelgangers. Or at least sisters.

  16. I have seen reruns of cycle 14 of ANTM and knew that this was your second time on the show. I have even seen your profile of ‘where are they now’ and see that you have not booked with an agent.

    I wanted so badly for you to make it as a model and show the world that an African-American girl can be the best. And In know just how badly you wanted to get out of Buffalo, NY. Watching the rerun, I was a little disappointed because it seems like you just gave up. I hope that all will be well with you and pray that you can make it as a model.

    You came soooo far; don’t look back. There were soooo many girls who wanted to fill your shoes and you have and had the opportunity. Please do not blow this. There is always tomorrow. Tyra did give you a second chance. Use it to become the model you hope for.

  17. kiki Says:

    Angelea was at the top of the pack when the competiton started and then the same thing that happened to Erin (cycle 13) happened to her. She just went down. At the start, I thought Erin was going to win and she let me down and so did Angelea.

  18. Thais Says:

    I LOVE Angelea 🙂 x

  19. Gzel Says:

    I like Angelea. She has an exotic face and beautiful. She also produces good photographs and make judges was impressed. Even though she acted B***hie and looked for trouble like Alasia. She is nice and she cares about her fans. I Follow her on Twitter and asked her for follow back and she followed me back and she retweeted my tweet! So don’t judge her and comment bad about her.

  20. SANDY Says:

    I felt so bad for her when she didn’t make it the first time; and when she did make it, she was a total idiot! She’s not a b*tch; she’s an idiot! She’s just another bottom feeder wanting fame …

    • Mari L. Says:

      Why is she a bottom-feeder? Whom is she feeding off of?…Oh, right, you probably heard your racist uncle say that term and thought it sounded nifty, huh?

  21. SANDY Says:

    She thinks by acting tough she can make a career out of it; she’s jut not smart enough to make it.

  22. jace Says:

    Poor Angelea. She needs some good things to happen to her. Not that ANTM wasn’t good. But she did lose a child and that is awful.

  23. Grace Says:

    When I first saw/heard her I was like WTF ARE THE JUDGES THINKING, EVEN LETTING HER IN THE TOP 14?!

    I thought she looked like a tranny! The way she talked, her accessories, her bitch-wanna-pick-a-fight? attitude, her flailing arms, just everything was so low-class!

    But after hearing her post-antm interview she’s starting to grow on me a little bit. She seemed so open and warm and kind of kooky. Plus I liked her softness in the train shot. Kind of like seeing her in a different light..

    But I’ve met people like her before too. They’re only likeable when they like you. If they don’t like your face/attitude, too bad. She has a very abrasive nature on the show. And perhaps the only times she seems warm is when it’s to her benefit, like to an interviewer or to the judges.

    Still don’t think she should have made top 4, but the bunch of girls in season 14 seemed kind of weak! I noticed comments elsewhere about this too. Wish Jessica had given a stronger photo to get into top 4, but I guess her mind was already on home.

  24. Alex Says:

    I think Angelea was a real effin’ b****. I was glad when she didn’t make it in Cycle 12. I really think she does not look like a model. She doesn’t have the body and she can NEVER do high fashion. I honestly think the only picture she looked good in was the cover girl one. The others are just—BAD.

  25. Ria Says:

    She looks really cheap and so showgirl. She looks like the type of girl who walks in a club wearing a stupid outfit, flirts with boys, and dances and shakes her booty but doesn’t get attention.

  26. boo Says:

    Ugly person. I can’t believe that they kept her that long. Her “club walk” WTH? If she walked like that in the club it’ll be because they are pointing her out the door not inviting her in. Very, very annoying person!

  27. pedro Says:

    I miss this b*tch so muuuuch!!!!!!

  28. tra Says:

    Seriously, all the haters of Angelea are all haters. We all go through things in life. Going through phases help us grow. She is beautiful inside and out. She is real and she is growing. It’s easy to pick out the negative in people, but why don’t YOU ALL take a look at yourselves?

    Are you leading a perfect life? Are you doing your best? Are you being the person you would want your kids to look up to? Bet all the haters are under 24 years old; grow up you guys.

    Does any of you know how it feels to be homeless or hungry? This WOMAN y’all all talk about has more drive than any of you ignorant childlike beings. She is living her dream. She has/is making the lemonade out of lemons while you guys are doing what for your life???? Talking crap about a person who grew up on the streets damn near, but now making her own money legit; hmmm, seems like y’all could learn a lesson from her. Bye haters.

  29. Alexandra Says:

    The WORST top model contestant ever!! How did her ugly, ghetto, low-class get in the house baffles me. That’s why she is NOT successful like the other past contestants! It’s NOTHING about her that screams model. Just tall and bony.

    • Gustavito Says:

      Regardless of how her life becomes or what she had been going through, she doesn’t have to give people a hard time. Especially when she doesn’t know someone very well. She was rude to all the girls from the beginning to the end, so if she has personality or life problems, don’t make all the rest of the world pay for them. Strangers don’t have the responsability to make her feel welcome or being nice to her with her all B*TCH attitudes.

    • Mari L. Says:

      “ghetto”…”low-class”…you’re probably raised in a predominantly bigoted family, right? Why is she “ghetto”…because she’s a black woman who stood up for herself? Tsk tsk Alexandra…showing your true colors…don’t forget to get your sheets out of the wash before the next rally…yee-ha!

      • Belize Says:

        Stood up for her self? Give her the wrong look accidentally, block her view and do something which is unintentionally offensive and this woman will go off. I DON’T CARE IF SHE’S HAD A HARD LIFE! I know people, regardless of race, who have hard hard lives that didn’t act as though they weren’t raised right by their parents while flaunting their paranoia and insecurities. That’s ghetto and low class, imbecile. It has nothing to do with race. Grow up and quit playing the race card you dimwit! That kind of stupidity is the reason as to why African Americans rarely get any respect.

  30. Awesta Says:

    Angelea and Krista rocks! They have lots of personality! And for Angelea, I hope the best, even though she is ghetto; that’s HER style. And I admire her.

  31. mary1 Says:

    I was glad to see Angelea stay in longer then Sandra from the other cycle – I think it was 12.

  32. madge Says:

    Wouldn’t like to meet her in real life, but she was entertaining and amazingly she can model, too. But I don’t get the Mike Ruiz shoot; the judges were so impressed, but to me it was just her looking sideways? Preferred the D-Nice shoot and her ‘rock and roll attitude’ pose really worked for me!

  33. yana Says:

    Oh I HATE this girl. Well maybe she has some personality and strong character, but how can she be so ugly inside? So jealous? So b*tchy? And actually her face is not so pretty as someone tells. She has a nice body, but I don’t like her face at all. If she wants to reach success, she should change and think about people around her.

  34. gary Says:

    Well, it looks like she’s getting work finally and she does give good face. I love all the offbeat 1960’s-70’s looking women that Tyra picks. I liked Angelea, Dominque and Sarah from this season, Victoria from cycle 9, even Tahlia from cycle 12; she had one of the best transformations I think.

  35. Creen Says:

    America’s Top Trash.

  36. Debra Says:

    Angelea you are beautiful, but so ghetto. Girl, you gotta eat some HUMBLE pie and know that you are not the BOMB in the modeling world. There are many girls out there that by far exceed your beauty inside and out.

    • Mari L. Says:

      Why are you making “ghetto” synonymous with being a villain? You must be a closeted-bigot…oh, wait…what?…oh, you’re proud to be a bigot. So very, very sad…Loser!

  37. I Am Unknown Says:

    You know what I think? I think that whoever called Angelea a b*tch is a fuckin’ b*tch too! Well sure, Angelea was kinda b*tchy. But aren’t we all that way occasionally? Even if she was kind of a b*tch, she was pretty funny! I mean, the “bitch please” look? Wasn’t that funny?

  38. gerald Says:

    When I watch her in cycle 12 she is so ghetto but I felt bad because her baby had died in her arms and that’s why she kinda looks hard to other people so Angelea here is your fan from the Philippines saying God bless to you and your career as a model I hope!!!

  39. Linda Says:

    I just don’t get how rudeness and a bitter attitude would ever be considered admirable. The ugliness on her inside will show on the outside.

  40. Khatarina Says:

    So damn irritating, ugly personality, mean. Even when she’s smiling, she seems angry. What a huge loser!

  41. She’s pretty but ugly personality! As in eeeeww.

  42. kimm Says:

    Your beautiful Angelea dont listen to these haters you diserved your spot and everyone who talks I want to see you in the real world which is modeling step into our world, I’m a model too and you know I’m myself I know I am not perfect but that’s why no one should judge me especially if you are no one!

  43. Abby Says:

    I loved Angelea. She was my favorite. So mad that she couldn’t get her act together long enough to win this shit like she deserved.

  44. mj Says:

    Love Angelea!!! She’s the best!!!!

  45. Debra Says:

    I found myself liking Angelea, she was a breath of fresh air. I liked her from when she and Sandra got into it and I cound’t stand Sandra. I thought they both should have been eliminated because they both showed there asses. I am not saying she was a good person but she wasn’t all bad either. She even called herself a bitch because she knows she is one, she also has her insecurities and that explains alot about her. I hope she has learned something from all this and will continue to model. Angelea I understood you, the good, and the bad. I wish you all the luck and want you to continue your modeling or maybe acting. I think you have what it takes, just keep your focus on the prize and not worry about anyone else.

  46. Timmy Says:

    That attitude makes reality shows fun to watch!!

  47. Marie Says:

    I liked her on the show. She may not have had her life in a picture perfect place, but she was working on it. She took amazing pics, too.

  48. Boom28 Says:

    Meaness will never equalt beauty… Beeing condescendant, rude with other people, putting down people around you will never be a good way to be successfull and is not the way a good person is supposed to be.

    Some people honors girls like her in this society, the meanest you are, the best you are seen.

    Personally, i prefer good hearted person such as Anna Lee, who make good around them…

  49. Anj Says:

    Everyone deserves a redemptive shot, and I’m glad that Angelea underwent anger management classes and learned quite a bit from ANTM!

  50. Mel Says:

    With her story of course you would be a angry person. Living on the street, see your daughter die, living in the ”not so nice” part of Buffalo as she said and that guy she had problems with…And you can see the change in cycle 14. Loved her personality, style EVERYTHING! I hope the best for her and the true bitch of that cycle was ugly ass Brenda gosh I hate her.

  51. XiaoWu Says:

    This was the WORST. SEASON. EVER! And this girl was one of the main reasons for that…

  52. J. Says:

    Disgrace to all women…. we wonder why men say that women are bitchy and start stupid argument…. well why wouldnt they think so when there are women like this.
    Plus she really comes across as a teenage angry boy when it comes to her attitude….

    I just think its sad that your confidence relies solely on putting other people down. Cant believe it made her feel better about herself.

    I truly believe that Tyra cares about the personality and wouldnt let her win anyway.

  53. Debra Says:

    I found Angelea to be quite beautiful, she should have been chosen the first time she was there. She had attitude, yes, but no one knows what has shaped this womans attitude the struggles to get out of a situation that she grew up in. She has had some hard knocks in her young life, you can tell that from her attitude.That is not ghetto, that is a protection mechinism. I hate it when people bring up where someone grew up as a definition to there character. There are beautiful rich woman, black and white who grew up with all the advantages in life, and have even nastier attitudes than that. Are they questioned about where they grew up. That to me is very racist. I will let you know about a little known secret, THERE ARE WHITE GHETTOS TOO!!! Yes she was mean but she wasn’t an evil person and yes she had some insecurities just as most of us do. She is trying to better herself and I admire that about her. I think she has a very bright future in the modeling industrie, and she is learning. There are some models that are quite famous and are some of the nastiest bitches on earth.Tyra knows this is true that is why she doesn’t use what happens on TM houses or the confessional to eliminate contestants. Tyra has even said on more than one occasion on the show. There were models in her day who were downright hateful to her, but she knows that is part of the bussiness . I don’t hate them, sometimes you need that attitude in modeling and show bussiness to protect you from the predators in life. Angelea will learn when to turn it on and off. I currently watching ANTM All STARS, I’m rooting for Angelea, as well as Laura and Alison, three of my favorites of all top model cycles. I do hope Angelea wins because hers will be an absolute success story, but I will be happy if Alison or Laura wins also. Good luck ladies.

  54. Kyoshi Says:

    Angele is my favourite contestant ever! She is the most realistic person on ‘REALITY TV’. And all this talk of b**ches. It’s really sad when women stoop to the level of men and speak ill of other women…no wonder women are still not respected…we do it to ourselves. Perhaps if we stopped judging and showed kindeness people like Angelea would not feel the need to develop defense mechanism we see in people like Angelea.

    She’s a beautiful girl and all ya’ll haters be crazy to think otherwise. I’m shaking my head right now…in shame coz ‘o all them haters.

  55. Makki Says:

    You’re constantly bringing her down..Let’s just support her..Someone stated that she(Angelea) sabotaged her co-contestants…Well in fact, you are the one who keep on sabotaging Angelea..You keep on saying she’s a bitch..Check yourself dude…You sound like one..a fcking bitch..Let’s be happy for her..That’s an easy thing for us to do..right?

  56. Makki Says:

    She maybe loud but i think she has the truest attitude in the house…Brenda, raina and jessica are the real bitches in the house.

  57. leanne Says:

    I wasn’t a fan of her, she had no model qualities except her diva attitude. No role model!

  58. Benny Ajibode Says:

    Been unable to ever enjoy ANTM before cycle 14 because something was always missing (drama) and suddenly this unbelieveable lady turned up – “Most memorable model …” quote from Tyra Banks, and now I never miss this show… what the show misses is another Angelea – its a routine competition and its overal outlay needs one

    Angelea was phenomenal, unbelieveable, enjoyable, real, entertaining, exciting not forgetting she is also stunning.

    ANTM wont lose her especially her “brilliance” and what she gave to cycle 14, they will definitely bring her back to entertain again…
    No doubt about that because she was just great!

  59. nikol gaki Says:

    I like Angelea! for all those who hate her, well try sleeping in porth authority or go through what she’s been through and let’s see if you’ll survive. Among all the girls in her cycle, she has the most troubles to have gone through. Yes, her b*tch attitude comes out often because that’s her way of protecting herself from being stepped down on again. We cope in our surroundings the way we think we should and that’s her way of coping up. I’m not saying it’s good, but at least understand why she acts that way. Nobody’s perfect, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t change for the better.

    Hell, if anyone of you hasn’t done anything mean to another person even in the simplest way enjoy your self righteousness while it lasts in your head.

  60. aly-anon Says:

    on all-stars, i am now reminded of why i didn’t like her on her cycle. she kind of laid low and seemed like a grown up at first, but not now. can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  61. Angelea has been on ANTM three times. Who else has has that opportunity? And three times she showed just what she thought of everyone else on the show. Maybe modeling is not the right career for her, just saying.

  62. Addie Says:

    I think I could have stood her if she wasn’t just such an awful person, yes I know that she’s had a hard life but it seems that six times an episode that she brings up the fact that she was ghetto, its just getting old now.

  63. boo Says:

    i do agree with some of the comments above…………..she has a lot of growing up to do and yes i do believe that it will be hard to hire her and work with her…………………..she has a long long way to go before she wants to be a super model………..her attitude on the show is what’s not going to get her hired…………

  64. CAshley Says:

    Angelea my thoughts & prayers are with you…despite what people may say or think of you I was rooting all the way for you in ANTM Allstars, dont give up you can still accomplish your dreams & desires in life…just pick yourself up by your boot straps, put yourself in God’s hands and move on! No one’s perfect we all have flaws and issues we need to deal with and overcome. Take Care & God Bless!

  65. Moca Says:

    All you low life jealous bi–hes go get a life and stop putting people down. Who cares if you like her are not. I am sure your lives suck so you think everyone should listen to your judging her. God is the only judge get on your knees and pray for a better positive life.


  66. brittany Says:

    Angelea is doing great she has a good personality and has stuck in there for this long and I believe even thought she didn’t win the competition she is still going to make it very far in life. There are going to be more than enough job opportunities for her to grow and prosper in her lie I wish her the best.

  67. I did think Angelea was quite vulgar and inappropriate, but I must commend her for getting as far as she did! I know she has a LOT of haters, and I don’t blame you, but her “b!tchiness” is what makes her, HER! I think that if she wasn’t such a b!tch to the other girls, she could’ve easily won!
    Angelea-You’re a BEAUTIFUL woman, but get your personality in check, because THAT is what made you ugly and costed you the title of ANTM. Good luck, girl!

  68. tfab Says:

    Why was she disqualified? I was really rooting for her!

  69. Alexx Says:

    Ms. Angelea Preston after being on the show for a second time led me to believe you were humbled by the experience. For obvious reasons I must say I was disappointed in your actions. Once given a second chance you should have shown your gratefulness. I recommend you go to charm school to achieve class and manners continue to go to anger management classes. Please note, whenever you are under contract never reveal or break the terms of the agreement. In my opinion, I believe you had it all wrapped up. This would have come down to you and Lisa possibly with you coming out on top. If given another chance…please keep your mouth shut. Act like a lady and work on your personality along with your insecurities!! Tyra believed in you is this how you repay her? Think again you might have burned bridges…was it worth!!!

  70. Done, and Done Says:

    Angelea is not a model. just because you’re skinny doesnt mean you can model. They gave her 2 chances too many. She likely slept with someone on the crew, and got knocked up. She thought she was a winner. She is good at sabotaging… herself. Stupid girl. Someone will give her a reality show though. I mean look at New York. The nastiest chick from another reality show got her own. Yup. ANTM- you’re out!

  71. Donna Maria Says:

    I wish that Angelea won, she is a beautiful girl, I could not even watch the end of ANTM (my favorite show).

  72. gohome Says:

    I hate Angelea. Like seriously, she acts like a 14 year old wanna be. Her personality is just UGLY! And I absolutely despise her accent. I don’t know how she could ever get booked with her hideous voice. I can’t believe she made it as far as she did on Cycle 14, let alone on the All-Star season. What was Tyra thinking when she put her on the show?? Her looks are completely mediocre! She has no spark. People won’t remember her and if they do it is only because of her nasty attitude.

  73. whosdat Says:

    it’s funny how commenters go on about Angelea and other models cussing and this apparently makes them a bitch, but the commenters show REAL class by calling Angelea a f… b…. etc. I guess it’s easy to hide behind a computer screen, wimps.

  74. LMG Says:

    Truth be told, I thought Angelea was absolutely stunning. Beautiful bone structure, great poise, loads of potential. But the attitude was a bit much. I lost respect for her after a while because she came across as mean and petty. When she was unprovoked and deliberately attacked Raina and Brenda taunting them about being at the bottom, it was simply unnecessary. She did well and should have enjoyed it for herself instead of kicking them for having an off week at panel. Then to develop this contempt for Krista when Krista was doing well, she came across and jealous and spiteful…not focused and determined. I’d hoped great things for Angelea. I understand keeping it “real” but just like in all industries, professionalism and class should come number one.

  75. sadams Says:

    everyone judges, however no one waits for an explanation nor do they care to HEAR the story, not just listen to it.

  76. izabel Says:

    You are the best model that have ever been on America’s Next Top Model, you are the real star

  77. Says:

    When my boyfriend first saw Angelea on ANTM he asked: “There’s a transex/drag queen on the competition now?”
    Well… Most of the maids that work cleaning my office are more beautiful and classy than her….

  78. What? If you hate Angelea, then you shouldn’t bother yourselves posting all your sh*tty thoughts over here! It was her page, after all! I love Angelea; she’s my girl! Y’all are mad? Y’all should be! She won’t do apology! Go ahead and get gone dislikers! She ain’t going nowhere cause she’s an all star and that’s it!

    • coco cici Says:

      Hate her so all yo wu like her can screw hell……shez freakin ass mean,awanna be bitch n totally has no respect for anyone!I hate u angelea!
      So this is 4 all yo wu want to start ur silly insults at me hatin….well ur motivatin me!

  79. YHEL Says:


  80. Ashley Says:

    The rumour going round is that she initially won all stars, but told people before the airdate, so she was disqualified. I really like her as well, she grew so much as a model and a person!

  81. Jane Says:

    Angelea you are ugly from the inside out.

  82. Wtflol Says:

    “The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is indifference.”
    At least they’re ralking about her but it’s sad to see people tear down a human being to the point that most of these comments have, it is truely disheartening for humanity. Especially when you don’t even personally know her, not saying I do, but I wouldn’t jump to a conclusion based on what an editor and producer decide to show you about someone’s personality.
    Just sayin be smart and maybe try and stay a little classy when expressing your opinion. It usually gets you a lot further in life.

    I do, however, find it very odd that the reason for the disqualification of this one wasn’t answered at all and now seems to be swept “under the table”. Oh well, what can you do, you really can only know what the media tells you in a situation like this and if they tell you nothing that is what you have to be content with. No scence in jumping to conclusions because you are probably wrong…

  83. Jemma Bond Says:

    “I’m from Buffalo, bitch! 716!”

  84. Rachie Says:

    I HEARD she got eliminated because she announced her win via Twitter BEFORE the final episode aired – so she was she disqualified. Modelscribe, could you PLEASE update us on Angelea?

  85. Alline Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. Why was Angelea Preston disqualified? No on seems to know the answer or won’t reveal it.

  86. nashyra Says:

    i think she wouldnt been a good model ❤

  87. Jack Says:

    Idk why they picked her. Just dont see top model on her.although liked that pic of the dance moshing or something like dat but just that one.

  88. Katherine Says:

    She’s beautiful and takes great photos, but her attitude was disgusting. Typical black girl. Always trying to beat some other girl’s ass.

  89. Pierre-luc Says:

    I’ve never understood why guetto people were so glad to act, speak and treat people with disrespect like they were nothing. Almost all the meanest girls in ANTM history were guetto : Angelea, Alasia, Sandra, Monique (she was really something…), Tiffany, Ebony, Dominique(Gosh!!), Aminat.

    Poor heritage…

  90. Susana Says:

    worst contestant in antm history. not only is she a self centered,attention whoring,horse faced cunt,she had to bring others down to make her tragic self feel better. she’s a lowlife parasite,who should be skinned alive. remember when she mocked raina (most gorgeous girl of cycle 14) for being in the bottom 3? pathetic.

  91. Emeline Says:

    I was literally creeped out when she was disqualified on All-Stars. ANTM has never done that before… and the way they handled it was so sketchy! It must have been pretty bad/personal for them to keep it a secret and refilm judging like that… Anyone know what really happened? I was so shocked! I thought Angelea did much better in cycle 17 and had a chance at winning (although rumor has it that she actually did win before disqualification).

  92. Ivana Says:

    This girl, with her silly little good bye dance, actually brought tears to my eyes…

  93. mazet Says:

    I love u gal

  94. Roz Says:


  95. lolex Says:

    she is doing music now, Just and update

  96. Karabo Says:

    Omg, I love Angelea and I really think she should’ve won! She’s beautiful and talented and has went though a lot of hardships in her life. Forever Angelea, love you

  97. Andrea Says:


    You are a lovely determined young woman that has overcome adversity and made your mark. To yourself be true and do not listen to the haters. Whom God has blessed no one can curse. May God’s favour rest upon you and may you raise your beautiful son to know that his source is God Almighty and by faith he too can accomplish great things like his mother! Congratulations on winning cycle 17 all stars!! Stay blessed and may God continue to open doors for you that even you did not think possible and may He grant you the courage to walk through them all with dignity and integrity.

  98. i am a fan of Angelea ever since her first cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – thought that you were going to win …………

  99. Lilly R Says:

    EVERYONE in this cycle was bitchy! (except maybe Tatianna), but all the others… Come on, girls, Raina, Jessica and Brenda weren’t all that sweet when it was about pulling down Alasia. Ren was gossiping like crazy. Anslee, Krista, Angelea, Alexandra and Alasia at least didn’t pretend to be all sweet – they were real. And in the end it made me like them a lot more than the others. (though Raina did stunning photos)
    Angelea was determined and wanted to win. I liked her. I don’t even know why, because normally I don’t like the ‘bitches’, but I guess this cycle was an exception. And I think in the All-Star cycle she showed how much she has grown up.

  100. It’s really funny It’s really funny how people leave comments here directed straight at the models, as if this were a page the models themselves were writing and editing. TSK TSK TSK

  101. Tookie Says:

    Assholes never win…. neither does ppl that look like drag queens! Angelea needs to grow up in order to get somewhere in life!!! THUG!

  102. Anonymous Says:

    Did she get disqualified from the all star season for being a prostitute?

  103. derolyn Says:

    babe haz neva been high fashion thea r so many editorial look galz aspiring to model no 1 haz space 4 bitchez .shez my mst hated contesetant babe waz a real true bitch 4rm d ghetto ,hate her 4 always puting brenda dwn.krista was mean 2 but she knew wen 2 keep it dwn

  104. pkayden Says:

    She booked 6 of 6 go sees. She rocks!

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