Anchal Joseph was a contestant on Cycle 7 of ANTM.

Born in New Delhi, India, Anchal and her family migrated to Homestead, Florida when she was 6 years old. She majored in Nuclear Medicine at Miami-Dade College-Homestead. She was only nineteen years old when she tried out for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, but prior to her appearance on the show, she was working as a sales clerk in her hometown and had modeled for French Vogue and Zoom Magazine. Growing up, Anchal felt she was quite homely and unattractive, but when she got into modeling, she became a bit more confident.

Although Anchal suffered from the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome, supermodel Tyra Banks was one of the first people on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7 to compliment Anchal on her unique and tremendous beauty. However, as the weeks progressed, it became apparent that Anchal was very self-conscious about her figure, which was quite fuller than the other girls. The other girls and the judges noticed this about Anchal, most especially during her last photo shoot (where the girls were made to do different verb-adverb pair phrases such as “dance aggressively”), when she ran out in complete embarrassment after failing to carry out her modeling assignment. The judges took it as a sign of lack of commitment, and consequently, Anchal became the seventh to be sent home from the show.

Since appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 7, Anchal has devoted some time to working with a physical trainer in the hopes of gaining a more muscular and toned figure.

She has modeled in Miami and Morocco, booked magazine editorials in ZOOM, French VOGUE with Bruce Weber, ELLE Singapore, Night, and Artemis. In addition to that she has booked campaigns for SOFI Swimwear and Eva Danielle NYC as well as doing shows for FUNKSHION Miami Fashion Week. She is represented by Manny Roman and is signed with Mars Model Management, and Roman Management.

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116 Responses to “Anchal Joseph”

  1. kissofdanger Says:

    Damn, it’s a shame Tyra kicked her off. Boy, oh boy, it would be nice to see Anchal in a Bollywood movie.

  2. Arti Says:

    OMG! I love Anchal; she’s like my role model. I’m Indian too, so when I watched her on ANTM, I really related to her. 😀

  3. mark Says:

    A very close second to Aishwarya Ria! The world could use more Anchal’s! B-E-A-UTIFUL!

  4. SLC Says:

    Stunning x 10!!

    I’m so glad that she is doing well; her pictures are beautiful.

  5. jacynthia Says:

    Anchal is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I’m Indian and not 100% confident, but her strength to get past her low self-esteem makes me admire her even more!

  6. Shanna Says:

    Anchal is indeed gorgeous, but I can’t help but think she looks like a mouse. Granted, a cute one.

  7. kiki Says:

    Anchal was the most attractive girl in the house. If her body was more toned like it is now, she would have loved it. She should have been in the top five.

    • Susy Says:

      Exactly. I think this girl is completely gorgeous, but during her time on ANTM, I couldn’t help but be really annoyed at her. Like it says, she suffered from the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome, and just could not get over it. It was just almost pathetic watching her at her last week especially during the challenge that had her jumping in the air to attack the Nascar driver. It was just sad. I feel like if she had gotten it together and gotten over her fuller figure, and stopped being so vulnerable, she would have gotten further. It was just pathetic, and I don’t consider her a strong contestant due to that reason.

  8. desmond Says:

    Wow, gorgeous! I found more photos of her at Those are beautiful.

  9. kiki Says:

    I’m mad at Anchal right now because I’m like, “Where was this confidence in the Top Model photos?” I wish she would have made it to the top 3. Although if Caridee would have lost, she probably would have killed herself.

    • lissa Says:

      They have to go to panel every week? No wonder she wasn’t that confident every week after getting judged by Tyra and the gang!

      • Mario Says:

        All I know is Anchal is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I’m crazy about her and I’m not stalker just a man with excellent taste and vision!

  10. sofie Says:

    Beautiful. 🙂

  11. izzitme Says:

    She may not have won, but this girl is absolutely STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

    • Silver Says:

      I agree! I think that she is one of the most beautiful contestants on ANTM. I think it’s great that she’s doing well! 🙂

  12. Einez Says:

    Glad she’s doing well. Take that Melrose!

  13. senna Says:

    She’s so pretty it’s scary!

  14. Marts Says:

    She even appeared in Vogue In a photoshoot concept where she was dressed as the typical Indian girl. Was really pretty.

  15. I thought she was one of the most beautiful models on ANTM and I rooted for her. Her lack of self-confidence in her figure was what got her eliminated and that was a real shame. If she knew how gorgeous she was, and was able to show it on film, she might have taken it all.

  16. Camilla Says:

    I think she should put on some weight and become a plus-size model; that would be perfect.

  17. Rebekah Reed Says:

    She takes really gorgeous pictures that just shine. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  18. Maitreyee Brandon Says:

    She looks gorgeous! I’m from India and I even look up to her and wish I looked like her. Aishwarya Ria is also one of my favorites as well.

  19. AWilson325 Says:

    She is a stunning woman and a great model. I wish her much success in her modeling career.

  20. tets Says:

    Anchal is the bomb! Way more beautiful than all contestants on Top Model. Bar none!!!

  21. Kirill (from Russia) Says:

    По моему мнению, Anchal Joseph – одна из самых красивых девушек за всю историю конкурса. Смотрел почти все сезоны. До сезона, в котором выступила Anchal, моей любимой участницей была Naima Mora, обладающая экзотической красотой и выработанным на конкурсе стилем. Но Anchal – вне всякой конкуренции, несмотря на то, что она не выиграла свой цикл и даже не вошла в финальную тройку. За ней было интересно наблюдать. Она не была заносчивой, как многие другие участницы. У неё многое не получалось, но это естественно. Идеальных людей не существует! На мой взгляд, ей нужно было дать дополнительный шанс: и Naima Mora, и та же CariDee English такой шанс получали. Впрочем, Anchal получила интересную работу в индустрии моды. И у неё отличные фотографии!

  22. Amanda Says:

    I dont like her, never did. And I don’t think she’s beautiful. She looks like a freaking bird or drag queen. And she did not have plenty modeling potential. Loved when she was kicked out.

  23. A Fan Says:

    I’ve known Anchal since she was a young girl. You can be assured that she’s just as beautiful inside as out; I wish her the best, she deserves it. A true beauty!

  24. boo Says:

    Got really tired of her on the show. Boohoo! And really not embracing your ethnicity; wanting to be blue eyes and so on. Please.

    • bb Says:

      Ignorant much? Damn, I hate it when people like you think that non-caucasians who colour their hair and wear lenses are “trying to be white.” Get off your high horse. Not trying to be white, just want to have variety. Variety does not = wannabe! She still looks Indian with the blue lenses, and gorgeously so! I guess people also aren’t really embracing their ethnicities if they eat foods not particular to their culture, dress fashionably or, I don’t know, move out of the country of their “ethnicity,” huh?

      • Susy Says:

        If you don’t remember, actually, during casting at the beginning of Cycle 7 on ANTM, she said it herself that she wore the blue contacts because she thought it was more beautiful than her dark eyes due to what people in her Indian culture told her was more attractive. It most definitely was a self-hatred act to do that, like when African-American women chemically straighten their hair and get rid of their “black hair,” and it was not embracing her culture. She was ashamed but slowly came to embrace it. She said it herself.

    • Silla Says:

      There are indians with natural blue eyes

  25. kiki Says:

    This is Anchal’s new myspace page

  26. kiki Says:

    I can’t believe Anchal is in a relationship with famous comedian Jim Carrey.

  27. Amber Says:

    I think she is one of the most beautiful Indian models out there. Before ANTM she was in French Vogue, which is a very BIG accomplishment for a young model. I like that she is working out to tone down to a 24 inch waistline because once she reaches that size her career will explode. She will be as big as top model Lakshmi Menon. Her features are surreal. When you look at her you see those large pools of divinity that can give you chills. She is an amazing model and knows how to turn emotion into an aesthetic.

  28. taki Says:

    Yeah! she can be considered attractive, but her strong Indian features does not get me. Makeup does wonders.

    • antm love Says:

      ur a hater and dats cos ur so ugly and ur angry she is way finer dan u naturally than wen u pack amounts of concealer on ur face. its onli ugly idiots dat wil say she ugly or dat make up does wonders

  29. tri div Says:

    TMZ reports that Anchal is dating Jim Carrey!!!

  30. KriStina Says:

    Она похожа на куклу. Очень красивая и необычная девушка. Зря она переживала из-за своей внешности. Быть похожими на её мечтают 1000000 девушек. А она из-за своей неуверенности лишилась права на победу.
    Эх, ты, Anchal. 😦

  31. Nekkoli Says:

    I loved her on ANTM. I thought she was the most beautiful of all the other girls and for those previous comments that say she isn’t gorgeous … you guys wished you looked like her, so stop hating! I wish you much success, Anchal!

  32. Kam Says:

    She is sooooo beautiful! It’s insane. Her dark features are astounding.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Her features and her body are amazing. She’s definitely one in a million. In fact, I think she’s the only girl in the world who looks like this. She photographs really well, too. As a model, I think she’s perfect because she is more than beautiful.

  34. Katarzyna Says:

    There are tons of Indian girls that are much prettier than her.

  35. Scarlet Says:

    Anchal was always a favorite of mine her beauty was just amazing and her current work shows that. The way she was treated by her co contestants over about 10 pounds was crazy. With a face like hers it’s amazing she isn’t working more. Stunning absolutely.

  36. ATM Says:


  37. phyl Says:

    I’m an open-minded individual who thinks women of color are generally exotic and beautiful, but not once did I think Anchal was beautiful when watching her on ANTM. I thought she had a pleasant face, one that was cute enough and photographed marvelously, but I just didn’t see a stunner. Perhaps I need to see her in person to understand the hype….

  38. ANTM Fan Says:

    She is so pretty! I would have rather had her win then CariDee! CariDee was so rude! Anchal was beautiful and diversified from the other girls. And it is inner beaut that means the most Katarzyna.

    • Miss E Says:

      CariDee had more confidence than Anchal. The only time CariDee was rude was that ill mannered joke in the Bull Arena shoot in Barcelona for which she apologized. If you want rude, try Melrose! She was very mean to Anchal!

    • mzoverit Says:

      You are a dumbass Caridee and the models who played the cannibal and the bearded lady consoled Anchal. While that senior ciitizen Melrose was talking badly about her but she (Anchal) hung up the phone while Monique was on the phone (even though I did not like her either. Perhaps what I heard about overseas Indians is true that they look down upon black people.

  39. Aaron Says:

    Anchal IS the beauty of all time. This is one of the most gorgeous contestants ever. She had the lowest self-esteem, but I get lost in her pictures; her beauty is striking and undeniable.

  40. Rachael Says:

    She is the most beautiful, gorgeous model I have ever seen!!!

  41. Sapphire Says:

    This girl is hot hot hot. You better work, honey. I like the fact that she’s not stick thin either. She’s so damn beautiful. I bet if she knew what she knows now and felt how she feels now. She woulda won. HANDS DOWN.

  42. AnKa Says:

    She really was gorgeous, she did lack self esteem.

  43. Alex Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! But yeah, there are MILLIONS of absolutely beautiful Indian girls in India! Go check it out! Still, she is very hot!

  44. Boone Says:

    I loved Anchal on her season of ANTM. No, she did not know how beautiful she really is/was and had low self esteem. It’s something all young people go through so give her a break. She has the most beautiful face and as far as her body goes, well…..she’s East Indian! She has a very East Indian body and she should be proud of that. Curves and breasts are beautiful on women. I’m a gay man but even I can see the beauty in all women no matter who they are or what ethnicity they are. Be proud of yourself Anchal and keep up the excellent work. You’re gorgeous and you can go very far, but YOU have to make it happen as I’m sure you know by now. Do it! You go grrrrrrrl!!!!

  45. Me Says:

    Kim Kardashian WISHES she looked like her.

  46. hotlegend Says:

    She looks okay as a model but………….I can see her in Bollywood movies!!

  47. ar Says:

    stunning anchal! =)

  48. Liza Says:

    Gorgeous Indian woman.
    I’m glad she’s doing well.

  49. No Says:


  50. Linda Says:

    It makes no sense that one person can be this beautiful! I hope she doesn’t get too involved with Jim Carrey. He seems like a relationship loser.

  51. avalon Says:

    She would make a great Victoria’s Secret model. I couldn’t believe how the other girls were making comments about her figure – they looked like plucked chickens next to her! She’s absolutely gorgeous with a unique beauty, and she seems like a nice person, too. I wish her the best in her career.

  52. Anya Says:

    Her body is perfect. If many of models have such a body, we don`t have girls with anorexia

  53. K.B. Says:

    I never understood why she was so self conscious. She was so gorgeous! By far the most natural beauty in the history of Top Model! She wasn’t fat by any means. I am really glad that she has gone on to find work as a model because she definitely has talent and she is very lovely.

  54. Renka Says:

    One of the most beautiful contestants in the history of ANTM.

  55. LoLo Says:

    i’m from Miami… and oh man! my friends keep running into her at stores and stuff… they say she is beautiful in real life and THICK! 😀

  56. Scarlett Says:

    I liked her as soon as I first saw here. Shes amazing.

  57. Claudia1011 Says:

    I think that she is absolutley gorgeous. I thougth that she was going to make it farther in the competition than she did. I’m so happy that she is doing very well in the modeling industry. She is definatly one of the most beautiful Indian models in the world. I love you Anchal and wish you the very best in the future!

  58. Замечательный сайт, успехов вам.

  59. Samken Says:

    Who said only fair complexion works? give second thoughts at least looking at anchal…

  60. lexi Says:

    O_O …..EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  61. Ashley Says:

    I loved Anchal! She was one of the best models of that cycle.

  62. Prince Says:

    she looks like any woman off the streets of India – not one person would take a second look, but makeup does the ‘look at me’ trick! I’ve seen much prettier faces among the Indian public, only Anchal and a few others want to be in modeling, so they get there come what may – and as soon as she is hoisted onto pages of magazines and websites, people cooh all over them…even Iman who dated David Bowie is the same – Anchal looks like her sister doing the white dating trick to better career. Good luck, girl.

    • maria Says:

      you just sound like another one of those people obsessed with “fair is beautiful”. just shut up. She looks WAY more unique compared to most indian girls, most women in general do not have such prominent beautiful features

  63. Adam Says:

    Jim Carrey at last dates a gorgeous girl after the albuminous and ugly Lauren Holly & McCarthy

  64. Blad Says:

    Anchal is one of the best in her cycle, she’s extremely beautiful.
    If she wants to go to Plus Size modelling, she just needs a little bit of weight and it would be awesome.

  65. Danny Says:

    WOW! She’s SEXY!!! 😛

  66. antm love Says:

    anchal is an exotic beauti all u haters hatin on her beauty @lst shes beautiful am sure u wished yu looked like her

  67. Jenna Says:

    I love anchal soooooooooo much! She looks amazing in the blue contacts no matter what Tyra banks says

  68. Mary Says:

    She (Anchal) is a beautiful, beautiful woman. I was rooting for her from the beggining, wish her all the best.

  69. Neha Says:

    She is amazingly beautiful!!!! Im Indian and fat but this really boost up my confidence.

  70. tiki Says:

    Absolutely breath taking…….I knew she would appear elsewhere……I like ANTM……..but not everyone needs Tyras approval……

  71. Garret Says:

    Stunning, SO happy to hear about her being in Vogue. She let her insecurity get to her on the show but I felt for her.

  72. TS Says:

    It is true. You know, when I watched cycle 7, all the models looked… dare I say it….. like stick figures drawn by 5 year olds. I am happy she had a fuller figure because it shows that she is HUMAN, not some alien that has the body of a metal pole, literally. The thing was that she had no self confidence and that is what I hated. She could have gotten farther in antm, but who cares. It is over and it looks like she has a successful career. Oh, and to all you haters, ur just jealous of our indian exotic beauty. 🙂

  73. Jay pratte Says:

    Anchal you are gorgeous. I was flipping channels and saw Americas next top model and I googled you to see what you are doing.

  74. george Says:

    she annoyed me because she KNEW how good she could be but she just wanted others to make her feel better and give her compliments

  75. JUPJUP Says:

    People say the make-up did the work? HA! If you saw her in person you’d take that back very quickly. STUNNING.

  76. Mary Says:

    Anchal is a very beautiful girl.

  77. nick Says:

    every day i enter this page to look at those two wonderful things and dream i could ever rest my head there

  78. bonyranks Says:

    i luv her so much……keep doing your best anchal…u are such a beauty..cant beleive u use to think tht u r ugly i admire you and your beauty and your personailty nuff luv to u gurl

  79. Maria Says:

    The poor girl doesn’t understand her figure is PERFECT – big breasts, hot butt, healthy arms and legs and a wonderful thin waist along with the flat tummy. Too much propaganda against good bodies. I like skinny girls but every man in the world will agree that a body like Anchal’s is the all-time ideal.

  80. Jenni Says:

    I’m sorry I don’t see what u guys see. I don’t think she is beautiful and I don’t mean to be racist

    • pointandshoot Says:

      I also was not bowled over by Anchal on the show, though her later pics are much improved. She needed to learn her facial angles inside out-she has very small jaw and mouth, and her small face is overdominated by long, long eyebrows…learning how to use the light to her advantage is something she seems to have done since ANTM.

  81. A. Robinson Says:

    Why arnt there more East Indian Women on And how can I help to bring more to “Myspace.

  82. Topmodel101 Says:

    It’s a shame that the more diverse indian women aren’t displayed on antm. Anchal is beautiful in her own way but people think all Indians look the same – Indian women are dark as anchal and light as aish (maybe even lighter) with naturally green eyes like me.

    Unfortunately modelling is looked down upon by Indian society in general and most women know antm does require some risqué pictures. For this reason antm probably has very very few Indian women auditioning. One of the women who auditioned -nargis fakhri is now a Bollywood star actually

  83. Katherine Says:

    She is so beautiful it hurts to look at her. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I wish she had won.

  84. Love her look and hope she’s doing well cause she’s beautiful and sexy. Love your work Anchal

  85. startledbylightening Says:

    I always thought she looked like the Gerudo Valley Thieves from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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