Anamaria Mirdita was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The Queens, New York native was 19 years old during her stint on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

During her initial interviews, Anamaria made it clear that she was obsessed with IMG Models, as all her favorite models were represented by that agency. She said, “IMG is numero uno.”

While being reviewed by the judges, Mr. Jay commented that she exuded elegance and grace, although she wasn’t as strong during the Cynthia Rowley shoot in that first episode.

Anamaria was called first during selection of the final 14 girls.

During episode 2, Anamaria opened the episode by stating, “I’m more high fashion and more versatile. I think I’m awesome; maybe it’s because I’m from New York.”

She also made it a point to state on camera that she’s on a calorie-restricted diet. She felt that being a model, that’s how it should be. While talking with other models in the house, she revealed that she used to weigh 135, but now weighs 110.

During the four-stories-high runway challenge, which took place at Hollywood and Highland (modeling fashions from Diane Von Furstenberg), she was a strong performer, although she tripped and fell at the tail end of the runway when finished. Following the runway challenge, Anamaria commented that all the other girls had a “busted” walk.

During the teen bullying photoshoot with photographer Deborah Anderson, Mr. Jay commented that when he looked at Anamaria, he didn’t see a tall and slender model; he said he saw nothing but bones. He said that his major concern about her was her body. When Anamaria revealed that she’s trying to get lean, Mr. Jay said that she didn’t need to get lean. During an on-camera interview, Anamaria said, “All the girls here are pretty, but they’re all small town and all American. By saying this, she defended that she wasn’t trying to be mean, it’s just the truth.”

While reviewing her photo in panel, Nigel said that she was very thin and should remember to turn her pelvis away from the camera. Tyra said that the reason they chose that particular final photo was because she was covering her body. She said that the rest of Anamaria’s film showed too much of her body, which looked very unhealthy and made Tyra feel very uncomfortable. She said, “There’s a point where fashion experts say ‘this is too much’.”

Diane Von Furstenberg commented that beauty is health. If you’re not healthy, you lose your beauty. Ana’s rejoinder to the judges was that she liked her body. she liked looking in the mirror and seeing her abs.

Despite her obvious previous modeling experience and her strong performance on the DVF runway, Anamaria landed in the bottom two with Terra White.

Before Tyra announced who was eliminated, she told Anamaria she was in the bottom two because the judges were concerned about the message her body type might send to young girls.

Ultimately, Anamaria became the first girl eliminated from Cycle 15. Before leaving panel, Tyra told Anamaria:

I don’t want you to lose work because somebody says you’re too skinny. You might be the healthiest girl in the world; you might be able to race me down the block and leave me panting behind you, but it might not hurt to eat some avocado and a little bread with butter on it … so you can book jobs and project an image that doesn’t feel as if you’re hurting your body.

During Anamaria’s exit interview, she stated:

I’m shocked. I wasn’t expecting it. I was the first to be called at casting and the last to be called in panel. They said I was too skinny. I like my body, personally. If I get told by multiple agencies that I’m too thin, then we’ll do something about it. Hopefully I can make it on my own.

While Anamaria’s fellow competitor, Chris White, was interviewed by Reality News Online, it was revealed that Anamaria had cancelled several of her post-show interviews with the media following her appearance and elimination from the show.

To read Anamaria’s post-elimination interview with Wet Paint, click here.

Since the show, Anamaria has taken a semester off of school to pursue a modeling career. She says that if that doesn’t work out, she’ll probably go back to school to be a chef.

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To view more photos of Anamaria, click here.

55 Responses to “Anamaria Mirdita”

  1. Marts Says:

    Please tell me this was either A) before the competition or B) test shoots. Because if the skeleton was signed to an agency, we’re just stepping backwards to the day where people loved anorexic models.

    • Hime Says:

      a) Some of us still do like thin models. 110lbs is not “anorexic” as an anorexic goes down to double digits, loses their hair, their period, and doesn’t look anything like Anamaria does

      b) Ann, the winner of this cycle, is 100 times skinnier than Anamaria. If Tyra said that it’s not about whether or not she’s actually healthy but the IMAGE she projects, well, Tyra argued that it was “ok” for Ann to be that skinny because she’s “not on a diet” and “her metabolism is fast”. People won’t know that from a simple photo. Ann looks a lot more anorexic than Anamaria did- they only picked on Anamaria to get ratings.

      110lbs for a model is NOT “too skinny”.

      • Lil Says:

        Actually, it really depends on your height in relation to weight, health, eating habits, and other factors to be considered anorexic. Hell, you don’t even have to be a walking skeleton to have anorexic tendencies. This is in response to both Marts and Hime…110 lbs is different if a girl is 5″9, or 5″3, if you’re going by bmi and normal health standards or what. But Annamaria, who knows what her eating habits were, who are we to call her anorexic? And as Hime said, it could just be for ratings. As far as Ann, she gets enough shit for being tall and skinny, why go call her anorexic looking? She won and got a successful modeling career started…no one congratulates people anymore, we just have to go and bash them. Thanks.

      • HMRis Says:

        a) Rubbish. Being Anorexic doesn’t mean you’re incredibly thin to the point you’re 5’9” and weighing under 7 1/2 stone. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder and Anamaria’s comments about being happy looking that thin, about her calorie restrictive diet and about, despite how devastatingly thing and bony she already looked, how she still wanted to be leaner just screams eating disorder, specifically anorexia.

        b) Again, utter rubbish. Ann has a really high metabolism, she could eat and eat and not gain weigh. She may look really thin, but she isn’t TRYING to be thin, and she isn’t TRYING to control her eating habits because she just isn’t putting on weight. The difference is where Ann could be taking in the recommended calorie intake for someone her height, Anamaria was RESTRICTING her calorie intake. Where Ann said, “I’m thin, I can’t help it because I don’t put on weight, it’s how I am genetically” Anamaria was saying “I like to be this thin, I work to be this thin, and I like how I look in the mirror.”

        You really don’t understand what an eating disorder is. It’s not about how you look, it’s about what’s going on in your head, an in extension the effects it is having on your body. Think about how much INTERNAL DAMAGE is being done by the time you lose your period.

        Your opinion here is horrific, that you think “as long as she’s still got a period and her hair isn’t falling out, I don’t see what the fuss is about”
        Having a friend who is anorexic, although she weighs 8 1/4 stone, it’s shocking that people are still so ignorant as to think like that.

      • vemars Says:

        Well excuse me! If I weighed 110lbs, I would have a bmi of 17.1, which according to the standards where I live IS considered an anorexic bmi.

        Like Lil says, it all comes down to your height.

        I’m not double-digits, nor have I ever been at my current height, but the doctors still say I’m emaciated.

        I don’t know who was thinner of the two, and frankly that’s hardly the issue here. Despite being clearly underweight, Anamaria was completely ignorant to the matter and felt that she should still be on a diet which is NOT a healthy thing to be doing. And especially not in front of an already increasingly body-conscious audience.
        Not saying she is or is not anorexic, I wouldn’t know, but she did send out a signal that she is not ‘healthy’ either. Even if her body was naturally that thin, her opinions around it did disturb me.

      • KT Says:

        Hime you are very misinformed, anorexia is a mental disorder and you cannot diagnose someone based on their appearance!

      • yano Says:

        There is no such thing as “an anorexic bmi”. Anorexia is a mental illness, a type of body dysmorphic disorder, not a physical state. The term that would be more fitting is an unhealthy or underweight bmi. Someone could weigh 150 lbs and be anorexic. Weight loss is merely one of the symptoms of the disease.

      • junnnights Says:

        Its not about the weight itself, but about the body and how it looks. Both are very thin… but where Ann’s bones are hidden by what little fat she does have… Annamaria’s body do not even have that and they’re very visible. She’s also quite pointy, and sharp in the body (as in not the face), and in essence the very picture of someone who either has an eating disorder (specifically Anorexia since she’s on calorie control and wanting to be more ‘lean’), or is (was) in the early stages. (I have family members with eating disorders so I’ve seen the real deal… what she says about her body, eating habits ++ makes warning bells go off in my head).

        Annamaria does look amazing when covered up (really pretty face).. but her very arms and shoulder are just too thin (what she calls ‘muscles’ can be nothing but bones)… The bikini-shot… wince. While there may be models out there, with her height and weight that looks amazing… Annamaria’s body require more weight to look natural and healthy rather than sickly. I would love to see a picture of her at 135 lbs (or whatever she was) as I suspect that she looked far better then (and may have gone further in the competition).

        … I’ve seen thinner people… and am aware that she’s not yet at a dangerous level of ‘thin’ (… at the time)… But she’s oh so very borderline. If her body has not started digesting itself I’d be surprised… if she was a family member I’d be concerned… and even more so as those too thin people age far faster than regular people (+ other issues) and she wants to be a model using her beauty and quirkiness to sell products++. O_o

        But back to Ann. She’s tall, she’s thin and she weights not much at all all combined… but… she does not look skeletal in a bikini. Her body does not scream ‘anorexia victim!’ when uncovered (even if she looks like she could be one clothed). … And that is why she went on as best picture of the week (and winner) while Annamaria was sent packing.

      • junnnights Says:

        Its not about her weight, its about her body. Ann may be thin, tall and weigh very little all combined… but her bones are hidden enough by what little fat she has that she looks healthy and just really really skinny. … She may LOOK the type to be anorectic with clothing ON – but without clothing… her very body is a testament that she’s not.

        Anamaria… is borderline at the least. While she may yet be (or was… as its been some time) in the early stages… she’s too bony, with too sharp angles and just plain looks like an anorexia victim. Not a bad case mind, she’s not yet at the stage where the skin is directly on top of the bones and she needs to be force-fed.. but if she continues with controlled eating and focus on ‘wanting to get more lean’… She’ll get there. … Cause her body looks like its started to digest itself (= early aging+++)… which is quite negative for somebody who wants to use their bodies to sell products +++ and earn money that way.

        Yes there may be models out there just as tall and who weight the same, but her very body type means that she NEEDS more too look good. It was.. uncomfortable to look at her being photographed. … and just so you know; you can’t really HIDE the bones in a photograph (much less more than one) – people being too thin has also been mentioned on the show before (the same season as the girl/boy model but I don’t think it was her/him… transgender the right word?… you get the point). Would have been interesting to see pictures of her at 135… perhaps she’d have gone further in the competition then?

        Since I do have family members with eating disorder.. her body does bring bad memories.. and her words regarding her own body and food even more so (and sets off warnings bells in my mind when combined with her body). If I were among her close family and friends… I’d be very worried for her after I watched her on the show…

        Ann may eat too little, or more than enough… but her focus is NOT controlling her intake of food. While there is a chance that she’s being careful with how much she eats… its not an obsession and that is not her main focus when she looks in the mirror. Her issue is her height – which the show helps her accept. … The fact that she is comfortable enough in her body otherwise and waistline to show it off at the interview stage just underlines that she is nowhere near an anorectic mindset. Annamaria’s denial whenever someone commented negatively upon her weight and looks is also a confirmation that she’s not comfortable in her body and sees herself as ‘fat’, I suspect that even if she lost 10 lbs, or 20 or more… she’d STILL see herself as needing to loose more weight (‘getting more lean’). and THAT is why I’m glad she was first girl sent home. No need for fans of the show to compare themselves to HER when they want to loose weight or see if they need to (which will happen regardless).

      • startledbylightening Says:

        Anamaria has to try to be that lean, as she admitted to Jay and basically explained in interviews. That’s different from Ann who is naturally a very thin woman. Ann I’m sure probably gets rejection because of her thinness and also being REALLY tall. The prejudice goes both ways, but how Anamaria was going about it and having to TRY, that’s where it wasn’t sending a very good message. Ann is lean, but not boney looking, Anamaria is very boney looking.

  2. Susan Says:

    She has the height, skin tone and face to be a model. If becoming a bit fleshier she could be a healthy-looking size zero. Size zero is where the bones don’t show, there’s flesh and the measurements are smaller than what the average American woman looks like. European girls don’t look like American girls, so there is a difference in body size. Anamaria has physical potential to be a haute couture model but it would take more self-education on healthy modeling lifestyles to stay healthy. She could be very healthy and the editors simply made it look like she a hardcore dieter. They can do alot of things with sound bytes.

  3. GG Says:

    She has pretty face, but she is a little bit too skinny. I’m glad she’s doing well in modeling.

  4. kiki Says:

    You know what? It doesn’t matter if she stays her size because her face is amazing. She can stay this size, but she has to learn how to pose so that she doesn’t look sick. If she moves to Europe, she will have a career at her size.

  5. rishelle Says:

    I really love her face! She should have get further though! She has the biggest potential ever! She was like Gabrielle in cycle 14! Great, but first to be eliminated! These two examples showed that the judges sometimes make a wrong decision! I love ANAMARIA! So what if she’s skinny ? She is fierce and pretty!! 🙂

  6. Chilly710 Says:

    You guys do realize that they edit America’s Next Top Model to make people see snobbish and something they’re not (Victoria, Cycle 9 for example). Well…that’s what happened here. It’s not that she’s anorexic or whatever, it’s that she tries to keep her calories low and eat healthier. To understand it more, read the post-elimination Wet Paint interview at the end of her description. You rock, Anamaria!

    • junnnights Says:

      They may edit her, but it still reveals quite a bit about her and her attitude towards food. She wants to look more lean; as in she considers herself fat when she looks in the mirror. She controls her calorie intake (= counts the calories she eats). She may look amazing with clothing on; but without (…bikini+) she looks sickly thin. Even short armed clothing gives worrying signs. Had she HAD more weight, and like Yoanna /cycle 2?) have struggled to get down to where she was from being overweight… THEN I’d get controlling her food intake (note – I said FOOD intake – not calorie intake… there is a MASSIVE difference!)… But her ‘fat’ weight was 135 (as far as I heard) – well within the model weight range which is up to 150 for a ‘regular’ model (or something like that). The way she responded each time people DID comment negatively about her weight and body… (that she said it at all, much less more than once, says enough) makes me fairly certain that she was in the early stages of Anorexia during her time on the show.

      And yes – while I myself do not have an eating disorder, I know some that do… so I’m very, very glad she was sent home early. … had she had more meat on her bones… I suspect that she may have gone farther in the competition. Other than the boniness… I liked the pictures she took (at least she could have stayed a few more weeks… kinda liked her attitude and stuff… except about her own body and fooc).

  7. Fangirl Says:

    I bet that as soon as the season is over and they’re off contract, she’s going to get signed by an agency.

  8. david v Says:

    I think she looks like a real high-fashion model! She’s super thin as most of the top models nowadays. She looks a Freja Beha, Irina … all those new faces are thin as hell!

  9. Former Ana Says:

    Please. People don’t get that kind of body without severe anorexia. We anorexics have an instinct for sniffing out the other skinny bitches who are anorexic, too. This bitch needs therapy and a nutritionist.

    • kk Says:

      THANK YOU, former Ana! Sick of reading people say she’s “skinny”; she’s not skinny, she’s anorexic. She can say what she wants in post-show interviews about “liking her weight,” but as she said on the show herself, “I’m trying to get lean.” Her body is all the evidence one needs to see she’s got an eating disorder.

  10. jwanita Says:


  11. If she quits smoking that might help more than eating avocados.

  12. soraya Says:

    Well, I’m definitely more than glad that she was eliminated because from the way she projected her attitude, I don’t think she’ll go far in the industry EVEN if she won ANTM. She’s just so damned arrogant!! She couldn’t take criticism positively and tends to be too defensive about her body image. I agree with Tyra and the judges when they said that she might give wrong ideas to the young girls out there if she were to go through. She looks sick and there’s nothing beautiful about a body that shows that much bones protruding out. Her elimination makes me happy. Kudos.

  13. lala Says:

    Sometimes she looks like Lady Gaga. (o.o)

    • i. Says:

      Hi, I’m from Argentina. I think her comment on eating fruits and vegetables is lousy. USA is known from being the nest of companies that sell horrible food, and not being healthy, so I think she is trying to make america feel that if you don’t look like that, is because you are not eating well. BUT i can tell you even in countries where you find healthier food everywhere, and have the tradition to eat differently, her look is NOT healthy. That body doesn’t come from eating fruits and vegetables. And I think it’s great that they told what her leaving was about. I also think they made an example out of her, and they already knew what she looked like, so that’s not completely wright. Bye!

  14. Jen Says:

    I don’t understand why her weight was such an issue. Sure, she had a bad attitude towards her body, but the majority of the girls on ANTM are underweight. You can’t seriously tell me that Ann (winner cycle 15) was a healthy weight for her height. ANTM is not the place where girls go to see a healthy body type. Eliminating Anamaria for her weight alone was hypocritical.

  15. Rina Says:

    She has a beautiful face but wrong attitude and way too cocky for her own good. She needs to eat more and keep a healthier image and change her attitude as well.

  16. Rina Says:

    I think she is sick in the mind, since she can’t see that she is starving herself and thinks it’s all right and looks good.

  17. smartiesdude Says:

    Her face brought potential. I just do not get how the judges didn’t think she was too skinny or sending the wrong message while at casting. I almost felt they picked her to make an example out of. However she did have an overconfidence that was annoying so maybe some humbling words and wishes would do her good.

  18. starbaby Says:

    She needed glasses, not avacados. She liked looking at her abs? Someone should have pointed out that they were her ribs – not her abs.

  19. K Star Says:

    Does anyone else think it’s ironic that she’s going to be a chef if modeling doesn’t work out? I didn’t know it was possible to be an anorexic chef.

    • Frenchy Says:

      Actually, it might be paradoxical but it’s not that surprising, people with eating disorders tend to be very obsessed with food.
      I know anorexics or/and bulimic girls, and many of them enjoyed cooking but they just couldn’t eat what they made, so they would feed their friends or family (or themselves then purge in case they were bulimic). But they liked doing it, sometimes smelling it or just looking at the food.
      Some of my friends said that they would like to be cooks or dieticians in the future, because food and eating habits become so much an obsession that it can even lead someone to their professional carreer, just like any “passion”.

  20. Makister Says:

    Who does she thinks she is? A total shock. Tyra has lost her mind. Did she have to go onscreen?

  21. Lewis Says:

    Is it me or does she look like Lady Gaga when she has make up on?

  22. Anne-Lise Says:

    Stop calling anorexic every thin girl you see on TV. She might be sick, but until this is confirmed by a medical diagnosis, you just can’t prove it. I know a bunch of girls who are naturally very thin without being on any kind of diet. Sometimes, it’s just genetic.
    Maybe she’s sick, and so what ? Calling her an anorexic bitch is not gonna make her feel better…

  23. chance Says:

    She is from Yorktown Heights, NOT Queens…. she is middle class not some poor chick form Flushing like she portrayed…

  24. Ruby Givens Says:

    I was watching a rerun of cycle 15 and I still think Anamaria looks unhealthy, of course, as an African American woman I tend to lean toward a different body type altogether. Most AA women look for fashions that flatter our more fuller features. I agree Anamaria came across as snobbish and you cannot blame all of it on editing- she did make the comments. Her face is fabulous and she will probably do well in those markets which favor her body type but she is not someone I would want my daughter to see as a body type role model. Also, give Tyra some credit, she has been in the fashion industry for awhile and even Diane F. commented on Anamaria’s body.

  25. Linda Says:

    She’s ugly and way too thin. She’s thinking about being a chef? Would she taste the food? Ann was naturally thin. Annamerie was starving herself and it showed.

  26. Heather Says:

    I am glad she was the first to go. She was such a b****. She kept talking about how the other girls couldn’t measure up to her, so I LMAO when she was the first one to go. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! It’s always nice to see someone so cocky get taken down a peg.

  27. black girl Says:

    This self-absorbed Tyra! she really want to get attention right??? Just because she have probs in diet and food they eliminate her..b.t.w, if is it cause of her attitude why don’t she eliminate each girl that have attitude probs?? Huh? Ex: Angelea and more. She just wanted to show that antm is a good healthy program although there are a lot of b*tchslap and back stabber routine huh.

  28. SANNIE LANE Says:

    She LOOKS like LADY GAGA!!! In JUDAS …


  29. SANNIE LANE Says:

    i swear, everyone of my friends tells that she looks like Lady Gaga.

  30. jen Says:

    She may be in horrible health and hurting her body but it seems that they brought her onto the show just to make a point. If they were really concerned they should have talked to her in private and let her come out about it later rather than humiliate her on tv.

  31. Sophia Says:

    Even if she were heavier, her attitude is too cocky, i don’t like her at all

  32. jane Says:

    a thinner Lady Gaga, 4,5lbs will be good for her.

  33. martinek-ka Says:

    she looks little bit like lady Gaga and too skiny…

  34. Mabelyn Says:

    Im sorry but when your 5′ 10″ and you weight is 110 yeah you are to skinny. At 110 her BMI 15 you should be around 18 to 25. At 110 is good for my height 5′ 1″ and if your trying to take pictures and all you see is bones bones bones yeah you are to skinny. If you look like that and you tell the judges you wanna get more lean yeah your to skinny.

  35. Ella Says:

    Just watched an old ANTM cycle w/Anamaria

    Anyone who has 20/20 and completely impartial to the issue with Anamarie’s weight should be able to see that she was too thin. Although you could count every rib in her body and see her butt bone, she said that she was trying so hard to get lean. For her to make that statement, obviously, she saw something different than what others saw — which says to me that something indeed is/was wrong. To all you emotional fans and naysayers, lying and self image distortion (my term) are just two symptons of a dreaded eating disorder called anorexia. If Anamaria “liked” the way she looked then why did she gain weight after the show? Am I the only one who thought her head looked to big for her body??

    And Anamaria…don’t get it twisted, just because people discuss you doesn’t mean that they CARE about you. It just means that people are opinionated and choose to exercise their right to speak. And the comment about the “African American midget rapist….completely IDIOTIC!!!

  36. Sugar Smacks Says:

    It’s a reality show. You people need to take her personality with a grain of salt. About 25% of their actual personalities are shown. And, furthermore, no one complained about Lisa D’Amato’s “arrogant personality”, or Angelea Preston’s, or even Kacey’s?

  37. Kennie Says:

    I loved u anamaria

  38. Katie Says:

    Her face is very beautiful. She looks like Lady Gaga, but she is far too skinny. It’s unattractive. It’s sad that she wants to be so skinny that she can see her bones. There’s a reason we have skin covering our bones. A skeleton is not beautiful. Hopefully, she won’t die from anorexia.

  39. 123456 Says:

    I dont think anamaria is too skinny at all! if anything i think she’s beautiful and wish she could help me because i have never had the moivation to keep with my diet and im overweight for my age and height

  40. nicky Says:

    The judges just know that with that face Anamaria would win that cycle and didn’t want, how they call her – anorexic, to win it and be a role model… Sometimes I think that Tyra picks girls with weight, and I can’t understand why… They’re looking for a model for Europe (because the high fashion is there), but Tyra, look at those girls in Milan, they look just like Anamaria… Yes, Tyra gives a second chance for girls who look weird, but how it turns out not for all of them… It would be so great if she would made a second cycle for petite models, that was the best cycle!

  41. Katherine Says:

    She has a beautiful face and has modeling potential. But she was too thin. She looked unhealthy. I didn’t like her personality, though. She was arrogant and vain. She does bear a resemblance to Lady Gaga.

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