Aminat Ayinde was a contestant and runner up during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

The 21-year-old student from Union, New Jersey was an incredibly strong competitor during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 12. She started the show with very strong photos, but began to have weaker photos as the competition continued. She did win one reward challenge during episode three, but subsequently the 11th girl eliminated from the show.

Since the show, Aminat has modeled for Zulu Rose and walked in the This Day/Arise: African Fashion Collection S/S 10 show.

Source: BuddyTV
Source: Wikipedia
Source: Aminat’s Facebook
Source: All ANTM

Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

Source: ANTM / Fadil Berisha

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: ANTM / Keith Major

Source: ANTM / Mike Ruiz

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: ANTM / Tyra Banks


Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM / Daniel Klajmic

Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

Source: ANTM / Evan Giordanella


Aminat for Zulu Rose

Source: Derrick Photography

Source: Seventeen / June 09

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

Source: VzMALA Photography / Winter 08 / Omo Naija

74 Responses to “Aminat Ayinde”

  1. Debra Says:

    I think Aminat is the most amazingly beautiful woman I have ever seen. And she has the greatest body ever. I hope she stays on top and continues to do her modeling.

    • Monica Says:

      Thanks for saying so Debra, I am a white girl from the south and I fell in love with her.. Just like Tyra always says… that is the sign of a winner….. love love love her…she is the body and lips of the future.. I am jealous and all women will get botox to make thier lips look that beautifulll…. heheh…

  2. kiki Says:

    I love the way Aminat looks, her personality and her walk, but she is only a runway model. She shouldn’t do photos.

  3. Susan Says:

    She has good height and body, but the face resembles that of a platypus. She will not make it to Europe at all. If luck happens to come her way, it’ll be commercial work in different cities in America. I doubt NYC will accept her. The elite commercial market in NYC has high standards for how one should look.

    Aminat will be stuck doing underground print work. She won’t book runway often because of her face. When a model walks down the runway, her face has to be elegant (as in “European fashion” elegant). Hers is more suitable for hip-hop modeling. She should stick to that. Now, if she looked like Sandra, then she would be shipped to Paris immediately.

    • kenna Says:

      You are prejudice and ignorant and obviously blind. Now an ugly, crooked-nosed, wide-eyed, goaty face would be Melrose or lanky-@ss Ann on the current cycle of ANTM.

      • Jaamgirl Says:

        LOL…. 100% agreed!

      • Monica Says:

        I agree with you but the severity distresses me, Ann was sooo different that she needed to be showcased.. But my agreement is because I am on this website because of Aminat, she IS one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I think she should have won…. But we should Never knock down the others who deserve it too… Mon

      • Chuk Says:

        no..she is actually right. I can see why you would think she is prejudiced. That is just FACT, as ugly as it may sound. I am Naija too and support Aminat YET i know that she will not make it to top modeling. I was actually disappointed with the pics i saw here, WHAT was THAT with the chalk on the boy’s head? and WHAT was that with the chalk on the boy’s hand? The whole thing yelled CHEAP CHEAP and ridiculously cheap, High school students can do way better than that. Terrible styling, the boy should be absolutely cropped out of the photo at least it would seem as if she was modelling for a better quality magazine.

    • Janna Says:

      You are so wrong? Have you even been to a runway show in Paris? Milan? Heck Rome? No. I didn’t think so.

      • Monica Says:

        Thanks for saying so, she deserves that.. she and the others are great… and hard hard workers…

    • joejoe Says:

      She has done work in China, Europe, S. Africa. She puts in work and I am proud of her.

      • Monica Says:

        Thanks Joejoe, so am I proud of her… I am an average white female from the deep south and I love love love her.. she is absolutely beautiful and enchanting…

    • Jenn Says:

      Oh my goodness! I went back and looked at the photos – and lo-and-behold, she really does look ever-so-slightly like a platypus! I haven’t a clue what she’ll book where, but I agree she has a very strange face, and not “good-strange.” She obviously has a lovely body and moves well, but I don’t find that her face photographs well, especially when she smiles broadly.

      I also agree with Susan that Sandra was very elegant – she was pretty perfect physically, but intellectually-challenged! Just kind of dim. The fact that she wasn’t able to model even with all those natural gifts was pretty unforgivable. What a waste! Funny, though, how she just didn’t “get it” – right to the end she still thought that it was just a beauty pageant; she was like, “They’re voting ME off? But I’m the prettiest girl here!”

      • Monica Says:

        I am currently watching that rerun, as I always do… I almost have them all memorized. She did NOT say that, she was not a horrible person like that. She was just human, like us.. EXCEPT, she was soooo beautiful, she knocks us down.. sorry..

    • Jade Says:

      I don’t appreciate you talking about my cousin like that. I doubt you would even make it to a photoshoot, talk less of a runway. You have no idea of what she’s had to put through because her family is Muslim and she does this work. So drop the BS. -_-

  4. Marts Says:

    That girl was born for the runway! Her walk and body are simply amazing for that.

    And I disagree with Susan. Aminat can go soft enough for the runway; she proved it on the Tyra Banks show when she walked in a wedding dress a few months ago. Sure, she won’t have much success overseas, but if she stays in America, many designers would put her in their runway.

  5. kiki Says:

    I didn’t think her CoverGirl shot was that bad.

  6. Patricia Says:

    Susan is jealous. If people such as: Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie … and others with such prominent features can make it, than so can a black girl. This girl is STUNNING. She certainly looks better than that ugly bird @ss looking Allison. The only thing that will stand in Aminat’s way is Aminat. Susan, don’t hate the girl you don’t know. Instead, hate those that have stated to you that YOU – yourself – do not measure up yourself!

    • Janna Says:

      Well said Patricia, Hollywood and the runaway is filled with a lot of average to make average feel better. Aminat is ABOVE average and that is hard for some people to accept.

      The Return of Aminat. She will rule.

  7. alex Says:

    She kinda looks like Kendall of cycle 15 with long hair.

  8. tets Says:

    Thought she would have made darn good use of her height and looks. She should do haute couture and some major high-fashion/runway modeling.

  9. Janna Says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous and elegant, no sharp manly features, tone not bony, feminine, and I love the afro, she should ditch the slick flat look and leave it to those that can do no more.

    The return of Aminat!

  10. Missy Says:

    I’m not surprised that Aminat has not gotten far in her career as a model. Tick-tock-tick-tock. She does not have the right looks. Riccardo Tisci or John Galliano would not book her because of the face and lack of knowledge of the fashion industry alone. Her face is not haute couture, it is strictly American fashion. The only models from Cycle 12 that are haute couture material are Sandra and Natalie.

  11. Mickey Says:

    I liked her with straight hair because the attention goes to her face, not her afro.

  12. Lola Says:

    Hey, I don’t know if you know this, but Aminat has done way more just that. She appeared on the Tyra show plenty of times and she has walked in a whole bunch of fashion show – about like 14. You should look it up and update her!

    • modelscribe Says:

      Hi Lola,

      Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, there’s only one me and 200 girls to update. I’m doing the best I can to get to Aminat. I’m currently in the middle of updating Cycle 7 and Cycle 13. Thanks again for visiting.


  13. LOLA Says:

    Oh, okay. She has way more pics on Google and on her Facebook, too. Tell me when you update her. Thanks lots!

  14. Abbir Says:

    Aminat has done way more than this. I agree she has to part of Sachika New York Fashion Week which means she has walked in numerous shows and and was a spokesperson for BET And she has way more photos and she was known to have one of the best bodies of ANTM history. Whoever controls this: Why didn’t you write about her enough?

    • modelscribe Says:

      Hi there, Abbir,

      I’m the person – one and only person – who facilitates this blog. I have not updated Aminat’s photographs because I’m working on other cycles and there is a new cycle beginning next week. Please understand that I’m the only person who updates this blog and there are 200 or so models to update on a daily basis. (And other than this blog, I have a full-time job.) And though I appreciate your passion to see Aminat updated, I’ll get to her soon; please have patience as there are many models and only one me.

      Thanks so much and keep visiting,

  15. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Didn’t think that she photographed well. Not all that pretty.

    • moon Says:

      Oh yeah … I’d like to see what you look like. I bet you have all kinds of photos of how pretty you are right, Patricia? They put you on TV and let you model and everything right cause you’re sooo pretty. Come out from behind your computer, bet you look like the troll you sound like.

      • TOMTEEZY Says:


      • Jenn Says:

        Your post is in poor taste. Each person’s entitled to their opinion – you are, and so is everyone else. Whether someone else looks like a model has no bearing on their opinion – I can eat in a restaurant and complain about the meal, and I wouldn’t expect the chef to come out and say, “Think you can do better?” We’re interested in what you have to say about the models; respectfully, no one wants to read your sarcastic takes on other posters’ and their opinions.

      • eve Says:

        respect other peoples opinions oh and by the way you are being a troll just by saying that

  16. Lola Says:

    She was very beautiful in person though.

  17. John H Says:

    Patricia, no disrespect but you are blind.

  18. Boone Says:

    Absolutely beautiful woman and amazing body and run way walk……but attitude? It stinks! She was consistently mean and snappy towards other girls and that turned me off. I seriously felt that she should have been eliminated much, much earlier. Other girls did much better than she in all of the challenges and photo shoots ( same face EVERY time ) except perhaps the samba challenge.

  19. Beth Says:

    She reminded me a LOT of Danielle. AMAZING body…would kill to have that! I think she is very high fashion and just needed to work on some areas. Allison was my favorite from this season (well, my favorite from every season, actually) but I did like Aminat.

  20. kahuna Says:

    Aminat should have won her season. That is all.

  21. Jen Says:

    Aminat is pretty, BUT her look is sooo distinctive, that she would only book certain types of gigs. I think the only reason ppl say shes unattractive is because on the show she came across as a ghetto, know it all. Which I agree is not attractive.

    • eve Says:

      being ghetto is attractive when you are from the ghetto so u ust sound like a snobby white person. black are in the ghetto becos they are the 99 percent and all the white people are the 1 percent. btw i am 12 and some of u are so immature and racist

  22. Misha Says:

    Do not confuse Hollywood and modelling – they have absolutely nothing in common. Susan said it right on. She got the legs and the height, but not the face.

  23. Of course Europe wouldn’t like her… her lips are too large, her nose is too wide, her skin is too dark… basically she is too black, and we all know they prefer white models. It is harder for a beautiful dark-skinned woman to get work in high fashion than light-skinned ones. Yes, we can all name a few who have succeeded, but they are more the exception to the rule.

    Honestly, I think she is stunning, but in every photo she has the exact same expression, so I just don’t think she translates well into print. The runway, though, wow. She is tall, elegant, and captures your eye quickly. She moves with grace and has a body begging to be dressed in couture.

  24. 001 Says:

    She has a great body but she just looks friggin mean. I’d have no desire to buy stuff she endorses..

  25. Jenn Says:

    OK, I’m not trying to be unkind here, but just try this: go look at Aminat’s photos up top (especially the ones with her smiling broadly) and tell me she doesn’t look like a dude in drag! Especially the full face shot with the two white spaghetti straps. Yikes! I’m not “in the scene” as it were, but I believe there are those who would call that shot, “a bit tranny.”

  26. Vera Says:

    I think, that on New York fashion week Made in Africa by Arise Magazine is Aminat 🙂

  27. Justin Says:

    I like Allison over both of them, but I DEFINITELY take Aminat over Teyona.
    And I honestly think she has a beautiful smile 😀

  28. Aminat is my absolute favorite model from ANTM! I think she is beautiful and has an amazing body! I was happy that she sent me a friend request on facebook over the weekend! I wish her continued success in her career!

  29. Keke Says:

    beautiful very beautiful but honestly a little empty headed..this cycle was disappointing overall..girls’ personalities were ugh

  30. thiagoalves Says:

    strong face’ , beautiful body ,beautiful girl

  31. AbroNomaa Says:


  32. george Says:

    she was WAYYYYYYYYYY better than teyona. Teyona honeslty sucked, aminat was 100x better than her.

  33. Carolyn Rolland Says:

    Aminat is beautiful and has an awesome body, but her eyes just did not sparkle or translate emotions (she did not learn to “smize”). The smile is a little too big and she should work on that. All things considered though, she is awesome!

  34. sam Says:

    shes really ugly. there are definitely prettier African American models to choose from.

  35. Cassie Says:

    Definitely more of a runway girl than a print girl. Her face is gorgeous in motion (she looked breathtaking at panel, for example) and she has a KILLER body, but she doesn’t photograph that well. Shame.

  36. An Says:

    Aminat has got to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen photos are not always her strength but she could look good in anything on a runway she is captivating so disapointed she didnot win Allison looks like yoda

  37. Karen Says:

    She is a runway model on the current season of Project Runway All Stars. She looks great!

  38. GL Says:

    I believe that she is currently a model on Project Runway All Stars

  39. redblackst Says:

    I agree that she does much better in runway than in print. She’s now a model on ANTM All-Stars season 2, and killing it! Luckily she’s Emilio’s model. That means we’ll probably see her all season!

  40. Pokernicus Says:

    I think she’s beautiful! She is currently modeling for Project Runway All Stars 2012 (she’s Emilio’s model), and she’s doing a great job!

  41. Victoria Angelone Says:

    I think Aminat is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her skin! I wish mine looked that good. Plus she’s a Jersey girl like me 🙂 I wish her the best of luck with her career.

  42. I’m a longtime fan of Top Model and I’ve seen some girls win who truly did NOT deserve it (Saleisha). But Aminat, while she didn’t win, was every bit as deserving as anyone else in the competition. Such a shame that so many people only have one standard of beauty and think that if a woman doesn’t meet that standard, she can’t be beautiful or model professionally.

    Aminat is so striking BECAUSE she is so traditionally African in her appearance, but even in Africa there are different expressions of beauty. Look at Fatima. A classic Somali beauty, practically the second coming of Iman. Different, but unmistakably African. Alec Wec is a killer supermodel who is a classically African beauty and has worked everywhere, around the world. Masai women from Kenya are drop dead gorgeous, as are Ethiopian, Nigerian and Sudanese women. All are different and yet they’re all African and all very beautiful. But if your only standard for what can be considered beautiful is European, it’s no wonder some of you can’t understand how women like Aminat go on to have successful modeling careers.

    There is more than one standard of beauty for women of color. There are many shades of African beauty and it’s time for people to start looking with new eyes, because those of you who think women like Aminat can’t be beautiful because their features are “too black” are missing out on something truly special. Beautiful black women come in every shade of the human rainbow, from black as the night to damned near white.

    Aminat’s body is CRAZY gorgeous, and while some may think she looks too masculine or “too black”, the fashion world celebrates beauty from around the world now. That’s what Fashion Week is all about. Indians, Africans, Asians, are all now included.

    Maybe it’s time for those with only one standard of beauty to catch up. Black is beautiful…always was, always will be.

  43. Jenny Says:

    She really look like Danielle in cycle 6 but she has a smaller gap than her I thought she was going to win

  44. Brooklyn Dribble Says:

    Aminat has a regal look about herself. I completely and utterly disagree with the comment’s that say otherwise.

  45. wompwomp Says:

    So unbelievably gorgeous but cannot model worth a damn…such a shame

  46. Annelie Says:

    Love the photoshop of her but she was eliminated in episode 13 in here cycel so she didn’t become runner up

  47. You know, in a way, she reminds me of Kimberly Elise Ross.

  48. Scarlette Says:

    I’ve watched all seasons of ANTM and not only feel that Aminat is the most beautiful girl ever to be on that show, but truly, honestly feel she is one of the most beautiful women EVER. For me, she would be in the top 10 of the most beautiful women ever to have lived and right now, can’t think of any that would keep her from being #1.
    When you think of the just plain ugly girls who have won or done very well on that show (Ann, who looked like an anorexic, but because she was over 6′, they thought she was amazing, or Victoria, who was not only ugly, but certifiably crazy), you got to wonder what was going on with Tyra and Company with their choices.

  49. Dianne Says:

    Just watching reruns of ANTM and think Aminat is such a beautiful young woman. What ia she doing now in terms of her modeling career and if not what is she doing/ I did not know at the time she competed that she was of Nigerian descent and am proud that she represented her ancestral country in such a way. She is striking! I think she should have won… even though I am happy that Teyona won,,, she’s a homegirl.

  50. Siobhann Says:

    She was also a model for Project Runway All Stars season 2

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