Amber DePace was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The then 18-year-old from Carlsbad, California was a student during her incredibly brief time on America’s Next Top Model.

During initial interviews on TV, Amber was an eccentric teenager with a love for Jesus. She came off abrasive and outwardly obnoxious initially, but seemed to have enough personality to be memorable on the show. Unfortunately, the viewers found out rather haphazardly that Lisa Ramos would be replacing Amber due to her leaving the show unexpectedly. Tyra said she left due to “personal issues.”

There’s been much speculation on why Amber withdrew from the competition; here are a few theories thrown around on ANTM message boards:

  • She failed to pass the psych exam. (All girls are required to pass a psych exam before going on the show.)
  • It was discovered she had a serious eating disorder. (She was 5’8 and weighed 95 pounds during initial interviews.)
  • Bankable Productions found out that she was an actress trying to kick-start her acting career using the show as a platform for her antics.
  • Her strong bible/religious beliefs and/or mental instability may clash with others in the house.
  • She was a plant hired by 4Chan for Funny or Die as comic relief and/ or a publicity stunt.

Since the show, Amber has signed with ExploreTalent and New Faces Models and Talent. It’s also been discovered that she is an actress active with a youth theater group in Carlsbad, CA.

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To view more photos of Amber, click here.

21 Responses to “Amber DePace”

  1. anastacia Says:

    Hmm … disappointed you didn’t go forward on the show. I wish you nothing but the best.

  2. rishelle Says:

    I love Amber! She is crazy like me! Haha. I was so sad she didn’t continue the show. She deserved it! 🙂

  3. kiki Says:

    She wasn’t able to get into the house because she is really 17 not 18.

  4. Sebert Says:

    I know it’s way too late to comment on this cycle, but I just wanna say I love her. Too bad she was removed.

  5. alexis Says:

    Omg. Jesus sent me to your page. I wish you the best. I prefer Nicole, but I wish you would have made it far. You are so cool. 🙂

  6. boo Says:

    She really wasted people’s time, and man, time is money.

    • startledbylightening Says:

      Thank you, what’s everyone thinking she was so great and really, it’s good she bailed out early so that she didn’t waste everyones time even more.

  7. Pelo 'e Mopa Says:

    XD!!! What’s up with the people leaving comments as if they’re talking to that Amber chick??? HAHAHA! It’s not so hard to think a little bit. 🙂

  8. Zacahry Says:

    Hahah! This chick was in my physics class junior year in high school. She was out there. Lol.

  9. Khatarina Says:

    annoying, crazy and stupid. Hooray for american youth.

  10. james allen Says:

    if shes 5’8″ then surely she was 2 tall anyway, wasnt this the petite cycle????

  11. Jayson Says:

    None of those reasons seem even remotely valid;

    The psych test is administered and mental state confirmed BEFORE semifinals, so if she was deemed unfit she wouldn’t have made it to the show in the first place.

    The 2nd point is a bit random, seeing as they measured her in the first episode and she was 5’5 1/2”. I guess if that was a mistake, then the whole eating disorder thing could have worked out.

    The 3rd is a bit strange IMO, normally production would have weeded that out before semi-finals. Even with that, as long as she hadn’t done a major campaign within 3 years Amber could still be legible.

    The 4th is utter nonsence, clearly the person who came up with that didn’t watch cycle 1 (Robin) or 11 (Kacey, Clark et al). Production clearly aims at providing a diverse mix of personalities so a clash would be a good thing here. In the online downloadable form, one of the questions is; “How do you deal with anger?” ‘Hmm, why ask that?’ I wonder (!)

    The 5th is also a bit strange, normally those kind of things would come out very quickly and be front page news in the entertainment industry, not coveted.

  12. Kevvy Says:

    It says it the description that she was 5’8″!!! It was the “Petite model” cycle… so 5’7 and under! Isn’t that the reason she couldn’t enter the house?

  13. holly Says:

    i wonder y she had to go home

  14. Ash Says:

    I knew her back in high school and can safely say she was kicked off because of drug abuse – they found cocaine in her bag. It was a big deal in our hometown of Carlsbad at the time. That Christmas she was playing one of the elves in the local mall – the extent of her acting career.

  15. tom Says:

    i think she was too young and that would be a mayjor no no for tyra

  16. L Says:

    she was clearly anorexic, compare her from the show to the pictures from her agency post-show. she has probably put on 15 pounds if not more. with all the “love your self” stuff tyra preaches they would have never let a full fledged anorexic on the show.

  17. Amy Says:

    Either way it goes she’s still crazy

  18. dougdenslowe Says:

    Now five years later…….has it ever come out,the real reason?I’ve looked over the Internet and read the same speculations,not one of them convincing.Has she not been interviewed since the show aired?I can’t find one anywhere.If you know the reason or know of an interview,please let me know.Thanks!

  19. startledbylightening Says:

    That girl was ridiculous. Everything she said did not make sense, it was like she was doing everything she could to be out there and stand out … she gets up and dances like she’s at the club or something, then says she has had sex but now abstain because the burning desire you feel for sex you should feel for God … what? Whenever she mentioned God and Jesus, it sounded so staged (on her part) and calculated, as oppose to someone like Bianca who, even though she was a difficult person at times too, had a true faith in Jesus that really helped her through in life. Amber was just out for attention, or crazy, or both … I’m glad she didn’t continue on the shoe, she would’ve made it difficult to watch.

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