Amanda Swafford was a contestant on Cycle 3 of ANTM.

Before appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Swafford modeled under the name “Amanda Mellard” in Austin, Texas, where she was a somewhat established figure in Austin’s fashion community. After appearing on America’s Next Top Model, Swafford modeled for Levi’s in an ad campaign with other visually impaired models. In 2005, Swafford announced plans to write a multi-sensory book for children.

When Amanda tried out for the Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, the judges all noted that her most stunning feature was her ice-blue eyes. Though her stunning eyes were her assets, they could also be considered a liability as she was legally blind. But that did not stop her from wanting to participate as a cast on the show and she was called 10th during casting.

The judges were amazed by her photos, especially the un-retouched beauty shot that she took during the third week of the competition. She was never once criticized by the judges for being too old for the competition, despite her being 25 years old at the time. When she went on her go sees in Japan, she was told that she was too old by one of the designers.

She participated in the finale along with winner Eva Pigford and Yaya Da Costa, but Amanda was eliminated when she and Eva were in the bottom 2. The judges had a difficult time deciding whom to send home, as all three contestants had strong CoverGirl photos, and all 3 were considered strong contenders, but in the end, it was Amanda. One of the judges, Janice Dickinson, was a dissenting voice on the judging panel, saying, “I love you!” to Swafford when she was eliminated. She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL entertainment.

Amanda has appeared on the covers of Bliss for Bride Magazine and Access Magazine, and has modeled for Levi’s Jeans, Felt It! Stitch It! Fabulous! and WEBS.

Since the show, Amanda has signed with Storm Model Management in New York City and Acclaim Talent Agency. And due to her retinitis pigmentosa, she has since gone completely blind.

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Source: Amanda's Myspace

Source: Amanda's Myspace

To see more photos of Amanda, click here.

53 Responses to “Amanda Swafford”

  1. ebencipe Says:

    Is she already blind??? hopefully, she’s not…Is she signed with an agency in NY??? I dont know if she was with storm models before in London (some website says so)…

    • Lopez Says:

      To 101, no one knew ok, it was just a mistake from another person ok… so don’t blame it on them.

  2. SLC Says:

    She has since gone completely blind, which I think is so heartbreaking. She took amazing pictures and I wish her the absolute best in whatever she is doing now, which I hope is still modeling.

  3. Einez Says:

    Sad to hear she has lost her sight for good. I hope it did not stop her from modeling.

  4. Leticia Darko Says:

    I love you, Mandy!! Your fans in Ghana love you and wish you the very best in life! God Bless!!

  5. Marts Says:

    Her Covergirl shot was AMAZING! She had everything to win. One of my all-time favorites in ANTM.

    • ANAS Says:

      I totally agree with you.

      • Lian Says:

        me too…she was way more beauty than the others ( no disrespect to eva who is amazing) and is really so sad to hear she is now completely blind…I bet she’d kick some but if she was still modeling 🙂

    • Made Tozan Says:

      i thought she will be a winner, I don’t know why but it seemed like the judges eliminated her because of her eyes problem. Can you imagine, if she’s in the top 2, when the judges compare the photos, she’ll completely win the competition! She has been the best picture in almost every photoshoot in every episode! So sad knowing she’s already blind! :((

  6. Mariane Says:

    She is really beautiful! She is amazing. She is a real winner, but Yaya and Eva are very good models too.

  7. Marina Says:

    Oh god, I just LOVED Amanda. I have retinitis pigmentosa, as well. She is just an inspiration. My all time fave on ANTM and not because of her disability, because of her beauty. ♥

    • kate Says:

      Did you hear about the Depakote study(s)? I was curious about Amanda and through my search learned about the discovery that this commonly used old drug (for bipolar disorder and epilepsy) has been discovered to maybe stop and even partially reverse symptoms of RP. You probably know about it, but just thought I’d throw it out there. Maybe you could get a sympathetic doctor to prescribe it off-label. I would imagine the side effects could be nasty, but maybe some day they’ll figure out how to put it in eyedrops to lessen that. Just thought I’d throw it out there. I wish you the best.

  8. Katerina Says:

    I love her!!! Amanda – the best!!!

  9. Joann Pfeiler Says:

    It is real sad to hear she has gone completely blind. I know you will still make it out there. You have what it takes. Your eyes are stunning. Best of luck to you.

  10. Jim McElhone Says:

    I went to high school with Amanda, and I remember her being incredibly nice to everyone. I never knew about her condition, so it terrible to find out this way. 😦
    You are just as amazing now as you were then. Take care!

  11. kiki Says:

    That last photo is weird.

  12. Marts Says:

    I really loved Amanda, I was so sad when she was eliminated and even more to learn she’s now completely blind.

    At least she had a pretty good career while it lasted. The Levi’s concept was genius, and it put Amanda to the front scene.

  13. andrea Says:

    Is there a foundation or organization that supports models in this type of condition? Did she obtain any form of insurance policy …Modelling needs to advance in that directions too? What happens to a model when their priced assets becomes liability?

  14. dude-ish Says:

    Its absolutely mind boggling that a stunning girl with absolutely stunning eyes is now blind… the story is so sad, but she is still beautiful nonetheless… She had great intentions it sucks that she was subjected of being bad for slipping out that Cassie had an eating disorder but I still found her to be a purely good hearted person with a quirky sense of humor.

  15. boo Says:

    I liked her; I think she could’ve been one of the most successful from antm. I don’t think she intentionally meant to tell everybody about the eating disorder thingy. At least she got over it and kept on modeling.

  16. Amy Says:

    I was just looking at her Facebook profile, and judging from her comments on some of her friends’ photos, it doesn’t sound like she’s actually completely blind yet.

    I just wondered if we’re presuming that she’s completely blind because she turned 30, or if it was actually announced somewhere.

  17. gerald Says:

    I loved Amanda she ahd the face of a true top model a soul that is virtue and an inspiration to all of those legally blinds that they also do have career in modelling… I loved her beauty shoot it is so stunning she’s so pale and they eyes very icy blue very cool…..

  18. Zsa Says:

    I like her a lot however, Ugh every time I play her baby episode with the “born to the minute on 9/11” and how perfect he is: of course he is perfect, he is HER baby. It’s a little nauseating. I do feel bad about her blindness. Had to vent that one out though.

  19. Like Amanda Swafford

  20. She’s a princess; very cute.

  21. Drea Says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure the statement that she is blind false. She regularly updates her facebook, comments on her friend’s photos, and posts many of her and her son. That indicates that she sees just fine.

    • Boone Says:

      That’s really a terrible thing to say. If you know anything about the disease she has, then you know that it is a progressive disease. No, she was not completely blind when she was on her cycle of ANTM but RP is a progressive disease as I said so by now she is likely completely blind or can only see a very tiny bit. Her vision was definitely impaired on ANTM and it is now. If you have read any of the other comments or bothered to read the update, it tells you that she IS in fact completely blind at this point. Did you ever stop to think she might have her husband or bf or another person updating her FB page for her along with other things? My mother had RP so I know what I am talking about. It pains me to hear you say what you did and I’m sure it doesn’t make Amanda feel very good either if someone reads it to her.

  22. Beryl A. Suit Says:

    I absolutely loved Amanda, she seemed to be so down to earth, a person you could trust and know that she wasn’t going to back stab you the minute you turned away. I am so sorry to hear about the complete loss of her eyesight but she was so determined that I can only hope and pray, she is still able to ‘model’, for she has a haunting look, one that the world loves to see in photos!

  23. Anj Says:

    Amanda is somebody I definitely get along with, she is ridiculously stunning! I’m also Praying for her eyesight to return!

  24. Looks much better as a blonde than a redhead 🙂

  25. Claudia1011 Says:

    Amanda was definatly my favorite on ANTM Season 3. It’s heartbraking that she is now completley blind. I love you Amanda and wish you all the best in the future!

  26. Kay Says:

    my all time fave model from u amanda

  27. Belize Says:

    She may have gone blind, but with the maturity she had in handling her condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if she saw the beauty of the world in ways that even us visual unimpaired people can only dream of.

    May she live a happy life.

  28. Himela Says:

    And they chose Eve over Amanda? Heartbreaking….

    • Jaqueen Says:

      Not really EVA ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amanda was a typical looking model…EVA was BORN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cher Says:

      I’d rather have Yaya eliminated, compared to Eva and Amandas CG photo, hers was garbage… Amanda was definitely the strongest model, it was that goddamn Nigel Barker that hated her for her “disability.” She and Toccara were my faves

  29. datum pi Says:

    I’d hate to be “that guy” but would she really be all that great if she didn’t have those ice blue eyes?

    • anonymous Says:

      To be honest, yes you are probably right. Personally I think darker eye colors are more friendly and lighter colors often seem cold. Obviously that isn’t true with everyone.. Amanda has a very unique look though for sure!

      Also this is her facebook, and she is not fully blind like it says on this website

    • valera Says:

      Remember the 6th episode where the have to race up the stairs and then have a photoshoot? The judges said that in those photos you can barely see her eyes but the pictures is still stunning.

      So yes, she would still be all that without those ice-blue eyes

  30. Mea Says:

    She looks like Brittani Kline in some of her pictures.

  31. Hayorfemi Says:

    I really love all this picture i watched. This is amazing

  32. I wish they bought her back for the All Stars, I love Amanda she is my fav contestant of all

  33. Lovetheshow Says:

    She was a LIER!!!. Yes very pretty but a terrible person over all. I really couldnt stand her. Didnt anyone else watch the show? She was one of those people you really couldnt be around. Whatever it took for attention including fake crying. Great looking but that doesnt make up for the fact she was a lousy person.

  34. wanda collier Says:

    Ann you are an inspiration

  35. anna♥♥♥ Says:

    doveva vincere america’s next top model! ♥

  36. Crash Says:

    Honestly I think she’s kinda ugly and she’d probably drive me crazy if we had to live together. She can talk some sense, yes. She’s not some crazy psycho i.e. Bianca Golden (Cycle 9), Monique Calhoun (Cycle 7). But when she has a problem with people, she does rather harmful stuff behind their back and act all cool in their faces. She’s way too fake. Even when she should be apologizing those, she called her mom for validation to justify her action. That’s weird like… that’s just fake! I can’t believe she’d have the nerve to think she’s a good person. Not to mention, how lame she can get.. Nole didn’t even want her attention.

  37. Gia Says:

    I truly thought her photos were going to be a lot more dynamic and exciting but they were all a big yawn for me which is surprising because I loved her on the show.

  38. Kat Says:

    Loved her to death, and glad if she is happy with her son…but what ever happened to her missing money and all in that dropped storyline? I know she found her crystals, but a big deal about laundry and money and then………crickets.

  39. channey Says:

    Her covergirl photo was flawless! (so were Eva’s & Yaya’s too) Such a pretty girl, I loved the ice blonde hair on her.

    Very sad she is completely blind (if that’s true) but I agree with the other comments in that she handled her impairment very well & maturely.

  40. Julio Says:

    Now she is completely blind, broke and lost her right front tooth please donate anything you can. Thank you so much!

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